Acer Vs Amuck

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It was a night just like anyother as the radiant city of Tokyo was out in full bloom, neon lighs and loud techno music filled the streets along with its partying inhabitants. There were many different types of parties on a warm night coupled with such a gentle breeze. The moon was full and the stars blooming like fresh flowers on a summers morning. As the night went on, it only fueled the spectacle but amidst all the partying, all the happiness an angel of death walked amongst them.

He walked the through the dark alleys and into the bright open streets were the people danced and began singing, he had no name, no past. All his hopes, dreams and deepest secrets are known only to himself. Acer is his name and only that is known to a select few, his unkept jet black hair swayed as gently as the breeze. As he moved past the mass of people he could feel there stares, as he was wearing clothes unlike anything they were wearing.

A traditional butler outfit, black pant, a white undertop and a black waist coast was accompined by white fingerless gloves. The item of clothing so much different from that of a king but even a servant can defeat a king in battle. As he walked the streets he caught site of his target.......A young girl, her look innocent but behind those eyes lies something that he could use or would need to destory. Acer looked on as she seemed to be searching for something........A bottle of water most likely as the alley in which she stood wa filthy.

Acer had been tracking her movements for quite some time and chose tonight specially to confront her. As he continued to move he appeared in the alley only briefly but moved swiftly and silently to the rooftop before she even had the chance to see if anyone was there. "Looking for something" His tone was both calm and soothing as he sat on the edge of the roof, a bottle of water in hand. "Hello Anjou Okomoto or do you prefer Amuck" A smile almost sinister but still relaxed crept on his face. As he jumped down from the roof a hand ran through his hair. "Your skills and that monster inside you entrigues me..........I ask you to join me and my Espada and i will give you anything you want........Even the return of those you love" Acer stood in position his hands firmly kept close to his body.......Her answer would determine the next move he makes.

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It had been a little over a month now since Amuck joined with We Are Legend over in Tokyo. But even though she was treated as an equal with others, she couldnt help but feel out of place. Everyone seemed to have control over their... gifts, thats what they called their special abilities, gifts... but to her, it was a curse. The rest of the team would go off in missions, helping each other out, and pulling their own weight. However, Anjou always seemed to lose control over herself during the missions, forcing the team to not only do what they needed to do, but also help Anjou regain control of herself. She was sick of being the weaker link, and sick of having to be monitored constantly by the other members. So, because of this, she decided to break away from the team, just for a little while, until she could clear her mind.

To help her with that, she decided to go back into the streets, living off what she could find. She found when she is forced to live under these circumstances, she can think more clearly, most likely because she didn't have to worry about others, only herself, and thats how she liked it. For the past two weeks or so she had been living like this, hiding in the shadows of the massive city Tokyo, blending in with the darkness around her at night. No one ever bothered her, or even took notice of her. With the exception of one... a rather hansom man, who she found intriguiging. She only saw him at night, and only at a distance, or even in the shadows, trying to conceal himself. What he wanted with her was beyond what she could think of. But Amuck knew to keep her guard up, it was only a matter of time before he would approche her.

That night, was just like any other night. The heart of the city was booming with high energy. Couples, friends, family, and co-workers could be seen walking down the streets of Tokyo. Its neon lights lit up the city as the music continued to pound its way through. Some laughed, some yelled, some even cried, but Amuck stood aside in the alleyway, her eyes focused on the people before her, deep in concentration. She was having a fight with herself again... should she protect these people, who act like animals day and night? Or should she treat them like the animals they are, like the monsters some of them are...

Shaking her head from concentration Amuck turned away, her short red hair was messy and filthy, as well as her black long sleeve shirt, with a dark blue t-shirt over, her tan pants and her black tennis shoes. Strapped onto her ankles were her guardian boot knifes, which she has always carried with her and currently covered by her pants. Over her dark red hair was a casual tan hat, covering down to her ears.

She began to rustle through the garbage, just like any other night, looking for only one thing, water. As she did so she felt a presence behind her, darting her head to the side she didnt catch anything... nothing. She already figured out, it must be the man from the other nights. He was the only one that would make her hairs stand on ends. As she continued to do what she was doing until she heard him for the first time. His voice was calm, and soothing, almost hypnotising, drawing her in as he came down from the top of a building, landing gracefully upon the ground.

