Aleister Crown - The Phantom [Character Bio]

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  • Name: Aleister Crown (mostly called Crown)
  • Alias: Phantom (Fromer), Kermit (by Hitomi), Tiger (by Hagane)
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 21 (stopped aging physically)
  • Race: Human
  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Occupation: Ex-actor, ex-thief, family man and Techpriest for the Empire Exalted
  • Alignment: Heroic



    Original Phantom

    Phantom ready to go
    Phantom ready to go

    The public knows Crown as a lazy, dreamy, kind, sometimes clumsy yet brilliant young actor. But there is certainly more behind the personality of his. People who know him personally know that his dreamy and clumsy nature are nothing but imagination. It's how his fans, or rather his teenaged female fans picture him. He in fact, is very calculated and methodic person. He still keeps a certain amount of kindness in him but he's much more down to earth and not an airhead unlike how the fans imagine him. While he's mostly not serious about everything he's still professional when his job is in question. He's a complete realist, writing people who see the world as only white or black off as fools often using bitter sarcasm to expose flaws in their ways thinking.

    His very sharp mind, wealth as well as skills make him overconfident and arrogant at first sight (he's still very careful and simply says that he has enough reason and justifications to be as arrogant as he wants) often proclaiming that he's the greatest thief in the World. He's very nice towards the people working for him often buying them gifts and giving them days off and developing friend like relationships with them, even his butler.

    It could also be said that there is a third Aleister Crown, one which is know by only one person. It's not an act or another side of his personality, it's just how that person affects him. That person being Clare, someone who makes him lose his realist down to earth personality and accept her optimistic view of the world. He simply enjoys her company so much that he ignores all of her little flaws. She also makes him act foolish, never would he drop his guard no matter what, yet when he's with her he just forgets about all of it. She's also the only one, besides his butler and the two maids serving him, who knows that he is Phantom, in fact she knows all of his secrets.

    After Hellscraper and FCL

    The Mask is off
    The Mask is off
    The impact Crown's experience in the Hellscraper had on his personality is enormous. The team known as From Ceiling with Love played a big role in that as well. But the first signs that he'd change appeared even before he entered the Hellscraper. The nigh he met SamJaz in the museum was a night where he did something unusual. For the first time he let someone know his true identity and not try to silence them in some way, what's more he befriended the man who could easily turn into his worst enemy simply by opening his mouth. Though, "befriend" is use rather loosely here, as he was still full of sarcasm and feelings of rivalry when it came to his interaction with Sam. During the early phases of Hellscraper that did not largely change. Crown did become closer with Sam, mostly because he was the he knew best and trusted the most of all people present there. Crown still reacted largely poisonous to newcomers as the idea of having to share any loot or even just endure them was absurd to him. He had no intention of hiding that, in fact he didn't even limit himself to words only, he was ready for open conflicts and he had badly injured one of his teammates during an argument.

    Luckily as they ventured deeper into the tower, more positive effect emerged and Crown's personality started changing for the better. On of the easiest to spot changes to him and his personality is the lack of smugness and sarcasm with talking to others. A large part of the arrogant aura that surrounded him disappeared, he now has a much more down to earth and friendly interaction with others. Though he was actually pretty kind to people in his everyday life before, that couldn't be said for him when he interacted with others as Phantom. But thanks to FCL, even as Phantom Crown has become much more human and he actually started showing it in his interaction with other people. He also abandoned a good part of his selfishness and beyond that he learnt how to forgive others and became much more tolerant and less sensitive when Clare is concerned. Ensuring his and Clare's safety was all that mattered, casualties others sustained weren't even worth mentioning, but he grew and started considering others too. Crown is much more understanding now and he truly is concerned about the well being of others, even when thinking about Clare. During the course of Hellscraper Crown was under a lot of stress. Actually, even with the fact in mind that he's a thief who is constantly in some sort of a tense situation, often with his life on the line, Hellscraper was still the most intense and stressful experience in his entire life. While that often got him to his very limits and is sure to leave some mental damage in one way or another it ended up being a positive change as well. His limits and breaking points were extended and Crown now has much better control over his emotions and himself. He knows when it's worth to act and to take it to the heart and when he should just let it be and not drive himself mad about it, but rather concentrate on the matters at hand. But perhaps the most important and impressive of all changes that Crown has undergone thanks to Hellscraper is the one directly connected to his identity as Phantom. Slowly he had lost his paranoia. He revealed his identity to various teammates, before dropping the mask altogether and being completely open about who he is. Not only that, but one of the first persons who got to know who he is was Hagane, someone he knew as a mercenary at that time. He had somewhat a fanatical hate for mercenaries and bounty hunters at that point, but overcame it replacing prejudice with trust. He learned that not everyone just wants to use him or blackmail him. The members of FCL became his friends and he learned to trust them without making any double checks, making sures or anything like that. Not only is he fine with them knowing who he is, but he actually took them to his mansion revealing where he lives. Even Clare was surprised, after all only her, Crown's butler and two maids were the only ones who ever came there. The idea of having guests there was unthinkable, but it happened.

    In the end Crown not only gained valuable experiences in the Hellscraper that changed his life to the better, despite the fact that it was often hard he himself was in a constant flux inside the tower, but he also gained friends and companions. People he could rely on and whom he'd trust with his life.

