A Place to Call Home (RP)

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Kyoto, the old Capital of Japan, a place of culture, art and history, mysterious things lurk and roam. Ghost of the past, demons and monsters, yet most of them are kept in bay by the Japanese Hidden World Affairs Bureau, but sometimes not even them can cover the whole country alone and have to outsource their work, most of the time of the Bounty Hunter Association’s Yatagarasu Branch. This is one of these occasions as a group of mischievous Tanuki have taken human form an attacked a bank, only stealing gold, regular police can’t handle them and the JHWAB agents are too busy to capture them. The Bureau posted a bounty on this gang, known as the Kintama Sentai, 4 Tanuki with strength, speed and durability over the human average, not to mention their powers of levitation and shape shifting, capable of bluffing the most advanced technology of the Mundane World. Let’s see what they are up to, shall we?

-HAHAHAHA! Ichigo you totally peeked under that cashier skirt didn’t you?- A Japanese man with bleached hair and blue hoodie laughed at another one a bit larger than him, with black hair and red hoodie.- Shut the hell up Nigo, who the hell do you think I am? You, but Santa totally checked her out, I saw him.- The Red Hoodie one, Ichigo, pointed at another of the four running over Kyoto’s skyline, one with black and purple hair with and a loose green Hoodie. –I would never do something so unrefined, which is Nigo’s area of expertise. - The Blue Hooded one, Nigo, shouted at him. –I take offense to that, I wouldn’t be so crude. I’m a gentleman. - The last one, with a golden hoodie and the largest in size, porting a buzz cut roared at the others. –SHADDAP Greenhorns! I can’t stand yer stupid whining, we need to go back to our temple before those JHWAB dogs get here. - The other three lowered their heads and replied. –Yes Shikin-onisan, sorry Shikin-onisan.-

The 4 Kintama brothers stopped in a new building rooftop to scan the area for possible pursuers, each one taking a side while regaining their breath, as they mostly levitated in their real forms running was a bit tiresome even if they were stronger than the regular humans. Ichigo took the word, he turned around giving his back to the ledge and called them out, and all of them did the same. –I think we are good, we don’t have anybody behind us.- As he said that a sudden red blur passed behind him upwards to the sky, Nigo, Santa and Shikin gasped and all looked up as somebody was blocking the sun and his shadowy silhouette landed in between the 4 brothers with his crimson cloak waving with the wind. –HUH!?- The quartet of crooks shouted surprised by the sudden apparition of Callis Nomene, the Beast Knight, with his worn out jacket and pants, battle scarred armor and both swords unsheathed, ready to fight.

-Who the hell is this guy? He ain’t a member a dog of the Bureau, I would know him if he was.- Shikin roared to his brothers as all of them got ready to attack, Ichigo was the first to charge. –We are 4 vs 1, who cares who this guy is! We can take him!- The red hooded Tanuki charged forward in his human body and threw a punch at the back of the Knight’s head, but when his punch arrived to its intended destination Callis wasn’t there anymore. Curled under the punch and the massive frame of the second largest Tanuki disguised as human he launched a kick from an impossible stance, thanks to his inhuman agility and flexibility, connecting his heel deep into Ichigo’s gut. The Red Hooded Tanuki bent over in pain as his brothers, Nigo and Santa charged towards the Knight. Nigo turned his arm into a blade and charged forward, while Santa took a gun from his hoodie and started shooting at Callis.

-You’re going down blondie! - Nigo launched a series of slashes but Callis, with his arms stuck to his sides moved like a ghost, passing besides the wide arcs with expert skill, the other Tanuki, with the Green Hoodie, started shooting, but the Beast Knight perceived his movements thanks to his enhanced senses and jumped over him with a massive back flip. The bullets intended to damage Callis reached Nigo that fell in the ground groaning in pain. The Lost Knight also felt pain, as the sound of the gunshots irritated his sensitive ears, yet he knew how to power through pain with conviction, something his opponent seem to lack. Santa noticed him landing behind him and immediately dropped to the ground and tried to kick Callis with a Windmill, a break dancing move retooled as a kick, but the Beast Knight predicted his movement and stopped it by stomping on the Tanuki’s spinning foot and then shifting his weight to keep the opponent pinned down finished with a kick to the chin.

