Alice Fujiin - The Void [Character Bio]

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Alice Fujiin - The Void
Alice Fujiin - The Void
  • Name: Alice Fujiin
  • Alias: The Void
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 22
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment: Neutral


Anyone who meets Alice for the first time, would describe her as relaxed or laid back. She talks in a casual way with anyone, friend or superior, it does not matter. Often making jokes or other non-serious comments, laughing in the most unfitting and difficult situations. One might say that that is a positive trait to have, but in her case it's something that hurts people or even scares them off. It doesn't really matter what the accident is, a man who just lost his family or someone who has a bad day at work, she'll answer with some crude joke of hers. This not really a way to provocate or upset someone, it's just part of her nature, she simply doesn't care. She sees it as "It didn't happen to me, so i can laugh about it.", having absolutely no understanding for other humans or their feelings. This paired up with her flawed logic and view on the world make so that she has zero social skills. Another interesting thing about her is that just like she jokes in moments of terror, she is capable of flirting in them as well. Men or woman, it doesn't really matter. Mostly harmless and non serious one-liners as if to tease the other person. It is really hard to pin her character to a girlish one or a tomboy. She seems to have a love for strawberry ice cream, cats, pink and any cute thing in general . But her way of speaking, her general attitude and her complete lack of any lady-like behavior make her appear much less feminine. It doesn't take much time for one to notice that there is another personality showing up between her relaxed and controversial behavior. It is a cold and sadistic personality, outright chilling and creepy. A normal person might not encounter that part of her personality at all (and even this is only conditional and might change depending on the situation) and if they don't get any of her "jokes", those people could consider Alice to be a friendly person. But other, "special" people will find themselves in front of a gaze, full of killing intent and hear suggestions (in the same casual tone) like "How about i tear your limbs off, eh?" . It is true that the "killing intent" is in her family, but most members of don't really enjoy it that much or lust for it like Alice and they only feel that urge towards supernatural creatures that would be considered dangerous. In Alice's case, she feels that urge all the time, no matter what time or where she is or who's the person she's interacting with, it's just that she keeps that killing intent "locked down" until she finds someone she "has the right" to let it out on. When in a position to let go of everything her personality changes. She becomes serious, losing her laid back nature. At that time she appears completely insane as if she had lost her mind. Very focused both on the fight and her target, she can appear as obsessed. She is very aggressive, both with words and with her weapon, using any way possible to intimidate her opponents.

While it's true that she restricts her outbursts to supernatural opponents only, it makes little difference for her. If there was no being you could consider supernatural she would find simple humans that she considers unnatural in some way and then hunt them down. That is also one the reasons she never gets mission that go beyond the "kill" command, while she is extremely powerful she hardly focuses on a mission if it's not interesting and many times she left in the middle of a escort mission to hunt down some poor assassin that attacked it. She doesn't really have hate for supernatural creatures. She simply views them as something that shouldn't be there. When it comes to things other than killing or combat, she has a rather short attention span. She explains it by saying that she loses interest in things fast because she finds them boring and that she would pay more attention if they were interesting (no activity besides fighting and killing was able to be classified as such). As a result of that, any period of long waiting makes her feel "nervous". It's not rare for her to take her boredom on an object near her, perhaps her pillow or a chair, it doesn't matter, they get "stabbed to death". She also has a very high pain tolerance. Even if her arm is being broken and her crushed, her skin being ripped of in the process, she will not even flinch. It's not that it doesn't bother her, but it's rather the fact that she ignores it, because in that moment all she can do is kill. She has no love for anything material it seems and even her room is as simply as it gets, having only things that are absolutely necessary, that being a bed, fridge, a small window, a closet and a phone to ensure her family can contact her at any time. One of her nicer personality traits is the love for her family, especially her sibling and she protects them with an animal like instinct. On the other hand she also seems to have the ability to wake a lot of fear in her older twin brothers but they all love each other nevertheless.

In the end, her most unique personality trait is her lack of fear. It is not just a way of saying "She doesn't get scared easy.", but she truly lacks the concept of fear, it doesn't matter if she is about to face a powerful enemy or if she will step in front of God, the next moment. She'll just shurg it off and move forward.


Alice is fairly tall for a girl of her age, easily above the average. He has a very slender figure going well with her height. Her hair, black as the night, reaches down to her shoulders. There was a period in her life where her hair was much longer but one day while on a mission it was cut off during combat and it never grew back to it's previous length. Despite her brute and crude nature she has a very beautiful face with smooth lines. Most notable features on her face are her very thin eyebrows and the gray steel like eyes. Her chest despite was the look suggest is actually well developed but for combat purpose Alice wears no bra and a sarashi to make her chest as flat as possible. While the Demon Hunter Organization does not have any code when to comes to dressing, or at least her family does not, Alice herself seems to practice one herself.