    Death of Clare and Relationship with Hagane

    Coming to a dead end
    Coming to a dead end
    Finding new happiness
    Finding new happiness

    Another great change and impact happened when Clare was killed. Naturally at first Crown was left in a state of complete shock. He was removed from reality and refused to speak. Later on his state did not become any better. He was faced with constant misery, despair and depression. He didn't leave his room and rarely ate. After about a week he managed to recover somewhat. He was still rather timid and emotionally unstable. Most obvious was his lack of confidence after the incident. He started rebuilding himself when he went on a mission by the name of Iron Ghost. That's the first time he got into a combat situation again and did him rather well. Crown was also given a new start in a sense. One of the best changes that came from this was that he became even more considerate of others. Furthermore Crown had completely stopped being an actor and Phantom. Though his thief skills still came into play from time to time he stopped having night raids and he no longer made overly long plans or even considered stealing valuable objects. What's more, he apologized to Hagane for his behavior in Hellscraper and started forging a closer bond with her on much more friendly terms.

    The climax of the new start was starting a relationship with her. Truth be told it wasn't even easy for Crown. He had doubts all over the place. Mostly because he wasn't even sure if he wanted a new woman in his life after Clare but at the same time he couldn't deny the feelings he was having. After finally coming to his sense and accepting the situation a lot of repressed feelings came out. Crown who had mostly had a consistent life style after inheriting the mansion was making major changes. Giving up his job and hobby, switching the form of education Mary and Lily had. He even started considering to sell the mansion. One important change in his personality is the he gained a defined goal and that he had strong emotions associated with it. Namely, hunting down The Gentlemen and killing all of them. Their very appearance usually provokes torrents of rage and aggressiveness. Sometimes it could even look like borderline obsession.

    All those things aside however, the biggest and by far best addition to his life remains Hagane herself. Because of her Crown has reevaluated his previous relationship and came to the conclusion that it was simply immature and imbalanced. He was happy with Clare yes, but it took him years to decided that he'd marry her and they were always very superficial when it came to a lot of stuff. Simply put it was a teen romance which lasted very long but did not have a real future one way or another. With Hagane Crown feels it's different. It may not be as sickeningly sweet or lovey-dovey but it has it's own quality. They get into arguments and that's only natural, in fact it only feels better after making up. Crown has also learned that he could expect support from her, the special kind of support which Clare could never offer. After all she was a frail and needy young girl Hagane on the other hand is someone who can take care of herself easily. It's the special kind of both emotionally and practical support where he does not have to consider the situation but he knows that he can rely on her regardless. He loves all her traits in one way or another.

    All in all these events have made Crown a much more stable and balanced person.


    Crown in his early Phantom suit
    Crown in his early Phantom suit
    Current Crown's more casual outfit
    Current Crown's more casual outfit

    Aleister has the appearance of an average 20 year old guy. His height is somewhat above average and all of his body features are slender. His medium long hair is black and as dark as the night. His eyes have a dark purple and deep color. The rest of his face is defined by very sharp

    lines and pointy chin.

    His profession normally forces him to wear suits and other fancy clothes, but he seems to dislike them and prefers to wear more casual clothes like jeans and plain shirts when he has some free time. As Phantom though he picks more fancy clothes, as he wants to put up a show and leave an impression. As such he possesses many different Phantom suits and outfits. After he stopped begin Phantom he started wearing less and less of his fancy suits and nowadays doesn't even bother with them anymore. He still has them for various occasions but they are not put to use as often as they were used to be.

    Powers and Abilities

    Even without the magical powers granted to him by Filou and the equipment that came with it he has skills that come in handy both in combat and everyday life. First there are his speed and acrobatic skills, not only are they enchanted by Filou but even on their own the agility and speed allow him to keep up with any kind of superhuman. There are also his skills when it comes to stealth, disguise and superb acting, all of them aiding him in his crime life. Next is his sharp intellect, not only does he possess wit and cunning, but he seems to be a born genius. As he lived alone with his uncle without parents (and his uncle being a drunkard) he didn't have anyone who would force him to go to school, something that paid of for him as his curiosity as well as access to many of his grandfather's books allowed him to accumulate a month worth of knowledge in just one day. His photographic memory helped too. He holds great knowledge on all fields of science, though he generally has more knowledge in that which helps him commit robberies as that is what he focused later on when he became the Phantom. He later on caught up to most of those other fields and even earned himself a PhD in Biology. That amount of free time was also what allowed him to turn to his passion which is acting. Except the skills as a thief and master of stealth, he is a truly fearsome escape artist. There is no lock that he can't pick and not binds that can keep him bound. Even modern security systems fall prey to him. Besides the direct abilities which aid him in combat, something that has indirectly helped him many times is his unimaginable wealth. The fortune left behind by his parents, the money he earns as an actor as well as the worth of the treasures in his possession makes him one of the richest if not the richest person in the world. He also has many hideouts and secrets stashes of the goods he stole scattered all over the world. During his time in the Hellscraper Crown had developed rather impressive tenaciousness and determination. While the durability of his body did not really change, the constant torture he experience made him develop rather good endurance allowing him to go on even after sustaining serious injuries.

    The Filou

    Prepare to be blown to bits
    Prepare to be blown to bits

    A pair of white leather gloves, the source of Aleister's magic abilities. He found the gloves in a box that was stored in the attic of his mansion. He originally put the gloves out of curiosity, but as soon as did so they fused with his hands and Crown became unable to take them off. For most of the time the gloves are invisible, they look and feel like the skin of his hands, they even allow him to feel everything through them as if they were an extension of his nerves. The Filou gave him instant knowledge on the powers he possessed and how to put them to use, though seemingly that only applies to the current powers as the power set has shown to shift, change and expand. The gloves also have the ability to absorb artifacts of similar powers and concepts, assimilating them and changing them to fit Crown's own personal use. Another interesting feature of the Filou is that it dose not seem to have a source of energy Crown is aware of. That is, using his powers does not consume anything nor does it tire him out. At first something like that seemed highly illogical, to have him create things out of nothing with just with a thought, but he stopped thinking about it and just took it as it is. Though the original set of powers The Filou had mainly revolved around cards during Hellscraper it had undergone major changes and it's power set was expanded and changed.

