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Name: Aestus Aquilus 
Race: Magus
Age: 24
Height: 1.84 mts
Weight: 76 kg
Known Aliases: Ignis Erro (Fire Vagabond) Aurus Pugnus (Golden Fist) Flamma Dominatario (Flame Master)
Place of Birth: Alpha Phoenicis, Terra Magus
Faction: Neutral
Theme Song: Break the Sword of Justice
Seiyuu: Hirotaka Suzuoki 


 Out of my ashes
will rise a new phoenix.

A soaring being
returning from death
proving once again
that life is eternal.

I live forever
because the spirit
never dies.

I will return
in another body
in another time,
but it is me.

The me who is me now
will always be.

As long as I live, I learn.
And I live, Forever 



Born in the secluded village of Alpha Phoenicis, in the far north of Terra Magus, a place were the influence of the Great Five Mages wasnt present, and most of the decisions were made by the village council, formed by the five most powerful Magus in the village. One of that Magus was called Ankaa Aquilus, a masterful Darkness Magus, whose powers were great enough to vanish the sunlight from the town if he wanted to do so. His status was extremely important for him, since even if he was one of the most powerful mages of the village, he was the youngest member of the council, and the one with lesser rank. He felt frustrated since he was mostly ignored in all the important discussions. And so he hatched a plan to gain some respect, and started to flirt with the Head Wizard daughter, Silvae, in hopes of gaining some importance by marrying her. He wasnt in love with her, he only wanted the power and support of Nemus, Silvae's father. Silvae, always was kind to everybody, and her most significant traits was her bright red eyes, warm as bonfires.
For months he seduced the Head Wizard daughter, a clumsy yet beutiful girl, a wood Magus, she was a kind and humble girl, and she loved Ankaa with all her heat, but Ankaa didnt loved her, he was only interested in gaining fame and respect from this marriage. They got married, and as the young Magus planned his voice become listened since he got the support of Silvae father. They lived for years in peace, until Silvae got pregnant, and her mood changed from caring and kind to plainly angry, since she felt great pain caused by the child, and she couldnt stand the look of Ankaa face, as she grew fatter and her magic started to fail. At last after nine months of suffering she gave birth, and just after finishing labor, her body bursted in flames, and she only said a word, that would become the child name, Aestus, that meant summer in Ancient Magus. 
The death of Silvae was only a minor discomfort to Ankaa, and a great adavantege to him, since Nemus decided to retire, depressed at his daughter dead, since she was the light that lightened his last days, and not long after retiring he died alone. Ankaa took care of Aestus with the help of Silvae older sister, a wandering Magus called Calathi, a bard and story-teller, but as time passed Ankaa spent less time with Aestus and more time acting as the head of the council, a position he gained after Nemus recommendation. Calathi wasnt as kind as Silvae, but she cared and loved Aestus. The small boy didnt showed signs of a elemental affinity, or any type of magic at all, he was 5 years old, and most of the young Magus show some small clues about ther affinity at that age, but Aestus didnt, and that was a thorn in Ankaa side. 
Years passed and as most of the children went to learn their basic magic, Aestus didnt even had an affinity, he growed nicely, but even if the others Magus could detect Magic power inside him, he didnt knew how to use it, and thus he became a shame to Ankaa, who thought that Magical power was the only thing important, and so, he asked Calathi, that just came from a travel, to take Aestus with him, so the gossip directed towards him could finally stop. Calathin accepted and took Aestus as his student, and the boy learned legends and stories, and as well how to narrate them. The two years journey was the happiest period of Aestus life, as he didnt worried about anything and only enjoyed the wind in his hair, and the song of the forest in his ears. But nothing so good last forever. 


