Acer Vs Pepper

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The Espada castle was silent, many of its inhabitants were away on personal matters, or sent on a mission by the Espada king Acer. Only two remained in the castle, the king an queen, stood outside…………..Standing upon the soft grass of the training ground, that was surrounded by fifteen foot high walls. The illustrious night was quiet and calm; no sounds were heard except that of the crushing of grass beneath the feet and the soft breathing that mixed with the semi chilled air. The moon was only half full; still it lit up the night sky surrounded by only a few stars.

Acer stood at one end of the training ground, his haori and captain’s outfit was covered by another pink haori with a flowered design on it. On his head was a straw hat, his hair tied  back revealing his laid back almost uncaring face, which had not been shaving in days. The sash around his waist held two medium length katana’s. In his hand was a small bowl filled with sake, as he watched her prepare. It was not often that Acer would fight, choosing to avoid such situations, preferring to drink and relax. However today was different. It was not a fight but more a training session, with the woman he loved. It was to make her stronger to get her use to her abilities and use to fighting.

This was a training session, but that did not mean he would go easy on her, he would treat this like a real fight, knowing that to be the best way to train her, she would need to get use to such things as killing intent, like the one of Kenpachi. As he drunk his sake he looked over to her and smiled. “When you’re ready, attack me with all you’ve got”   

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The night was quiet and still, full of a heavy peace that rarely is scene in the world today.  As queen of the illustrious Espada team, she found herself in many different situations, each requiring its on mindset to be dealt with properly.  Looking down, she eyed the soft blades that danced under her feat with the night current, as she awaited for the commencement.  The moon hung in the air , vibrant and shinning , illuminating slightly the approaching figure, she was ever so found of.  A small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth, the natural effect of his presence. 

     Tonight was to be special.  As Espada Queen, she was often targeted for battles and fights, to prove herself and her team.  As a leader she must represent what she stands for and loves ,meticulously.  But, she wasnt completely confident in her skills as a warrior.  She was praised for her skills in warfare, and the thought it takes to lead, but in the end she had used so many tactics something as basic as being confident in her skill of battle was not there.  People told her she was powerful, could do great, and accomplish things which she believed but for some reason when it came to the thought of using brute force she was unsure.  Tonight, under the ever vigilant eye of the night sky, Pepper was to have a training session with Acer, a skilled fighter, and the one she cherished dearly to her heart.    She hoped to come out of this, ready to take down all that stood before her as a threat. 
  Drinking his sake he told her as he wished.  She was to deliver the first attack, and with all her might.  She stepped into the glow of the moonlight, illuminating her slender figure dressed in black.  her black kunoichi outfit , although with it cut outs at the hips and stomach looked to be dangerous, and very susceptible to attack, was very much apart of her fighting style.  a small black cloth covered the lower part of her face only revealing her eyes on up, as to mask her expressions.  

  Ok , she responded. taking a deep breath she pushed off her feet and glided high in the air, all the while unsheathing her large sword.  Her body became encompassed in a white glow, as she called for fallen spirits.  Coming down near him, she moved through the air stealthy as if not to disturb its movement, pointing her sword at him she sent a huge wrath of white screaming souls.  It was meant to go at him, not only would the force hit him but the souls would go through , hopefully, to him mind causing him to have a temporary mental break down and leave him open to attack.  She landed softly on the ground , with her body in a defensive position, ready for attack, and to see if her's worked. 
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The request was to have her attack him first. This would mean he would get a good feel of the power and determination behind her attack and how much she was willing to kill. Not only that but he could correct the little things such as breathing and body positining for the attack. They were only small corections that he would probally make, but they would make alll the diiference, even the smallest of changes can save a life or end it. Even knowing the name of an attack can increase its power. These were the things he was looking out for, but he would not go easy on her................No matter how much he loved her how much she made him smile, this was no regular training session. As she stepped into the moonlight, he could tell she was preparing, his smile changing into an emotionless expression. A black kunoichi outfit hung clinged to her body. Her face was covered by a black cloth, well the lower half at least, showing only her eyes.