The Knight released his opponent foot and faced Shikin, the largest of the Tanuki gang, who was waiting leaning into the wall. Callis didn’t seem to be even agitated after such violent and fast paced action. The Beast Knight took the word. –I’m sorry for the unnecessary violence, but I was defending myself, as you can see, I’m not attacking you because you didn’t attack me.- Shikin face got a hint of anger, but he contained it, as the mystery behind the newcomer identity was larger than his rage. –Who the hell are you, you don’t seem to be with the JHWAB or the BHA, I’ve never seen ya anywhere and you are clearly not human, so who are you swordsman? - Callis considered the inquiry valid and bowed. –I’m Callis Nomene, Royal Knight of Via, General of the Northern Armies and Regulus Australis Ensis. I’m enemy to those who break the law and ally to those who protect the innocent, native of the land of Centris. - Shikin was surprised upon that elaborate and strange presentation. –So you are a westerner aint you? What brings you to Kyoto?- Callis denied shrugging his head. –I’m not from the west, nor the east, south or north. And today I’m here to stop you, so please surrender or I’ll have to…..defend myself.- Callis looked around the rooftop indicating Shikin that a similar fate awaited him if they fought.

Shikin started laughing. –BWHAHAHAHAAHAHAH! You think I’m like them, I’m a tougher nut to crack Swordsman-san.- The oldest of the Tanuki brothers started to grow, breaking his clothing as he turned into a 3 mts humanoid, with reddish skin, horns and a single red eye glowing on his ogre-like face. Shikin had turned into an Oni and seemed to be a source of troubles for Callis, unless the Beast Knight got help. He took a stance with his swords ready for the fight, or at least to check his chances before an strategic retreat.

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Kyoto, Japan

Japan a place where the inhabitants of the Hidden World have come to call a second home because of it many ties to the myths and legends of the time, while most inhabitants of the Inner World are good in nature. There are those who see their powers as a way to take what they want. There are many agencies that help keep this balance between light and dark but none are as prominent as the BHAJ also known as the Yatagarasu Branch. Of the three main branches of the BHA the Yatagarasu branch holds the title as being one of the most discipline, and as the newest branch this is feat they are pride of, under their President Masaru Kobayashi the Yatagarasu branch has produced some of the most skills BHs the BHA have ever seen. The BHA show Bulleye’s Big Bounties will be doing a special feature on the Yatagarasu Branch itself and many of its top BHs. For years they have followed their own motto of ‘A Man Seeks Guidance through Darkness” it is a saying most members of the Yatagarasu say with pride.

A large burly man dressed in the typical attire of a chef combine with the functionality of a karate gi, on his back a large wok like weapon, printed boldly on the sleeve of his outfit was the symbol of the BHAJ the black three legged raven Yatagarasu. “These felons known as the Kintama Sentai must have become quite a pain for the JHWAB for them to put up a Silver Star Bounty.” With feats of impressive leg strength the Japanese BH pushed off one roof top to another leaving small cracks and craters. In his one hand was a small black notebook that contained some information on the Kintama Sentai. “Four brothers banded together to commit vile acts of crime I don’t know whether to celebrate their kinship or scowl their misjudgment! Either way as a Bounty Hunter of the Yatagarasu Branch I cannot allow these criminals to continue their path of deviancy. So fear me Kintama Sentai for the Silver Star Chef of the BHAJ is coming to deal with you personally!” The Boisterous Chef, who was now standing proudly on the ledge of a building was Gatson Rousseau, Gaston had originally came to japan to achieve his dream of creating a meal that could satisfy a man for a year. In this journey of his dream Gaston had opened up a restaurant called Gin no Naifu and became a bounty hunter to support the business finically. The French Karate Master let out a hearty laugh when suddenly the edge of the ledge he was on broke.