The years he spent with his aunt were pleasent and quiet, she taught him the legends she knew, and also basic magic, since Aestus finally started to use magic, he could use only minor spells, and his elemental affinity was yet untapped.  But as he grew stronger Calathi grew weaker, since she was terribly ill, and worked hard so Aestus didnt discovered it. One day she couldnt fake it for more time, and she passed out, and Aestus discovered the horrible truth. And her aunt passed away. He decided to return to his village, but when he reached Alpha Phoenicis, he discovered to his dismay that the village was wiped out of other beings, and was covered in darkness. He was about to get killed by some shadows that moved towards him, until an armored individual saved him. 
The Armored man took him towards his camp, he introduced himself as Celatus the Caesia Pugnus. Aestus was curious about his savior title, and Celatus explained to him. " I'm part of the Ensis Magus, a order of protectors that only answer to the Five Great Mages, we are trained to protect the Magus from inner or outer threats, you could call us Knights, we are trained for battle and direct confrontation"  Aestus was surprised about this statement, since in his travels he heared of them from his aunt, but he never expected to see a Ensis Magus in person. He was also curious about the reason of his saviour, and Celatus said that a Village Council leader went rogue, a man named Ankaa, and Aestus shocked by the revelation concealed the fact that he was the son of the criminal. 
Celatus decided to ask for Aestus help, and Aestus with other plans in mind agreed. Both of them travelled back to the town, Aestus defended himself as well as he could, using minor telekinetic magic and his own wits, while Celatus grew spikes of Steel from the ground, revealing that his elemental affinity was Steel. The town was changed, the building turned into deformed towers, a refelection of Ankaa now corrupted mind. Aestus wasnt sure that he could reach his father anymore, but he would try to, that's how his aunt raised him, and he would try to speak to him. As the youngling thought of that Celatus kept defending both of them, as the marched towards the center of town, were the old Council room had turned into a tower, were Ankaa lived. 
Celatus was ordered to destroy Ankaa, and that fact was unknown to Aestus, as they advanced, and kept pushing foward, while the boy confused the shadows with distractions, the knight vanished them using a spear he summoned by using the words Regium Adamas Lucida Telum (Royal Steel, Bright Spear) showing his Ensis Magus abilities. The team worked pretty well as the kept advancing, but Aestus felt more and more worried about facing his father. But he had to forget his preocupations as he fought his way up the tower, Celatus was a man of action and not of words, so they almost didnt spoke as the climbed up, the silent knight adapted to each and every move the boy made, for some reason Aestus felt more secure with him. 
Both of them jumped in the main room, and as they entered a barrage of shadow moved towards them, and both of them runned around the council seats, dodging and attacking in perfect harmony, as if they were strangely linked. Aestus felt strange, his body felt like burning, as if his bloood turned into magma, he could feel his body aflame, but he couldnt get the flames out, and Celatus watched him closely as they finished of cleaning the room. Celatus was about to speak, when the Main room doors opened and Ankaa apeared throught them, Aestus barely remembered his father face, but he was sure that this man was him. Before Celatus could speak to the Darkness mage, Aestus runned towards him as he shouted "Father" leading into the Silent Knight confusion. 
Just as confused as Celatus, Ankaa was surprised of Aestus sudden outburst, but the surprise in his face changed to a sinister grin, as Aestus closed in, Ankaa, possesed by his own greed and lust for power, thought of plan, and using his own son as cover, he casted the spell Tenebra Spiculum, a powerful Darkness spell, that created a rain of shadow spikes, that appeared in between him and Aestus, as he planned to pierce throught his own son to destroy his attacker. Celatus detected the spell and reacted swiftly, and appeared in front of Aestus, blocking most of the spikes using his summoned armor Armatura Adamans, a magical enhanced armor, one of the secret spells of a Ensis Magus. Even with the armor he only blocked 3/4 of Ankaa attack, and Aestus got pierced and fell into the ground. 
Celatus could only mantain a defensive stance, as Ankaa tried to blast the Knight with his dark powers. Aestus was near death, but in this state, as he walked just between the realms of the living and the dead, he heard a voice, a warm soft voice that calmed him down, and the voice was accompanied by other, as he tried to lift his head, he saw two birds, one red and the other blue, bursting aflame in front of him. He stood up, ignoring the fight that happened between his corrupted father and the Knight, and followed the birds, both voices seemed so familiar, and the boy kept moving towards them, Celatus couldnt be more surprised, since that spikes were supposed to poison the target, and yet Aestus was walking. The young Magus followed the song of both the birds, climbing to the top of the tower, and as he climbed the voices grew stronger, so loud that even Celatus and Ankaa could hear it. 
"Silvae...." whispered the Dark Magus in a voice that doesnt seemed his own, and Celatus also stopped, as both of them saw how Aestus climbed to the top. The boy reached the highest point in the tower, and as his body grew weaker, both birds shouted a word, "Renascentia" a burst of fire fell from the sky towards Aestus, clearing the clouds over the town, and destroying the warped darkness over the town. Celantus was amazed and his surprise only was greater when he discovered that were Ankaa stood there only was dust and ashes. He climbed towards the top of the building and discovered a sleeping Aestus, and so he decided to take the boy towards the Ensis Magus headquarters, knowing that somebody with such untapped potential could prove useful. 


