Akira Kishinsen(char for naruto rpg)

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name : Akira kishinsen
age : 20
rank : Special Disposal Team(equivalent to anbu)
village: kirigakure

approximate look, his left eye look different
personality: impatient, hot blooded 
his motto: anything that cant be solved by violence can be solved with MORE violence
type of shinobi: special combat assignment shinobi
Water Clone jutsu 
Water release : swordfish missliles(creates many swordfish out of water to attack the enemy) 
Water release: Fast Torrent blade (creates a jet of water shot out of high pressure to pierce the enemy)
Water release : great lake formation(form a mini lake by using underground water reseve) 
lightning release: raiden (enevelops the cables and his sword with electricity, this also activates the electrical impulses within the cable making the very flexible
lightning release :raigo( use the chakra cannon in his hand to fire bolt of ligthning at a rapid rate)
kuchiyose: kabuto and stag beetle, this beetle vary in size, with the largest being the size of a village and used as a method of long range bombardment and transport anf the smallest beignt the size of a normal beetle, this beetle is the natural predator of the abume clan bugs
Hiryu (ice dragon)

a large blade, the prototype of the sword of the seven swordman of the mist, it is capable of suing various jutsu when a special scroll is put on it
puppet arm
the whole of his right arm is a puppet arm, it contains many weapon, the elbow contains a spike, that cna be fired on the enemy, the second joint of the fingers has cables with sharp end (much like sasori cable in  his stomach) that can be used to impale and drag the enemy, the end could be alternated with exploding kunai or drilling tip to penetrate defense the shoulder also contain various ninja tool, and hold attachment point for special equipment, such as a shield, the palm side can reveal that it has cutting edges hidden, so when he grabs the enemy it will leave cutting marks, the fixed largest weapon in this arm is a condesed chakra cannon( which is well rasengan launched) located in the middle of his palm, other attachment includes large blade, pepper spray, another heart to supply chakra and also an extension of the chakra cannon, special equipment to fight kekkei genkai user includes capsules to temporarily halt amaterasu, and also the chakra version of ECM to fight byakugan user
kekkei genkai
 War Demon  Rage 
same effect of opening all gates is achieved , without the risk of dying , it differs from person to person on how long the effect can be used, Akira can used it for 28 minutes
special notes
special disposal team: is a team made to handle special case of missing nin, it is largely independent of villages, as all ninja from any village can join, some missing nin have also joined in this organisation
notable special cases
-bijuu problem (ussually a five men team is sent)
-kekkei genkai missing nin(team of two or three) 
-freak of nature case nin( team of one)
as such the member of this organization each has their own unique advantage compared to their advesary, they also have special equipment, one of them being a kit that can block genjutsu , and also a chakra detector
kishin family/clan
they are a small clan ussually hired to kill other kekkei genkai user, their own clan usually have one body part replaced with prosthetic (puppet parts) as to increase combat effectiveness
their kekkei genkai varies from family to family
the sen head familiy which akira is the next in-line had the war demon rage which grant them in human speed and power for limited time, making the user a war demon
other branch have different kekkei genkai 
such as kirinsen family who have medical type kekkei genkai
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Love it
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this is beta, so you may want to wait, i might as well stick implanted organ there
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implanted organ sticked
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this was going to be my first character, but i made another on, and yes i drew this 
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whoa nice
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@cfatalis said:
"whoa nice "

took me 5 hours, but i made another on, just got to get it skaned, o by the way new episode on naruto.com for jaraya vs pain!! im watching it right after school!
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