Aleister Crown - The Phantom [Character Bio]

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Aleister Crown - The Phantom
Aleister Crown - The Phantom
  • Name: Aleister Crown (mostly called Crown)
  • Alias: The Phantom, Phantasm, The Specter
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 19
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment: Hero Neutral


The public knows Crown as a lazy, dreamy, kind, sometimes clumsy yet brilliant young actor. But there is certainly more behind the personality of his. People who know him personally know that his dreamy and clumsy nature are nothing but imagination. It's how his fans, or rather his teenaged female fans picture him. He in fact, is very calculated and methodic person. He still keeps a certain amount of laziness and kindness in him but he's much more down to earth and not an airhead unlike how the fans imagine him. While he's mostly unserious about everything he's still professional when his job is in question. He's a complete realist, writing people who see the world as only white or black off as fools often using bitter sarcasm to expose flaws in their ways thinking. Having his life in "perfect balance" (even if he doesn't believe it himself) he rather happy and enjoys every day of his life. Even as a kid he had a good dose of curiosity in him and can be noticed even today as a part of his personality. During his travels over the world he got himself a soft heart for ordinary people and your everyday man making him often take part in all kinds of charity organizations. He isn't exactly happy with the current government and the laws they are enforcing, but he rarely speaks his mind about it as he thinks that it wouldn't do much and would just get him into trouble. By now he developed a theory that the Filou actually affected his personality and has control over him to a certain extent as he feels like it was it that made him start his life as Phantom but he doesn't really care now as it became a "hobby" that brings him much enjoyment and fun. While posing as Phantom he enjoys dynamic entries and showing off. He's been called everything from filthy thief to a son of a bitch, but comments like that don't really bug him and he ignores them or replies with a joke or insult of his own, usually in a non-serious and playful manner. Today he can be called a "collector" and is very proud of the treasures in his possession but even more so he takes great pride in his skills as thief. He does follow a set of strict moral rules and has a code of honor as it seems, but they are too wired to be figured out, but it's clear that he would never hurt a civillian and would even put his life on the line to protect them.

As a form of a challenge he sometimes refuses to use any of his powers while stealing an object he desires, but many times he also uses them simply to annoy the authorities of the facility and leave them in wonder how the crime was committed in that certain way, which is too odd for the human brain (or at least their narrow minded brain) to understand. If they don't come chasing after him the moment when he steals something he leaves a note behind saying: "Phantom was here." simply to gain all the attention the crime would get him. Despite the fact that only one of the thousands upon thousands things he steals would be worth enough to ensure enough money for his entire life and with that the crimes having a heavy impact on the public Union of Seven isn't that much interested in him because of that. It's rather the various reports of him using supernatural and unexplained powers which make him a target for them. Unlike most, even as an unregistered superhuman he can live a laid back life as they are searching the Master Thief Phantom and not the actor Aleister Crown, a benefit which makes the fact that he leads a double life very enjoyable. His very sharp mind, wealth as well as skills make him overconfident and arrogant at first sight (he's still very careful and simply says that he has enough reason and justifications to be as arrogant as he wants) often proclaiming that he's the greatest thief in the World. He's very nice towards the people working for him often buying them gifts and giving them days off and developing friend like relationships with them, even his butler.

It could also be said that there is a third Aleister Crown, one which is know by only one person. It's not an act or another side of his personality, it's just how that person affects him. That person being Clare, someone who makes him lose his realist down to earth personality and accept her optimistic view of the world. He simply enjoys her company so much that he ignores all of her little flaws. She's the only one with whom he has a serious relationship as opposed to some other girls, he shamelessly uses his charms on when he's bored. She also makes him act foolish, never would he drop his guard no matter what and he would always think a step ahead and calculate the results of various situations, yet when he's with her he just forgets about all of it. She's also the only one, besides his butler and the two maids serving him, who knows that he is Phantom, in fact she knows all of his secrets.

In the end, his primary goal is to steal all the valuables of the World as well as win in the contest of stealing (and some other things) he has running with many of his friends and enemies all over the World.


A outfit close to the standard one, a few modifications have been made though.
A outfit close to the standard one, a few modifications have been made though.