5 years passed from the incident in Alpha Phoenicis, and no matter how many times he listened to the story, Celantus still didnt believed the part of the fire birds, since for some reason he didnt saw them, either way he took Aestus under his wing, as a squire in the Ensis Magus, the teen that once didnt had a elemental affinity now was overloaded with it, as most of the energy he expelled from his body for any type of spell turned into fire as it touched the air. For some reason the boy seemed to be overflowed by magical energy, and he didnt knew how to use it properly, most of the other squires were scared of him since his powers could go into overload in any minute, thus he became isolated of the rest of the youngling of the fortress. 
Aestus learned to control his own power, slowly but steady, and when he reached 18 years, he could act as a full fledged squire, capable of summoning his weapon, and two elemental spells. He was paired with Celantus, and since that day another period of peace started for Aestus, since in their first two years of travels the Knight and him only encountered some minor conflict and battle, as they solved problems caused by rogue wizards, and defeating magical beasts all over Terra Magus, and Aestus grew stronger with each battle, learning new spells and following his mentor steps, as he wanted to become one of the Pugnus, the Fists of the organization, the highest ranking Knights of the order. 
His shot into becoming a real knight would appear in the midst of a confusion when the son of a important Magus caused a conmotion in Aldebaran, and was expelled. This small upset in the population forced the Council to bring more Knights into the capital city and so he become the Knight of The Phoenix, called like this since his proficiency was fire, and also as a joke to his story of the twin phoenicis saving his life. He moved to the city, and worked mostly as a city guard and bodyguard for nobles, using his powers only to defeat a escaped beast from the city Zoo, and so his life became rutinary. But this quiet and silent life was what he wanted, as he learned from a young age, the power only corrupts, he only aspired to reach for the same position than his mentor and inspiration. 
And one windy night he got his wish, but as they named him Aurus Pugnus (Golden Fist) they established one condition, he needed to life the rest of his life out of Magus, investigating the whereabouts of the exiled Magus, since of them caused a lot of trouble in a city called Ultimus Portus. Aestus didnt felt he was the right man for the mission, but quietly accepted the honor, taking the disadvantages too. This was more a punishment than a prize, since the Council was worried, since they feared that Aestus followed the same fate than his father, and be corrupted by his power. And as much as this suspiction hurted him, Aestus lowered his head and accepted his new mission, and rushed out the city as they informed him that somebody activated a Sponsio Ex Custodis out of Magus, and the Council hurried his departure. Now he searchs for the Sponsio Ex Custodis bearer and investigate about them. 

Powers and Abilities


Physical Facts

Strenght: 5 tons 
Speed: Sub-Sonic 
Durability: Building buster (Most since he is a Magical Being) 
Stamina: Full week of Activity

Magical Body 

The Magus body is composed of pure Magical energy, so it lacks of bones, and inner organs. As they are mostly magic, their body works in a different way than a normal human body, and so the Magus can dissipate their density and move throught walls, always with preparation before the action. Aestus can also turn himself into living fire, and ignite anything that enters in contact with him. His top heat output is roughly similar to the core of Planet Earth
Aestus can regenerate wounds and increase his powers if he absorbs fire not generated by him, hea can choose how to use, splitting it between his health and his magic. He also is capable of redirecting magical energy, but only if he uses certain spell, only thought to the Ensis Magus, since their main objective is to stop rogue magus, thus they use the power to redirect spells with ease, it only doesnt work with the elemental opposite, in this case water based spells. 
As he is aligned with the Fire element, the over use of his magic can affect his behaviour and personality, as the battle heats up, Aestus also does, becoming less rational and more impulsive, different from other Fire Magus, Aestus tries to avoid entering the Solis Ira (Sun Rage) a mental state where the Magus uses his own negative emotions and burns them to light their power, Aestus uses his own feelings of determiantion and will power to do so, meaning he belongs to the Solis Volunta Branch (Sun Will)