As she took a deep breath and glided into the air, he had dropped the sake bowl and changed the position of his feet and body ever so slightly. His right leg was slightly behind his left with his knees slightly bent and his arms tucked into his body. It didn't look like much but it was enough. Quickly she unsheathed a large sword, his brain was telling him that the most likely thing she would do was to come down and slash him, but it was still open to all other possibilities. It was completly relaxed and ready for anything. Suddenly like an angel decending from heaven, her body was engulfed in a white glow, mesmerizing and beautiful to look at. As she came near him with swift and graceful movement, she sent out the same white light that had surrounded her from the tip of her blade. The attack looked powerful, her positioning was perfect as was her form but it seemed to lack some confidene and that willingness to kill. As the attack neared his body he simply used his own spirit energy to cancel out her attack as it dissolved.

In a sudden movement, that was to quick to follow Acer appeared behind Pepper and leaned into her ear. The look on his face was serious and almost cold and unforgiving as was the tone in his voice, like he was a completly different person, heartless and without any single emotion. "Tell me are you ready to die today, are you willing to kill me?" As Acer stepped back away from her, his hand became cupped as a spiral of black energy formed in his hand, just hovering above it slightly. "Way of destruction No. 90 Kurohitsugi" This was one of the most destrucive kido spells out there, it would conceal a person in a black box and completly lacerate them from head to toe with a load of energy spears. Even an imperfect one is enough to take down a captain level opponent.  

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She watched him slightly disappointed at how he easily evaded her attack, if the fight was to continue like this she knew she would never have a chance.  Before she could reactt she felt the strong change of emotion and his whisper on her ear.  the sound of his voice and the depth of his words seeped into her slowly giving her a slight anxiety.  They were only training why was he being so serious.  But it quickly dawned on her, this was the only way to train.  To train as if it wern't the real world , would mean that when the real world comes one would not be ready for the real consequences of battle.  Watching him, his face had turned completely cold, chilling the inside of her, if she wanted to go about this right she would need to stop seeing him as her lover and more as her opponent.    She watched as black energy formed in his hand.   
She was no fool, she knew black energy could do nothing but bad.   quickly she clasped her hands together and said a few quite words.  in her hands formed too large weighted medallion like talismans.  each, with a long gold braided golden rope.    Looking up she noticed a tree above her.  throwing one of the large heavy talismans it wrapped around a large branch. the black force came at Pepper as she was finishing.  She held out her free hand and charged it with light as she pulled herself up with the other arm, but  the light was not as strong as it could be since she was focused on hoisting herself up.  the light penetrated the darkness coming at her but not all of it , one of the spears sliced agaisnt her exposed stomach. it stung like hell but she got up onto the branch and untied her talisman. 

The cloth concealing her face fell off, revealing the anger and determination that crossed it.  jumping off the branch , she achieved amazing height , while in the air she through out both of the large talismans lightly her feet, stepped on them in mid air, using them as stepping stones to get to him.  coming down in a flurry, she pushed her arm out which contained her blade, the blade faced him and from it came large onslaught of white fire, the hottest there is, at him .  the fire rushing at him at the speed of light.  her face shone with ferocity, I'm willing to kill you. she said quietly.
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As the vortex of black energy, spiraled in the palm of his hands, she had already began to work on a counter. The sound of clasping hands, created a noise that somehowh seemed out of place with the quiet night, as if it was not wanted. The words she spoke was quiet. It was like she had changed, as if she finally realised what this training session meant, what he was willing to do so she would become better. It pained him to become the way he had but it was the only way, to show her his darkside so she could fight the darkside of others. As the dark energy began to surround her slender figure, Acer watched as she formed two large medallions, and used one to wrap around the branch of a tree. As the darkness surrounded her, out of sight from his own eyes, he noticed a beam of light penetrate the darkness and take a small portion of it away but it was not enough. In a split second, he found himelf looking up at her  stomach that had been sliced but the rest of her body seemed fine.