She refuses to wear anything but a kimono, no matter is it combat, everyday life or some social event she never wears anything else. As a result, the only thing in her possession that would exceed the normal human's is her collection of kimono's which by now is nearly at a three digit number. She has kimonos of all styles and colors, though she seems to like two variations of them more than the others which is why she has the most examples of those two in her possession. They are a dark-blue kimono she wars most of the time as it does not maker her stand out too much and she says she she just feels well in it. The other one is a completely white one with a cut like the blue one. She wears it when she knows that she will engage in serious combat and she loves it so much because the whiteness gives her a chance to paint it both with her own and the blood of her enemies.

As a contradiction to the kimono and traditional style she wears a red leather jacket over it with some fur around the neck. It's her favorite possession and she rarely leaves the house without it also serves as a storage for small throwing knifes which she uses in combat sometimes. Besides that she owns many pairs of heavy brown boots used to further destroy the clam and traditional look the kimono creates.

Perhaps the most interesting fact about Alice's appearance is that she's been called both pretty and handsome many times by different individuals.

Powers and Abilities

Alice, being from the Fujiin family, had skills and instincts for killing in her genes since birth. She only finished a few classes of elementary school and had some education from the others members of the family (you could call her "book dumb" she still has a sharp mind and street smarts), while she every free moment to train her body and skills with the sword. As a result there is no human being that can match her in combat. She uses her lightning speed and her animal like agility to strike her opponents down before they can act. She can perform feats like running along a wall or balancing on the tip of a blade with no trouble at all. Her skills in stealth are very impressive as well, being able to kill a room full of armed man before anyone notices anything. Besides the skills with a sword she knows most forms of material arts and has extensive knowledge of the human body as well as the body structure of supernatural beings allowing her to dispatch enemies fast and effective by targeting weak points and life binding arteries and veins. Her strength and durability while going beyond the human limit are still severally overshadowed by her other skills. It is true that her bones are extraordinary hard, which both allows for powerful blows as well as taking a good amount of punishment, her skin can still be ripped and her bones can still break after taking much damage above the human limit. Her main weapon in combat is a thick knife, which she uses to slice up her opponents, she also possess multiple throwing knifes hidden in her clothes as well as two reserve combat blades which she keeps in her left "fake" arm. If she ever decides that an opponent is too powerful to fight with a mere knife, she takes out her katana (attached to the back of her kimono), which is her real weapon. One thing that could be considered a "power" of hers, is her instinct. As if she could sense the killing intent of someone, she will know that they will strike before they do, she will predict the course of the attack and skillfully dodge it. She doesn't rely on any kind of unique or special technique when using a her knife or sword in combat. Like everyone in her clan she learned the use of the Long Step, allowing her to cross the distance between her and her target so fast that it seems like nothing more than one step. It's mainly used to take enemies by surprise and to close in on a retreating target. While the general training for clan members ends there and they don't learn more techniques related to footwork and advanced supernatural material arts Alice managed to learn the second level as well which is Hyper Step. She learned it just by looking at her older twin brothers during training when she was younger. The technique is said to be a hundred times harder to master than the Long Step and most give up after years of training. The technique focuses on one simple thing, raw speed applied to combat. It allows the user to push their speed beyond their regular limit and move at least three times faster. It can only be used to travel in a straight line and needs extreme focus but by executing multiple of them in instant succession the weakness can be overcome often allowing users to appear behind the enemy before he noticed that the user even moved for the spot. Her two brothers being masters of the technique can rise their speed by five times but even then Alice's natural speed and skill allow her to keep up with them while using her own Hyper Step. Like everyone born in a clan of the Demon Hunter Organization Alice was born with the Jougan, Pure Eyes. They are what allows the DHO detect supernatural creatures that are either hiding behind a facade among the public population or are simply invisible like ghosts and spirits (and also allow to interact the same). They serve as a radar for anything that violates the laws of normality. In the end Alice's greatest weapon is her unnatural skill with the knife, sword or any other bladed weapon. Not only does she know any technique known to men, but she also has those that she developed herself or those that were modified and improved by her, besides the techniques exclusive to her clan. Even the oldest members of the clan still alive say that in no previous generation there was anyone who could even be compared to her level of skill. With that, the only thing that keeps her from being the one and only member with potential to become the new Head of the clan is her difficult and unsuited personality, but she doesn't seem to care about that much anyway.

Executioner of Fantasy

Better run, while you can.
Better run, while you can.

Alice always had a dislike for those "fancy" powers her targets had. They would try to burn her with fire or strike her down with lightning. After some time she stopped caring, she fought as if those threats did not exsist. She would simply move through them as if not there. One day when she woke up, she realized that she saw those powers in a new way. As if they were living beings. Every ball of fire had a defined form which looked as if it was alive. Soon she realized that just as they look as living beings, those powers can die as such as well. And from that day on any power used against her would be "slashed" to death. She always needs some time to adjust to the powers of a new enemy if they happen to be abstract or hard to see (like telekinesis for an example), but after some time she is able to kill any attack that she would consider supernatural or unfair. Even powers with an area of effect such as fields could be killed. Illusions that invaded her mind would meet the same fate. As long as the powers were beyond Alice's understanding of reality she could deal with them with no difficulty at all. Advanced technological threats such as beams or rail-guns were not tolerated either. Passive powers such as regeneration had little use as well, they could heal the user from the first few strike, but as soon as she noticed the power following injuries inflicted by her would stay as they are (it is assumed that if one manages to disengage combat he could heal... it's just that no one lived that long). She was more than pleased with the new ability of hers, because now she could reduce any fight to a contest of skill, speed and strength. It was something that allowed her to enjoy the bloodlust of battle much longer, and it is also the ability which makes her very suitable for hunting down unregistered superhumans. While using the power her eyes change from the bored gray to a much more lively, bright blue color, with a purple-pink-ish inner line.