However with an impressive feat of reflexes and leg strength, Gatson kicked off the very air itself to propel him upwards then kick off the walls of the building around him to get back to his starting point. Gatson let out a boisterous laugh. “Hahahaha! That was a close one Hahahaha!” While the Beast Knight Callis fought against the four tanuki brothers the Yatagarasu Chef got closer till the point he could see them on the distant rooftop. “What is this? Three…no five figures. That’s strange the notes said that there was four brothers and nothing of a fifth man. He may be another bounty hunter but I would know of another BH in the area. No mattey who they are they are interfering with the pride of the Yatagarasu Branch and this is something I cannot allow.” Suddenly one of the figures began to morph into a mountainous beast. “Sacrebleu! As a member of the Yatagarasu Branch I will not allow this monster to exist.” The burly chef quicken his pace in order to aid the Beast Knight of Centris. Shikin began to ominously loam over the Beast Knight ready to strike with probably a monstrous force when suddenly a large blur slammed into the large Tanuki’s gut. The blur slowed to reveal the burly form of Gaston his leg implanted firmly into the stomach of the oldest tanuki causing him to double over. Gaston backed up with smirk as he stood in front of Callis in a unique karate position of his own custom made style, Naifu to Fōku. “Kintama Sentai your mischievous ways end today as you have come against the Silver Knife of the Yatagarasu Branch. Gaston Rousseau! Haahahahahaha!”

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Callis saw the newcomer as a lifesaver, as he wasn’t sure if he could defeat the gigantic Oni by himself. The Beast Knight took advantage of Gaston help and position for his next attack, as the oldest of the Tanuki was stunned by the impressive attack of the Boisterous Chef. –Sorry Good Mes. - Callis apologized as he used the Chef broad shoulder as a stepping stone for a higher jump. Mid-air he spun and stamped both his feet into the transfigured Shikin chin, forcing the massive being, not accustomed to this new size to stagger backwards and trip, falling on his back making the whole building shake dangerously. Callis still mid-air, finished the whole back flip he started with the kick and landed mounted on the creature large neck with his blades just over Shikin’s eyes.

-It will be wise of you to return to your original shape fiend, as I don’t want to take the light of the world out of your grasp with a simple twist of my wrist.- Callis voice was calm and unwavering, not showing anger or hatred, just resolve. As soon as the Tanuki returned to the human form he was using previously the Beast Knight suddenly let go of his blades and Shikin gasped, but it was only to shift the grip. In a fluid motion he picked the falling blades and then turned them around and beat the Tanuki with the pommels to knock him out. –Thank you for your assistance Mes…- The Beast Knight sheathed his blade as he invited Gaston to introduce himself.

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The Silver Knife was quite impressed with the Beast Knife’s display in taking out the mischievous tanuki, Gatson stuck his hand out grasp Callis’s hand shaking it vigorously. “That was quite impressive my good man, such grace and agility you must have trained with some of the best. I am Gatson Rousseau of the BHA, Yatagarasu Branch. Now may I ask why you come from my friend. I wasn’t aware that another bounty hunter was after the Kintama Sentai.” The kung-fu chef headed over to the unconscious tanuki and lifted him up on to his shoulder then he grabbed the other 3 tanuki and picked them up on his broad shoulders. “Thank you, you saved me a heck of a lot of trouble in defeating these fours. How about as repayment as I split their bounty with you and offer you a warm meal. I am the best chef in the entire Yatagarasu Branch.” Gaston offered the Lost Knight a hearty smile along with the promise of food and cash.

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Callis received the handshake a bit surprised about the man boisterousness. He reminded him of his paternal family, all of them full blooded Saevus, that didn’t care about his “condition” and treated him as an equal and a friend from the moment he met them. Gaston gave him the same impression. –I’m just a humble knight passing by; my skills aren’t that great, as I have much to learn. But I thank you for your praise and you’re offering Mes Rosseau. - Callis bowed elegantly. –My name is Callis Nomene, Knight of Centris and I will take your offer of a meal, but I won’t take the money, as if this was your quarry I had no reason to interfere. - The Beast Knight hands hanged supported over the pommels of his blades. – I used to be a bounty hunter back where I come from and it would be a dishonor to take the reward you were pursuing. But as I said, I would like a meal, so please, lead the way.- Callis smiled gently as he invited Gaston to start walking with a gesture

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Gaston smiled at Callis, sure the lad looked strange but who was Gaston to judge not only was he a French with the build of a lumberjack but also as a BH in the hidden world he had seen his fair share of strange and the Lost Knight was far from even the least strangest thing. The French Kung-Fu Expert was more surprised by his humbleness than his appearance. “Nonsense lad your skills are up there with some of the best I seen and the payment is equal pay for equal work. You said you were a former bounty hunter yourself, well I don’t know where this Centris is but here Bounty Hunters take care of other bounty hunters.” The Silver Star Chef patted the knight on his back a little harder than he should have and let out a hearty laugh. “The Northern Head Quarters for the Yatagarasu Branch isn’t too far away from here. I can drop these four off there and make you something to eat. Follow me Callis Nomene.” With another heart laugh and chuckle Gaston began to move from building to building heading towards the Yatagarsu Branch.

