A Night at the Castle RP

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The whistling of a cold winter wind was the only thing that could be heard, as a man walks a mountain path, only protected by the bitter cold by a ragged cloak of scarlet fabric. As the sun is starting to go down, melting with the horizon over the mountain peaks around him, Callis Nomene scans the area; he is moving towards a village lost in a valley, Orasul Sânge. Days before this, back in Germany, he exchanged the information about the sighting of Sonata, seemingly much more important that what he originally thought during the encounter he had with her during the Phantom’s Tomb Raid. A man that only went by the “name” Vogel, contacted him as he searched for information about mystical artifacts. The enigmatic informant found extremely useful the information about The Chaos Queen.

Vogel informed Callis about the location of Orasul Sânge, and the castle that was located near the town, Cetate Din Ură, a dark place where supposedly creatures of the night lived. The Beast Knight shivered a bit upon knowing the nature of said creatures, as he fought against undead creatures before and knew how dangerous it could be. He went towards the town alone, he didn’t want to mix more people into a business of his own, but for a second he thought of searching the members of the group he temporarily joined in Egypt, but quickly he dispelled that idea from his head, not wanting to bother them with his own personal issues. The Beast Knight looked over the town and saw the grim castle, standing like at the edge of a cliff, it was as if darkness had taken shape, even from his position, almost 3 km away from it, he could feel the malice and smell the stench of corruption, but curiously it seemed to be focused on one place, the castle.

The Beast Knight walked down, into the valley, as the orange lights of twilight bathed the town and the castle, giving it for a moment, a less grim atmosphere, as if the warmth of the sun could dispel the darkness. But this beautiful moment was, as most are, just fleeting and the darkness took over again as the sun vanished behind the mountains. Callis already was in alert, as he didn’t know what he could find in town. –I have a bad feeling about this. - The Beast Knight whispered as he went off road and started climbing down towards the valley. As he did somebody else was walking the path, but a couple of km behind him.


Gen Shishioh was in Romania, striding the same mountain path with laid-back attitude. Usually he got to travel to other countries only to fight against Spirit Boxers, but this was something special. –Fuckin’ geezer, forcin’ me to come into this god fuckin’ forsaken mountains. - The Hot-Blooded Boxer spoke off Reiji Fukuma, his current mentor in the fine art of kicking the ass of others. Gen was planning a trip to Brazil as he heard about a strong Spirit Boxer there, but he had to stop his plans when Reiji asked him a favor. –Boxing Brat, I need you to go to Romania, a friend of mine asked me to go, but as you know, I can’t leave the island without having the JSDF (Japanese Self Defense Force) and the JHWAB (Japanese Hidden World Affairs Bureau) behind me. His daughter was backpacking through Europe and according to her travel companions the last place she visited is a village called Orasul Sânge. So go there and retrieve her, she may have tangled with local gangsters or something like that. - Gen remembered what Reiji said as he stretched. –Local Yakuza? I think I can handle it. - He told to himself, reassuring that this wouldn’t take long

As always Gen was getting into a trouble much bigger that what he expected.


As the sun vanished behind the mountains and the shadows grew larger and larger, not needing to hide behind other things to avoid their biggest enemy, the village woke up from its slumber. All the denizens started lighting candles and lanterns, and the flickering lights revealed their shining fangs and claws, their mad eyes and blood splattered clothing, all servants to the master of the village and the Lord of Cetate Din Ură. The villagers moved towards the castle entrance, where their lord awaited them. His blonde hair waved by the wind, his regal face locked into a sad smile. –My people, my dear and loved subjects, I bring grim news, as our peaceful Kingdom is being invaded. - Some of the Vampire’s subjects gasped. –Once again people from the outer world try to enter into our land and bring chaos and mayhem. But I won’t stand for it; I will face the devil himself if like that I can protect my beloved people. - The Vampire Lord’s face showed… concern? As he talked about the incoming threats and dangers his people would suffer.