 Aestus in his Flamma Corpus mode
 Aestus in his Flamma Corpus mode


Ensis Magus

A unique branch of the Magus magical prowess, created specially for battle, most of the spells focus into direct damage, and some minor utilitarian spells, as the Prima Magus is elementally aligned, in this case with fire, one of the most destructive elements possible for a Magus to control, and so it requires extra care, most of the attack with Ensis are composed of Fire taking a particular and concentrated form, or at focusing it in one point, since if Aestus releases his Magical power he could easily blast a city in pyroclastic explosion. Basically his Fire manipulation/creation powers derive from a extremely specific form of telekinesis, as he is capable of move the surroundings at an atomic level and excite the atoms until the air burns. Then he channels the fire into different spells, and as his element is one of the most offensive oriented, even standing near him in mid-cast can harm lesser beings since his abillity to generate fire heats the air around him while he casts.
Regium Ignis Magister Mandatum (Royal Fire Master Orders)   
 The personal magic of Aestus, a refined form of the regular Ignis Prima Magus, inspired in Celatus Regium Adamans Magister Mandatum (A steel based Magic), This magic is mostly focused on anti-personal magic and such, and an advanced magic to summon his weapon of choice and his armor. All the spells use the Activation words Deflagro Ignis to activate the Magical Circle, Aestus can cast without activation but the spell power is greatly disminished, he can also resort to fast casting, were he only uses the activation words, and the specifics of each spell, to cast a reduced version of the spell. Aestus is particulary adept at multicasting, being capable of casting several spells at the same time.

List of Spells 
 Regium Ignis Securis Talea: Royal Fire Cleaving Axe  
The most basic attack in Aestus magical arsenal, he concentrates fire in his hand, and, while swinging it down, creates a wave of fire, similar to and Axe edge, the flame blast travels fastly throught the air, and can easily burn down a hole in a brick wall, it carries more destructive power than incendiary, since it's magic is highly concentrated. 
 As this spell is easy to cast and doesnt spends too much magical energy, Aestus can also improve it to Regium Ignis Simus Securis Talea, a barrage of flaming waves that explode in concact with their objective, they dont have the concentrated form of it's single form, but even losing destructive ability the sheer quantity equals that. 
 The spell, like most of Aestus spells can be redirected if the Magus takes  manual control of it, but that leaves him unguarded against other attacks, so it's easier to launch several attack, that may or may not fail, instead of risking his body for only one
 Securis Talea
 Securis Talea

Regium Ignis Sagitta Ardens : Royal Fire Burning Arrow
  Aestus creates a flame bow, a highly dense magical formation, almost as solid as a real bow, and he crreates an arrow even more concentrated, with this weapon he can send a high speed blast, that can pierce throught steel, leaving a melted hole in anything it touches, this spell is one the spell with the longest range of attack in Aestus arsenal, and as his other spells he can guide the arrow, this ability let's Aestus to shoot several arrows (Adding Simus to the enchantment) and redirect them all of them, making this a defensive/offensive spell, since he can make the arrow orbit around his body, creating a good defense. 
   He also can make the Arrows enter a automatic mode, turning into homing proyectiles that attack anything Aestus points as an enemy. In this mode the arrows move and twist as missiles, and can reach sub-sonic speeds, the arrows can also fuse into a bigger proyectile, enhancing its potential damage as well it's heat.

 Sagitta Ardens
 Sagitta Ardens

Regium Ignis Penna Deflagro: Royal Fire Explosive Wings  
The only utility spell in Aestus Arsenal, this spell grants the user a pair of flaming wings, and a flame like aura, the wings let him fly up to the speed of sound, but can break the sound barrier in short periods turning in a propulsor like mode, the flame Aura protects Aestus of any small flying object he could crash into, burning it in an instant, and can even burn bullets and arrows, the wings can also twist to protect him and increase the defense given by the aura, that is only an outlining around the Magus skin.

Regium Ignis Lancea Tempestas: Royal Fire Bursting Spear  
  Aestus rises his hand and a twister like flame surges from his hand, and spins wildly, and seconds later a lance begins to be formed out of the flames, gaining a solid density, capable of stopping weapons just as a regular spear, or even better. The lance can be charged with magic, causing the tip to be highly explosive and incendiary, It can also explode in any part, and Aestus usually uses it to impulse him throught the air, to evade attacks or lunge foward. 