    After the Filou himself was set free from Crown's mind the power Crown had skyrocketed unlocking many more new abilities for Crown and allowing him to enhance and master them much quicker than he usually would. With each passing day he comes closer to getting his complete form.

    Currently the Filou possesses these powers:

    - Cards: The ability that was the signature power of Crown's original Filou. Crown can create any number of cards in his vicinity to either throw them by hand or using his telekinesis. The Cards can change in size and more importantly can shift into completely different objects. Crown can turn them into glasses, tables, flowers, masks, clothing and many more things, essentially anything he has seen or can imagine well enough. He can skip the process of changing a card and simply make the object itself appear. Cards are his preferred weapon in combat and there are three types:

    • Cutting Cards: As the name already suggests these cards are meant to cut, pierce and slice. Crown can regulate the sharpness to control how far they penetrate.
    • Exploding Cards: The second type of offensive cards which can explode on contact or Crown's command. He can either condense the explosion or spread it out on a much larger area.
    • Guard Cards: Very durable cards which are useful to be used as shields and blockades, but also platforms, walls and staircases.

    - Blinking and Teleporation: Another ability that carried over from his original power set. The ability is rather simple. Crown can freely blink in a 50 meters radius. He can also blink anything or anyone whom he's touching or who is touching something that is in contact with Crown. His other ability refers to long range teleportation. In theory he can teleport any distance, with no limit to it but his destination has to be a place which he already visited. Like with blinking Crown can teleport other people too.

    - Roses: This ability was gained during the course of Hellscraper from a paradox clone of Crown. The powers revolved around the creation of differently colored roses. Crown can create a single one or many of them at once or even make rose bushes grow, detonating them as bombs to spray the area depending on the type of rose he's using. So far has the following types of Roses:

    • Red Rose: The most basic Rose Crown can create. When used all the petals fly off, and turn into blades of crimson light, destroying everything in their path while creating a vortex of cuts and slices.
    • Orange Rose: The second type of Roses Crown uses. Their petals evaporate when they touch something, releasing something called a combustion wave. It excites molecules, making them move faster increasing friction and heat, thus melting the object or person.
    • Blue Rose: The exact opposite of Orange Roses. The wave released by the petals of the Blue Rose slow down molecular movement, cooling and freezing substances.
    • Black Rose: A Rose which's petals release a breath of death, rotting and killing all life in it's path.
    • White Rose: The petals of this rose detonate in a bright white light that creates a burning pulse, the pure force crushes everything with it's weight.
    • Pink Rose: A Rose that is meant for supportive purpose. Rather than dealing damage it heals and soothes pain. It works by reversing the time of a wound, returning the body to the state where it had no damage done to it.
    • Purple Rose: Crown's last Rose he has right now. It prevents healing or regeneration on an enemy. Fresh wounds that were inflicted recently open up again and even older wounds do the same if they left a visible scar on the body.
    - Levitation and Telekinesis: A slightly modified version of Crown's previous powers. While he was always capable of flight and levitation, and even making other objects levitate. He seems to have developed the ability to move things with his mind as well. His telekinesis has twice the range his Blinking powers have, that is a total of 100 meters. Though Crown is still getting used to using the power, despite having all the knowledge needed, he thinks that one day it will make for a rather handy ability to have.

    - Illusions and Mind Reading: Among all his abilities, Crown's ability to create illusions is one of the most useful ones. It not only helps him to keep his identity safe, but it is enormously effective in combat. Among the most prominent aspects is the one that allows him to turn things invisible, but his illusions can be anything though the larger the scale the weaker the illusion is and the shorter it lasts so it does have some limitations when it comes to the size and area Crown can affect but they have become much smaller. A direct extension of his mental powers is the ability to read minds and the thoughts others have, but that is usually hard to accomplish in the heat of combat. He can also use telepathy to send messages to others.

    - Trick Room: An invisible field around Crown, very close to his body. Inside of it he is aware of everything going on. By focusing he can greatly expand the field. He can then teleport and blink things without touching them and the illusions created there are much stronger. Usually illusions Crown makes can be passed through and revealed as fake. However inside the trick room they seem real and people believe that they are real. They will actually think that illusionary fire can burn them and they will feel the heat even though there is no real damage done.

    - A Magician's Death: Crown's number one ability when it comes to survival. The ability temporary removes Crown's human conditions for death. Being decapitated or having his blood drained does nothing to end his life. He still feels the pain and of course it can restrain him but he does not experience death. While useful the effect has a time limit and Crow must heal himself as the ability does not cover regeneration.

    - The Eye: Crown now has an advanced version of a power he already possessed. It's primary function remains the same, allowing him to see through illusions and making him immune to mind tricks and such as well as allowing him to tell when someone's lying bluffing or simply revealing their true intentions. His eye power now also has a more combat oriented function. It gives him the ability of short term precognition, that is Crown is aware of the next move his enemy will make. This allows him to easily counter attacks or avoid them completely.

    - Oblivion Recorder: Everything seen by Crown's eyes recorded creating a perfect memory database. Crown can replay and project any event he witnessed or experienced in some other way allowing him to show dreams to others. Given the right circumstances he can use this power to alter someone else's record and with that their memory too.

    - Clones: Crown can freely make copies of himself. They are weaker than him but still posses all his skills and more importantly they all share memories, knowledge and even vision if necessary.