-My wise advisors and my own powers allowed me to perceive the incoming threat, for that end I have gathered once again my 7 Knights, the Order of Walpurgis, the Scarlet Knights that protect you and I from the ones who want to destroy us.- The townspeople cheered loudly, loud enough for Callis to hear them and stop his descent, trying to search for the source of said sound. –My loyal subjects, as we escaped from the outer world that chased us, we hid here, in our own Hidden World, but with the modern age more people find us, maybe it’s time to stand and fight, as my Advisor has told me, but let’s allow what happens tonight to be the deciding factor of our next move. Thank you for your time, please, try to remain on your houses until further notice, my guards and the Scarlet Knights will deal with the intruders.- The Vampire King retired with a sad smile, followed by his advisor

The First Minister of the Vampire King was a stout man, dressed like a priest, completely bald and with facial traits that seemed to be like carved stone. –Excellent speech Lord Aurleu, as always your words are an inspiration for us all. - The Vampire King Aurleu sighed. –Why can’t we solve everything with words, we retracted from the world to avoid things like this, we rise our own cattle to feed, we try to keep a low profile and we end up like this, with warriors knocking our Kingdom door.- The Minister bowed. –Yes my Lord, is a shame we cannot manage this through more diplomatic methods. Still I was very lucky to detect the incoming threats so early, thanks to that you had enough time to wisely recall the Scarlet Knights. - The King smiled. –And for that I’m eternally grateful Minister Stricat. I will go to see my lover right now; I trust you can brief the Scarlet Knights without me, right? - Minister Stricat bowed again and smiled. –Yes my Lord, I will get to it right away.- The Vampire King floated towards the top tower and as he did the placid expression of the minister changed into rage as he walked towards the war room, to meet the Scarlet Knights.

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Man, why can't I find this freaking town?! The pink haired seamstress thought to herself, adding another log to her fire pit that she had dug beforehand to boil her tea with. Haruko had come all the way out to these woods because in the previous inn that she had stayed at, she had heard that the people of this town had a special type of plant that, if ground up, would produce a brilliant shade of red. Normally this wouldn't interest Haruko, but it's the special flammability factor of the paste created that especially interested her. She had thought that if she could make this paste, she could make a special flammable wire and knife to add to her arsenal. However, the short adventurer was extremely bad at navigation, so she had spent the entire day wandering around the countryside, hoping that she could spot any sign of the town.

With the sun now setting, Haruko had decided to make camp for the night and continue looking for the town in the morning. She had already set up her elegant hand-sewn tent, and was simply watching the gleaming sun set over the horizon. She had always loved watching the sun set, especially if there were no clouds to obstruct her view. Soon, the teapot began to whistle, and she gladly poured herself a cup of green tea. She was about to drink it, until she noticed a certain gleam coming from somewhere below the sunset. Curious, Haruko placed an extra log onto the fire to keep it alive, but didn't notice that the log was placed too far outside of the pit and lay halfway on the nearby grass. Regardless, she walked over towards the sunset, and noticed that the gleam was coming from the sun reflecting off of the roofs of the town's houses! I was...THIS close to the town, and I set up camp for the night?! Oh well, it will save me on the inn cost anyways.

She was about to take a closer look at the landscape of the town, until she smelled the scent of burning grass. Apprehensively, she turned around, and saw the area around her campsite was engulfed in flames! Her tent was on the other side of the fire though, but the flames were quickly spreading towards her location. Fire?! Does it always have to be something around me?! Haruko wastes no time running around the minor fire, and quickly moves her tent to a nearby dirt patch where it will be safe from the fire. She then tossed her kettle down along with it, and quickly began to throw dirt onto the flames. The fire at this point wasn't too out of control, only encompassing around 5 square feet outside of her fire pit. The smoke, however, could be seen from a couple of yards away, even though her structured fire pit was also producing smoke before the blaze started.

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On this particular night, two samurai were approaching the town from opposite sides.


From the east, a red-haired samurai dressed in a blue gown. He carried three katana at his waist, and he moved at speeds that would shock even the fastest eyes.

Naoto Kensei. A wanderer from time, and a medic from the bakumetsu- a vicious civil war in Japan's history, Naoto had spent his days wandering as of late. However, dark rumours had come to his ears of a village of the undead. The powers of life that burnt in his eyes could not allow such monstrosities to walk the earth.

His approach was fast and determined. The first undead he laid eyes on would burn.


The second samurai came from the west, and his approach was far less determined and murderous.

Dressed in brown and yellow, running his fingers through golden hair, Arsenal Vetinari the second was following his mentor's memories.

Almost a year ago, he had followed his master through time and space and held his body in his arms as he died in Africa. Since then, he had learnt some things from his identity. He was a Shinodaborn, his father a monstrosity of space and time named Jardsam Shinoda. He had been taken in by his half-brother Alvin Himmelskarte, and met many of his brothers and sisters. But, his own identity as an individual was a mystery.

