Ace Badguy - Mr. Fahrenheit [Character Bio]

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  • Name: Ace Badguy (not his real name, but one he gave to himself because he thought that is sounds cool)
  • Alias: Mr. Fahrenheit, 20th Century Boy
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 25 (real age uknow, he appears to be in his mid twenties and says that he's 25)
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment: Neutral


Ace often defines himself as a true neutral. He lives by the mentality of live and let live. That was the main reason that made his take up the job of a freelancer photographer rather than a gun for hire even though he would have made money that way. Though he himself doesn't want to kill for money he seems to be completely fine with others earning a living that way. In fact the person that can be called the closest to him is a mercenary. Besides that he doesn't seem to have many morals and he's ready to take on any kind of job no matter how crazy it is, as long as the price is right. Even with his "live and let live" mentality, Ace ends up killing people on his jobs. The reason is mostly that any kind of moral restrain disappears as soon as his life comes into the play, and as most of his jobs involve violent people he ends up engaging in "self defense" very often.

Besides murder and rape, he doesn't seem to judge many other things but at that point one of his easily spotted traits comes into play. Ace has the habit of becoming extremely "hot-blooded" as he calls it, an attribute that earned him his nickname. That makes him end up being involved in many situations which he'd usually avoid. He also gets very passionate about it his jobs as well, even though he'd prefer to stay professional and keep his distance to his clients and subjects of his job. Even small everyday things can trigger that and make him angry. Exactly because of that he was on trial no less than 358 times because of various assaults. May it be a case of road rage, a bar fight or simply someone who annoyed him, he always ended up going too far. Though he has still shown a certain level of control in even those moments, as in none of the 358 cases did he kill someone or leave lasting damage on them. Most of his victims would walk away with a broken nose, rib or leg and the need for a new pair of pants.

Lastly because of his early life, where he had no parents, family, or even humans in general to take care of him. He's very independent and doesn't seem to think too much of relationship. He has no one he calls his friend and the people that are close to him are so because he is involved with them because of his job regularly.


Powers and Abilities

Ace has no real supernatural powers to speak of. The only thing that clearly sets him apart from a skilled human is something which he believes to be inborn. He has incredibly hard bones and dense muscles that give him super strength. He is capable of ripping of lamp posts and using the as weapons. Lifting benches and vending machines casually and thrown them around. A casual punch of his can crack a human's skull open. The hardness of his bones is also evident in combat. In many bar fights people have hit him with a chair or some other object from behind, just for the object to break leaving no mark on Ace. Even knives and thick blades have shattered or bent against him. Even though his job is dangerous he doesn't seem to carry a gun with him. He often says that it's because of his poor aim, but that is very likely a lie as he has displayed amazing accuracy. Besides the strength, durability and endurance he also has impressive skills in boxing and general street fighting skills.

It could be said that he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer as he never got any formal education and all the "academic" knowledge he has comes from watching various TV programs and documentaries. Despite that he has street smarts and incredible deductive reasoning and he in fact works as a private investigator. He can also be considered a very good driver, which is impressive as he doesn't actually have a driving licence. While he's good at it, he's also very dangerous and while he worked as a taxi driver for some time people something jumped out of the driving car just to get out. During his rather young life he has done hundreds of different jobs and he has learned just as many strange, unique and interesting skills, so many that it would take too long to list them, but on the other hand many of them are completely useless as well.



History of RPGs


Ace themes can range from 60s-90s pop songs to rock songs from the same era, though there isn't a real definition on what his theme could be.

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Talk about short, but hey, it works.

So, i just broke the no more characters rule that i set up for myself. But really, this is the last one for some time.

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@Legato: He judges murder but doesn't mind people killing other people? Isn't that a bit... contradictory?

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Found the perfect quote for him. Thought of it while reading the bio.

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@ChronoWolf: Murder that is unjustified and "wrong". Doing it to non-innocent guys and to earn a living is OK for him.

And perhaps judging was a wrong word to begin with.

@SamJaz: He would actually say something like that.

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@Legato: Makes sense.

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@Legato: 20th "Cuntury" Boy, Is that a typo or a real title? Either way I Lol'd.
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@Sonata: Lol... typo...

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@ChronoWolf said:

@Legato: He judges murder but doesn't mind people killing other people? Isn't that a bit... contradictory?

ya XD

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