    - Top Hat: A completely new ability Crown gained. He can make a black fancy looking top hat appear in a puff of smoke. It appears as nothing but a simple top hat, but if one tries to reach into the hat it quickly becomes obvious that it's anything but normal. It some sort of bottomless pocket dimension. A black hole so to say. Crown can use it to suck in enemy attacks and projectiles, or objects that are small enough to fit through the hat. It also produces something called Imaginary Space. It is a dark blue, nearly black substance with twinkling white dots on it, making it look like the night sky which is from where it got it's name. It has various applications in combat, both offensive and supportive. It also serves as a pocket dimension to store things in.

    - Magician Fiber: Using this ability changes Crown's clothes, or any other cloth for that matter. The cloth affected usually shines with a a faint light indicating the change. It becomes incredibly durable, like armor from legends without losing flexibility or gaining weight. The cloths absorb shock and offer superb protection. It also gains interesting magical properties like resistance to fire or acid and other hazards. Most interesting of all is the abilities Crown's gloves gain when affected he can interact with things on a more intimate level, he can grab water as if it were a solid, compress gases into balls as if they were tangible and even grip space itself if he focuses enough. The Filou said that it holds great potential for development as an ability.

    - Fireworks: A very basis new combat oriented ability of Crown. He can shoot various fireworks from his sleeves, mouth, tip of his fingers or even the top of his shoe. They are rather useful because they can make turns and zig-zag, allowing them to pass through enemy defenses. There are a few different variations as far as the explosions are concerned, from simple explosions, over those that expand like waves or pulses and those that pierce in a straight line to chain reaction fireworks. With this ability the possibilities for Crown are endless.

    - Mirrors and Magic Cabinet: Crown can make magical mirrors appear even in a liquid state. They are mostly used to reflect attacks but they can also act as portals to connect two places as well as to make weaker imitations of his enemies. An advanced technique is to create an entire labyrinth of them. Many copies of Crown move through the mirror walls of the labyrinth and he can exit and enter through any of them.

    - Chains: Crown first displayed this power in the Hellscraper during the fight with Jardsam. Opening portals or rifts in the space around him, Crown can make chains come out of them. The lengths varies, but they are not used as a combat weapon to be wielded by him, but rather as a means to bind and restrain opponents. The chains themselves aren't really heavy (they are very durable tho), but it's their nature that makes them so dangerous. The chains naturally increase the gravity on the thing they are restraining, making it heavier and hard to move. They can ever bind and warp space using this ability and can crush bones and people if they bind them tight enough.

    - Destiny Bloom: This ability comes in two flavors, one of them manifests itself through flowers while the other one uses butterflies as a medium. Flowers created through the destiny bloom bring luck to anyone who is holding them or wearing them on their clothes. The luck is borderline probability manipulation, falling debris will miss, projectiles will bounce off walls just the right way and one will have one hell of a winning streak in poker. Crown can make the flower bloom and wither in which case the holder gets a short lasting boost to luck which defies reality. Under that effects bullets will literally steer away from one and things with a chance of happening as low as 0.1% will happen if it favors the holder.

    The other effect manifested through butterflies brings bad luck and saps good luck. Each wing flap is a lightning strike, a tornado or a nearby piano falling from a roof to squash the poor soul who ended up being affected by the butterflies.

    - Fate Weaver Strings: An ability Crown is not very suited for, but because of unusual circumstances has learned a portion of it anyway. The strings of the fate weaver are light blue invisible strings which can be used to bind opponents. However the real purpose is to see into the long term future as well as interact with fate itself. The user can create a door which leads to a dark room filled with thick light blue strings. Each of them is an alternative universe which the user has access to. Mastering the ability would grant complete control over said universe and the use of the powers that come with that. However Crown right now can barely see the strings and he is not very adept at using them though he has access to the room itself.

    Right now the ability is more a danger to him than it is a help.

    - Royal Suits: Crown most impressive set of powers so far. In consists of four abilities, each with a two distinct powers. They are not completely unlocked and they gain in strength as Crown progresses. They are based on his life and his true self, those around him and the experiences he had. Full unlocked and mastered they represent the most powerful set of abilities Crown can posses and which he can truly call his very own without any outside influence as they are directly shaped by him. While using one of the powers the pupil of Crown's eye changes accordingly to which power he is using.

    Current Royal Suits:

    • Jack of Clubs: The first of the Suits. It's first ability is influenced by Crown's early childhood dream of becoming a Zoologist as well as his general love for Biology. The ability is always passively activated and does not trigger a Club to appear in Crown's eye. It simply gives him all the information about a species he gazes upon. That includes biological processes, average age, diet, behavior, habitat, mating rituals and the like. He can also see any sort of biological process going on inside of a living being and recall the information any time. The DNA is stored and Crown can then use the ability to alter his own. When using this aspect his eye does change and Crown can alter his body in any way he desires as long as he has the genetic material in his mind. Growing wings, night vision, claws, bone plates to cover the body everything is possible.

    It is reasonable to believe that The Filou's powers will continue developing.

    Iris - Fairy Edge

    A set of powers for Crown which is completely separate from The Filou. Though The Filou learnt the powers contained inside for Crown to have the knowledge the powers are still expressed through the Fairy Edge and thus it is absolutely needed. Fairy Edge is the sword Crown got on one of the last floors of the Hellscraper. It is a strange cross-breed between a short-sword and a dagger. The color scheme of the entire sword was a combination of white and black, ivory and black steel. The hilt had a crescent shaped guard attached to it, like European swords of the middle ages. It and the base of the weapon were decorated with white flowers carefully carved into the white material. The blade itself was slightly curved, the middle part being white and having various other decorations engraved onto it. The tip and cutting edge were black and smooth. A pair of black ribbons was attached to the hilt. The entire weapon looked elegant and well crafted, fitting Crown's own appearance rather well.

