A Supernatural Mystery

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It had started just over three months ago; the first was a 43 year old man, with no name, no official documents and no true identity. There was no evidence left at the crime scene, nothing not even a strand of hair could be found. Since that death, many more cropped up, all in , all the same as the man, but all killed in a different way. There had been many deaths like this in the world, the type kept from the public eye, a case that was taking on by those who worked on cases of the supernatural, and it was them who took on the case, but even then with all there technology and magic they could not solve a case that was dealing with a killer that was quite simply perfect. As the body count grew and the authorities were baffled, the deaths became known to the world. The killings were now happening across all of and its people were in fear.

“Two in the fucking morning” As he walked a cigarette hung loosely from in between his lips. Taking the lighter in his left hand as he rubbed his eyes with his right, he flicked it open revealing a small flame as the cancer stick began to smoke, as he inhaled its substances mixed with his own body. “I know I should quit” He looked up and adjusted the glasses, before walking towards what was the 24 killing but there was probably more. There was police everywhere and men in suits, cars with flashing lights all of them not speaking, they were doing nothing, no looking for evidence, they had giving up long ago. As he got closer to the body surrounded by police tape, he reached into his pocket and flashed his badge before entering the crime scene.

“Seriously why is he even here? Whoever or whatever is killing these people can’t be caught, 24 deaths no evidence, no information on the victim, no one coming forward. There is nothing that guy can do……….Its fucking hopeless, were dealing with something far above anything the world has seen” It was like this at every scene he had visited, everyone had seemed to have lost hope, his voice was almost terrified in the way he talked. As he looked down, at the young girl, if he could take a guess she was in her early twenties, and she had long flowing blonde hair and big blue eyes. As he knelt beside her he could feel a man shadowing him. “Before you ask it’s the same as the last murders” He stood up and turned around and looked at the man, wanting to punch him, well not so much him but the bastard who was doing this, wanting to unleash that anger upon someone.

As he walked away, a large black van pulled up. This like all the others would go through testing but it would do no good. This was not a human who caused these deaths, but something that many only dream about, but even then it was impossible for anything to leave no evidence, leave nothing that even advanced technology and magic was defeated. He got into his car, and he knew there were people out there, some called heroes and others vigilantes were all baffled, all wanting justice. The world was in desperate need of help, and its calls were going unanswered. As he took off from the crime scene, he looked down at a case file, which read Espada. They had popped up not to long after the first death. To the world they were a business company doing good, but after much research he knew differently, he knew what they were and what they were capable of, but there was no way they were causing these deaths, still there was doubt in his mind, as he headed home.

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