It was confirmed that she had indeed changed, he could tell by her change in posture and her general aura. As the mask fell of revealing fierce eyes, as her look was full of anger, it was a look he knew all to well, he had shown many it and in turn he had seen it by many others. He watched with slight admiration as she jumped of the branch, achieving a height she man not have before, a new boost in confidence.  In the air she used the medallions to give her an extra boost, using them as stepping stones. As she came down at him, he found himself faced  with an onslaught of white fire, as it came at him at high speeds. Even when it wasn't touching him, his skin was scolding, as it neared him his clothes began to burn. The flame was so fast he himself couldn't avoid it as it surrounded him, out of sight as the sound of screams, like a child enough to chill many hearts. Suddenly the sound of screams canged as the fire dispersed, and a screaming child was replaced the laugh of a sinister being.

"Oh im really loving this, finally you want to kill me, but wanting to kill me is not enough, i want you to hate me, to make it your goal to take me out" He looked at her and began laughing again. "Shinkirou" This attack was not one that harmed the body but the mind, trapping its victim in there own worst nightmare, there deepest darkest fear. There were only two ways out of such a powerful attack, overcoming that fear was one, a difficult task and death was the other.
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As the blindingly white fire engulfed him, she heard what sounded to be his own screams, something so loud and even child like. She dare not think it him, for it sounded so out of place.  A hint of concern crossed her brow, but she pushed it away quickly as the sound of his laugh seeped its way between them and too her ears. With every wavering of the pitch she felt herself get madder and madder him, the fact that he had the audacity to laugh made her want to fight him even more.  "Oh im really loving this, finally you want to kill me, but wanting to kill me is not enough, i want you to hate me, to make it your goal to take me out" he said to her ever so nonchalantly.  Then, he laughed yet AGAIN.  Ever so quietly he said Shinkirou.

 She found it funny that the sound of his loud laugh was not as loud as that one whisper.  After a moment, she noticed that his attack had yet to take affect.  Did he say it wrong? But, before she could answer that question she was hit harder then she had ever been hit in her life.  It seemed that the hit not only was internal but was directly aimed at her head.  In a seconds time, she was not on the soft training grounds of the Espada but somewhere else, in a place she had locked away in her mind , never to be reawakened again.  NO! she screamed as she fought her way back to reality, back to the fight and where she was just at.  But, every time she tried to fight herself out of the scary haze she felt the energy being dragged from her body.  Her body dropped to its knee's from the impact of what she saw, her eyes were focused on Acer, yet she saw him no where.

Instead she was in a room, lavishly furnished .  The sound of soft music could be heard from the corner where, what were to be considered soothing tunes were playing from a radio.  A large , but barred window that let through huge full rays of sunshine could be seen also.  And there, there pepper was lying on a large bed.  Her body completely still, a look of indifference among her eyes.  A look, of someone who was trapped and couldnt move, couldnt dare try, couldnt fight for herself.  The only sign of life in her was the scared response of a large man walking in the room, with presence and sense of keen power.  Pepper screamed out loud , on the training field, trying not to relive the moment, but in her head she still said nothing.  the man took her arm, and primed her ready.  With a cold hand, he smoothed down her hair, as he pushed the iv back into her arm, injecting her with his top selling drug called Pepper.

That man was her father, a man who she actually killed, she killed him by overdosing on the very drug he had kept her strung on for a good portion of her life.  Never did she speak of her past to anyone, sure she told where she was from and such but she never went in detail about how she lived her, basic imprisonment by her own father.  The way she felt ike she couldnt do anything, move think, fight, nothing a prisoner.  she had locked her past away in her mind, found new friends, and love, and decided she never needed to speak on it again.  but going back to this, hurt her more than ever, because she truely feared her past more than anything, more than death itself.  gaining what little consciousness she had she yelled out blindly at acer.  "Why would you do this to me" I didn't do anything to you" and yet it was if she was yelling at her father more than she was him.  But, then she all of sudden was transferred to the day, the day her father forgot to give her her dose.  And how she had snapped , out of her stupor and attacked him, and the feeling she had when she finally was free.  She then remembered the feeling when she got a friend, did something for herself, found love, helped someone and so on.  In a way, she wasnt scared because it was her past, something that she had overcome.