    Crown has the ability to freely summon the sword to his side whenever he needs it. The sword is actually Iris, a fairy turned into a weapon. As such the powers of the swords are directly related to Iris's own power as a Fairy. Through the ages, she has been the Fairy who acted as an inspiration to the writers of fairy tales. The ideas and concepts behind them were given birth to by her and she was the one who implanted them in the heads of the men who wrote them. Not only that but she'd visit children in their dreams and show those fairy tales to them as well as collect and remember those that were not originally seeded by her. She is the Mother of all Fairy Tales and is the living personification of them, those that were, are and will be and even those that never came to be in the first place or were simply forgotten. While the sword's powers revolved mostly around that, in it's simple base form it also has basic ability which Iris possesses as a Fairy. The black ribbons are perhaps the most important one of those basic features. They can change their length freely, they can forms blades to cut, block, bind opponents, swing, form drills by spinning around each other and even become wings for the sword to move on it's own and many more things. It is also capable of some basic light magic in that form. The main feature of the sword remains it's ability to change it's form and entire set of powers based on a certain fairy tale, character or concept.

    List of current forms the sword has:

    - Base: The normal base form of the sword described above.

    - Rapunzel: The Fairy Edge loses it's form of a dagger or short sword and becomes a golden long sword. It shines in the sunlight with a faint and gentle color. Though the sword itself makes for a good melee combat weapon, it's true purpose is in the nearly invisible threads it spreads around. Those fine golden hairs surrounded the battlefield and they can bundle together, forming the tip of the golden long sword anywhere, thus allowing Crown to surrounded enemies quickly or to plainly backstab them. Furthermore the main blade of the sword can be joined together with the other threads making it grow in size and allowing it a much larger area of effect.

    - Snow Queen: The change to form is even more extreme than with the previous one. This time the sword looks like a giant shard of broken dark blue glass, barely resembling a sword. It still has a very fine narrow handle and surprisingly enough makes for a rather good weapon in combat. When in use snow starts falling down from the sky. The snow's nature erodes magic and supernatural phenomena melting them and it hurts magical beings on contact as well. Crown can turn each snow flake into a bee and freely control it to create a snowstorm or to concentrate them on a single spot.

    - Pied Piper: A long sword with a circular shape and various holes in it making it look like a flue. It's purpose is not to cut but to vibrate when swung. The vibrations can be used to crush bones and weapons alike. Deadlocks with the weapon are devastating too as the vibrations get stronger the more resistance the sword meets.

    It is reasonable to assume that much like The Filou and Crown that Iris will keep developing as time goes by and it will gain new forms.


    Inquisitor Blades - Crown owns a pair of Inquisitor Blades. Hidden blades which are attached to the wrist and can either stay hidden inside the wrist guard or extend to be used for silent kills or even combat situations. Crown got his first example from SamJaz, which was actually an unofficial one. It was rather plain and simple, however Crown quickly modified it to be able to stream water from his magic roses through it to get different effects cast upon the blade. Though the weapon served him well, during his quest for a job and the attack of the Proxemical on Exalt the blade was shattered.

    Crown's initial plan was to simply remake it, however before he even got to that Hagane had provided a new pair for him, one she created herself. The blades were official this time with a personalized design. The left blade was an upgraded version of his old one. Still capable of using the rose water, however it can also be ejected from the wrist guard and into Crown's hand to be used as a combat knife for battle. His other blade, while lacking the ability to use rose water or be ejected it's sturdier and more durable meant for more traditional and straight forward attacks. It also projects an electrical field around itself, which affects the structure of matter, essentially weakening enemy armor and making it easier to pierce and shatter. As such the right blade is an excellent choice for more sturdy opponents.

    Furthermore, the wrist guard has the ability to fire a cable which allows Crown to connect to machine and electronic devices, aiding him in his job as a Techpriest.

    Crown with his robes and without the mechanical parts
    Crown with his robes and without the mechanical parts
    Techpriest Robes - Simple looking red robes with a hood that has white lines around the edge in a gear design. The effects of the robes becomes apparent when they are put on however. Because Crown's job technically requires him to put on a show for the masses, the represent the mystery, the knowledge and the power Exalt posses he needs to have a matching appearance. As such when the hood is put on the robes produce mechanical parts to cover Crown face and sometimes create the illusion of his limbs being mechanical too.

    The appearance he takes is often frightening, nightmare-ish even. However all of that is really just a facade and Techpriests don't usually even bother with the mechanical parts when among themselves.

    The robes have decent durability too as they harden when met with blunt force. They are also resistant to fire and chemicals and though they can be pierced and cut Crown usually counters that with his Magician Fiber ability. The robes do have an offensive combat function however. They can grant Crown mechanical blades, claws, giant hammers or scissors for hands or even mechanical tentacles that come forth under the robes to quickly operate machines around him and multitask.


    Little Crown
    Little Crown

    Aleister is the only son of William Crown, a rich business man and a self-proclaimed adventurer. Aleister never knew his mother and even the time spent with his father is something he barely remembers. William, despite wanting a son, never truly found any time for him. If not his job, it was his need for exploration and adventure that kept him away from home. But even that kind of life didn't last long for Aleister and when he was eight his father announced that he was going to a special kind of journey and that he wouldn't be returning for a long time. He sent Aleister to live in the country with his uncle and he payed all the servants and maids at the mansion one big last salary and then he disappeared. The only one who remained in the mansion was the Wordsworth. Aleister's new life in the country proved to be quiet different from his life in the mansion. He had to go to school as opposed to private teachers coming to his home to teach him.

