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Birth Name: Rupheina (pronounced Ruu-fee-nah)

Current Given Name: Akahana (Red Flower), also known as: Hana (Flower)

Alias: Ruby, Scarlett , Akage (Redhead), Akai Akuma (赤い悪魔 - Red Demon)

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 5’ 3”

Weight: 115 lbs

Birth Place: On a small isolated Mediterranean Island


Akahana has long red hair, reaching her lower back. When her braid is not showing, it seems like she has short boyishly-cut hair. She usually wears it in a braid, which makes it easier to manage. She has a pair of jade-colored eyes, which turn crimson when she uses her inherited Profitis powers.

Akahana dresses in loose off-white capris pants, with gold-colored tight bottoms. She also wears an off-white long-sleeved shirt which is topped by a short-sleeved olive-green blouse that reaches her upper thighs. A thick silver metal belt surrounds her abdomen, and a darker green sash is tied around her waist. Akahana’s neck is decorated with unique cultural jewelry – a collar patterned with burgundy and green triangles, and two necklaces. Gold ankle bracelets encircle both her ankles, matching one of the necklaces around her neck. As for her footwear, Akahana wears brown sandals that are easy to travel in.


The Charon Clan is a feared clan which has been named after the ferryman of the underworld. The fearful reputation of this clan has been earned due to the fact that this clan has the inherited ability to foretell others’ futures. Since death is the end of every human life, and it is the inevitable destiny of all mankind, every foretold future was associated with death. The recurring mention of death in every prophecy led the unsatisfied people to name the foretellers the “Charon Clan”. The hostile treatment the clan had received after being associated with death drove them away from the people around them, and thus, the clan began living in isolation, away from the antagonistic and judging eyes of their surroundings.

As the years passed, people began forgetting about the Charon Clan and the Profitis power. This allowed the clan to live in peace and harmony. During this blissful time, Rupheina had been born. Rupheina was born with vivid red hair, similar to her deceased father, Rufus; which was why she was named after him. Rupheina was loved by her mother dearly, and since she was the youngest member of the clan, she was frequently doted on. Life was perfect, however, it was short-lived.

An elder member of the clan witnessed a prophecy of his own people. This prophecy contained snapshots of Rupheina growing, until she reached her early teens. Suddenly the snapshots shifted to scenes of burning homes, screaming voices, and fallen bodies. The elder knew exactly what this meant; his clan’s years of peace and tranquillity were numbered. Having seen so far into the future, the elder’s life span had decreased significantly, and thus, his life came to an end alongside his viewed prophecy.

Years passed, and it was finally the time when the prophecy became fulfilled. It was Rupheina’s thirteenth birthday and amidst the celebrations, the clan was struck by a surprise attack. The rumors of the clan had resurfaced in the outside world, and out of fear, joint tribe members decided to dispose of the entire clan in hopes that the believed death omen associated with them would vanish.

Amidst the turmoil, Rupheina’s mother led her daughter to a secret trail leading her to the island’s harbor. A group of the clan’s women and children were escorted to the trail as well. Tiny boats filled with the terrified clan members bobbled on the strong waves of the Mediterranean Sea; but luck was not on their side. It turned out that some of the enemy had massive ships patrolling the seas in case of an attempted escape. Giant cannonballs streaked the azure sky and plunged into the tiny row boats, driving the clan members to their end. One by one the tiny boats sank, drowning the innocent women and children.

Rupheina was the sole survivor of this traumatic event, with the rest of the clan members either drowned or killed. Her body was washed up on the Eurasian continent; wet, cold, and alone. This is the start of Rupheina’s journey; the journey of a girl who will forever live as a target.


(the story of Akahana’s journey and the years spanning her age of 13 to 21 will be coming soon, along with how she acquired the name "Akahana")

Out of the Mediterranean and into the Arab Peninsula

The sound of crashing tides muffled in the unconscious thirteen-year-old girl, like a melodious lullaby keeping her fast asleep. Behind her closed eyes, she dreamt of her love ones back on her tiny Mediterranean Island home. She saw her mother's warm smiling face, her giggling girl friends, and the calm and serene faces of her wise elders. The blissful dream slowly began to fade, and was replaced by soundless screaming faces and burning homes. The dream had turned into a nightmare, a nightmare which was Rupheina's reality.