Coming Soon...

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@VoidShiki: Very nice, good job. ^^

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Thanks, but i don't plan on using her or even building her any time soon.

I want to do some things about Frantz first. You could say i just reserved myself a place in the seven.

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@VoidShiki: Oh, I see. Well it looks good so far.

As well as, I have no idea what this 'seven' it you speak of. xD

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Uhhh... i'm not an expert myself as a took a long break from the site and when i came back there was a 10 years time-skip...

But from what i got, a user named Newdeath, started a war on here and the world was fucked up in the process. After the 10 years for the world to be rebuilt something called Union of Seven took control over the world and they are forcing any superhuman to register to avoid any other trouble like ND.

Now my character is of those who brings in those who refuse to register.

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@VoidShiki: Tee hee; Well my character, who knows just might be the worlds /Newdeath,/ so to say. C=

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Cool bio

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@VoidShiki: Nice bio I see an epic knife fight between her and Sonatomi in the future:)
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Lol, i forgot about the 5 posts limit... oh well, i'll update personality and powers in the coming days to be longer and to sound less clumsy and rushed, as well as to add detail.

First part of the bio will appear soon enough as well, after i done some RP with my main.


While they should be on the same team, it wouldn't be too out of character for Alice to do something like that.

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@VoidShiki: I love the concept of he power that she can cut powers and kill them because she sees them as living things that she can kill. At first i thought it was going to be something like because she doesn't believe it those powers that don't exist to her therefore don't effect her.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: It's not like she doesn't believe in them, it's more that she doesn't care.

And hehe, better watch out, she gonna go after Crow sooner or later.

About the powers... squishy wizards you better go through some boot camp as soon as possible. xD

And oh, it's not just about powers, anything that she considers unnatural or out of place or alien can be killed.

Now that i have a neutral and villain, i guess all that's left for me is a hero. I will wait as two characters are enough for now. But i do have a concept in mind, he and Crow should be able to get along fine, you could even call them similar.

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@Fehafare: Hmm makes me wonder what that hero will be like?

Lol I dare you to take on Crow because he is not just his just his lightning abilities he is a perfect shot, super fast, strong, etc. In a battle of just skill Crow is just as deadly if not more.

Does she just negate it supernatural abilities by "killing" them

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@Fehafare: UnderstandableXD 
@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Hmmm, I see the first assignment for the new Fable sub-team taking shape:) I'll wait for one more member/character to show up and I'll make the thread. Got to think of a cool name though:)
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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Well if you used something like high-tech (stealth, beams of all sorts and that) that she might consider "unfair" it could be killed as well.

But nope, no way to deal with simple guns or bullets so far

And yeah the abilities are killed by being stabbed or slashed, but as soon as she makes out the form it's pretty easy even something invisible and instant like telekinessis gets rid off with no effort at all.

How powerful the powers are, as in what they can kill and how fast she precives them as such depends on her view on the world, so the powers pretty much shift with her character development and personality.

Alice ain't just power killer either, after all her skills with the knife and the sword are her main threat and way of fighting, the powers are just a bonus.

About the 3rd character. Aggressive, foul-mouthed, short tempered, ruthless (at some times), and very loud and outspoken and oh rebellious. He's also gonna be a gunslinger (at first) so who knows, Crow and he might end up working together for some time.

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@Manami: Lol are you hinting at your sub team taking on Crow XD That seems a bit unfair. I'll get to work on my bio for absolute justice shortly I got some school work to do.

@Fehafare: Hmmm your hero sounds interesting. Crow is a true gunslinger though he was trained and past the Gunslinger trial, he is one of the last remaining Gunslingers. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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Oh lol now i'm worried about Frantz, being hunted down by several people is a scary scenario. But then again Frantz being new to the world and all shouldn't get targeted so soon. Good luck for Crow, tho, feel like he'll need it.

And well the chars gonna be pretty much "self-thought". To make a run-down on him and the concept, imagine Fullmetal Alchemist meets Fallout... at first but believe me shits gonna get really, really complicated later on.

He's development will be (wep wise) gun >>>>> sword >>>>> gun/cannon.

He doesn't really have a defined goal, other than surviving (and escaping the hell he's in but all due time)... for which he needs large sums of money.

And oh, he'll have an immortal love for Queen.

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Will update it a little bit now.

Well the powers at least, personality will follow tomorrow and then i'll add the other categories.

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Finally a small update.

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