In ancient times, he travelled alongside master, Arsenal Vetinari, as an abandoned street rate with no prop sects beyond robbery and petty theft. However, Arsenal had taught him how to be a samurai, and he, a boy without a name, swore to follow him for the end of his days.

The last act this boy did, looking into his master's eyes, was to use his Geass of empathy to learn his master's memories. Almost a millennia of knowledge flooded into him, and he was no roaming the earth to make sense of it all.

Now, he knew there was a village here anciently that was not on any map today. What had happened? Why was this so? When did this change occur since the middle ages? The blonde samurai aimed to answer these questions today.

Until he was distracted by the smell of smoke.

Turning on the foot of his step, Arsenal Vetinari the Second, commonly known as Blondie, charged towards the burning camp. "I SHALL SAVE YOU!!" He shouted. "THIS BURNING SOUL OF MINE SHALL NOT ALLOW THIS MIGHTY FOREST TO RISE IN FLAME!! BY MY SWORD HAND AS IT TWITCHES, LET THIS BLAZE BE EXTINGUISHED BY THE PASSION OF MY BLADE! SHINING!!! DIRT!! STOMPING!!!" He shouted, leaping out of the bushes majestically into the fire pit, before realising the sheer size of the flames. "OH SHIIIIIII---!!!"

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Earlier that Day

Luna stood at an airport in Romania. Tall with long platinum colored hair and red eyes that a shone with a piercing spark, that alone was enough to draw much attention to her. But considering the entire image, that wasn't even worth mentioning. More important were the clothes she was wearing, if those could be called clothes at all. They revealed more skin than a swimming suit would and were all made of black leather with a large number of belts. Needless to say men and women alike turned their heads towards her, some whistling, some silently making comments and others turning their children the other way and covering their eyes. She herself seemed to ignore all of that, as she talked with two men. They seemed to be from some kind of delivery service and it soon became apparent why. Next to her was a huge wooden box, moderately heavy too. Yet another girl stepped out from behind the box as soon as the men approached it. "Hi." she scared the two of them to death, intentionally it seemed. Luna's good friend Karen. She was shorter than Luna with blond hair and clear blue eyes. Her outfit was far more modest, with black leggings, a dress that reached to above her knees and high heels.

Despite what that appearance might suggest, Karen was far more aggressive when men were concerned than Luna was. Being a Succubus who was more than eager to use her powers, she could be called a sexual predator, using men in just about every possible sense of the word. Luna was much more reserved in that aspect despite being a Succubus herself, interestingly enough though she enjoyed teasing others, she was still a virgin and had no intention of changing that in the near future. After signing some papers and making some things clear with the men they began moving the box. As both of them wondered about the size and unusual weight, one of them had to ask. "Ma'am, m-may i ask what's being transported?" the man asked curiously, with a red face, obviously intimidated by Luna's appearance as well as the fact that he couldn't stop staring at her. "Fur clothes. Lots of them. I'll be heading out to a rather cold area you know." she replied with a grin as the two secured the object in place.



Luna's platinum colored hair was flying through the wind, in the middle of nowhere it seemed. Next to her was the box and Karen. In the distance behind them was the truck of the delivery company driving off with the two men inside of it. It was already getting dark and the forest before them looked like many things, but certainly not inviting. Despite that Luna grinned. "Finally! Keeping this shit up is damn tedious." she said as she hefted the box onto her shoulder, casually with one hand. She was referring to the fact that she had to get a company to move her "luggage", as her carrying the heavy box through the city would just look unnatural.

The other part of her complaint had to do with the content of the boxes itself. What was inside were not clothes, though it certainly did have fur, lots of it. George, a kind werewolf who also happened to be Luna's roommate was sleeping inside that box. It took quiet a few magic tricks to ship a supernatural being that looked like a human inside a box, but she managed. As soon as the container was placed onto her shoulder Karen started crying. "Luna! Why the hell did you get me to this gloomy place? It's cold, wet and dark." the girl was hugging her shoulders as she complained. For her who defined herself as a "fun loving type" this was just not acceptable. "I already told you, it's a little field trip for Georgey here. Don't worry you'll have your fun, one way or another. I might even give him to you to play around with." Luna smirked as she spoke, slowly walking through the forest. "Whatever... just get on with it." Karen rubbed her shoulders as she followed Luna.