It was the man from all those nights, the one who would simply look at her from a distance. His outfit was almost confusing. He was dressed as if ready to serve others, but the look upon his face and the edge in his voice showed other wise. It seemed that others served him, instead. As he ran his fingers through his already messy black hair he parted his lips once more, speaking to her.

"Hello Anjou Okomoto, or do you prefer Amuck?" A smile crept upon his face, one that sent chills down her spine. How did he know about her? Her name and codename to WAL. She went on defense as she kept her distance away from the man, even though he was a hansom man, and seemed not to be hostel at all, she couldnt take any chances.

She did her best to remain calm as she began to speak, a little shaky at first. "How... how do you know my name?" The typical question, yes, but she had to know. Not very many people knew about her, unless he knew her before the life of Amuck and WAL.

"Your skills and that monster inside you intrigues me." the words caused Anjou to tighten her jaw, her shoulders tensed as she leaned up against the dumpster. "I ask you to join me and my Espada and I will give you anything you want." Typical, he wanted her for her power, just like everyone else. "Even the return of those you love." Her entire body froze at his last words, muscles tightened as she could hear her heart pound in her head.

Trying to keep it cool she spoke, but almost as if hissing at him with anger. "Seems you know much about me... and yet, I know nothing of you." She did her best to try and relax herself. "I've seen you before, many nights, almost every night, watching me...... You ask me to join your group, and if you know this much about me, then you know that I am with We Are Legend." She took a deep breath. "And I've already heard that kind of crap of bringing my family back, your not the first to try and play that card with me." Tears began to swell up in her eyes. "I deny your invite to your... group, now leave me be, I have no wish to quarrel with you." she then turned her back to him, her tears now trickling down from her eyes.

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"How... how do you know my name?" Listining to her words..........Her voice was shakey as he could tell she was trying her best to keep her composure...........To stay calm when faced against a stranger she knew nothing about yet he knew alot about her. It was the type of first resonse that he had expected her to make..........anting to know how he knew so much about her, when they had never even met. As he looked at the young girl, his hands swiftly drew something from his back pocket........In the dark it was hard to see what it was and its material so thin.......Only made it more difficult. The people on the streets simply walked by chanting not noticing the monsters in the alley as they passed by, not knowing that for some of them they would bear witness to a bloody battle that would haunt them for the rest of there lives.

Casually as if the request he had made was a normal one..........He leant against the brick wall, his body supported by the concrete, as a genuine smirk remained on his face.......A gleam in his eye as he simply chuckled.........Glancing to the full moon as the girl began asking the usual questions. The girls body was tense as she leaned against the dumpster that earlier she had been frantically searching for water in. As the words of loved ones came into play........Her body had yet again tightened. It seemed as though he had hit a nerve with the girl as his fingers moved along the wall.

"Seems you know much about me... and yet, I know nothing of you." The words were calm but the anger was still there, every word and every breath behind filled with anger. Like a cornered snake she almost hissed at him which  only receieved a small laugh in response to her words. "Oh i have my ways when it  comes to gathering  information on subjects that both entrigue and delight  me" Casually he stepped  away from the wall as the calm look remained on his face. "I've seen you before, many nights, almost every night, watching me...... You ask me to join your group, and if you know this much about me, then you know that I am with We Are Legend."

As he was about to respnd to her she took a deep breath and continued........And I've already heard that kind of crap of bringing my family back, your not the first to try and play that card with me." It was at that point when anyother would begin to feel symphony as the tears began to reveal themselves but that smirk that seemed so soothing yet sinister stayed planted upon his face. I deny your invite to your... group, now leave me be, I have no wish to quarrel with you." As she turned her back to him he sighed with a kind of dissapointment.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh your much more aware than i had anticipated..........To realise i was watching you when i had tried so hard to hide....I congratulate you. So others have tried to bring your family back.........Yet unlike them i tell no lies and unlike them i do possess the technology to bring them back. Suddenly  he appeared sitting  on top of the dumpster as just at that very moment a young couple walked down the alley.......Drunk and not knowing where they were going. Leaning into Amuck, "How old do you think they are? 16......17   and with  there whole lives ahead of the" With a flick of his rist the couple stopped as there bodies tightened and they struggled to move as if something was holiding them in place and not lettiing go. It was then that with a flick of the rist he revealed what he was holding...............Microfilament wires that suddenly with just that simple flick had cut the couple into pieces.