Sounds began to leak into the images she was seeing behind her heavy eyelids. Masculine voices that didn't seem to fit into scenes of her slumber. Rupheina flinched in response to the increasing volume of the voices, now accompanied by footsteps, which were once distant. Forcing her eyelids open, the teen saw a hazy image of some kind of animal hoof. The weak girl's arms wobbled as she pushed herself to an upright position. Checking her surroundings, a small drift board caught her attention, reminding her of how she survived from drowning at sea.

"Hey!" yelled a raspy voice, which startled the redhead. The voice belonged to a middle-aged man riding a camel who was dressed in a white and long dress-like attire, reaching just above his ankles. Over his head was a white scarf-like cloth, held in place by a black ring-like rope. The man began to speak again, but he spoke in a language the girl could not comprehend. She wore a confused look, which seemed to agitate the man, and he continued to speak, now with a harsher tone.

"I'm sorry, but I don't understand." croaked the frightened girl in her native Indo-European language. The man's eyebrows furrowed, and he turned his camel around, giving his back to her. He then cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled out what Rupheina assumed was a name. Shortly another man, possibly in his early thirties, dressed in the same attire and riding a camel appeared. The two males seemed to be conversing, and Rupheina noticed the other male look her way. Once they stopped, the man who had joined them shortly made his way towards her. Rupheina flinched, and began to back away, only to feel the cold sea water lick her toes.

Rupheina living a Bedouin's Life
Rupheina living a Bedouin's Life

"Don't be afraid." said the man, speaking her language with an accent. "We are here to help you." Rupheina studied the man's features with her jade eyes, looking for any signs of deception. A sudden gust of sea breeze stirred up the sand on the shore, and sent a chill down her spine. The man stood up from his kneeling position and headed towards his camel. From a small pouch hanging from the saddle, the man pulled out a black garment and scarf. He then handed it to Rupheina, who was still wet from the sea water. "I am called Badr," he introduced while placing a hand on his chest, "and this is my cousin Nisr." he continued, signalling to the middle-aged man with his head.

Rupheina nodded, and she accepted the garments which she slowly wore over her wet clothing. "Thank you." said the fatigued teen, as she slowly brought herself to her feet. The man who called himself Badr nodded, and he brought his middle finger and thumb to his mouth, generating a loud whistle. Moments later, another camel emerged, which was meant for Rupheina to ride. She cautiously rode atop the beast, and was led by the Arab men towards the sandy desert.

The Bedouin's Custom Hospitality

(coming soon)

The Awakening of the Profitis Eyes

(coming soon)

Out of the Desert and Into the Land of Silk

(coming soon)

Learning the Chinese Martial Arts

(coming soon)

To the Island of Japan

The voyage to Japan wasn't as long as the boat ride across the Arabian Sea to India; since she only needed to cross a part of the East China Sea. Despite the fact that the distance was shorter, this voyage was much more tiring since Rupheina had to help row the engine-less mode of transportation. With the money she managed to obtain after selling the different clothing she wore at every country during her journey, the twenty-year-old paid the owner of the ship. Exhausted from the travel, the young woman began seeking for shelter so she can regain her strength.

The traveller journeyed through the foreign rural land, and while doing so, she noticed how fertile the earth beneath her feet was. I wouldn't be surprised if I'd run into some sort of farmland nearby, she thought to herself as she continued heading inland. A sudden unexpected growl from her empty stomach reminded her how long ago her last meal was. Now, rather than looking for shelter, the famished redhead began searching for anything edible to sequester her hunger.

Soon enough, her searching bore fruit; literally. Before her eyes was a large apple tree, with plenty round and luscious apples, as red as the hair on her head. With a single leap, the redhead landed on a large branch, with loads of apples waiting to be picked. Rupheina bit into the apple, it's sweet sugary juices momentarily made her forget the hardships of travel. It didn't take her long to finish the apple, and she continued to pick the apples and eat them until she managed to silence her stomach. After tossing the apple cores as far as she could, her fatigue began to resurface, and the traveller's body slowly began to shut down, forcing her to rest.