After some walking they came to a cliff, nicely overlooking the village. "Well then here we are. Ready sis?" Luna asked, ready to jump off. "Wait! Didn't ask you, how the hell did you get him into that thing?" the Succubus wondered, realizing it for the first time during the whole trip. "Huh? Put something in his food. I think they use that for those hell horses, or was it hell elephants? Either way it worked, he's knocked out and will probably be waking up any second now, so quit you blabbering and get on with it."

Karen shrugged and Luna winked to her "Meet ya down there." with that Luna jumped off. Karen on the other hand preferred a bit less aggressive method, growing wings of crystallized honey to fly through the air. Up in the sky, she noticed a fire, just a bit further away than the village. "That seems interesting." Karen didn't have the longest attention span and the castle itself didn't interest her much. Instead she flew towards the source of light and flames, hoping to find some entertainment there.

Luna crashed through a roof of one of the houses in the village, making a rather large hole and destroying a good part of the living room too.

She tossed the wooden container right into the middle of the room.

"Time to wake up Georgey. Lunaly got a treat for you."

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Despite Haruko's efforts, the fire continues to slowly spread to the surrounding area. It was at that point that she had an important thought cross her mind. Wait, I brought along my blanket, and I specifically made it to be fire retardant! Haha I figured it out! She drops the dirt that she was about to throw onto the fire, and turns to her knocked-over tent. She starts to run towards it, until she heard a loud voice coming from the bushes nearby, proclaiming that it was going to 'save her'. Normally, she would have been overjoyed at this response, but then she saw that he was leaping directly into her fire pit! Crap crap crap, I have to save this guy! With a graceful leap over her fire pit, she dives straight at the boisterous mystery man, and tackles him backwards, away from the flames. They both go crashing into the ground, with Haruko landing primarily on his torso. She lets out a sigh of relief that she was able to save this guy, but then realized that she was now laying on top of him. Slightly blushing, she quickly gets off of him and back onto her feet, slightly embarrassed that she was in that position with a complete stranger. Haruko had used to be a shy girl growing up, and thus hasn't had many guy friends, making the situation a bit foreign to her mind. She then shakes off her embarrassment, and turns to the loud newcomer, extending a hand to help him up.

"Hello, my name is Haruko. Without leaping into the fire this time, could you help me deal with this?"

While she was extending a hand to the newcomer, Haruko also noticed a strange flying figure approaching their position as well. Not knowing if it was friendly or not, she put her other hand at her side, ready to draw a knife if it turns out to be a hostile creature.

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Blondie yelped as the pink-haired seamstress tackled him out of the way. "Th-thankyou!" He stuttered, blushing as he scrambled out from under her and onto his feet.

Once upright, however, the confident grin returned. "REMEMBER MY NAME, HARUKO!!" He said, opening a pocket in space and drawing a large weapon from it. "FOR I ARSENAL VETINARI, HERO OF LEGEND!! WITNESS MY MYTHICAL SWORD HAND AS IT TWITCHES FOR JUSTICE!! THESE FLAMES SHALL BE QUELLED BY THE FLAMES!!!!! OF!!! MY!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLL!!!!!!!"

Arsenal charged into the flames, leaping into the air with the weapon held over his head. It was blue, seemingly made out of water. Indeed, when he swung the blade, a massive torrent of water fell from the heavens and doused the flames instantly, before running downhill in a large, wet, muddy landslide, turning the path downwards into a sodden quagmire.

Sanding amongst the smoke, Arsenal grunted, left hand gripping the right that held his sword. "Power... surging... uncontrollably... DOWN SWORD HAND!! Stay back Haruko!" He shouted, holding his left arm out to impede the seamstress. "My heroic blood RAGES in the moonlight, and I fear lest I strike you down next!! HUUUURRAAAAARRRRGHHH!!!!" He shouted, before dramatically stabbing the blade into the ground, creating a constant trickle of fresh water running down the water. "It is finished..." He gasped, looking into the moonlight dramatically.


Silent and focused, Naoto ignored the smoke coming from the other side of the valley. It was not his concern, indeed, it only showed campers that he must protect from the beast below.

He continued his approach of the town.