Aleister has the appearance of an average 19 year old guy. His height is somewhat above average and all of his body features are slender. His medium long hair is black and as dark as the night. His eyes have a dark purple and deep color. The rest of his face is defined by very sharp lines and pointy chin. He seems to lack any kind of well developed muscles, but that allows for more agility something very important for his hobby. Despite the undeveloped and "sloppy" body, he actually has great endurance and a good amount of leg power. His profession normally forces him to wear suits and other fancy clothes, but he seems to dislike them and prefers to wear more casual clothes like jeans and plain shirts when he has some free time. As Phantom though he picks more fancy clothes, as he wants to put up a show and leave an impression. While his outfits vary from time to time his most used and standard one which is also how he is pictured on wanted posters of any kind consists of a white suit with golden lines and details. White pants and black shoes. A belt which's bucket has a crescent moon shape with a gem in the mid of it. He also wears a cape which just like the suit is white with golden outlines. His white gloves, Filou, are also visible while he's Phantom. A black scarf is also part of it, but instead of being bound in any way it just rests on both of his shoulder, the most part of it falling down his body all down to his hips. As a way of obscuring his identity he uses a black mask, which only covers the upper half of his face, having the shape of a birds peak with a few feathers attached to the top right corner of it. When there is no need for him to hide his face he pulls the mask a little bit up so that it faces to the side, nearly looking like a hat.

He also posses many other outfits which he uses as Phantom, but this is his favorite one so he doesn't use the other ones so often, making modifications to this one from time to time at most. Besides the Phantom outfits he has a large collection of costumes both form the theater but also custom made ones and he uses them whenever some kind of disguise is necessary. It's also interesting that he himself actually hats buying clothes and even has a personal assistant who takes care of that, the guidlines are pretty much "as long as it fits, it's good". While he does not like buying clothes for himself, doing it for others (mostly girls) is enjoyable, especially if he's doing it for Clare.

Powers and Abilities

Even without the magical powers granted to him by Filou and the equipment that came with it he has skills that come in handy both in combat and everyday life. First there are his speed and acrobatic skills, not only are they enchanted by Filou but even on their own the agility and speed allow him to keep up with any kind of superhuman. There are also his skills when it comes to stealth, disguise and superb acting, all of them aiding him in his crime life. Next is his sharp intellect, not only does he possess wit and cunning, but he seems to be a born genius. As he lived alone with his uncle without parents (and his uncle being a drunkard) he didn't have anyone who would force him to go to school, something that paid of for him as his curiosity as well as access to many of his grandfather's books allowed him to accumulate a moth worth of knowledge in just one day. He holds great knowledge on all fields of science, though he generally has more knowledge in that which helps him commit robberies as that is what he focused later on when he became the Phantom. That amount of free time was also what allowed him to turn to his passion which is acting. Except the skills as a thief and master of stealth, he is a truly fearsome escape artist. There is no lock that he can't pick and not binds that can keep him bound. Even modern security systems fall prey to him. Besides the direct abilities which aid him in combat, something that has indirectly helped him many times is his unimaginable wealth. The fortune left behind by his parents, the money he earns as an actor as well as the worth of the treasures in his possession makes him one of the richest if not the richest person in the World. He also has many hideouts and secrets stashes of the goods he stole scattered all over the World.


A deck of playing cards found together with the other items. The real deck was lost long ago and it became nothing but a concept in Aleister's head allowing him to produce as many of them by making them appear out of thin air whenever he wants. He can choose between two properties, slicing and exploding. The cards used for slicing are extremely sharp, capable of cutting through meters of steel like a hot knife through butter. The second property of explosion can be adjusted in many ways, from compressed force, over large area effects to anti-armor explosion. Harmless fireworks are possible as well. The cards can be thrown by hand or as Aleister prefers it telekineticly controlled. Aleister can make many adjustments to them, like making a card appear like another (something he used to cheat the hell out of poker in his early days) or turn them into roses, glasses, candles or even thrones and chairs. He can also modify the size, from a normal sized playing card, to one which can be compared to a flat car. The biggest one he ever used was comparable to a high building around thirty meters in height. The cards can also be used as shields. The most distinct technique they are used for is when a seal forms in front of Aleister and a stream of cards which could be best described as a snake without a head comes out, it can be made out of either the cutting or exploding cards and can reach extreme speeds as well as be freely controlled and fly as if carried by the wind. Aleister often stands on top of it using it as a mount during combat, before jumping off and letting it crash into his targets. Over hundred cards can be created at once (not counting the stream technique).