Chance Encounter - Aito the Harmonicist Farmer

Afternoon slowly turned into late evening, and the redhead still remained soundlessly asleep on the high tree branch of the apple tree. Despite the fact that her body was resting, her mind definitely was not. Flashbacks of the Indian Soothesayer that betrayed her, revealing her identity to those hungry for her power to see the future continued to play in her mind. The mixed feeling of insecurity and the lack of safety stirred inside her sleeping body, These damned eyes of mine, showing me things I don't want to see. Eating away my life. The reason why I have to lead such a troubled life. Suddenly, the sound of crackling fire, and the smell of burning wood drew Ruphenia from her slumber and into the real world. That was the noise and smell she hated the most, the ones reminding her of how she lost her clan. A surge of adrenaline coursed through the redhead's blood, and she flashed open her jade eyes. Has someone found me? Are they trying to burn down the tree?!

"Move, and I&squot;ll kill you."
"Move, and I'll kill you."

Beneath her, by the tree trunk, sat a black-haired young man, feeding wood to a small yet growing flame. The fact that his guard was down made Rupheina eager to make the first move and strike him down. She was well aware that her appearance had become well-known throughout Eurasia, and people will do anything to get their hands on The Profitis Power. Just as she was about to leap down, the man drew out a tiny rectangular object and put it on his lips and blew. Music echoed through the silent night; although the notes didn't flow nicely, the sound did manage to calm the hotheaded traveller since it's suppressed the sound of the fire.

The man only played for a couple of seconds then moved the instrument away from his mouth, cursing gently while ruffling his black hair. "That's not the tune I'm lookin' for.." he murmured to himself and took out a crumpled sheet of paper with what looked like a music sheet. He scratched out one of the symbols, and replaced it with another. Rupheina didn't understand what was going on, and still remained on the tree branch watching the man's movements. Without noticing it, she leaned a little too low, and she lost her balance from the branch.

The sudden rustling on the branch caught the man's attention, and his eyes looked her way. Rupheina, despite loosing her balance, still managed to successfully leap out of the tree while swiftly drawing out her dagger. She landed in front of the back-haired man, her knife pointing to his face, "Move, and I'll kill you." she stated coldly, giving him an intense glare. The man gulped, and let out a nervous chuckle; his dark brown eyes staring at the tip of the dagger, almost like it was hypnotising him.

"Uhhh...uhmmm" was all what the man managed to say. Rupheina moved the dagger closer and shot another deathly glare.

"Shut it, I'll be the one doing the talking here." she commanded, still keeping her gaze. The man gulped again, now looking at her rather than the dagger.

"Ye..yes ma'am!" blurted out the man in reflex, without realizing that his current action included the use of words. Noticing his mistake, he quickly corrected it by nodding. Rupheina inhaled deeply, is this man really worth being afraid of? Her jade eyes studied his features - the man had black hair which seemed to reach the bottom of his neck,however, it was difficult to say since he currently had tied. As for age, she'd say he was in his early twenties.

"You are on my property"
"You are on my property"

"Who are you, and what are you doing here?" asked Rupheina, feeling less threatened by the man. A moment of silence fell between the two, and the man's once startled expression turned into a mix of confusion and slight agitation. The male sighed heavily and shut his eyes, while standing up to his feet. Rupheina wouldn't have thought that he'd have the courage to stand up, since she still held her threatening stance. Now that he stood, she noticed how tall he is compared to herself, and that gave her a moment of uneasiness. "I..I didn't tell you to get up!" she shouted out, now stepping back from the man. She was wrong, she shouldn't have let her guard down; appearances can be deceiving.

"First off, I'd appreciate it if you put that thing down, miss." said the man, referring to the dagger in her hand. "Second, I should be the one asking you who you are since you are on my property." Now the tables have been turned, Rupheina now felt that this man was the one controlling the situation at hand. Despite her feelings, she still kept her strong front, and kept the fearless expression in her eyes. The redhead dropped the arm with the dagger, which now remained on her side facing the ground. She didn't let it go since it is the only weapon she could use if things got rough.

"I apologize for my conduct. People can't be too careful nowadays. To answer your question, I'm a traveller, and I happened to stumble across your property." answered the redhead with a flat voice. The man listened attentively to her explanation, his expression saying that he'll buy that response for now.