Just like that she snapped out of her nightmare.  her body was hurdled onto the ground.  It felt she had endured a long battle.  Picking herself up, she ended up looking at him in the face.  She should have never done that. Because, it was at that moment she remembered who caused her to relive such a painful part of her past, who caused her to struggle with the one thing in her life that had almost taken her out.  And while looking at him, in her head she heard the sound of his laugh.  As she opened her mouth, what she expected to be a scream came out as a violent whisper.  I wont ever forgive you, do remember that.  With the speed of a demon, she brought her long leg around in a dangerously forceful round kick to his face, the heel of her foot postioned so that way it would perfectly smash across his cheek.  Slamming her sword into the ground she said a few words. leaving it there she ran at him, taking the katana off her back and bringing it down before him while pushing it as his stomach, and sweeping her leg across his in an attempt to make him fall.  Moments after a large spiritual looking body came up,  Only it looked like a demon form of herself, which it it was.  "it is indestructible she said to him, whatever you do to me it will do right back to you, only way to destroy it is to cut me."  jumping back she got on the defense.
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He watched as she entered her own worst nightmare. Her scream was loud, and screeched like a flock of frightened crows, as he could telll she was trying to escape whatever hell she was in but with fail, those eyes suddenly filled with fear were focused upon him but they were looking right through him. Those eyes were chilling, they were there but the mind that controlled them was in another world altogether, she looked like a doll who could not move but was aware of what was going on around her. As another scream left her lips, a small voice in his head told him to stop it, to hold and protect her but there was a louer voice who wanted to see her suffer, to test her mental capacity. This was the change one had to take in battle. He watched not moving, having no clue what her nightmare was. This was not her fight, only she could overcome her inner demons and then a shocked and awe struck look came across his face.

"Why would you do this to me" I didn't do anything to you" It was at this point he could tell that she was fighting, whatever dark fear she had in her mind she was fighting it back, and that little voice inside of him was proud and smiling while the other voice only grew louder and angrier. Just then she snapped out of her nightmare, as her body fell upon the ground, and there eyes met, hers filled with pain and hat, while his was filled with no emotion, the only move he made was a quick lick of his upper lip. I wont ever forgive you, do remember that Those words were driven at him like a sharp blade, so much hate behind a simple whisper but the fight was not simple, and the events leading to the whisper was not simple eitther.  In no time to react, her heel was positioned for his face, and with amazing force the kick landed, as his cheek vibrated and the sound of cheek bone cracking could be heard as his body was sent flying, but with enough composure and skill he landed on his feet.

As he regained his awarness of what was going on around him, he nticed her running at him, with her sword stuck in the ground. Quickly the katana came down upon him but with alarming quickness he jumped back and avoided her attack as he landed perfectly. Then for the first time his face was one of true horror, as he looked into the eyes of something evil, a demon whose look was like her own but far more demonic. "it is indestructible she said to him, whatever you do to me it will do right back to you, only way to destroy it is to cut me." Acer then took off towards her, but was atopped by the demon, as he tried to get past it, yet again he was stopped, its spped mataching his own, and just as he was about to throw a punch the demon reacted firrst and began to beat down Acer with powerful attacks, of punches and slashes. Now on the ground with blood leaving various parts of his body, clothes torn to shreads as he lay in his own blood as the demon continued to beat him.