The Filou

A pair of white leather gloves, the source of Aleister's magic abilities. They can with a detailed book about them written by Alesiter's father apparently. They are the first things that Alesiter took out of them chest where he found them. The moment he put them on they fused with his hands and since then he was unable to take them off. As soon as he put them on he gained all the knowledge he needed to use all the items found as well as the magic he gains through them. Aleister can make them completely invisible and they even feel like his very own skin (the sense of touch is not restricted at all as if the gloves were connected to his nerves) which he does during his everyday life and only exposes them when he is Phantom. They offer him all kinds of magical trick useful for stealing and combat. The first one manifests through his left eye, it makes him see things that are invisible and illusions as well as see through lies and expose the true intentions. He has shown the ability to hypnotise, read minds and manipulate the memory of others, though he's unable to use it during combat and is only useful in mundane situations. Casting illusions and fooling someone's mind is something he often does, they are minor things like making it appear that he took a step back instead a step forward, change the enemies precption of distance or time or simple change the number of cards he's holding or throwing. The gloves allow for phasing as well, but it only works for his hands and arms up to the elbow and he can't phase through organic matter so it's something he uses more as a thief than a fighter. He has the ability of levitation which is used when jumping from great heights but it can also be used on other objects allowing for a form of telekinesis. The most valuable power the gloves grant is the power of teleportation. Both long and short range. When he uses long range teleportation his body completely turns into cards which tahn fade away in a red glow. While there is no restriction to the distance he can only teleport to place he already visited. The short range version or blinking how he calls it simply makes him disappear in a blue flash and reappear in the same kind of flash (he can do it instantly or with a delay of up to 5 seconds) at any place in a radius of 15m. It's a move he often spams and uses to fool around with his opponents by blinking out of their way and the way of their strikes.

Despite the fact that the gloves gave him all the knowledge about the magic he still doesn't understand some parts. Mostly the fact that all the powers he has, are not even a fraction of what the book of his father describes, not just for the gloves but all three items in Aliester's possession. He simply does not feel the presence of such powers nor does he know a way how to unlock them, but it could be that he simply isn't ready for them.


Aleiste is the only son of William Crown, a rich business man and a self-proclaimed adventurer. Aleister never knew his mother and even the time spent with his father is something he barely remembers. William, despite wanting a son, never truly found any time for him. If not his job, it was his need for exploration and adventure that kept him away from home. He was the typical English Gentleman that searched for excitement in his dull life. Being too busy with travelling all the continents and following different expeditions, he completely neglected Aleister and left his upbringing to Wordsworth and the other various servants at the mansion. But even that kind of life didn't last long for Aleister and when he was eight his father announced that he was going to a special kind of journey and that he wouldn't be returning for a long time. He sent Aleister to live in the country with his uncle and he payed all the servants and maids at the mansion one big last salary and then he disappeared. The only one who remained in the mansion was the Wordsworth.

Aleister moved to the house where his father was born, the house of his dead grandfather and the current residence of his uncle. To his surprise it wasn't an extraordinary villa like the mansion he was used to, but a small old house in the country. Despite it's simple look and age it sill had class and Aleister didn't mind it too much. Despite what one might think at first, William Crown's success wasn't something that ran in the family. Through the history the Crowns had a small family business in the meat production but it died off in the past decade as they couldn't keep up with the big companies that appeared in the 20th and 21st century. William's fortune remained a mystery to the family and even Aleister himself. In fact he didn't even know what his father did and whenever he asked Wordsworth about it, he'd completely ignore the question or give a vague answer that didn't solve anything. As time passed Alesiter stopped caring and he never had the chance to talk with his father. Aleister's new life in the country proved to be quiet different from his life in the mansion. He had to go to school as opposed to private teachers coming to his home to teach him. He wasn't very welcome in the local school and was considered an outsider and was rejected by the kids there who'd call him "Daddy's boy". Everyone knew who his father was and because of that Aleister himself represented the rich man to them and thanks to their upbringing they considered him the natural enemy of the middle class, all the families they were from.

But Aleister adopted rather well. If adopted means stop going to school and plunder his grandfather's library. Because of the education Alesiter got beforehand anything the small local school could offer him was boring and simply not inspiring for him. The knowledge and data the library could offer him was wast he had unrestricted access to it. His uncle was a heavy drinker, his wife left him, he lost his job and on top of that he had an inferiority complex because of the success of his brother, Willaim. All that prepared a perfect stage for him to make Aleister's life with him hell, but luckily for Alesiter his uncle was both too drunk and too depressed to care at that point. That new life style allowed Alesiter to acquire new experiences beyond the "safe nest" that was his previous home, the mansion. He gained street-smarts and learnt how to take care of himself. During that time he was also introduced to his current public and legal profession, acting. He used to visit the old theater in town whenever he had free time and he grew to like it.