"Well, its nice to meet you.....traveller. I'm Aito Shiawase, a farmer and harmonicist." introduced the man, extending his hand to greet her. Rupheina just stared at the man's waiting hand for a moment, which made Aito feel somewhat awkward. The man chuckled awkwardly and averted his eyes away from hers. Suddenly, something in the distance caught his attention, twisting his expression from nervous to an almost exaggerated peeved expression . His once extended hand was now pointing behind Rupheina, "You....! You ate my apples?!!" bellowed the man, almost in a comical fashion. Rupheina stared at him with, her demeanour both startled and perplexed, and she turned to look at where Aito was pointing. The evidence of her crime laid right before her - the scattered apple cores.

"I......I may have..." murmured the redhead, still trying to maintain her cool. She regretted that she threw the apple cores away and mentally cursed herself, but she didn't display those emotions on her face.

"You may have?! I've been waiting for these apples all season. Now what am I going to sell at the farmer's fair tomorrow? Do you even have the money to pay for what you ate?" asked the upset man rhetorically. A momentary sensation of guilt welled up inside the young woman. Rupheina knew very well that she used up every last penny she had to pay for the ticket to get to this island, so she knew she had no way of paying for the apples. If she'd known that this was private property, she wouldn't have bothered to eat them; but it was too late to change her actions now.

"I, I'm.... sorry?" apologized the young woman hesitantly, hoping that an apology would suffice. " And no, I don't." she replied honestly. Aito sighed deeply and pinched the bridge of his nose while closing his eyes. Rupheina thought that this would be the perfect time to escape the current situation; and just when she was going to dash away, Aito's eyes flashed open.

"You...you will work for me to pay up for what you've done." he said, with a slight smirk on his face. Rupheina was surprised with the compromise that the young farmer came up with. It seemed to her that he had no idea about her reputation, which was something that she could definitely make use of. To remain in this rural farmland for a while, away from public and crowded sights would sure put her at ease.

"You want me to work for you? You don't even know me....I may be a scavenging thief that will rob you of everything you own." commented the traveller, returning the smirk that he displayed. Aito stared at her for a couple of moments, examining her facial features and nodded faintly to himself. He then knelt down quietly and took his seat back under the tree while picking up his harmonica.

"Naah, you're not a thief. I can tell just by looking at you." he said calmly, almost completely different from the way he just spoke to her a moment ago, "Besides, you owe me now that you've eaten my best batch of apples." The man then closed his eyes and began playing his off-tune song again, and Rupheina remained silent and deep in thought. I could make a run for it right now, he wouldn't be able to catch up no matter what, thought the scheming traveller; but she didn't do it. The man sitting in front her has really intrigued her, and she envied his relaxed personality. Rupheina found herself taking a seat across from Aito, and she was mesmerized by the sight of the dancing flames in front of her and the calm tune emitted by the harmonica. Aito, opened one of his brown eyes, noticing that the traveller took a seat. A faint smile appeared on his face, but invisible to the young woman due to the instrument's position. That was the beginning of a friendship that will only last twelve short months, but remain engraved in Rupheina 's memories for all eternity.


(coming soon)

Someone Dear -

(coming soon)


Prior to the attack of her clan, Akahana was a kind, trusting, quiet, calm and shy girl. However, despite her shy nature, she would always crack out of her shell when the person in front of her seemed to be in need of help. Her rare red hair made her stand out, which at times, made her uneasy; but her mother's reassuring words would always cheer her up.

After the incident that occurred on her thirteenth birthday, Akahana's personality changed drastically. She had lost all her trust in people, and her kind nature was replaced by a cold and alert front. Due to the fact that she is now a target and needs to be on constant watch on her surroundings, Akahana's temper has become as fiery as the red hair on her head.

Akahana's once expressive face now only demonstrates either serious, strong or blank expressions. She is a woman of few words, and dislikes associating with others due to the fact that she doesn't want to deal with the potential of being targeted.

The only person who has seen her with her guard down was Aito Shiawase, the only person in her life other than her own clan whom she truly loved and cherished [ he will be in the story segment of the bio....]


Prophecy - The Profitis Eyes:

The Activation of the Profitis Eyes
The Activation of the Profitis Eyes

Being born into the Charon clan, Hana has the ability to foretell the future using her inherited eyes; which has been called “The Profitis Eyes”. The future that she can foretell is not set in stone, it is the future that will occur if that person continues onto the path they are taking. This power, however, comes with a heavy price. The more Hana uses this power, the shorter her lifespan becomes. Not only that, but when she uses this power, her body weakens for a period of time after the use (the time it takes for her to recover depends on the amount of detail she foresees).