As the beating continued and his eyes began to fade, with the sounds of bones breaking, echoiing around the court yard. The world began to glow dark, as the sadistic demon came closer and he could feel its breath on his face. As it looked like he had been defeated, laying dead in his own blood, his eyes shot open as his hands grasped the neck of the demon and slowly he got up and threw it against the wall. Looking up his eyes were a deep dark red as was the aura that surrounded him, a black tribal tatttoo covering his body, as he lifted his hand up and out came a energy that headed inside the mansion. As he stood there his breathing like a soft but vicious growl, the demon came at him bu was stopped by a suit of armour that was surrounded by the same energy that was surrounding himself. The two crashed through the wall and continued to fight as his attention was again on her. There were no words as he snarled and in a sudden movement of ultra speed he began to teleport around her, for 5 minutes at high speeds, continusly slashing at her body with blades of energy, slashing so many times he himself had lost count and as he teleported back, another blast of enrgy left were the armour and the demon were fighting.

As he he inspected her for damage, he smiled and knew she had the strength to get back from his attack and fight on, she had proved herself a strong warrior but he had a ace, as the suit of armour and her own demon stood either side of him as his hands stoked the face of the very beast that had earlier nearly killed him, now under his control, there was no ned for him to fight, he sat down and leaned against the wall as he began to smoke. The only way to him was to get past two powerful figures under his control.

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After all that she had went through, the sound of Acer’s cheek cracking beneath her heel gave her sweet sastifaction and drive to go on.  With her onslaught of sword oriented attacks, He, with amazing agility and obvious knowledge , dodged them successfully.  But , absolutely none of it was compariable to the look of terror that  reigned across his face as she brought forth her demon form to attack him.  She wanted nothing more than to freeze that moment , and take a nice 360 degree turn about him, so she could remember every detail of this very moment.  A sense of light sastisfaction found itself inside of her, all her reason , compassion, and love were blinded by the hatred and killing instinct that felt at that moment. 

To her surprise, Acer decided that he could go on, and through a punch, even though she warned him of the demons mimicry powers.  The demon immediately sat out on breaking Acer down, using all his moves and eventually reducing him to a bleeding heap on the ground.  Pepper watched, her face completely content and devoid of caring emotions, as she watched it happen.  Never once though, did she drop her guard, for she had a small inclination that Acer might be down now, but he wasn’t going out with out a bang.  Slowly she watched his eyes close, as the beating began to come to what looked to be a stop.  Ironically, Pepper’s mind skipped to a moment between acer and her.  She teased him lightly, and he looked at her with a slight smile on his face and with eyes full of darkness.  He told her not to goad him, for his devil side might come out.   Coming back to fight, she looked at Acer and his eyes just before they closed.  And in them, she saw a glint , that chilled her soul.  He was so not done, something within was about to break out, something that was going to unleash the hell within its soul on her. 

In the blink of an eye, Acer’s eyes shot open as he grabbed the demons neck and threw it onto a near by wall.  Pepper immediately jumped back, a look of fear crossed her eyes as she slowly stepped back, to put space between Acer and her.  His eyes were no longer their usual color, but were different, a dark crimson and full sin.  On his body was black tribal tattoo that had not been there previously, she was well intune with Acer and would know if he had a tattoo.  He let out a black energy that went inside the mansion.  Immediately  Pepper’s faithful demon came at Acer quickly , but suit of armor stood infront of the demon covered in the exact same energy that had been released by Acer earlier.  The armor and demon started to battle, and as they did Pepper felt the attention of Acer on her once again.  She purposely avoided his gaze in an obvious and pointed way, at that moment, the least thing in the world she wanted to do was look at him,  Plus, it didn’t take  a rocket scientist to figure out that the Acer she knew was long gone, and replaced by a new tattooed red eyed devil. 

Suddenly, a low and powerful snarl seeped from Acer.  Luckily, Pepper heard that and immediately new he was preparing to come for her, twisting arouind fast she created a shield of light around her as she heard the sound of his blade hitting the outside of the shield.  But Pepper was not a god, and by no mean could she maintain a full blown light shield for the amount of time he slashed at her.  After a good half of the attack, she had noticed that he did have some rather repetitive motions that she could use to her advantage.  The light sheild failed on her soon , her arms aching and the muscles in her body were nothing short of extremely tense from the rigorous activity.  Immediately she felt his blade hit her skin on the arm and one long slice across the neck, the very neck he had so lovingly stroked and kissed, now the spot her had so seriously hurt.  Using her sword, she herself growled with determination, as she moved with acer step by step at his speed.  No matter how many times she wanted to just stop or give her arms a break she kept going.  Even when his blade yet again found her skin, she still continued with her own sword trying to block as much as she could. 