As Gaston and Callis headed towards the Northern HQ of the Yatagarasu Branch, the chef told Callis a little about the Japanese Branch of the BHA. He explained that the main HQ was located in Tokyo, the Kyoto headquarters was a formal location where many of the Japanese BHs seek solace and mediation including the Yatagarasu Branch leader, the Osaka branch was the most informal and was a common party spot for the bounty hunters. After explaining this to the Lost Knight of Centris, Gaston asked him a few questions about himself; “So tell me Callis you said you are from Centris right? I never heard of this place it is a Europe? I assume because of your attire you have some European descent then again I never heard a European with your strange accent.” The bounty hunting chef let out a manly chuckle and flash a bright smile made that much more enjoyable by his mustache. It was with this attitude that one could see why Gatson was one of the more popular Yatagarasu bounty hunters, even among BHs from different branches he was well like and it also help that he was perhaps the greatest cook in all the BHA. “So Callis you said you were a former bounty hunter? How long were you a bounty hunter and why not have you joined a branch in the BHA? With your skills you could easily get into any of the three branches you wanted.” Gaston didn’t mean to be noisy he was just incredibly interested he had an eye for potential, a byproduct of being a chef who could make the most of any ingredient, and looking at the Beast Knight he saw a diamond in the rough ready to be exposed.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the Yatargarasu northern HQ, a place many would not expect to be the home of some of Japan’s strongest bounty hunters, while one may expect some form of a fortress or military base type structure neither ideals could be any further from the truth. Before Gaston and Callis was a Shinto shrine; the large red Shinto gate held the black symbol of the Yatagarasu Branch at the top. Behind the gate was some stone steps that lead up to the path where the shrine and headquarters (which was the large Shamusho). The area was quite large a good couple of acres and surrounded by trees and a river that cut through the land. Gaston made a silent pray in front of the Shinto Gates before he smiled at Callis, “Welcome Callis to the Yatagarasu Branch Kyoto Headquarters also as the Seinaru Kawa Shrine!” Before the Silver Star Chef could say another word a young feminine voice clearly excited with glee could be moving towards them. “Gaston-Sama I’m so glad you are back. I’m hungry and you make the best food ever. Please, please, please make me something to eat Gatson-Sama….Oh you brought a friend.” The cheerful girl who could be no older than 13 smiled at Callis, she had light blue hair that matched the ocean blue of her eyes. Wearing a traditional priestess outfit of blue and white with a slight wave design to it; the young girl bowed slightly to the Lost Knight. “Hello I’m Ame Junsuina, I’m the priestess here. It’s nice to meet."

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-Mmh, I see, so the Bounty Hunters are organized in a guild, that seems very similar to my home, thanks for explaining that Mes Rousseau. - Callis followed the Battle Chef through the streets of Kyoto. The old capital had a very peculiar air of tradition and solemnity that helped to calm the Beast Knight Battle instincts, still working even after the end of the fight. Maybe it was his training as a Knight to keep constant vigilance, or maybe his Saevus Blood was still boiling after the fight, yet the serenity that the old houses of stone and wood projected slowly eased his spirit. But that calm was interrupted when Gaston asked him about Centris. This wasn’t the first time somebody related Callis’ clothing and demeanor to that continent called Europe. The Beast Knight had learnt to avoid that kind of questions, because his answers either got him in trouble or embarrassed.

