A test of power (Medea vs Aoi endo)

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She ate her breakfast, brushed her teeth and sharpened her spear. Medea had expected a letter like this for month, it had been placed into her bag by some unknown servant of his, it contained a plane ticket, a note and a picture. So instead of spending her time in the cold, comforting solitude of Alaska she found herself on the other side of the world in an expensive hotel room overlooking a busy and crowded street. It was certainly considerate of the Count to provide her with such accommodations. She punched the mirror before leaving.

It was slightly harder to find the swordsman than it would have been just a few month's earlier. After the war caused by Newdeath nearly everyone carried some sort of weapon, be it pistol or sword. Still the aura that this mysterious Aoi endo was putting out was easy enough to track, mantra it was called, some component that was in every human soul but especially strong in his. Not something I would know about, Medea thought bitterly.

She found the man walking in the streets near several bars. She did not hesitate, the Bow of Apollo appeared in her hand, she aimed an fired an arrow, firing the power of the sun itself at the symbol on Aoi's back.

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aoi was sleeping at the moment something disturbed his soul, he said: "something arrived, i sense a dark presence in the air, it's not some malicious mantra, this darkness doesn't seem....ordinary....the owner of this aura is not even human. he stepped out of the bed and took his swords, and went in search of the evil being.

He channeled his mantra by meditating, and found the source rather quickly, since no one possessed an energy like that. Aoi knew that the presence was strong enough to be more than a match for him, so he decided to get ready and never let his guard down.

the presence was getting bigger and bigger to the point that it would give him chills,at that moment he knew it was coming for him,then out of nowhere, an arrow came from behind, he felt the killing intent almost instantly yet he barely dodged the flaming arrow in time. it was no ordinary arrow,even though he dodged it, it felt as if it burned his entire body, he healed himself and at the same time grabbed a rock from the ground, merged it with condensed mantra and threw it right to the target's chest, the stone though small, had enough kinetic and spiritual energy to pierce elegantly a mountain, windows and buildings got cracked just from the traveling speed of the projectile.

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Medea was not surprised that he was able to dodge, her vampirically tinged aura was quite easy to detect and Apollo's bow was by no means subtle. She did not expect him to pick up a rock. She prepared to destroy the rock when her earpiece suddenly turned on. "Tank it" an emotionless female voice ordered.

She found the whole idea rather pointless but since this was an indirect order from the count she had to obey. The bow, sensing that it was not needed, vanished from her hands and she changed her stance so that the rock would hit the golden fleece. It hurt, she had tanked shots from actual tanks using this maneuver and it had felt nothing like this. She was thrown into the air, suddenly she realized why she was ordered to block the rock instead of destroying it. Her clothes had been provided by the count with instruction to not touch the wiring inside, whatever instrumentation was inside the coat was measuring the strength of the attack.

"Get rid of it," she was ordered. She gladly shifted her weight so that the rock flew into the sky. She was not sure but she could have sworn it had achieved escape velocity. She stood on the air high above the small city. "Fight at close range, do not use the daggers."

"Why? I could just snipe him from here." She replied. She got no response for a few seconds and then suddenly she was writhing in pain. The earpiece had started shocking her.

"I cannot hear anything you say." The earpiece informed her. "Hesitate to follow my orders and I will shock you."

Medea wiped the tears from her eyes and took out her spear. He would have probably dodged the arrows anyway. she assured herself as she rushed down towards Aoi. She saw them everywhere she looked, cameras in store windows, street corners and cell phones. The count wanted data on Aoi's fighting style and speed, he would get plenty. She landed near him, spear in front of her. "Aoi, if its of any interest to you my name is Medea." She attacked with a series of stabs, the most important thing was to not let Aoi inside her gaurd, his shorter blade and faster weapon would make quick work of her.

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as expected, rudimentary weapons wouldn't work on an opponent of such caliber, yet he wasn't expecting that his opponent would engage him at close combat, since it was his specialty.

She introduced herself, and then followed by attacking with her spear, most of the attacks were avoided, yet one managed to connect, it pierced aoi's bicep with relative ease, he tried to bare the pain,his arm did not bleed because his mantra stopped the hemorrhage almost instantly, and then, he got a hold of the spear as it was stuck in his arm. he did not deployed his ninjato, instead he decided to go with a CQC technique,"i dont know what you want, but if its my life i won't let you have it" he said as he channeled most of his mantra into his fist and in a one-inch punch form pointing at her heart said: you may have hurt my physical body, but now i will injure your spiritual realm, endo style: path to hades!

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Medea tried to keep Aoi back, she actually managed to hit him but his wound did not bleed and he grabbed her spear. "i dont know what you want, but if its my life i won't let you have it" the swordsman said. "you may have hurt my physical body, but now i will injure your spiritual realm, endo style: path to hades!" He took his opening and Medea was thrown back, clutching her chest. Her ribs had not broken but they may have been cracked, it was an impressive punch. She felt something else too, like some sort of energy had entered her body and then dispersed.

"Aoi that attack, its meant to damage the soul isn't it?" She asked, "But it didn't do that to me." It hurt, having complete confirmation of something she had long suspected. She laughed manically. "Well then, looks like we'll have to cut each other up properly." She stood up tall and used the Sandals of Hermes to float a few inches in the air. She needed her spear back and Aoi had a tight grip on it. She looked down the street and saw a fruit cart, it would have to do. She held her hand out, accelerated and decelerated very quickly. She found herself inside the broken fruit-cart, holding her spear and spitting out a very large bug. She wiped what had once been fruit out of her eyes. "Any orders ms.earpiece?"

She had no response.

"Well that's fun, I'm going to stick to hit and run attacks if its alright with you."

Still no response.

"The count is a bastard."

She got a powerful electric shock for her troubles.

"Good girl," she said, trying to clear her head. "That lie you told earlier was a bit too obvious. Now I suggest you stay out of this, I'll get the data the Count needs and then I'll handle someone who has made me very angry in the last few minutes.."

She could feel the fear coming through the earpiece. She was previously unaware that an intangible feeling could be felt over an electronic connection but apparently it could. Now back to the issue at hand. She moved at a speed she could actually control and floated within earshot of Aoi but well out of range of his blades. "Aoi I don't actually have anything against you. You seem to be alright, its just that the Count wants me to attack you and I have to obey him." Medea explained, "I won't take it personally if you cut me to bits."

Some part of her wished that her opponent would do the same. Not that it was likely, Aoi was much better at traditional close quarters combat. What she was doing next was an insane gamble, it required full awareness of her surroundings and near perfect reflexes. She flew very quickly towards the wall, a few stories up. She flipped at the last moment and made a perfect three point landing against the wall. This will be fun, she thought with a smile. She began pinballing off the walls and the ground, moving quickly all around Aoi, after twelve bounces she used the thirteenth to bounce towards Aoi, she slashed.

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