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Romania, Orasul Sâng

The Last Gunslinger Crow Cementerio sat on a large root of a tree a small fire burning just in front of him as he carefully scanned around the forest. The Bounty Hunter was in the middle of a Romanian forest searching for a hidden town that would lead him to a castle, within the Hidden World the rumors of this particular were not good at all. Rumors of demons, monsters, zombies, werewolves, vampires, occult accounts and more. However these were all still rumors and fairy tales used to scare away arrogant tourist and trouble makers, the “thing” Crow was chasing was a far more terrifying monster. It wasn’t that long ago when Rin Shishioh had hired the Rail Gun to track and find her brother Gen and bring him back to her and the family after the events of what happen in Japan. While Crow didn’t normally take this kind of job he track down criminals’ not innocent people Rin had made Crow an interesting offer. Gen had a knack for vanishing when he wanted which he was kinda ironic for his using destructive path but Crow had picked up on the scent of the Hot Blooded Boxer once again and headed to this cold damp forest in the middle of Romania.

Crow wasn’t sure why Gen was heading to some town by the name of Orasul Sâng, nor did he care, Gen was now no different than any other bounty to the Lightning Revolver and as such Crow was going to catch him and bring him back to his sister. After all Crow had promised her on his word as a Gunslinger and he always kept his promises. However that didn’t stop the Gunslinger from packing a healthy amount of silver bullets and even a bottle of (what he was told) holy water, Crow was determined not stupid he wasn’t walking into a Romania forest not prepared. Crow looked around a hand on his revolver, Quicksilver, scanning the enclosing darkness around him. Some twigs snapped and broke around him as causing him to draw his revolver aiming in the area that as he called out to who, or what, may be out there. “Hola is anyone out there? If you are you better come out now and if you are a blood sucking vampire who wants to drain my blood mist well then…you can go about your day nothing to eat, kill, and rape here.” Once silence fell on the environment again Crow holstered his revolve then began to put out his fire to continue to move on the town that he was searching for shouldn’t be too far. However there was something that seemed to bother Crow about this whole thing, I get that Gen is running away and he usually looks for trouble by what could possibly be in some Romanian village that would intrigue him. And what’s more is that this whole area just has a bad feeling to it. I feel like a turkey that is about to walk into the mouth of hungry pilgrims.

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Callis noticed the flying box and the woman holding it. The Beast Knight hurried his descent as the box and the mysterious woman landed inside a house, the nearest to his current position. He scraped the idea of a safe descent in the rocky slope and started using his inhuman agility to descend as fast as he could. Suddenly a rock were he stepped came off from its place with a sinister creaking. Callis reflexes kicked in and he used a knife he carried on the back of his waist to pierce a crack and hang there as the rock he pushed out started a small rockslide, which caused thundering noises. Whatever advantage the stealthy approach would grant Callis he wouldn’t be able to take them, thanks to this anybody in town would have looked at the cliff where the Beast Knight was hanging. –I did have a bad feeling about this. - Callis whispered as he slid down the rocks and kept moving down as up wasn’t an option anymore.

The Lost Knight rushed through the dark fields as his ears caught the sound of armored guards moving towards his location, he could sense their scent, the same that Vampires back on his world had or at least pretty similar. Without thinking it twice he shouldered the door of the house.


Minutes before Callis rushed into the house, George, the Myth Soldier Werewolf, currently residing as a Flat mate of Samjaz and the Succubus Luna woke up and stretched. –W-W-What?- The Young Werewolf opened his eyes and noticed his glamour was off. His eyes started to get accustomed to the environment and noticed Luna standing beside him in the room…. But not their shared room this place seemed much. –Uh…Luna…Where are we? Why does my head hurt so much?- The very confused Werewolf tried to stand up both he staggered with his legs still half asleep from the drugs Luna slipped at him. –D-did you drug me? – As he said that the rockslide suddenly shook the ground and made the windows vibrate.


Gen heard the noise and saw the fire, he was quite intrigued so he rushed there, jumping over rocks, spiky bushes and tree roots. In no time he reached the place where Haruko and Arsenal were and saw the burnt grass. For a second he thought the girl could be the one he was searching for but the photo didn’t match, he was looking for a girl with red hair. – Who the fuck are ya?- The Hot-blooded boxer asked as he jumped down from a small elevation of the terrain and landed besides them. –What the fuck are ya doing here? Are ya here lookin’ for the girl? - Gen had the hope of finding out they were on the same task and he would leave it to them.


The 7 Scarlet Knights where in the War Room as the Minister entered with anger on his face, clear as day. They were sitting down on a table or standing in them room, the multicolored clothed Clovn with a sinister smile on his face, the feral Lup the only non Vampire member of the order, the scantily clad Domina a sadistic smirk of superiority was her only expression. Armura the Heavy Knight, he was standing against a wall with mysterious air around him. The regal Vrajitor in the finest clothing floated above the ground with a book opened on his hand. One in light clothing and carrying a pretty dreadful staff was in a dark corner sitting over a bookshelf, his eyes shined brightly with a red gleam. He was Sarpe, the resident assassin. Last but not least was the leader of the order, Cavaler, with medium armor and a mighty blade on his hand.