After five years of that life, he got a letter from Wordsworth calling him back to the old mansion. Aleister thought that it was a little strange but he decided to go, if anything, only to see Wordsworth again who was like a father to him. Once he arrived at the mansion he was surprised to see that it was in a shape batter than how he remembered it. He expected the estate to be falling apart by now, but all those years Wordsworth had taken care of it and kept it as it was. Wordsworth awaited him at the gate. Alesiter recognized him at first sight as the old man barely changed over the years. After they exchanged greetings Aleister was to stay for dinner. While he assumed that it was only a meeting between old friends, Alesiter felt that there was more to it. The dinner that was presented to him was more than enough for thirty people, yet the only ones present were him and Wordsworth. After both of them finished eating as much as they could, Wordsworth revealed the real reason he called Alesiter.

Aleister was to inherit all of his father's belongings including the mansion. So were the instructions William left Wordsworth with before he went away without ever returning. If he did not come back in five years, Wordsworth had to track down Alesiter and hand him over the contract which made him the official owner of everything his father had. Strangely enough that did not include any kind of company or business and so Aleister was left in the dark about his father's job even then. William explained to Wordsworth that his reason for doing that was to try to make up for neglecting Aleister while he was a child. Wordsworth didn't tell any of that to Alesiter though as it sounded too pathetic. Aleister at first wasn't sure what to think of the offer. Was he ready to abandon his everyday life once more and adapt to yet another new life style? After sleeping one night in the mansion and a lot of thinking, he accepted the offer.

From that day one, Wordsworth officially took up again his role as the Crown family butler and Alesiter now became Young Master.




Clare is a 24 year old actress and she started in the same theater Crown did. Today she's probably even more famous than he is and she in fact is his girlfriend. Much like Crown, even before becoming an actress she never even knew what money problems are as both of her parents were extraordinarily rich and she always got what she wanted. Her appearance often makes her stand out as it's hard to not spot her, because of her height, white hair and ruby like eyes.

While she takes her job as an actress more or less serious, in her free time she's anything but that. She has a carefree spirit and the mindset of a child, finding pleasure even in the most simple things of life. She also has a very optimistic view on the world and she trusts that everything will turn to the good. She refuses to judge people and tries to see only what's good in them. Normally a person like that would turn Crown off and he would stay away from them, but somehow this is an aspect he likes about Clare. She's absolutely loyal towards Crown and is currently one of the four persons that know all his secrets. Her love for him also seems to be undeniable and they have been together for three years.

She is the most important person in Crown's life and there's no limit he would break for her.



Crown's 66 year old butler. Wordsworth was a good friend of Crown's father and later became the family butler. During all his life Wordsworth was more of an father figure for Phantom than his real father. After Crown's father went away and Crown moved to his uncle Wordsworth was the only one who took care of the mansion. He probably knows more about Crown's parents and the mansion than Crown himself does and he also seems to possess some knowledge about The Filou. He's always dressed in a green suit, but surprisingly enough keeps his gray hair long and bound in a ponytail.

He's the one who takes care of the whole household and also instructs Lily and Amber. His personality is rather calm and fitting to the image of a butler. He was also the one to teach crown how to act like a gentleman when he first started attending parties, galas and dinners. Crown trusts him from the deepest of his heart and sees him as his greatest assistant in both his life as Crown and Phantom.

Wordsworth is an irreplaceable ally to Crown and a key part of his life. What Alfred is to Batman, that is Wordsworth to Phantom.

History of RPs

1. When The Phantom Strikes - Phantom pays the local museum a visit, while it's closed of course. First meeting between Phantom and SamJaz.


Most kinds of Jazz work for him.

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Just noticed that the name i gave him holds a reference lol.

But yeah this is my third character and for now my final one. Now i'll get to updating Alice, than him and maybe Frantz after some more RP with him.

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@ReliusClover: This is actually a character I considered making. I like the idea of a magican/con man using magic or illusions to fake magic. I like the concept of the gloves giving him powers very cool good character.

If/When I come back my NPC Toni is getting reworked into a witch/illusion using character.

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I'll be making an RP with this character, tomorrow probably so feel free to bump in if you feel like it and/or have the time.

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