"One more chance join me or i will kill more people and there blood will be on your hands...........How many do you thin walk the streets? and how many are easy targets? One last chance or the blood of Tokoyo and the death of its people will be on your concience" Jumping from the dumpster he faced her.

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As Amuck stayed by the dumpster she could still hear the mans voice ringing through the chilled air. “Ahhhhhhh your much more aware than I had anticipated” She sighed as she lift her head. “To relies I was watching you when I had tried so hard to hide, I congratulate you.” She scoffed as she wiped the tears from her eyes and faced him. “So others have tried to bring your family back .” She grit her teeth as she turned to him, it was obvious he wasn’t going to leave her alone. “Yet unlike them, I tell no lies, and unlike them I do possess the technology to bring them back.” He then seemed to disappear from where he stood. Amuck’s eyes shift back and further as she then heard his voice from behind her, she turned her body as she looked up at the man, who was now sitting on top of the dumpster she was right next to. Just then a couple came walking into the alley. Instantly she ducked down, trying to avoid being seen, but it was obvious they were drunk, stumbling around and laughing with each other. Right then she could feel his hot breath upon her neck. “How old do you think they are? 16……17 and with there whole lives ahead of them” She narrowed her eyes as she suddenly watched the couple become tense, forced to stop whatever it was they were doing, their eyes widening in fear as they seemed to try and scream, but nothing came out. Before Amuck could do anything, the couple were sliced into tiny pieces.

“NO!” She yelled out as she turned to him, seeing the micro filament wires gleaming in the moon’s light. “YOU KILLED THEM!” Her eyes widen with anger as she placed her hands on her head, she could feel the heat start to rise inside her body. "THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!"

“One more chance, join me or I will kill more people and there blood will be on your hands….” He was dead serious. “How many do you think walk the streets? And how many are easy targets? One last chance or the blood of Tokyo and the death of its people will be on your conscious.”

She was ready to snap right there where she stood, but she knew he was too fast for her, if she did something out of place he could just jet right pass her and attack the city. Amuck had to say something fast. She lowered her hands from her head, waiting to tear him to shreds at that moment she struggled to just stand and stair at him, her eyes showing a reddish tint slowly covering them. The smell of blood now stained the air as chunks of flesh were still clinging onto the walls of the surrounding buildings.

“How about… we duel?” was the first thing that came from her mouth. “If you win, I will join your group, however, If I win, then you leave Tokyo and never try to contact me or anyone I know again.” She could feel her body tense, she was ready to jump if he decided to kill the people around the area. One moment that seemed out of place was all she needed. “I’ll even allow you to make the first move.” She made a small smirk, her heart was pounding in her chest as the crimson liquid began to seep to her feet, making a puddle of blood around her.

“What do you have to lose? Nothing, you win, you get me, I win and you keep your life. Either way, you get something in the end.” She stood there waiting for his reply, her muscles tensed once more as her heart began to pound inside her chest as she tried to restrain herself. If he was going to go for the fight, she would have to play her cards very carefully or else she was going to regret what she said.
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“NO!” The scream of a young girl who had just witnessed the brutal death of a couple just a little older than herself, and she could do nothing about it as flesh and bone was ripped like it was nothing more than cheap paper. As he stood there with no remource and not a trace of guilt or regret on him...........Just a smile and one devoid of any human emotion. All he saw in that young couple was not a happy pair who had a great life ahead of them but aanother tool in his game.............Mere pawns to be used. “YOU KILLED THEM!” Everytime a word escaped her past her lips, he could have predicted what she was going to say even before she had. They were typical responses, even when witnessing the death of complete strangers she reacted just like she would if they were someone she knew.

"THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!" At this point her eyes had widened not from shock or fear but from anger, her hands placed upon her head. The smell off the alleyway had become far worse..........The foul smell of rotten garbage and ever decaying human remains that splattered the walls was something that any human should endure but he didn't mind the smell or the sight of blood on the wall. As he looked at her, watching her every move, her every reaction he brought back the microfilament wires to himself, that were covered in fresh crimson blood as he simply ran his hands over them.............In one swift move the blood was gone and with it the deaths he had caused.

Acer could tell she was close to snapping, anyone in her situation wold be close to breaking point but she was not like any of the others and thats why he wanted her. Looking on as her hands lowered from her head, as she struggled so hard to even look at him but he caught a glimpse of red covering her eyes as he smiled with satisfaction but this smile was not one that could be seen......No it was a smile deep inside him that only he could see. The night was still young............As the moon still shone surrounded by the twinkling stars and the gentle breeze. It was a night of perfection and one of illustrious beauty. If of cause your idea of beauty is blood stained walls, just then he laughed in enjoyment.

“How about… we duel?” He listened but he did not like the idea of having to fight, he wanted to make this scenario end quickly and without problems but some people took much more persuading then others. His eyes were now serious as he clenched the wires firmly in his hands. “If you win, I will join your group, however, If I win, then you leave Tokyo and never try to contact me or anyone I know again.” He sighed with dissapointment that it had come to this but he knew this was the only way, even if he didn't like it, it had to be done. “I’ll even allow you to make the first move.” A small smirk now had formed as the bllod lay beneath both there feet. Returning the small smile he began adjusting his gloves and waist coat.

“What do you have to lose? Nothing, you win, you get me, I win and you keep your life. Either way, you get something in the end.” Her proposal did seem to benefit him no matter the outcome but he could not lose..........If he did he lost any..........It was then that the small smile widened along with his eyes, his muscles relaxed, the complete oppisite of her own. "Ok we have a deal and if i lose i will leave Tokyo and you and your friends will never hear from me again" Jumping back so there was distance between the two he slightly bowed with a smile on his face but as he came up that smile was gone.......Replaced with bloodlust eyes as with a flick of his wrists he sent the microfilament wires in an attemt to capture her but not cut her in anyway. If this worked and even if it didn't Acer ran towards her and dived in the air sending a double kick aiming for her chest. If she had been captured the chances of his kick hitting would increase.

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While Amuck was so busy trying not to panic about what was going on, she only took little time to see the mans reaction to her own. He was calm, a dark smile danced across his face as the shadows seemed to hug around him. The villain had just threatened to kill the entire city if she didn’t join his group, team, of other villains. Not wanting more blood on her hands than there already was, she desperately tried to make him an offer. The two will fight, if she won, then he would leave Tokyo and never be heard from again, if he won… then she would join his group. She didn’t like the idea herself once she thought about it, but what else was left? If the two just went out in a straight out battle, he could simply jump out of the battle if things didn’t go his way and kill everyone anyways. She had to only pray that this man had some sort of honor to live by.

"Ok we have a deal and if i lose i will leave Tokyo and you and your friends will never hear from me again" She heard him speak, she was glad he accepted it and was terrified he did at the same time. In a fluid motion he stood up and took a jump back, leaving a good distance between the two of them. Amuck readied herself, she was already at the brink of going into her level one of the blind rampage, but she would have to hold it off just for a little bit, just to get an idea of how the man fought before she would slowly lose control over herself.

As she looked back at him, the sight of blood lust filled his eyes, the twisted smile still on his face as his wrists suddenly made a slight movement. It could only be one thing, the wires. She could see the light of the moonshine reflect off of them in small sections. Amuck attempted to jump up and avoid the attack but was caught at the legs, then worked up to the rest of her body. She grunt in frustration as she was forced to stand in place as he came rushing towards her without being able to protect herself.

Suddenly two kicks back to back made impact with her chest, forcing her to lean forward in pain as a crack could be heard. She then threw her head back as the pain grew in her chest. As soon as the second kick was delivered, he had managed to fracture her sternum. Anjou lowered her head as her hat flopped off her head, her red hair covering her face. A growl could be heard coming from the inside of her throat as a faint red glow began to cover her body. Her hands shook violently in place as her fingers turned into small claws. She slowly lift her head as her eyes had turned from emerald green to crimson red, her pupils now taking the shape of diamonds as she flashed her fangs at him in a growl.