Yet Gaston seemed to be connected to what somebody called the Hidden World, a term Callis heard more than a couple of times, so he decided to speak. –I am not of this world, but from somewhere else, far away. I was brought here by an accident of magical nature. - The Beast Knight hoped to avoid getting the regular reply he got from everybody else. But even if he worried about it his gut feeling told him that Gaston was a regular man. –I served as a bounty hunter after being falsely accused of murder back in my homeland, I had to flee my country and serve as a mercenary and adventurer as my only skill is to fight, even as roughly as I do.- Callis seriousness got interrupted for a fleeting moment by a faint smile as he remembered those days. –Once I thought those were my darkest moments, but thankfully it wasn’t like, in fact my time as bounty hunter is one that I hold dearly as I could do what I love, protecting people and bringing justice without having to worry about the nobility of my homeland getting in the way of fair judgments with their petty complains and fights.-

Callis followed Gaston up the stairs and was surprised by the beautiful architecture and the exquisite details. He was looking up as the young Miko got to them and he didn’t notice her until she spoke. This, of course, kicked in the Beast Knight’s instincts as just being in the prescience of a female made him nervous, for reasons that could be seen in his skin….literally. –Eh….Ehm……G-g-gree-greetings….- Callis awkwardly bowed, scratching the back of his head. –My-my-my na-name is-is C-c-ca-callis No-no-no-mene…- The Beast Knight couldn’t be more nervous, this situation was pretty damn stressful for him, but adding this was just too much for him.

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Yatagarasu Branch Kyoto HQ

Ame was a little taken aback from Callis’s awkward and almost adverse reaction to her, “Um Callis-Sama are you okay? Do you have a favor or something?” However before the Lost Knight could answer the normally manly Gatson suddenly broke out in manly tears, “Unfortunately Mademoiselle Junsuina, Monsieur Nomene is suffering from a case of Home sickness it seems. I’m sorry Monsieur Nomene but I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer. Your story is just filled with so much sadness.” The burly chef began to tell Ame Callis’s sad tale of being lost from his home world and in just a few minutes before the chef and priestess looked upon the Callis tears in their eyes as they spoke in stereo. “That’s so sad!”

Once the two stopped their water works Gaston patted Callis on the pat a little harder than he should had, “Fear not Monsieur Nomene you will find your way home eventually. This world is filled with men and women of all kinds of skill it will just take time looking for them. Come now I have a meal I promised and while I may not be able to fill the hole in your heart I will fill the hole in your smotach. First let me take these bounties over to the holding area so the JHWAB can come collect them. Mademoiselle Junsuina how about you show Monsieur Nomene around.” Ame smiled a little wiping her tears as the Silver Star Chef carried the Kintama Sentai towards the holding area and get to get the bounty processed. The water priestess quickly took Callis’s hand and began to lead him through the Kyoto HQ/shrine. “I’m sorry about what happen to you in your old world Callis-sama but it’s like Gaston-sama said you will find a way back. You know I know what it is like to be all alone in the world you see. In this shrine I am the last priestess. You see this shine was built to worship a powerful water deity who resides in the very river that curves through the land; in order to protect that spirit from people who wished to use it to do harm the priests would make a deal with the deity to seal it in the body of the purest priestess.” As Ame spoke she got a little teary eyed, “However some bad men who wished to use the deity and would do anything to get it attack my shrine if it wasn’t for the Kobayashi-Sentai all would have been lost. However…” Before Ame could finish her own sad tale she too began to break into tears the memories too painful to remember. If Callis had been taken note of the surroundings as him and Ame made their way through the shrine he may have noticed several not so happy glances from some of the BHs at the hanging around the shrine.

Meanwhile Gatson had made his way to the processing area of the shrine where he dumped the Kintama Sentai into a special cell designed to hold all matters of Hidden World captives and began to fill out the paper work so that he could collect the bounty on the four tanukis. As he was filling it out one of the processor nudged Gatson. “Hey Gatson good catch with the Kintama Sentai maybe now the JHWAB will give us some higher targets those suits are always keeping the good ones for themselves.” Gatson let out one of his trademark hearty laughs, “Thank you Monsieur. But it wasn’t all me I had some help from a possible new recruit. I would like to introduce him to the Master but I haven’t seen him. Is he around?” The processor suddenly looked nervous Gatson’s question and leaned in to speak quieter. “Yeah the master is around but I don’t know if you want to speak to him. He doesn’t seem to be in a good mood with what is going on.” Gatson looked a little confused the Master while a stern man was usually in a good mood especially at the shrine. “Why has something happen?” The processor was shocked by the Silver Star Chef’s ignorant. “What you haven’t heard? That right I guess since you just got in you wouldn’t knew. It seems that killer who has been targeting bounty hunters you know the one called the Black Star Killer has killed again. The higher ups at the BHA are livid with trying to track this guy down. Plus the Master been in his office with Yuki Toragari almost all day you know the Dancing Petal. It seems when she was in Kobe she got into some trouble and that American BH Crow Cementerio had to bring her back.” Gatson was utterly shocked over the recent revelations the Black Star Killer had been killing more and more BHs with each week yet no one in the BHA seemed to be able to find out who he was. Also Yuki Toragari was a rising star in the BHAJ whatever trouble she was in must have been big, and Crow Cementerio was here Gaston had met him once and he like an interesting character.

