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: Alexander Bluestone

-Real Name: Unknown

-Alias: The Black Reaper 

-Age: 28 years

-Real Age: 346 years

-Hair Colour: Black

-Eyes Colour: Red

-Height: 6'1"

-Weight: 175 lbs

-Occupation: Member of " The Manor " , Leader of the newcomers wing of " The Manor ", President of the "Bluestone Diamonds Processing Company"  

-Race: Half-Demon

-Alignment: Neutral,Evil 



Alexander Bluestone
Alexander Bluestone

Alexander has the appearance of a tall, slim and young adult. He has black hair and a handsom,polite face. He normaly 
 wears  black trousers, a tailcoat, a vest, white gloves and a black tie. In his vest he ahs a silver pocket watch with chain. The main reason he weres

In mentor mode
In mentor mode

    gloves is that he has black nails and a seal on his left hand that allows him to access to his demon form. While he is a mentor for the newcomers he usually wears his black tailcoat, a green vest, glasses and a red scarf.He allso has a demon for but he never had to use it so how he looks in that form it is unknown and never seen by anyone.  Because his 
strenght comes from his demonis side and not from  physically training he has a slender and tall body. While at work  
he has nearly no face expressions and he keeps any kind of motion on a minimum, but when he is under high-society 
he is a completly other person, then he normaly has a pleasant smile and he is much more relaxed and laid     
back. One of his unusual appearance marks are his shining red eyes that make him outstand in crowds of people.
Alexander is in the possession of many different and expensive tuexedos and suits but he only wears them at

parties. Another unusuall feature that he doesn t age and his body is constant, his hair and nails don t grow, 
nor he lose or gain weight, if anyone ever asks him about it he normally says that he has a youth point that 
he made for himself and that its nor possible to buy it, and if they still ask he uses his Demonic Whisper to make them 
forgot how old he is and how long they know him. He also has a demon form, but nearly never uses it, while in that for he is a little big bigger, 
he has reptilian like skin, and from his back emerge 4 black wings. His eyes are gloving red and he has 2 horns on his forehead. He also has 2 astral blades that he can use to fight with insead of his scythe but he rearly does that. He can fire them as spikes but then they are unavaible to him for the rest of a fight. 

Alexander's Demon form.
Alexander's Demon form.



While at work or on missions he is cold and distanced, when in a fight he doesn t say much expect 1 or 2 arrogant coments. On his work he has no relationship to anyone and normally 
doesn t talk if he does not need to. He has 2 passions. The first one being in the spotling in high-society, then he turns from serious to super charismatic .

Enjoing attention
Enjoing attention

He spent much time to achieve the perfect manners. Aswell he speaks 13 different languages plays the viloline and is a master in fencing.

A master at work
A master at work

His second passion is one he doesn t like to talk about, he enjoys to have the power over someone life and allso is 
very violent and sadistic, but that is a side that he only allows to be shown while he is on a mission or in a battle as anyting else would be reasonless killing but for him sometimes a dissrespectfull act from a street thug is enough reason to splatter his blood all over the street but he minimazed those events so that he doesn't draw too much negative attention. He is very arrogat and in all his actions he sees his personal gain and amusment, he will only help if it benifits him aswell.  
When he joined "The Manor" he stated that he is prepared to kill anyone, even inocent witnesses as long as the killing 
has a reason. He just hates that someone is killed without any reason or meaning. He has a complex of being a half- 
breed and if taunte about that he will lose his calmnes and become very agressive towards that person, because of that complex when he introduces himself to someone he is likly to say that he is a full demon.He doesn't hate human but he does disslike their logic, the way they'r are thinking and all the talking about morals and etics. In his life  
there are no real friends, but he does keep good relations to people with influenc but only for his personal gain. 
One more thing he loves to do is to manipulate people, if he needs information or  anything else that is his favourite  
way to do it but sometimes he does it just for fun. As he enjoys the the high-society life he has a big manor. He has 7 
employees but bearly speaks with them. Even if he doesn't leave "The Manor" so often and a normal house would be  
enough for him but he uses it to give parties and other social events in it, and he allsoe posseses many things that he 
only can brag with them. He is very popular under the noblemen and is regulary invited to parties of all kind.

