Abyss the warrior of darkness

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Name: Kyle Shady


Height: 6’3”


Gender: Male

Species: Demon

Source of Power: Demonic Shadow Energy

Personality: Abyss is a psychotic serial killer who takes great enjoyment in torturing and killing his victims. He treats those around him as cattle to kill and will even call them that along with various other names of similar meanings. He treats the world as his plaything and all other humans as just pawns to satisfy his excitement. He finds sad things to be hilarious and will bust out in laughter at people crying o the death of a person.

Appearance: Abyss after being revived as a demon gained several demon physical traits such as yellow eyes and fangs along with sharper pointed fingernails and slightly pointed ears. He also has several features from his human days such as a well toned body with brown hair and a wild look in his eyes. He attractive and has used that feature about himself on numerous occasions sometimes for fun and other times for luring a victim to a alley to kill. As he saw no problem of using his looks in that regard.


  • Shadow Body: Abyss can turn his entire body or parts of his body into shadows which makes him immune to all physical attacks. The limitation to this is that he can not attack with this form and must take a solid form to strike. He can overcome this by moving in his shadow form then striking after solidifying right in front of his opponent.
  • Shadow Ball: A highly compressed ball of shadow energy that can completely vaporize a building leaving nothing but ashes.
  • Shadow Energy Manipulation: Complete control and mastery of shadow energy for various uses such as swords, shields or beams.
  • Soul Absorption: Abyss can absorb the souls of those he kills around him and convert it into energy to heal him or power him up. These souls go to neither heaven nor hell and just no longer exist. He can also draw in wandering souls around him for meals to do the same.
  • Magic: Abyss through training with Villicus has learned several sealing and barrier magic to aid him in combat or day to day assignments. He however is not skilled enough to remove the seal on himself that is acting like a collar.

Physical capabilities;

Strength- Abyss is apowerful hand to hand fighter having mastered several demon and human martial arts in a sped up pace in Hell. He is capable of leaving a crater 3 feet depp with a single punch and can wrestle elephants down.

Speed- Abyss when he was young was on his schools track team in a attempt to stay away from home and he was able to increase his speed to great hights. By becoming a demon he was able to increase his speed to be able to move at hypersonic speeds.


Youth: Abyss was born into a neglectful home where he was beaten and starved most of his childhood the only reason he was kept alive was because of his parents twisted personalities. Abyss started spending less and less time at his home and more time on the streets where he picked up bad things such as drinking and smoking.

Teen: As he became a teenager Abyss started to discover his powers at first they were accidental releases when his emotions got high but after a while he had a slight control of it. This was also the time he snapped against his parents and killed them. Due to lack of evidence though he wasn't charged and the case remained unsolved.

Training: Living alone Abyss became much more free and relaxed. This caused his powers to be trained easier to the point where he was doubling what took him years to learn in months. Around this time he took up the name Abyss and started killing. He began small with homeless people and moved upwards to well respected members of the community but due to how his powers work their was no evidence to the crimes so no culprit could be found. He has now grown tired on the simple killings and hopes to take it a step further and complete his training and kill a super human.


After mysteriously disappearing Abyss was sent to Hell, where he was tortured both physically and mentally. No matter what torture he went through he would not break. IN fact the torture made his hatred grow stronger increasing his power to new heights never before hoped for him. During his time in Hell Abyss gained the attention of Death himself. Death seeing the darkness in his soul Death decided to give him another chance at life. This time he would be under his power. He would be stronger and faster then he was before. This time he would be born as a demon and would become a true warrior of darkness the world had never seen before..




physical age: 24

Personality: Villicus is calm and collected and doesn't say much unless needed. His main goal is to test Abyss to see how powerful he can become and to see if he can evolve further or if he is a lost cause. He is unattached to Abyss and everyone else he only has one goal which he refuses to tell anyone.

Appearance: Villicus looks like a normal human with red eyes and black hair. He is tall at 6'5" and had a well toned body hidden underneath his clothes.

Fighting ability: Villicus does not fight ofter but it is said he can bust a planet at a whim. This may be over exaggerated but nobody has lived to know if this is true. He only truly fights if Abyss gets in a situation he can not handle and it is only to save him and nothing else. Nobody has yet to see his true potential so his stats are unknown to everybody even Death himself.


  • Seal release- He can release the seal on Abyss to allow him access to his Necros form.
  • magic- Villiscus has mastery over magic at such a level he can summon illusions that are real and can actually harm people. He uses these as training dummies for Abyss.
  • Energy cannon- a blast of pure energy it can either be a beam or a blast depending on what he wants it to be and the power in it depends on the energy put into it.
  • seal punishment- If Abyss does not listen to him he can cause Abyss great pain thanks to a specialized seal.
  • Force field- He can create a shield from his own power.
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Cool, you should flesh the story out

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@Masterofdeath: The character is kind of contradictory, he says that is cold, collected and doesnt lets his emotions in the way of the battle, but then you said he turns Berseker in battle.

You should give proper scaling to the powers, is your character Sub-sonic? He can lift how many tons, etc, so the other players, and yourself can be more aware of your character limits.

The inmortality is kind of tricky to play, as you have an unfair advantage in a fight, you should scale it down to Longevity and Regen, but not just plain inmortality.

As I mentioned before the story could use a little bit more flesh, and talk about your character objetives and motivations. As well you could expand about the demons, so they're part of your character bacstory, you could explain the hierarchy of hell or something akin to that...