Ignis Lancea Tempestas 
Ignis Lancea Tempestas 

Regium Ignis Stella Tempestas: Royal Fire Meteor  
  A powerful offensive Spell, that creates a giant ball of fire over Aestus, that can reach temperatures of 5100 celsius degrees, amking it one of the hottest attacks in the Magus arsenal, and also one of the spells with greater destructive power, being capable of decimating a city block into charred ruins, the only disadvantage is that takes half a minute to cast, and leaves Aestus open to counterattacks, since he must be concentrated to mantain it form. This spell is a grossly over-powered version of Talea Securis, bigger and more powerful, but unlike the Talea Securis, Aestus cannot cast it several times in a row.

Regium Ignis Draco Navi Caelum: Royal Fire Dragons Soaring the Sky  
  The Spell with the longest range, Draco Naci Caelum, can attack target 5 km away from Aestus, the base of the spell is more similar to a summoning that an offensive spell, since the Dragons created by it are tangible, Aestus can use them as transportation, standing above their heads, or to pummel enemies. The spell cast several Dragons at a time, and this magical beings are capable to fly up to sub-sonic speeds and can easily crash throught brick walls with ease. Aestus can also make them explode with incredible power, as the detonation can easily shatter Steel.

Ignis Draco Navi Caelum 
Ignis Draco Navi Caelum 

Regium Ignis Ardens Phoenix: Royal Fire Blazing Phoenix  
  Similar to the spell before this one, the Ardens Phoenix is more likely a summon that an offensive spell, letting Aestus ride on it (mostly used to long distance transportation), this spell have lower range that Draco Navi Caelum, but this disadvantage is covered by it's incredible power, anything touched by it will suddenly burst aflame, with flames so strogn that the only way to stop them will be to totally submerge in water, aand separating the magical energy form the body of the victims, since after leaving the water the flames will re-ignite even stronger. The Ardens Phoenix moves as fast as a Peregrine Falcon in free fall, reaching speeds faster than 356 Mph, and when Aestus orders the detonation it can easily cover a zone of 500 mts around the impact with this undying flames.
 Ignis Ardens Phoenix
 Ignis Ardens Phoenix

Regium Ignis Ruina Pleias: Royal Fire Fall of the Seven Stars  
  The most Powerful spell on Aestus arsenal, it needs a minute or half a minute of casting, depending of if it's using it's maximum power or not, and a magical circle around the target to lock on. The spells releases seven spheres of flames, highly concentrated ones, that activated by Aestus voice command chase the objective/s that were inside the circle. Each of the Stars can melt almost anything, being capable to pass throught metal like if was soft butter, the beams formed with the spheres can mover over the speed of sound and have superb maniobrability, moving to keep up with each of the movements of the opponent. This spells drains Aestus magical energy almost completly
Regium Ignis Subitos/Flamma Disruptio: Royal Fire Instant/Burning Explosion 
 A new spell learned from his "future self" he knew the spell from before, but he only read of it in books. After watching it live he know knows how to create a flame-less explosion in any location nearby him, if he can make eye contact with the location he can use the spell creating a massive shcokwave in a determianted spatial location and with adjustable damage output. Aestus can also make a flaming explosion, capable of consuming any enemy in flames.  The spell takes the form of small balls of hyper concentrated magic that burst in contact with the target or at Aestus orders, they can stay put as mines, or simply appear and burst 

  Regium Ignis Ardor Scuti Turbinis: Royal Fire Spiralling Flame Shield 
   A powerful Defensive spell, Aestus summon highly concentrated threads of flame, that swirl in front of him creating a circular shield, that not only protects him but also burns the attacker or the proyectile used, a new spell created by Aestus to fight against high tech weaponery, guns or other solid proyectile weapons. It can also be used to melt walls, or another obstacles, in similar fashoin to an advanced drill, having three diferent vortexes in the shield. Is highly efficient and fast to cast, and is the first form of a three phased spell Aestus is working on, a blend of Defense, Reversal and Attack. 