The Blackstone Manor
The Blackstone Manor


The Origin


Alexanders mother was a demon and his father a human, but he doesn t remember him because when he was 2 years old his mother found out that his father was cheating on her 
and she kille him. Just like he is his mother wasen t the soft type he was very distanced to him and only educated him and learnt him how to survive. When he was 15 years old he left  
home. The first 289 years of his life he spent training in the demon world, 270 years he spent to learn manners, dancing,fancing,different languages,cooking and studying nearly every

Alexander mastering fencing.
Alexander mastering fencing.

 subject of the human world (maths,sience,chemistry,history,geography,biology), and then he spent 19 years to perfect his fighting skills. After that the came to the human world under the 
name Alexander Bulestone. He wanted to find any job worth of his, as he tought that it would give his life a meaning and that was very immportant to him as a life without meaning  
is a worthless life. He did an IQ test so that his name will be heard in the world(he was sure about his score befor he took the test). He had an incredible IQ of 179 and so he counted 
to some of the most inteligent persons in the world, Soon after that he was given the chace to be a professor on Harvard. As he didn t need to sleep or eat he spent his days and nights 
on the street. He was actually about to appcet the job, but then his sadistic side called. He wanted a job with more power and in that he will get to kill. So he rejected the job and kept 
looking. A few months had passed and he returned to the demon world again for 1 year. Then he heard abpout a demon organization thta had its HQ in the human world. It  was called 
"The Manor". After informing himself about hit he saw that it is the perfect job for him. He joined "The Manor" and quickly made his way to the top. Today he is a wellknown nobleman 
a president of a company, a top class assasin of "The Manor" and an all-around wonder guy. 

The Manor


"The Manor " is a demon organization that provides assassins and mercs for human clients, 70% of the money takes the manor but the mebers still make more than enough for they'r  
living. Alexander he joined at the age of 304.He had to pass a test first. From all the guys that came only 20 best were selected, in addition 20 of the worst veteran mebers were selected
Alexander Defeating one of the veteran members at the test.
Alexander Defeating one of the veteran members at the test.
aswell. Now the test wes like a tournament. The entrance fee was your life, because if you lose to someone you don't go hom you are killed by your opponent. In the end 10 newcomers and 10 veteran mebers are left so that the number of mebers is allways a constant 300 + some other  workers that
Alexander setting a mansion on fire on one of his missions.
Alexander setting a mansion on fire on one of his missions.
don t go on missions. At that test  Alexander was betetr than all the other newcomers and veterans aswell. Even so, at first was given some easy low rank missions like assassination of reporters that know too much or taking care of  employees that care too much about morals. But luckly for him one of those employees hiered some body guards. Because Alexander took care of all of them, he made a name for himself. Soon he  
got harder and harder missions. His first inhuman target was a Vampire that killed a businessman's daughter. Alexander wanderd in the streeets at late night in hope of chaching his attention and it worked. The Vampire appered behind Alexander, he was so much focused on Alexander's neck that he didn t notice the Alexander's cane in his chest. Just a few seconds after he fell to the ground. The Vapire was half dead while he was lieing on the ground Alexander crushed his head with his foot. There was a reason for his violent death. It was because 
vampires drink human blood. He just hates beings that feed off of other inteligent life forms. And just like Vampires drink human blood, demons eat human souls but as it doesn t restrict his power and he only feels imense hunger Alexander was able to supress it for his entier life. Even if he doesn t have to eat anything, he eats 3 meals a day just like all humans, its  
probably because he enjoied many dinners togetehr with human in high society. Anyway from that day on it only went upwards for him. He soon becam the top-wanted assassin by all of the clients. One day the secretary of "The Manor"called him. She sent him to an room with juast a chair and on the wall there was a big screen. It was the leader of "The Manor". His face was hidden but it was the first tim that someone saw him. Alexander stayed in that room for 3 hours. During  that time the leader expalined him his new job. He was entrusted to be the leader of the newcomers wing. That was very strange as the leader never gave anyone in "The Manor" any  authority. All the mebers were rank 1 and the leader was rank 
2.But it looks  
like Alexander became rank 1.5 that day. The has full control over that sector. He is the one who trains the newcomers every year, he is the one who gives them their missions 
and he is the one who commands all other workers in that sector. Nowdays he spends most time with thoes students and doing paper work, it rarly 
occures that he gose on a mission that was requested by an eldar client or taking care of the leader personal matters. He rearly goes home from his work  
                                                         only exceptions are when there is an dinner-party or any other social event. 

The Company

Six years after Alexander joined "The Manor" he bought an old factory and in only 1 year remade it as the"Bluestone Diamonds Processing Company". The money for it he had from his work. And because many of the client with high influence were his "friendes" he had no problem to do it legal. The company takes raw diamonds from South Africa and processes them  
to briliants, and the the briliants in jewelry of all kinds. Some of it is desinged by Alexander himself, they are unique and sold for abnormaly high prices while the "cheap" mass producion 
jewelry is desinged and made by workers. Alexander didn't rise that company for the money, he did it to make his allready perfect impresion one the people even better. As most of his rich customers have high influence he keeps good relations with them so that he can use them and manipulate them. He himself posseses a collection od diamond rings but because of his black nail and his Demon seal he can t wear them and only uses them as showing objects and to brag with them. From the founding the company did very well and is on the top of the diamonds processsing industry. Alexander is thinking of  expanding his market in the futer but he is patient because he doesn t age.
Some of the finest exampels of Alexander's diamonds collection.
Some of the finest exampels of Alexander's diamonds collection.