Still in place she wrapped her fingers around the micro filaments wires and pulled upward and out on them. Using her super strength to pull them over her body and untangling herself from them. She stood there for a moment as she reached up with her left hand and placed it upon her chest, an eerie glow came from it and into her chest, she was slowly healing herself from the fracture that he had created, but only to the point of it still being bruised. She needed to keep her energy for the rest of the battle.
She then looked at the wires in her hands and then back at the man. “These are such a nuisance…” she spoke, her voice a little darker than before, it had more of an edge than just what it did only a few seconds ago. Her eyes were no longer filled with anger or fear, but almost cockiness. While she still had full control over her own body, the power of the monster that flowed inside her changes up her personality a bit.

Still holding onto the wires she then balled them up together, tangling them in a small tight ball. Then pulled her arm back and threw them out of the ally way, over the streets and pass the other buildings till it was out of sight. “Now… its my turn…” She spoke as she reached down and pulled out what looked to be a throwing knife that was slightly covered by the blood that were staining her shoes and lower part of her pants. Looking back up at him she then went out in a sprint towards him.

As she came closer to him she then threw the dagger out at him, aiming at the center of his neck as she then jumped upward, forward and to the left, landing on the wall of the building in the ally way and then pushing herself from it with her legs, coming right down towards him with her claws outward towards him trying to tackle him down and into the building to his left while trying to sink her claws into the right side of his abdomen at the same time. She knew that no one would be inside that building, it wasn’t part of the night life, actually, it was a rather small postal store.
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The pale moonlight reflected off the silver wires, causing a shimmering effect as they made there way towards the yong girl, as the wires drew closer to her body, sparkling like the stars in the sky, she attempted to avoid them by jumping out of the way. This plan failed as his control over his wires seemed to be much greater than her control over her own body. They were like extensions of his own body, and once he had snared her legs, he knew he would capture the rest of her body, and so he did as the young girl grunted as like a caged animal she was caught with nowhere to go. So easily he could cut her to pieces but he needed her alive.

As he took off in a full blown sprint towards her, his body knowing exactly what to do even before his mind did............The blood on the floor began to splash upwards, covering the lower area of his pants. As he neared her Acer lept in the air and sent his double kick towards her chest and thanks to his wires trapping her, the kick connected with maximum impact. The kick felt and sounded incredibly painful.......Even to him as she leaned forward from the blow a loud crack could be heard echoing down the alley........As only they could hear it. As soon as the second kick had landed............Acer had pushed himself off and give himself distance between himself and her.

A sinister smile on his face, his eyes deepened making the look on his face even more sinister, as he watched her not as the human she was but the wounded beast she was becomming. The sound of a growl could be heard as a faint red aura surrounded her body. Acer watched the transformation take place but did nothing to stop it, as her fingers became claws and her eyes became a crimson red. Acer simply tilted his head and when she showed her fangs and growled he smirked in enjoyment. As Amuck began untangling herself from the wires and healing her wound, he was leaning on the wall with a cigarette between his lips as the smoke began to rse and the substances filled his lungs.

“These are such a nuisance…” She said looking at him, her tone and overall look was much darker than before...........Revealing the monster inside her but still that human side remained but for how long. Its was not just a darker tone but a cockier tone.........Much like his own, a kind of sarcasm a swagger about her. Acer watched as she tossed away the wires and he didn't even look to see where they had gone, not caring one little bit..............Not even looking all that bothered. “Now… its my turn…” Taking the cigarette he tossed it away and turned to face her. "It's about damn time" Amuck then took out a small knife that began to glisten under the moons watchful eye.

Acer stood as she came at him in a sprint.........Just like he had done before. As she got closer to him the dagger had left her hand and made it's way towards him. In just a split second the silver blade had entered his neck as his head cocked back, the blood shot from his mouth and into the air before it came back down and landed on his face............Covering it in a mask of blood. The knife now also covered in blood as it began to flow from his neck...........Only the knife stopped the blood flow from gshing any worse than it already was. He had no time to react as she pushed herself from the wall and dived straight at him. Her claws sank deep into his chest as he was sent crashing through the window and into a small store. Shards of glass entering various parts of his body, as his clothing was torn and covered in his blood and the blood of others.