    Aleister adopted rather well. If adopted means stop going to school and plunder his grandfather's library. Because of the education Aleister got beforehand anything the small local school could offer him was boring and simply not inspiring for him. The knowledge and data the library could offer him was wast he had unrestricted access to it. His uncle was a heavy drinker, his wife left him, he lost his job and on top of that he had an inferiority complex because of the success of his brother, William. All that prepared a perfect stage for him to make Aleister's life with him hell, but luckily for Aleister his uncle was both too drunk and too depressed to care at that point. Crown gained street-smarts and learnt how to take care of himself. During that time he was also introduced to his current public and legal profession, acting. He used to visit the old theater in town whenever he had free time and he grew to like it.

    After five years of that life, he got a letter from Wordsworth calling him back to the old mansion. Once he arrived at the mansion he was surprised to see that it was in a shape better than how he remembered it. He expected the estate to be falling apart by now, but all those years Wordsworth had taken care of it and kept it as it was. While he assumed that it was only a meeting between old friends, Aleister felt that there was more to it. The dinner that was presented to him. After both of them finished eating as much as they could, Wordsworth revealed the real reason he called Aleister.

    Aleister was to inherit all of his father's belongings including the mansion. Strangely enough that did not include any kind of company or business and so Aleister was left in the dark about his father's job even then. Aleister at first wasn't sure what to think of the offer. Was he ready to abandon his everyday life once more and adapt to yet another new life style, but in the end he accepted the offer.

    From that day one, Wordsworth officially took up again his role as the Crown family butler and Alesiter now became Young Master.

    With a new fortune at his disposal, Crown quickly figured out what to do. He went back to a passion of his he started developing while he was still living in the little town. Acting in a theater. He quickly became a national sensation, despite never expressing the wish to actually become famous. But what was much more important for him, he met Clare who much like him was a talented actress from a rich family. They were made for each other. It seemed as if his life took a turn for the better, in fact it was perfect. It became slightly monotone though till not one day he ventured off onto the attic of the mansion. There he found The Filou. From that point on it didn't take him long to turn to stealing valuable objects and master pieces of art, first out of boredom and later out of his wish to collect as many of them as possible as a way to prove himself in a sense perhaps. Though he intended to keep it a secret, it didn't last more than three months and Wordsworth, Mary, Lily and of course Clare knew it. And seemingly none of them minded it either. Wordsworth said that his lips were sealed as his loyal butler. Lily and Mary were way too thankful for getting them off the street as that they could even think about doing something about it and Clare just loved him too much to mind something like that.

    By the time he was 19 Crown had traveled the entire world multiple times, stolen most pieces of art and replaced them with perfect fakes and he became the richest man in the world. It seemed like his life was in a perfect state of balance and that it would remain that was for the rest of his life.

    But that was about to change.....



    Because of Crown's initial secluded nature and his need to keep his Phantom persona hidden Crown had very few friends and allies. His relationships were underdeveloped and to say the very least not numerous. However after the events of Hellscraper he opened up fairly quickly gaining numerous friends and forging strong bonds. His closest friends today are SamJaz, Arthur Cromwell as well as Matthew Anderson. Besides the three he greatly values the friendship he has with Hitomi Nakamura a seamstress who often works for him as well as Kelly Malkin, a witch and the sister of Sam. Both of them have lived at Crown's mansion for some time and he's rather close with both of them.

    It was thanks to these people that he managed to open up, stop being paranoid and accept contact with others, letting them into his inner circles. He also learned how to stop being selfish and to accept the support of others, soon enough that he needed. After Clare's death it was his friends who helped him out get back onto his feet and move on, without their help he mostly likely would not have made it. It was shortly after that he entered a relationship with Hagane Kumaga, the same person he detested above all when he met her for the first time. The relationship grew quickly and she became the most beloved person in his life. It wasn't as cheesily perfect as it was with Clare, they had their hardships but in the end when all are overcome Crown is left with a much more stable, engaging and lovable relationship than he could have achieved with Clare. It was Hagane who helped him make a full recovery and start enjoying life again, that is something for which he will forever be thankful and forever love her.

    Crown also has a special relationship with Elias Crown, namely he happens to be Crown's son from the future. Clair Crown is the same as in that she is his daughter from the future though the two seem to share a much closer bond in her own world. All of these events ended up shaping Crown, making him reconsider his priorities. He has abandoned his life as Phantom because of these people. He also stopped being an actor to avoid bad memories. He has devoted himself to his family and friends as well as helping out people in need and generally squeezing in a good deed or two. His personal antagonists happen to be The Gentlemen, Jardsam, Ironside and Taylor. Though lately he has managed to build a slightly less aggressive relationship with Jardsam. Taking down these individuals remains a goal for Crown however it is a goal that has retreated into the background thanks to Crown's fulfilled life.

    Today he enjoy a neat family life together with Hagane, Mary, Lily, Olivia, Clair, Wordsworth and just about anyone else who manages to squeeze in among them.



    Relationship: Former Girlfriend (Deceased)

    Clare is 24 year old actress and she started in the same theater Crown did. Today she's probably even more famous than he is and she in fact is his girlfriend. Much like Crown, even before becoming an actress she never even knew what money problems are as both of her parents were rich. She has a carefree spirit and the mindset of a child, finding pleasure even in the most simple things of life.extraordinarily rich and she always got what she wanted. Her appearance often makes her stand out as it's hard to not spot her, because of her height, white hair and ruby like eyes. While she takes her job as an actress more or less serious, in her free time she's anything but

    She also has a very optimistic view on the world and she trusts that everything will turn to the good. She refuses to judge people and tries to see only what's good in them. Normally a person like that would turn Crown off and he would stay away from them, but somehow this is an aspect he likes about Clare. She's absolutely loyal towards Crown and is currently one of the four persons that know all his secrets. Her love for him also seems to be undeniable and they have been together for three years. She is the most important person in Crown's life and there's no limit he would break for her. However after her death during the events of What If as well as some time with Hagane Crown has realized many things concerning Clare and the perfect image he had of her was shattered forever.