-You must destroy the intruders right now; nobody must leave Orasul Sange alive. You know it very well; our village secrets must be kept like that… so WHY IN BLOOD’S NAME YOU ARENT OUT THERE CHASING THEM!?- Minister Stricat pounded the table with his fist, his veins popping out his neck and temple, his pale face slowly getting red from anger. Cavaler took the word. –Our presence here is defense enough, we don’t need to actively search for them, the guards I train exist for that purpose. - Cavaler seemed calm and composed as he drank blood from a golden goblet. –If the guards fail to fulfill their duty, what’s the point of having them here. If they fail while fulfilling their duty then we will step in.- Stricat growled in anger before leaving, but as he reached the door he stopped and turned his head around, glaring at the room. –If a single guard is killed then you will go out, no excuses.-

Stricat whispered curses, he needed the Scarlet Knights to clean the village from intruders, because if they took too much time Lord Aurleu would do it himself and he would find out about his diminished powers, thanks to the tainted blood Stricat was making the servants take the Lord. The Minister didn’t wanted Aurleu to stay in power and slowly he had started to corrupt the government on his favor, using any means at his disposal, he even managed to get 3 of the 4 Knights on his side, still he hated them as he hated Aurleu, all the aristocratic Vampires didn’t understood how much the villagers had suffered with the change to animal blood, mostly because they needed 3 times more than human blood to barely survive and Aurleu tended to storage it for rationing it. Yet the system as Aurleu ideas were old fashioned and the townspeople were dying.

As this meeting happened a squad of guards was in route to the western entrance, where Arsenal, Haruko and Gen where. Another group checked the Eastern Entrance to check if more intruders were coming. A third larger group went to investigate the mysterious box crashing in a house and the subsequent rockslide.

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Haruko watched the newcomer spout his monologue with her mouth halfway open, and a slight twitch overcame her left eye. Where in the world, or other worlds, is this guy from? She had never seen someone this...creative in her years wandering the land. When he summoned his blue sword from seemingly nothing, she only becomes more confused at the situation at hand. She watches him leap into the air, only to find that he is releasing a torrent of water down onto her location! She manages to get away from most of the water, but she was still hit by the edge of it and found herself now dripping with water. Haruko brushes her now wet hair out of her eyes, and looks at the perpetrator, who is now seemingly arguing with his own right arm. She actually forgets about her predicament and tries to contain herself from completely bursting out into laughter at his show that he is putting on, before remembering that she is now drenched thanks to his torrent of water.

She begins walking over to the boisterous fireman as he stabs his sword into the ground, and lightly hits him on top of the head. "Thanks for putting out the fire, but would ya mind warning me next him you decide to do that? These will take forever to dry now that the sun is setting." She says, pointing to herself and her drenched outfit. Haruko then looks down the path of the newly-made river, and shakes her head when she sees that the entire hillside is now almost a marsh by comparison. Well, so much for first impressions with the villagers. Hopefully they will understand the situation... Before she could go back into her tent to dry off, another voice rang out from behind her. She slowly turns around, and sees another person jump down next to Haruko and Arsenal. O hey, I guess this is now a party. Who the heck is this guy now?

Straightening her jacket and jeans, she looks at the vulgar newcomer and smiles a little. "My name is Haruko. I am here to talk to the townspeople down there about buying some plants, and I have no idea about any other 'girl' here than myself. Are you looking for her or something?" While the damp seamstress was addressing the new person, she spots out of the corner of her eye movement coming from the town, headed straight for them. She then turns to both of them, and motions toward the guards. "Are these...friends of either of yours by any chance?"

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Arsenal turned to face the new arrival. "Give me your name, linguistically-challenged seeker of women and I shall give you mine!" He declared boldly. "For I, Arsenal Vetinari the Second, am a hero of justice, and gives not his name to nameless vagabonds, EXCEPTING those he cuts down, that they may spread his name far and wide as they remember it with their last breaths!"

Is he was shouting, Blondie began to realise that in the heat of his dramatic entrance being interrupted by this teenager, he was beginning to ramble nonsense. Still, he maintained his dashing smile and daring stance, pointing at Gen, hoping on all hell that they were so impressed by the level of his heroic shouting that they didn't have chance to listen to the actual words he had said.