Acer stood up with his back towards Amuck and cracked his neck from side to side. Turning around to face her, his head bowed masking the expression on his face. Then the sound of laughter coming from his lips could be heard as he lifted his head up and smiled with blood filling his mouth and covering his teeth. Making his way towards Amuck he spat out the blood on the floor and looked up and into her eyes. As he did in one fluid motion he sent a palm strike towards her chest..........Aiming for the exact ara he had inured before, and he didn't stop with one he sent over a dozen...........With each one the sound of cild like laughter could be heard.

After that Acer began to foucus on her left leg, as he sent downward diagonal kicks towards the side of her knee, followed by various kicks towards different areas of her leg. Once finished Acer jumped back and looked on to see what damage he had caused and how she would react.

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The two fighters flew into the air as Amuck made impact with Acer, her claws digging deep into his flesh as they crashed through a window of a building. Glass shards flew all around them as Acer took most of the damage from the glass shards. Upon entering the building she rolled on the ground, smashing into small stands of cards and box displays, before regaining control over her herself, standing up, but in a crouching position as her eyes flickered with excitement.
Her eyes darted down to her claws, dripping with his blood. The thick, red, warm fluid smelled almost good to her. There was no way she would ever forget THIS sent. She began to run her hands across her arms, legs and hair, shaking off the smaller pieces of glass shards that dug into her own skin. Small rivers of blood trickled down her skin, but it wasn’t anything that would cause much of a problem.

Just then she watched Acer rise up from the ground, his back to her as she continued to stay crouched down, her eyes narrowing at him as the sound of joints popping echoed through the small building. The mighty villain then turned around, facing her as his head was tilted downward, she couldn’t the look on his face, but she could see something else. Her dagger, the handle of it was still sticking out of his neck, the blade preventing blood spewing out, she knew if she wanted to do more damage to him.
The crackle of his laughter then came from him, his shoulders jerking up and down as he did so. Lifting his head his bloody grin could be seen, something out of a horror move is what it looked like. Spitting blood upon the debris filled ground he began to make his way towards her, his eyes glaring into her own. She could feel her heart beat a little faster in her chest as the monster inside her wanted to attack him. She stood there, as he suddenly lashed out at her, his palm coming back at her chest. Amuck blocked the first strike, but was surprised when more came at her. She could feel the impact on her chest, and feel her sternum slowly giving away, even though she was more durable in this form, she wasn’t invincible. Blocking a few, she was hit even more made impact.
As soon as he was done with that, she stumbled back, holding her chest with her chest. She could feel a her sternum was damaged again. It felt like her chest was going to cave in if she didn’t heal herself. Glancing back up she found his leg coming down upon her own, she stumbled back, gritting her teeth as she tried to dance her way out of the leg attacks, that is until one got her right at her left leg at the patella, kicking it out of place. Growling in pain she hissed  as she pushed with her right leg away from him. Kneeling down on her good knee she still kept her left hand on her chest as she looked at her leg. Pain rushed into her body as she struggled to breath, her lungs straining to intake oxygen from the broken bone in her chest.

Looking at her leg she grabbed it with her right hand and pushed it back into place, she growled in pain as she tightened her jaw, throwing her head back as she then stood back up slowly. Moving around her knee to make sure it was ok. But her chest was hurting even more than before. Placing her hand back upon it she tried to heal it, only this time, it was left as a greenstick fracture. Not fully broken, but still severely damaged. 

With her breathing still off she glared at Acer, thrusting her right arm out as a glow of yellow energy came shooting from her hand and right to him. Just then she reached out and grabbed a computer screen from one of the counters and threw it at him as she then tried to take off in a run at him, only to have her leg protest. She stumbled as she had to slow down, her knee not wanting to move fast enough to do what she would need to do. She stopped running about half way, as she continued to glare at him, her chest still burning with pain.