Abilitys and Powers

-Outstanding performance

 Alexander's demonic side gives him enorums speed and strenght, he is able to catch bullets(he is much faster than bullet timer, probably hypersonic+ but he never had to use more speed than bullet time.) dodge most attack and lift 50 tons with 1 hand and he also has incredible reaction speed. 


Alexander will survive 30-60 magazines of bullet fire and 40-80 stabs or cuts without any bleeding or pain. 
He will alsoe recover his limbs if they are cut off. This effect will recover if he doesn' take any damage for 20-30 mins. 

Alexander using his Demonic Whisper
Alexander using his Demonic Whisper


-It's in the eyes

  His eyes alowe him to see thing in slow motion.

- Demonic Whisper

   To do this Alexander has to be very close to his target, he whispers someting to his enemy and he falls in a kind of trans, in that trans        
   Alexander can get informations from him or simply make him clumsy when he awakes from the trans or he can use it to creat illusions for his enemy.He also can read the mind and memories of the target.(This only works for  20 minutes max) 
   If the target has high psycich resistance it can restrict what Alexander can do or even completly negate it.      

-Time to fade away

 Alexander stops exsisting for a few seconds and dissappears in thin air (20 sec max). He can reappear somewhere around 20 meters. This also allowes him to return from not-exsistenc and he can reappear if his body is fully devastated.
Alexander's Demon Seal
Alexander's Demon Seal


-Demon form

 Alexander uses his seal to go to his true form that gives him great boost to his speed and strenght (nearly 100 times more) and improves  
 his slow motion to the point that the objects are nearly frozen , he will be able to use his Demonic Whisper just by looking at his target. His endurance will be increased to the point that shots,stabs 


and other attacks like that(lasers,beams,etc..) will have no effects on him and will be nearly completly immortal but if he takes 
 6-9 city busting attacks he will return to his normal form.The damage of his scythe will be increased aswell and he will be able to level  
 a whole mountain or city with just one swing.   


Alexander has the ability to fly (only avaible in demon form) 


Other Talents



Alexander can see perfect up to 2 miles, flashbangs or something like that don't have effect on him 


Alexander has some decent mental resistance. 


He is very skilled in hand to hand combat. 

-Demonic powers

He is immune to poision, paralyze or other effect that would affect humans 



Alexander uses a metal walking cane as a weapon. The Canes top can turn into a scythe from what he gained his nickname "The Black Reaper". 

Scythe form.
Scythe form.


The cane.
The cane.



The Scyth has some special abilitys aswell: 


-If you live you die

 While in scythe form the can can cut trough anyting that lives or exsists and it can kill anyone or anything that exsists(not if he only cuts someone arm but if he deals a fatal blow like to the heart it will kill no matter is it a human or a god.)   

-It's broken?

 The scythe can cut trought all human made materials ( it can also cut trought most metals even if they aren't made by human hand) 

-You will bleed

 The scythe will render any kind of regeneration useless. 

-This willl be your prison

                                                          If anyone is hit by his scythe the soul,mind,etc...(it doesn't need to be a soul or mind its enough  
                                                          that "it" exsits) of that person will be bound to that body making it unable for "it" to exsist anywhere 
                                                          elses except that body, and if the body dies so "it" will stop exsisting.
His scythe while in demon form.
His scythe while in demon form.



-Holy weapons

 blessed weapons will do wonder against  him even in his demon form. 


 after his endurance is gone he will be   vulnerable just like a normal human.


-He loves cats 
- He is one of the best dancers in the world
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It's my first time to make a character for a forume RPG so comment and tell me what my mistakes are.
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@fehafare: Very nice start, XD
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The background is kind of short, and are some small grammar mistakes, but is pretty well rounded....
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Nicely done! :)
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@fehafare: Great! :D 
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@Emerald_Flame_Fate: But Caius' heart is forever for Crow. XD
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How Ironic, Caius & Alexander
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And yes i agree that it is short, my father had to check something on the PC so i had to hurry up and do it fast i will try to update it in the future.
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And thank you alll for your comments.
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This is pretty good for a beginner. A few suggestions though: you could expand a little on the powers and take care of some grammatical errors. 
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Yeah i know the gramma error but anytime i want to correct them i get lazy and don't do it. 
Ohh and what do you mean by expand on the powers.
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