He made a mental note to preplan some speeches for when his heroic entrance was interrupted towards the end in future situations. He might even have to add a whole new chapter to the manual of justice.

Thankfully, Haruko had noticed a convenient distraction that may have just saved Arsenal's dignity. "Friend? Foe? That is for the steel of my blade to decide." Arsenal said, lifting the aquatic blade, the Torrential, and charging towards the foe, shouting the name of one of his many ultimate attacks. "WILD!!! COMPANY!!"


Naoto noticed guards approaching him, and ignited his healing eye. Should they be undead, simply looking at their skin will cause the exposed flesh to burst into flame, and the samurai would know to strike them down without mercy.

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Karen noticed that the fire had been extinguished, though at the same time he also spotted some interesting individuals.

She was flying over them just as Blondie was in the middle of holding his speech. She couldn't help but see that Blondie did have a rather handsome face and well developed body. There was also a girl and another man but even from above he seemed far too brutish for Karen to be interested in him. There were some guards approaching too, but she was oblivious to them as of now, mostly because she couldn't get herself to care. That meant down there were a potential female friend and a potential lover/target for tonight, time to get down. Of course just flying down and greeting them wouldn't do the trick. She produced a large quantity of honey, dumping it all onto Blondie, practically covering his entire body in the sticky substance. Then she swooped down, landing right next to him. "Hey now sugar, don't get all worked up, especially not when you look so sweet." as she finished she licked some of the honey of his cheek. "Name's Karen, nice to meet ya."

While Karen was enjoying herself, Luna was now stuck with explaining to George what was going on. That is she was supposed to do that, she had other plans for him thought. "Drug you? My little Georgey? Like i'd do something like that." Luna spoke very slowly in a sarcastic voice, putting emphasis on every single syllable. "You just fell asleep because you're tired of the apartment air, so i got you outside for some exercise. Come one, we'll play a little bit and then we can go home. I promise" she was still speaking in a very suggestive voice practically hissing every "s" sound she made, though as far as she was concerned she meant it well. The only reason she came her is to see what he can do and how he acts in situations like these. She had to evaluate him exactly before she could start working with him. She already knew that he was far too timid for his own good, but she didn't know the exact extent of it. She'd get him into shape one way or another. As to why she was doing all of that?

It was fun.

Just as she finished speaking there was a rockslide, making the house shake with the windows vibrating as if they were about to break. As it stopped Luna could hear someone approach the house.

"And oh, here comes you first playmate. Have fun."

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The Last Gunslinger was making his way down a trail that apparently lead read to the village where Crow’s target Gen was supposedly heading. As the soon was setting the trees began to cast ominous shadows making it appear that demonic teeth were surrounding the gunslinger ready to swallow him whole. The Rail-gun hand was near his hip ready to draw his revolver at a moment notice, as he moved further down the path he was getting an uneasy feeling in his gut. These trail looks like it hasn’t been used in years in fact on the map it this town is surrounded by hills, tree, and more it like Mother Nature herself was trying to seal this town in. As Crow moved down the path he was unaware of the vampiric guards moving into position they were mainly archers, they drew their arrows each one was strong enough to pierce through stone and steel like paper. Their movements were slow as to not create a sound as they targeted each the of the Rail-gun’s vital organs, eyes, throat, and groin. Their numbers were near countless. To most men this would be the end of their journey strike down by the dozens of lethal arrows piercing through them with remorseless intent then drug into the woods to be never seen again. Crow Cementerio was not most men. The Last Gunslinger suddenly drew his revolver aiming it in the direction of one of the archers. “I reckon you didn’t think anyone would hear you and normally you would be right. I didn’t hear you and I didn’t need to. Just ahead of him I can see the holes in the tree trunks where arrow heads pierced them. This path is blurred by drags marks where someone was drugged away. There are bald spots where branches and bushes have been removed so that projectiles have a clear path. My guess is that this spot is an ambush location, trespassers are blindsided by the arrows that strike from the forest. Like I said I didn’t need to hear you it was pretty obvious from the start.”