In an off beat moment,he teleported back to his spot.  Pepper immediately fell back wards from fatigue agaisnt a tree , as she took a deep breath.  She’d never moved faster in her life or tried harder at that moment.  People might think her silly, for trying so hard, agaisnt someone who noone would believe to do harm to her or kill her.  But, Pepper and Acer at this moment were too different people.  And when you lose yourself, your liable to do anything.  She looked at his face and saw him smile at her.  It sickened her to see it.  Instead, she turned her neck and wiped the blood he had caused her to shed.  He  then stroked the face of her demon, who was now under his control!  And on his other side, stood his suit of armor. 

He leaned on the wall and took a smoke, Pepper let out a dry laugh at his blatent disrespect, as if the fight was already over and his work was done.  Obviously, she would have to take down these two before they could fight again no problem.  Running at the demon first, she simply bared one of the wounds acer had inflicted on her.  Causing the Demon to cry out, and immediately diminish.  One Down.”  Next, took out her sword and charged at the suit of armor, which dodged her attacks, as she moved with grace at it ducking and dodging from its attacks also. Finally, she landed a large hit, ramming her sword into the breast plate.  But instead, the metal clanked and the vibrations traveled back through her sword to her.  It caused her great pain, and pissed her off.  Turning around, she through at the suit of armor, a blaze of white fire with both of her hands.  The torrent was unleashed as it melted down the armor.  Turning around she immediately wasted no time and did a flip towards acer. 

Taking her sword she pushed it at his ciggerette, splitting it in half, her blade moving a mere breath away from his face.  “You know how much I despise smoking” she said dryly.  Pepper then pushed at him, most experienced fighters will tell you don’t push at your opponenet unless you have a good plan and or your in good shape to take some hits.  Pepper caused to large walls of white fire to be on either side of them so that he could not move side ways, and jumping over them was not an option.  She took her blade and sliced upwards, left right,d own, and in different motions, and rhtymes quickly at him.  Each time she took a step forward, she wanted him to keep stepping back as he blocked her attacks.  She was trying to force him to get on the defense and back up. She used her mind to cause the earth behind him to form a small ledge, that would trip him if he continued to go forward.  Him tripping would cause, him to fall backwards and be succeptable to a large attack by her.  Or even hold him to a point where he would actually have to admit defeat, she knew that that wouldn’t happen, but this fight was getting serious, and when a serious fight happens the people involved are always willing to go for something so they can win, no matter how early it is in the game. 

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As the moon began to set, it was replaced by a rising sun, that set the sky a semi dark orange. One by one the few twinkiling stars as if by a flick of a switch suddenly went out. The training session, now more of a fight had lasted much longer than he first anticipated. Sure they started late at night but now it was early morning, So easily she blocked is attacks but her arms were still cut pretty badly but what did such mere cuts do to a warrior with an amazing amount of resilience. He had watched as so easily she diapatched of those under his control. Not since that fight in the arctic circle had he faced such an amazing opponent, and he was loving every minute of it. This was the best fight he had been in for ages. The sound of chirping birds culd be heard in thee trees as life around them began to wake. His injuries were severe, covered in his own blood, alot of it beneath both there feet, cuts of the deepest wounds covered every surface of his toned body.

So swiftly, and so easily she spilt the cigarette in half, such deadly precision from a girl who had grown to his level in such a short amount of time. As she pushed back, a large white flame surrounded them. It was a brillian tactic but he would not fall for it, as with is own arm he stopped her from pushing towards a flame, that was painful even when it never touched him. Using her blade, she began to slice at his body, in a rhythmic attack, that began to cut his arms and torso. If he blocked he would get cut but if he tried to dodge he would fall into the flames. Each swing connected with his body, creating new cuts and making the cuts already there deeper. As she continued to slash, with such fury, the wounds became to much, the pain was complete agony as her elentless attacks began to force him back.