  Regium Ignis Nobilitio Oriens Phoenix: Royal Fire Noble Rising Phoenix.   
   Discovering that he lacks prowess in close combat, compared to the warriors of the outer world, Aestus developed this spell as a close combat oriented attack, that also let's him gain some distance to cast the follow up spell without being attacked. Focusing the power around his feets he syncronizes the flow of it with the movement to unleash a fast and powerful uppercut, and as the flow moves throught his body the speed of his movement increases, propelled by the excess flames that separate from the main flow. Thus the uppercut is extremely fast and sharp, and as it contacts the enemy a mighty phoenix is created and the powerful flame construct, akin to others, is tangible, but still haves the properties of fire, thus not only pushing away the enemy, mostly propelling them upwards, but adding damage while burning him. A counter-attack spell with lots of uses as combo starter. 

  Regium Ignis Armatura Navi Caelum Phoenix: Royal Fire Armor of the Soaring Phoenix  
  The Armored form of Aestus, Navi Caelum Phoenix, the highest difficulty spell that any Ensis Magus must learn and perfect if they want the title of Knight and aspire to get a seat as one of the 7 Pugnus. Aestus particular armor is created by Hig density Flame magic constructs, that protect him and enpower him taking the heat of the air surrounding Aestus and turning it into Magical energy to mantain the armor, this absortion of heat takes it toll in Aestus personal Magic energy and his health, since his body isnt prepared to manage so much energy, thus the spell creates the armor to ease some of the problems, but still Aestus can use this spell only for 10 minutes tops, if he is in top conditions. 
 The armor enhances the Magus physical body, increasing his strenght (up to 15-20 tons), his speed (twice the speed of sound) and durability (can survive attacks that could blast of a small city), this armor also gives new spells, linked to the newfound powers of the armor, that are as powerful as the high ranking spells of his regular Ensis Magus. 
Aestus can cast an even better armor using the full incantation, but he was adviced no to do so until his life was really on stake, he was about to use it in the fight agaisnt Clonecreer

Armatura Potentia Aurum Phoenix Fragor: Power of the Armor Golden Phoenix Crash  
  Creating a powerful aura of high temperature flames, Aestus lunges foward as a living comet, and crashes into, or throught any target, leaving a searing hole, since this spell carries enough heat to melt most known metals.
Armatura Potentia Aurum Phoenix Cantus:
Power of the Armor Golden Phoenix Song  
  Aestus focuses his energy into his throat and uses his mouth a cannon tube, releasing a barrage of Heat waves, this attack only creates heat and is completyl flameless, except when collides with anything flammable.
Armatura Potentia Aurum Phoenix Flamma:
Power of the Armor Golden Phoenix Flame  
 Focusing his power in his right fist Aestus creates a massive concentration of Magic, with strenght enough to level a city at it's highest power, at impact it releases a massive stream of flames over the target   

Regium Ignis Armatura Magnus Aurus Leo: (Magnificent Golden Lion Armor) 
 Aestus secondary Armor, Sealed by his Master Celatus until he mastered his first armor, a strange anomaly in the Ensis Order, since only 5 Knights in all their history that had two different sets of armor, Celatus locked this one since it was the most unstable of the armors. The Young Knight doesnt know about the powers of this armor, and Celatus never told him, he only said it's name, since it was a tradition that the Knight mentors were the ones to name the armors of his students. Aestus is now able of summoning the armor, since he unsealed it.
 This armor may or may not be connected to the strange events that happened in Aestus first meeting with his mentor and the tale about the pair of Phoenicis granting him a new life.  This armor focuses all the magical energy inwards and enhances the strinking power of Aestus, he cannot fly or use his spear or even other spells, but he can only enhace the anti-personal damage output to ridiculous levels, it doesnt haves Potentias, but can use different techiniques created on the fly by Aestus, since he didnt practiced enough to get a Potentia 
As it's first release was caused by the Herald of Light this armor is also a high class Divine artifact, meaning that all of his attacks are highly harmful to demons and such. Also the aura it exudes all the time is pretty damaging for the wicked of heart. This armor burns the wicked with everlasting fire. It also enhances Aestus strenght, speed and durability to clearly superhuman levels, sending his strenght to the 50 tons class, the speed to 1/4 of the speed of light and the durability to tank a city buster.