She then pushed herself up from the ground with her left leg and up to the ceiling, reaching it she pushed herself down ward with her right hand and came down at where he was. Her good leg stuck out to try and not kick him, but rather the handle of the dagger sticking out of his neck. As soon as she would land, she would crouch down and power up right hand with a energy blast, upward at him right at his neck as she reached behind her where a box cutter was laying on the ground, she flicked it open and then threw it at him, not really taking aim to where it would it, if it even hit him. She then fell down on her butt, her chest causing more problems than she would have liked.
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The vermillion liquid was constantly seaping from the open wounds caused by Amuck, in both his neck and the deep cuts in his chest caused by the girls claws. The clothing was ripped and left in tatters, torn by both her and the enviroment around them. The blood from his wounds had begun to settle and set into his clothes, mixing in to cause the blood to appear darker than it aactually was. In time the bleeding began to slow down but it was not stopping completly. The moon began to change to a deep shade of red, as the sky was the same, perhaps it was the blood being spilt or maybe it was a sign of things far worse to come, as the outside world started to go quiet, it's people going to sleep as the loud music began to cease and the streets were left practically empty, a crying shame that they could not witness such a divine spectacle but mayvbe another time, thet could be the audience to a stand out performance and offer the performers a standing ovation.

The strike from his palm came swift and accuratly with alot of power behind ti, even though the ffort he was putting in looked to be very little on the expression his face was given, but the body and the face often send out two very different signals. The attack was sent slightly downward, to ensure maximum damge was going to be done. The first attack was blocked by Amuck, revealing a great sense of awarness and a decent ammount of combat skills but even though the attack had been blocked, the next attacks would make sure that the damage would be done. The attacks were being blocked but the more that hit her, the more pressure was being applied to her body, as he could feel through his own attacks that her sternum was given away, and the damage to her chest was becoming worse than it was before. As soon as he finsished, he watcjed with fierce determination as she stumbled back, clutching her chest. Not giving her time to heal, he began sending a series of kicks, aimed to break her leg.

Suprised that she was able to dance away from a few but then she was hit, i her left leg, as he could feel and hear her kneecap give way, a painfal experience and the painful growl and hiss confirmed this. Like an animal in agony. Allowing her some distance, he stood with his legs apart with his arms causally by his side as everytime she struggled for breath he smiled, everytime the pain would show in her eyes he would look up in a sign of dominance and of a being that was far above her. It was like a jester before a king, as she was on her knee before a man who was standng so proud. The pop echoed around the room along with a growl as her knee was put back in place. Acer looked on as she healed her chest but he was inspecting as she did this. He quickly deduced that when she healed herself there would still be damage and the more times a particular area was attacked, the less she was able to heal. This now made her chest a large target for him.

The glare was like a thousand daggers being sent towards him simultaneously as a blast of strong yellow energy came hurtling towards him. The attack was heading straight for his head and with a wink and a smile, his head moved to one side, allowing the energy t strike the wall, creating a large hole that went to the next shop. As the computer came at hi, he knocked it to one side, causing it to smash and cut his arm and hand, causing deep wounds as his hand was covered in blood. His attention quickly turned to her as she was running at him, only for her leg not to respond as she stopped before she neared him. Again she glared at him, there eyes meeting, hers in hate and his in admiration. All of a sudden she came at him, in a great move as her leg was aimed for the dagger in his neck, moving back slightly, her leg instead connected with the area just bwlow his neck and above his chest. Letting out a chocking cough and a scream of pain, he began to cough violently. As soon as she landed a energy attack was aimed for his neck , this time he knew he couldn't dodge so instead he leaned in and took the full force of the attack to his face, as bones were broke, not even realising his shoulder had been cut.

Acer landed on his back as the sound of agonsising pain could be heard. Standing up as his face was covered in crimson liquid, disguising the full extent of the damage. Taking out a large ammount of wiring, he began to throw it around the room as the two of them were surrouded by wiring that coonected to various parts of the walls. "Right now we are surrounded by a large ammount of wiring as you can see but conected to these wires is explsoive tags, now each tag holds the destructive force of one grenade but as you can see the room is covered in them hahahahahahahaha" Taking out a lighter he hit one of the tags, causng a chain reaction of explosives, as the shop was destroyed. As the smoke cleared, he was on his knees as his body looked horrific but her fate was not yet known.

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