Seconds into the Future:

Jade Eyes Turn to Red
Jade Eyes Turn to Red

During combat, Akahana has the ability to look into the future for five seconds. However, she can only use this technique once during combat, seeing that it drains a lot of her energy. This technique is another use for “The Profitis Eyes”, and hence, does shorten Akahana’s lifespan.


Healing Oneself: Akahana has the ability to heal herself from open wounds and deep cuts. However, she requires time to do so, and can heal just enough so that she isn’t in critical condition.

Healing Others: Akahana has the ability to heal others fully by transferring their wounds into her own body. However, she rarely uses this technique since she doesn’t usually mingle with other people, and her opportunistic way of life values her own health and condition over others.


Self-defence and martial arts: Having been a traveller, Akahana managed to pick up various martial arts techniques that she learned from the different civilizations she’d come across. These techniques give her the ability to engage in hand-to-hand combat and successfully holding her ground.

Speed and Endurance: Being a traveller and always on the go, Akahana is swift on her feet and can travel for a long period of time without getting tired. Since she's always on the move, she has a high endurance level, she can withstand long periods of combat, travelling, running, swimming, and walking.

Knife-handling: Being a traveller, Akahana's weapon of choice is a small dagger-like knife. This weapon is easy to conceal in her clothing, and is easy to carry around. Akahana is very experienced with the use of her dagger, and has managed to incorporate it with her martial arts techniques.


  • Akahana has been a traveller and target throughout her teenage years, and hence, is experienced with "life-on-the-run" lifestyle.
  • She knows how to create natural medicines from plants and other organisms
  • Having encountered various cultures and languages, Akahana is able to communicate in the different languages surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and throughout Eurasia and Asia.
  • Akahana was taught by Aito how to play the harmonica. She ends up keeping his harmonica as a keepsake after his death; and uses it as a reminder of the guilt she feels for having him killed because of the pursuers that are chasing her. The harmonica is gold-colored, and has the name "Aito Shiwase" engraved on it.


“People leave….that’s how life goes. That’s why the only person I can truly rely on is myself.”

“I’m the Akai Akuma, the omen of misfortune and death. It’s best you had nothing to do with me.”

"You know, out of all the colors, red travels the farthest."

"Deal with me, and you get a straight ticket to seeing the Angel of Death."

RPG Involvements

Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill

Akahana visited the bar in hopes to find something to restock on, like food or water. She happens to run into Crow Cementario, who was very friendly despite Hana's aloof personality. Eventually it has been revealed to both of them that they are natural enemies/rivals since he's a bounty hunter and she is currently a bounty. Despite that, Crow decides to befriend Hana for the time being, but emphasizes that there will be a time when they will be enemies.

OOC Notes

The character I used for Akahana's images and the idea for the ability to see the future was from the main character of the manga "Reimei no Arcana" (Dawn of the Arcana)

I began adding the headings to her major story arcs. I will continue to fill them out. As you can see, I'm a very story-oriented person, which is why the story takes up most of Hana's bio. Hopefully the more I RP, the better I get with battles and power originality.

Please provide constructive criticism :)

Update: added RPG Involvements heading, in which I'll add Hana's updates with Vice RPGs

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I like it, this character is very unique. It will be interesting to see you use this character in actual RP and in battles. Hope to see the rest of the story soon too.

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Thank you! :D

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@Akage_Hana: Sweet bio!

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Thank you! :)

I had a couple of quick questions regarding the current state here on the Anime Vice RPG-verse. Is the Vice-verse set in modern day times, or the near future, or the past? Also, how does the world look like? (i.e are countries the same way as the ones in the real world...etc.)

I just wanted a little heads up because I want to be accurate with my character's story. She'll be travelling throughout the Eurasian continent for the passed 8 years from her current age. So would the current events that are happening here have an impact on the geography 8 years from now?

Thanks in advance :D

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@Akage_Hana: The world the Vice Universe is in is set in modern times, there are a few fictional places mixed in. ut for the most part it is real-locations. 
Very nice bio the way:)
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@Sonata: Thanks for clearing that up! :)

And thanks for the compliment! :D

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@Akage_Hana: Sonata summed it up nicely this may also help with your quesiton. :) It describes the events, characters, places, etc. of a few characters.

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