Ultima Magus

 Aestus mentor, Celatus The Tarasque Knight, detected the existance of this power inside Aestus, after some test, gruesome physical and stressful challenges, he determined that the Ultima Magus was either selaed by Aestus subconscious or was passive. The Magic name is Surgo e Cinis. This power is linked with Aestus ability to soak damage and heal fastly afterwards, this traits can be considered passive abilities granted by the Ultima Magus

Spear Mastery

  Aestus is a master of the spear, and can use to block, attack and parry opponents with the skill and finese of a master fighter, not thanks to his experience but mostly to his enhanced body and his training. His style takes advantage of his long reach and explosive capacities.  He can also channel his amgic throught it, and use it to propell himself towards the enemy or out of the way of an incoming attack, he also used it to pole-vault over enemies and deflect incoming proyectiles, he even used the smoke created by the explosions to create a smoke screen. He choosed the Spear to emulate his mentor Celatus a even greater Spearmaster than Aestus.

Unarmed Combat

 Aestus is a skillfull hand to hand fighter, trained in the Monomachi style, that he learned in the Ensis Order, he also improvises a lot and sometimes mixes it with his spell casting, creating an hybrid style of fighting he named Flamma Colafus (Flaming Blow), but he only uses it in his armored forms, since he cannot use his spear, a weapon of choice of him, that tried to emulate the same weapon of his master and mentor Celatus.

Other Skills

Magus Lore Knowledge about ancient Magus legends and artifacts, he also knows about history and folk tales 
Enhanced Senses Aestus magical body also grants increased senses way over the normal human average, letting him see with detail at night, and ear a pin drop 50 mts away, but as are magical originated there isnt any hiper sensibility when using them
Magic Detection Aestus can easily detect Magical energy, or even Ki, he isnt pretty good at it but he can detect most of the energy in 30 mts radius around him  
Magic Analysis  Aestus is good at discovering weak points in other magic user powers. He was trained to do so, since he mostly fought Magus and their creations. 
Strategic Mind  Trained by one the greatest Warriors in Terra Magus, Aestus is a skilled fighter, and is pretty resourceful when he needs to.
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@Superevil225: I LOVE YOU!!!!! O_O That's what I say :D
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,282 posts) See mini bio Level 14
@Superevil225:  Thanks for worrying, now he is in a worse place...
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,282 posts) See mini bio Level 14
Added more info about some spells
Post by DemonEyesKyo (542 posts) See mini bio Level 12
@Kuma_From_Argentina: Good.
I like Aestus' fire elemental mode. 
Doesn't it make Aestus immune to some attacks though?
The fire is a plasma-like state and you have no organs to hit. Impaling Aestus in the heart or shocking with lightning doesn't work for example.
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,282 posts) See mini bio Level 14
@DemonEyesKyo:  Aestus never had internal organs to begin with, the magus are made of magical enrgy, they are almost elemental beings that fake humanity, only that they are humans that were born as pseudo elementals (My Brother and Me'll explain this in due time) 
He could always turn into fire or smoke, but it's terribly difficult to cast in mid-battle, and he cannot mantain it for more 5 seconds tops, I only added the image
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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Well, you did got knocked out by Gottfried's lightning.
Can Aestus regenerate or act fire-like in corporal form?
If his insides are made out of fire then I guess my electricity shouldn't have worked back there.
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,282 posts) See mini bio Level 14
No, Aestus cannot transform into a partial flame form, he can turn himself on fire or mantain his corporeal form. 
The lighting, as any other elemental magic you could attack him with (except Ice, or low level water) disrupts the magic circulation on his body, thus damaging Aestus.  
He is made of Magic, aligned with fire, but he isnt 100% fire
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
@Kuma_From_Argentina: I see.
Slashes and cuts?
Can he survive having bisected for example?
I guess Aestus can walk with his "heart" pierced. No problem.
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,282 posts) See mini bio Level 14
He can be slashed, cut and bisected, if he is in his corporeal form 
No, he cant, the Corporeal body is a high level, and intuitive, illusion, even the Magus feel like if they were pierced in their organs, the only difference is that they heal faster, and can try to turn into their elemental form to ignore the worst effects of the wound, but as I said, turning from one to the other is extremely difficult in a stressful situation, Maximus can do it, since his character is a innate Genius, while Aestus is a Hard worker, that gained his abilities after gruesome (high octanate Nightmare fuel) trainings...
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Edited, added spells, more info about his magic and his magical body and some bits of backstory, check later for bigger updates
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