As he was forced back, he had no idea there was a small ledge behind him ,as he tripped back he fell into the flames but quickly jumped back out as he dropped to the ground and began rolling, this only made it worse as he began to scream untill the flames went out. His entire back was burned horrifically and along wih his cuts, his body no longer looked human. He struggled to get up, as in his eyes was fear, and tears of pain. His legs were shaking violently as he struggled to stand, struggled to breath. Slowly he walked forward towards her, and he did something no king should do, he dropped to one knee and bowed his head in defeat. "My Queen i am at your command, control me as you see fit. My will is yours to control"
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When she unleashed her flame, he put up his arm stopping it from reaching its full potential, something that she never expected him to do at all. And yet more happened, her manic and uncontrollable slices ended up actually effecting him.  He could not block for he would most surely get cut, and he could not dodge for their was flame around him, so all that was left was to take the slices of her blade in stride.  Ever single one of her incomprehensible swings landed on him producing a gash and or making one that was already their worse.  She couldn't stop, for she had lost sight of everything.  Her one thing in her head, was to fight.  And it was at that moment, that a true warrior mentality took over her.  For every emotion even hate, had flew out of the door and left her with nothing but the instinct to fight.  It was if she were stripped of every human like quality bestowed upon her at birth, and was instead left with nothing but raw animalistic instinct to fight.  It was scary, and if she could see herself she would undoubtedly be scared also. 

The ledge that she created, and no longer remembered was there, tripped him.  she watched as his body fell back wards into the flames that she had encompassed around him.  With speed he fled the fire,and rolled upon the ground.  She didnt know what was happening as she watched the flames eat at him, and his scream echo.  She was confused and out of place, for pepper was not there and instead the animal in her was there.  And all she could think about was, why did i stop slashing. It was until she saw his face that the fog cleared from her mind.  He came at her his body mangled and burned, he could barely walk , he could barely breath as he came towards her.  She recoiled at the sight of him.  she was still coming off of the weird feeling of loosing control of her body. 

And as the sun came up, and the light glow of the new day surrounded him, he stopped as if he had reached his destination.  With the light shinning behind him, and the sun glowing he looked almost as if he was an apparation , a ghost, or even dead.  And there before her, in all her distress, him with his death bring wounds, her with her pain staking ones, he bowed down.  His hard worked knee dropped down before her and his so very proud head dropped down also.  And she had to blink twice to realize what he wad doing, that he wasnt falling to his death.  He...was bowing before her.  And past his lips came words she never ever dreamed of hearing. "My Queen i am at your command, control me as you see fit. My will is yours to control" With those words, reality hit her hard in the gut.  Kneeling before her, was oh so ver much.  There before her was her lover, her confidant, her trainer, a warrior, and her King.  But simply, it was Acer.  Never in her life did she expect the training to go this far, he was an amazing teacher.  For instead of acting like a teacher, he turned into her greatest opponent, and transformed her from the mindset of a student but that of a warrior.  Looking at his wounds, she wondered how in the world she ever caused such damage to him.  Lightly she touched his shoulders, and closed her eyes.  and with all her power, she transfered her energy into him regenerating his cells, and healing his wounds.

Better than any power she had,  Pepper could heal and that was exactly what she would do for him.  And it took a lot of her energy, but she managed to get his bones back where they should be, make his burns go away, and heal his deep wounds, which still left a lot in the picture but made him a lot better.  And then she herself, bent down on both of her knees and bowed at him too. Thank you, for everything My King.  And do disregard what i said about never forgiving you, and hating you.  for if anything, its exactly the opposite. smiling at him she helped him up, and linked her arm with his. Looking up she winked with mischeif and love in her eyes,  We will have to do this again sometime sweetheart.
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