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-eh… eh…- Callis face got dyed in red from the blood running on his cheeks the moment the Priestess grabbed his hand. Gaston definitively was just like his Saevus Relatives, passionate and jovial, the same could be said of the Priestess, but instead of being boisterous like him, she was gentler. The Beast Knight didn’t know how to react; this was just too much for him to process. But slowly his initial reaction, a reflex at this point started to fade and his senses started picking up something interesting… or better said the lack of something. The Priestess, surely as after-effect of serving in a place of such spiritual purity, lacked any scent, instead Callis could only pick up the clean linen and a faint hint of spring water. That calmed him down and managed to listen the explanation about the Shrine with much more attention than he could usually listen in situations like this.

-I…- Callis paused for a second, still a bit surprised he could talk so freely. – I know I may return to my world someday, yet I thank you for your concern about my humble person. - The Beast Knight bowed, to a Japanese listener his spell surely translated his tongue to almost archaic Japanese, finishing his sentences with –de gozaru and using outdated honorary suffix. He noticed the priestess tears. –Are you okay? Can I do something to help you Messa Junsuina?- The Lost Knight concern was palpable yet clumsy, he never did something like this before, mostly because this was the first woman he could talk without stuttering or getting really nervous, at least from the beginning. Callis looked inside his cloak and his pockets until he found a very simple yet clean handkerchief. –Here, take this Messa Junsuina, please.- With his senses cleared out from the influence he would expect he could perceive the hostility starting to surround him.

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“Dragon Cutter” Hiryō Katto Saves the Day?

Seinaru Kawa Shrine

Taking the handkerchief Ame wiped her eyes and slowly a smile started to form on her face, like a refreshing shower that cooled the very soul her eyes the color of the ocean. “Thank you Callis-Sama you are really nice. I’m fine now this shrine owes everything to Kobayashi-Sentai and all he has done so in return we try to do anything to repay him. You remind me a little of someone who visits the shrine sometimes when he is in town, he is another Bounty Hunter but from America. I don’t know if you met him yet his name is Crow Cementerio he tries to act all cool but deep down he is big softie he once bought me a whole bag of candies.” Ame smiled cheerfully as she finished wiping her eyes ready to finish showing the Lost Knight his way around the shrine however they were soon interrupted by a loud voice, “YOU BEAST MAN-Ya! YOU DARE MAKE A YOUNG LADY CRY WHAT KIND OF VILLAIN ARE YOU?!” Standing just a few feet from Ame and Callis was a man in his 30’s who attire was quite strange; wearing an all-white Japanese biker gangsta outfit complete with long tail jacket the back (which was facing Callis and Ame) had a yin-yang with a pair of dragons wrapping around it. In his hand he held a large weapon which was a naginata mixed with a katana. The Stranger had a small entourage behind him all wearing a similar head band that he had on his head; while most would be confused by a sight Ame just sighed, “Hiryō-san what do you think you are doing?” The man was Hiryō Katto aka the Dragon Cutter a Bronze Star BH who were quite (in)famous in the Yatagarasu Branch for his over the top antics and the fact he developed a cult following complete with a small fan club. The Dragon Cutter spun around revealing a rather impressive pompadour on his head and a stern look, “What do you think I’m doing Priestess-Ya? Is this guy making you cry?” Hiryō turned towards Lost Knight a stern look on his face, “You got a problem with Ame-Ya Beast Man-Ya well I got news for you. You are facing the Rock Star Rookie of the Yatagarasu Branch “Dragon Cutter” Hiryō and I’m here to save the day…ya!”