    Relationship: Loyal butler and friend

    Crown's 66 year old butler. Wordsworth was a good friend of Crown's father and later became the family butler. During all his life Wordsworth was more of a father figure for Phantom than his real father. After Crown's father went away and Crown moved to his uncle Wordsworth was the

    only one who took care of the mansion. He probably knows more about Crown's parents and the mansion than Crown himself does and he also seems to possess some knowledge about The Filou. He's always dressed in a green suit, but surprisingly enough keeps his gray hair long and bound in a ponytail.

    He's the one who takes care of the whole household and also instructs Lily and Amber. His personality is rather calm and fitting to the image of a butler. He was also the one to teach crown how to act like a gentleman when he first started attending parties, galas and dinners. Crown trusts him from the deepest of his heart and sees him as his greatest assistant in both his life as Crown and Phantom. Wordsworth used to be a top class martial artist and assassin and the skills from his past are showing even today. Wordsworth is an irreplaceable ally to Crown and a key part of his life. What Alfred is to Batman, that is Wordsworth to Phantom.

    Mary and Lily

    Relationship: Adopted daughters
    Mary and Lily are twin sister, both aged 15. They were orphans with no family or home. Crown found them on the streets of Bangkok and after just a few moments of interaction adopted both. Using his social status, connections and money it was exceptionally easy for him to get the
    process done. The two sisters worked as maids at the mansion for quite some time though the job was never serious. Both were home tutored and well educated and when they turned 15 they switched to a public school, dropping their duties as maids completely. In appearance they are essentially identical, average height, fair skin and pinkish red hair. The only difference is the eye color Mary's are golden while Lily's are blue.

    Mary was the one who took the role of an older sister, going as far as becoming a child prostitute on the streets just to take care of her sister. That has left her with a great dislike for men and she seems to be attracted to girls only. She's overly cheerful, energetic and open, always up for a prank. She's surprisingly well focused when she needs to be. Her hobbies include cooking and gardening and she is brilliant at both. Lately she took up training martial arts under Wordsworth. Her sister Lily is far more timid and shy. Generally keeping to herself. Horrible at cooking she takes care of housework and she seems to have a soft spot for all kinds of animals. She seems to be somewhat unfocused when it comes to subjects that aren't particularly engaging but nevertheless she always tries her best.


    Relationship: Anima and friend
    Chelsea is part of Crown's mind and is his repressed half. She takes the appearance of a woman with medium long black hair, spiky and slicked back. She wears a hoodie with a flame pattern as well as a golden leotard. In terms of personality she is very loud, outspoken and overly aggressive. She seems to insist on Crown being close to her and she feels like he's rejecting her way too much.
    She often comes off as lazy and rude which isn't too bad of a description but she can be a honest worker if she puts her mind to it.

    Her abilities fittingly enough are those that Crown is not fit to use. That includes the Feat Weaver String over which she has superb control as well as the Arcana Containers which are marionettes based on the Major Arcana. Using the strings Chelsea can control them and essentially bring them to life to use them for combat.

    Though sometimes troublesome she is an important ally for Crown.


    Relationship: Close friend, source of powers
    A mysterious man who has lived inside the gloves Crown found and later in his mind. The Filou is the namesake of the magical gloves that gave Crown his powers and also the source of his abilities. Though he keeps most of his past a mystery has has admitted being one of the past Mr. Blacks of the Gentlemen. He has a thick French accent and seems to be very old if some of the events he counts as being witness of are anything to go by. The Filou seems to be very fond of Crown, to rather disturbing levels sometimes. Though calm and collected he is a manchild and a prankster who wants to enjoy life to the fullest. Often lazy and not very enthusiastic when it comes to doing things that are not fun or helping Crown.

    He has medium long black hair, badly shaved stubble and wears an all black suit with a top hat. Ever since being released from Crown's mind he has the habit of randomly appearing out of nowhere. He is the only Gentleman who is alive despite no longer being part of the active roster as all other have been killed when leaving the organization. He is what made Crown the main target of the Gentlemen. Though good-willed he does keep most of his past a secret which makes him somewhat suspicious. The Filou also seems to hold great power which he has displayed a couple of times mostly through reality warping.
    In the end, not much is know about him and his character.

    Clair Crown

    Relationship: Oldest daughter

    Clair Izumi Crown is an unbent and inquisitive girl, dependable though very impatient. The firstborn child to Hagane and Aleister Crown, Clair inherited the lion's share of their abilities, with four Emblems and two Sketches, it's a miracle for the universe that she simply has no interest in combat whatsoever.

    Growing up on Earth and moving to Exalt in her twenties, Clair spent many years in various universities while rising through the ranks as an established Seamstress. However, upon the death of her younger sister Asche at the age of 203, Clair moved back in with her mum and dad and helped them through the hard times, never quite moving out again.

    For the next several millennia, Clair helped her parents raise thousands of brothers and sisters, though she herself never married or had kids. She's had countless relationships over the centuries, but these usually ended because either he wasn't mature enough or he was moving too fast or sometimes, because he was just too unfortunately mortal.