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: well sorry about that I forgot to add stuff but I fixed it. Anyway the small backstory was to convey a sense of mystery. He really doesn't have a goal except to bring the world into chaos anyway. The demons will be explained later when they are important and he can be defeated but it has to be using strategy. Don't worry anyway he won't be fighting that much for a while he might at the most stall

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@Masterofdeath: You're not going t use him to fight, but when you use it, he will get berserker, at least that is what your bio explains, that in the heat of a battle he can go bonkers and crave for blood and guts. That's one the problems of your character, he is kind of contradictory.

Even so you should try and start playing with a character a little less over powered and then shift into one after playing. My first mastermind type character was Kuro-san and I had been playing almost tow years in the forum before using it. start with a street level character instead of an Inmortal superdemon, 'couse you wont be getting any RP to play in if you stay with this type of character when the rest of the characters are street levelers. As an Example I wouldnt let you in any of my posts since you character is grossly OP

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: I don't plan on using him yet I just made him so I can work on him till he's ready. Besides think of it as a split personality one side is calm while the other is crazy.

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,291 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@Masterofdeath: This seems much cooler than before, you should expand the story a bit and flesh out the powers, you could cover all forms by explaining he haves Shadow Manipulation and he can make it morph into multiple forms, that would give you more versatily in combat and description, like Pride from Full Metal Alchemist..

You should aslo make a chart of his physical attributes, such as speed ad Strenght and quantify them. The same thing goes to the Shadow Manipulation, how powerful it is as a askill what he can pierce and what he cannot pierce, how much he can lift, etc....

This character is much more approachble and fits more in the current setting kudos!

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@Shadowchaos: I agree with Kuma this is a pretty cool character I like how you downgraded him. Knowing how fast or how strong he is would be helpful but for a basic bio I think you cover your bases. Good Job. :)

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,291 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: He is the Street Leveler villain you wanted right? Kuro haves hordes of street levelers but a player with one is better than a character with a hundred

Post by Lobos_Del_Rayo (2,918 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Lol I guess you right Kuro has a literal army of street level guys and there is nothing wrong with that I actually love every time you make a NPC because they are unique and so thought out they could stand alone characters. They are all under Kuro-san who is controlling them.

Nvm I retract what I said earlier I hope you didn't take any offence to what I said.

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,291 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Why should I take offence? I dont really know what you mean about that? Did you said something you thought that made me angry?

Post by Lobos_Del_Rayo (2,918 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Kuma_From_Argentina: No its just that from your last comment maybe you were annoyed when I said we need more street level villains when you had a plenty of street level villains you can use...Idk I'm just going to shut up now lol I feel awkward. :P

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Want a hug? That always helps me when I'm awkward! ♥ lol

As for this character, I think he is pretty straight forward, I would say to make it longer, but you can add to it as you go. As for his powers, they are pretty cool, but we don't know how powerful they are, like his Shadow ball or anything. Can it instantly kill a normal human, destroy a large building ect. But I kinda like the charm your characters has, his story is not over-thought and complicated nor is he full of mystery, just a straight forward nutcase. As for the immortality thing, I didn't think it made your character too bad, personally I think being a normal human with no powers at all is the most unfair next to god-moding, but that's another story. I think you can keep him immortal as long as it's the kind that someone like Hidan from Naruto has, he can't die but he can't be blown to pieces and keep fighting either, that way he has an advantage but he can be stopped or incapacitated. But I also agree with Kuma; just making him have super regen is fine too. I personally think any character, especially normal humans should get by with at least one hax ability, as long as it isn't too bad.

Post by Lobos_Del_Rayo (2,918 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Kurohige: I agree with that last statement Crow, at least before the time skip, was pretty low level but his electrical ability was enough to deal with most of his stronger opponents because he could generate it and it didn't effect his stamina. So one over the top ability is not bad but like you said not too bad for example; A normal human with basic strength, speed, stamina, durability, etc but with complete control over time and reality :P That is hax to the max. As long as its not repeat of Haseo I think its fine.

I been considering different ideas for a new villain and I think I got a good idea; I keep coming back to the idea of someone who is a bastardization of the registry of super humans. He may be someone who is a villain but because he registered and works with the Union of 7 he is viewed as a hero so I can play him like one. Or someone who enforces the law of the 7 with an absolute justice showing no mercy and complete cruelty to those who break these laws bye even a fraction this way I can play as a hero but he would be a villain or vice versa.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: I like the idea of absolute justice, I could get some other RPers and revive the Absolute Justice team run by Yogan Kaji, Mokujin, and Toketsu.

Post by Lobos_Del_Rayo (2,918 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Kurohige: yeah me to someone who keeps coming to mind is Fleet Admiral Sakazuki/Akainu . That would be awesome even though that team was before I joined what was it about.

Post by Kurohige (3,857 posts) See mini bio Level 19

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: It was a group run by Yogan: http://www.animevice.com/forums/rpg/34/yogan-kajis-bio/319823/

It was basically a ggroup made to counter Gekido (Way back in the day, lol) http://www.animevice.com/forums/rpg/34/light-justice/321452/

It left off with Justice barging in and attempting to fight all three of them with a nice compliment by Bigheart lol XD

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Kurohige: Did you knew that Haseo is in the Vine playing?

Post by Kurohige (3,857 posts) See mini bio Level 19

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Ah sweetness!♥ How is the guy doing? He got any better?

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