Yatagarasu Branch Processing Center

Gatson was getting some interesting yet vague details about the recent events in the Yatagarasu Branch especially the events around the Black Star Killer, “So Monsieur you haven’t told who it was the Black Star Killer struck this time? He gone after quite a few Balmung Bounty Hunters and even a few Artemis members.” The processor became quieter and a little nervous, “Well you see this time he attacked one of our own, he killed Shīrudo “The Unbreakable”. They found him with his armor completely shattered and a black star burned into his chest the signature of the killer.” Gatson’s eyes widen in shock while he didn’t know Shīrudo that well his reputation in the Yatagarasu Branch was wide spread. Known as “The Unbreakable” he was a Silver Star BH on par with Gatson himself, however what had earned Shīrudo his reputation and epithet was the armor he wore. A complete set of samurai armor that covered him from head to toe it could tank a strike from Gohei “Thunder Palm” one of the strongest BH. For someone to not only defeat but kill someone like Shīrudo meant that the Black Star Killer was not only ruthless he was capable of taking on top level BHs.

Yatagarasu Main Office

The Dancing Petal Yuki Toragari was seated in the shadow of a large man, her mind still fuzzy from the events in Kobe as she tried to remember them. Instead of her usually school girl attire she was now wearing an official BHA Hoodie with the Yatagarasu emblem printed on the sleeve. Yuki had her head down a little ashamed of recent actions especially in the presence of the BHAJ Branch President. “I swear that is all I remember Kobayashi-sentai. I would never go after an innocent civilian like that I respect being a member of the Yatagarasu Branch! Are you angry with me sir?” Masaru Kobayashi sighed as he rubbed his chin, he was a man of steel and traditions he had a thick black mustache and a scar on his forehead with visible because of his traditional samurai haircut. He was easily the largest BH in the entire Yatagarasu Branch his frame dwarfed the tiny Toragari Ryu Heiress, “Your actions in Kobe are not something that can be overlooked Toragari-san. You participated in an unauthorized Bounty Hunt, you attacked another BH, and displayed mannerisms that are unbecoming of a Yatagarasu Bounty Hunter and that was before you “blacked out”. At which you attack two innocent civilian girls, don’t you understand how serious these charged are Toragari-san?” With each statement Yuki felt of the weight of her guilt crushing her, “I am not mad at you Toragari-san. I am more disappointed than anything else. You are e bright girl with unless capabilities yet I have tried to get you to see time and time again that the path of anger you were walking would lead to something like this.” Tears began to slide down Yuki’s cheeks the sting of disappointing one of her idols was far worse than any punishment. The Yatagarasu Branch President sighed again, “Lucky for you Cementerio-san was kind enough to not file this with the BHA and also to somehow convince the two girls not to file complaints as well.” Yuki bit her lip a little hearing Crow’s name after the recent events she wasn’t sure how she felt about the Gunslinger. However the part she feared the most was coming and that was her punishment from Kobayashi-Sentai. “Normally this is something I cannot look pass Toragari-san….however after speaking with Cementerio-san he convinced me not to punish you harshly. You will still be on probation for a time were you will be partnered with another BH.” Yuki eyes widen in shock not only for her small punishment but that Crow Cementerio was actually the one who convinced Master Kobayashi to go easy on her.

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-Sorry, I meant no harm Mes….Katto, was it?- Callis tried to remain calm, he didn’t want to start a fight here, from what he gathered this kind of buildings were places of contemplation, mediation and worship, so the last thing the Beast Knight wanted was to disturb the peace of this place –She was reminded of a painful memory and I just happened to be nearby, my knightly oath is to help people in need, so I gave her a handkerchief, so there is no need to misunderstand the situation, I hope we can avoid fighting out of a confusing situation.- Even if he was trained for battle, Callis, disliked it and always tried to avoid unnecessary confrontations if possible. “A Knights fights to protect the weak, not for his own enjoyment or gain” that was one of the Beast Knights principles. What scared him was that deep down his beast side enjoyed the harshness of war and the excitement of battle. Callis everyday struggle was keeping that side of himself in check.

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