    But that's fine with Clair. She's happy to be daddy's little princess even as the last star in the galaxy burns cold and all life outside of their family collapses to dust, Clair is willing to be there for her mum and dad. As their firstborn she has inherited a number of abilities. The first are her two sketches, the first of them being a copy of Crown's Fairy Edge, tied to the stories he'd read to her. The second is also tied to Crown. Daddy's Gloves which is a pair of leather gloves which grant her abilities similar to the Filou including teleportation, levitation, telekinesis, precognition and the ability to use puppets and spells based around the Major Arcana. Clair's other abilities come in the form of four Emblems. Those are the ability to transmute matter into clothing which has special properties. A new level of sense which allows her to easily identify allies, enemies, targets, points of interest and even see through walls. A photographic memory as well as the ability to take a photo and develop it instantly anywhere and finally to put a needle through any material and make use of it as a thread.

    Sadly, while on a trip to visit her recently divorced brother in the past, the connections between the two timeline's collapsed, leaving her with an Aleister and a Hagane that barely knew her, but were willing to love her and be there for her.

    So, Clair lives with her parents, waiting for her own birth, and is ready to be there with them once again, to forge new bonds and build new memories, while missing the parents she left behind. It hurts her sometimes to know that she may never see them again, but she knows the best way to ease the pain is to help somebody else, and that's what she does.

    She helps her inexperienced mummy and daddy to be the best parents in the universe, once again.

    The Gentlemen

    History of RPs

    1. When The Phantom Strikes - Phantom pays the local museum a visit, while it's closed of course. First meeting between Phantom and SamJaz. [January 2013]

    2. Hellscraper - SamJaz invites Crown to the Hellscraper. An underground tower with 77 floors, with the promise of many riches and treasures. But soon they find out about the true nature of the tower.... [Late January and Early February 2013]

    3. Elephant in the Room - Crown and Clare visit Hitomi and Kelly in their new flat. Arriving there they notice that the apartment is perfect safe for one little detail. There's an elephant. [December 2013]

    4. Phantom's Tomb Raid - FCL goes an adventure in Egypt. There they make some discoveries and meet some interesting people, some friend and some foe. Clare dies at the hands of the Gentlemen. [3rd of January, 2014]

    5. A Certain Girl Named Clare - Crown is mourning the death of Clare and a few good friends come around to help out. [10th of January, 2014]

    6. Crowns Jewels - Crown is called to court only to find out that Taylor set him up. [3rd of Match, 2014]

    7. Iron Ghost - A mission on Exalt. Crown goes in with the hope of restoring his confidence and even manages to establish a decent friendship with Hagane. [10th of Match, 2014]

    8. Assault on Yellow Spider - Hagane comes to stay at Crown's mansion for vacation. Crown's first encounter with Mr. Yellow and Brown of the Gentlemen. The start of a new relationship. [18th of March, 2014]

    9. A Certain Girl not Named Clare - Crown and Hagane get an unexpected visit as their relationship deepens. [27th of March, 2014]

    10. First Days - Crown and Hagane go to Kings Grammar to confirm Mary and Lily going there. [14th April, 2014]

    11. Family Values - Hagane invited her sister Elliott and her friend over for dinner. Hagane and Lily have an argument which settles their differences once and for all. [26th of April 2014]

    12. Mind the Gap - Sam comes over for a visit and reveals that he needs to do something with Crown's mind. The two and other members of FCL get sucked into his mind in turn. [1st of May, 2014]

    13. One Short Day - Hagane ran away at the end of Mind the Gap. One week later she calls Crown over for a talk. [8th of May, 2014]

    14. Al for One and One for Al - Alvin and Elias visit and Crown spends some good time with them. [12th of May, 2014]

    15. Home Alone - Lily is left alone in the mansion and Arthur comes around for a visit. [17th of May, 2014]

    16. What if... - Hagane wakes up only to find that Crown does not remember her and that Clare is besides him. Things only become more complicated however. [May, 2014]

    17. A Certain Guy Named Crown - Coleen's dead and Hagane is having a hard time with Crown helping her. Proposals happen. [May, 2014, Right after What If...]

    18. A Certain Girl Named Clair - Clair arrives at the mansion and all hell breaks lose. [May, 2014, Right after A Certain Guy Named Crown]

    19. Faul Johann - Crown goes to visit Germany because of an interesting murder case- [June, 2014]

    20. Danger Days - Lily is attacked by Yancy after school but Arthur saves her. Crown gets involved too. [June, 2014]

    21. Meet the Parents - Mary brings Chloe for a nice family dinner and Crown and Hagane get to know her. [24th of June 2014]

    23. Week to Remember - Um... a ton of stuff happens. Hagane becomes pregnant. Crown loses memories for a bit. He gets a new job on Exalt and the two decide on a wedding date. [26th of June - 4th of July 2014. Lasts one week plus one day for the Epilogue.]


    Most kinds of Jazz work for him.

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You need to get this one inside my next Kuro-san thread, it will be a Heist Thread

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@Fehafare: Love it. Good work there mate.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Funny enough next RP he's appearing in he's announcing that he's no longer a thief.

@SamJaz: Thanks.... feel like it's getting too long tbh. I think you need to teach how to keep it short.

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@Fehafare: I stick to the bare essentials. Write what I will need to check up on when I come to refer to SamJaz's backstory to prevent more inconstancies, and give any other people who read the bio an idea of what to expect when they RP with SamJaz.

Of course, it has little about his personality, which is fluctuating like crazy, oddly enough, but for a character like Crown who has developed so much, I think the psychological backstory was needed. At least he paragraphs about Hellscraper.

Man, it's over.

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@SamJaz: Don't think i can do it.

But i sure hope that i'll at least try one day.

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Pretty cool idea, though there is one problem. Namely given the nature of the Filou i'm not sure as to how justify the existence of more similar objects.

You'll see what i mean once Assault on Yellow Spider is over. A lot of stuff should be revealed there and i'll have a huge Crown bio update.

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