Without ending warning or response an arrow flew towards the Gunslinger from the left Crow reacted almost on instinct as he spun around using Quicksilver to break the arrow in half. Within a second a dozen more arrows were released in directions all aimed at Crow. The Gunslinger began to dodge the arrows with an inhuman agility, however more arrows begin to come in from all sides and slowly overwhelmed Crow. Arrows began to start to just nick him cutting his sun tanned flesh along his arms and legs; one arrow cut him just under his right eye, if was a second slower he would have been Crow the One Eyed Gunslinger. Using Quicksilver to parry, block and smash some of the incoming projectiles a small debris of arrow heads and shafts were beginning to form at his feet. The Rail-gun went to run and give the archers a moving target however he realized he was frozen in place. Crow looked down in shock to see that in the barrage of arrows some of the archers had fired arrows at Crow’s pants pinning him to the ground. “Damn it! I’m a sitting duck!” Before Crow could pull his left free about a 4 dozen arrow came flying in through all directions, the Lighting Revolver’s arm began to surge as he held it up utter a few words. “Zumbido.”

Suddenly a large blast of eletricty fired from Crow’s hand destroying a large portion of the arrows and tore through the trees creating a large eletrical explosion at it slammed into the vampire guards. Unforeunately Crow did not get out uninjuired his side had been pierced with an arrow it missed anything vital but left untreated he could easily bleed out. Also several of the arrows cut deep into his skin including one in his shoulder; Crow wince as he yanked his foot free the smell of his blood in the air triggered the Guard more feral instinct like a shark to blood. Suddenly from the woods Guard rushed at Crow a war hammer in hand. The Last Gunslinger fired 3 shots at the blood lusting guarrd but was shock to see it tank the bullets with ease, Crow reacted fast using Quicksilver to parry the hammer strike as he said. “Descarga…1 Million Volt” The Rail-gun created a electrical discharge from his body with the strength of 1 million volts of eletricty the shocking defensive manuever lit up the Guards body but seemed to only stun him for a second. The Hammer Guard brought his hammer down smashing the ground with a demonnic force which Crow avoided by jumping away. From the charred section of the forest, where Zumbido hit, the Archer guards began to their amor only paritally destoyed revealing their vampiric nature. Crow’s cobalt eyes widen as used his speed to escape into the woods wincing a little from the pain in his shoulder and side however even as he ran towards Gen, Blondie, and Haruko’s locaiton he was leaving a trail of blood that the Guards could follow…..meanwhile

Orasul Sâng: East

Another man was making his way towards the village a man on a quest from God to vanquish evil from man’s earth and God’s heavenly creation. Both a priest of the Catholic Church and a Bounty Hunter of the Balmung Branch (European Branch). This man was Jericho Strife aka the God Hand. His attire was a mixture of the church and a paladin; on his hands were two large steel gauntlets, each with a cross on them and several symbols of divine nature. On his back a large sword like weapon that resembled a cross with a two handed sword grip attached to the bottom it was referred in the BH circle as Spiritus Poena. A bible was attached to the belt on his waist and a gold cross was around his neck. Jericho was normally a quiet man until he was in the midst of evil of all kinds that is when the fearsome fury of the God Hand’s reveal itself with unbridled passion. The Holy BH was seeking a reward for a missing girl that had gone lost in this area, while this was not normally a Bounty Hunter job Jericho felt as a man of God that any soul lost in his dominion it was his duty to retrieve it. Jericho kneel down placing his hand on the path as if he was trying to get a sense of the land. “Dear Lord, this earth is tainted in blood spilt in the devil’s name. I ask for your strength to hold off the devil minion, I ask you kept my strikes true and righteous, and I ask you provide hope to the girl who is missing. Give her hope Lord for tonight one of your agents is coming to save her.”

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The Beast Knight entered the abandoned house trying to get away from the guards, as he wanted to strategize for a bit before going in blindly, but unluckily he entered the wrong house. Callis never had much luck, since he was a young boy up until know he never won any game of chance, neither a lottery, a bingo nor anything luck related; he mostly survived these horrible odds out of skill. This time around wouldn’t be an exception. As he shouldered the door the Succubus Luna was convincing a half drugged George about an incoming enemy, her voice pierced through any kind of moral restraint or self control as the young Werewolf was too dazed to control his instincts.

George roared as his nose picked up Callis and charged at him like a dog would charge at a cat. The Werewolf jumped down the second floor, ignoring the stairs aimed directly at the Beast Knight. Callis saw the half man half wolf flying towards him and tilted his head in surprise. –A Saevus!? Here!?- The Beast Knight was talking about the race to which half of his blood belonged, the Saevus, originally created in Centris as slaves by a race of ancient magicians, the Saevus managed to free themselves and create their own Empire.

The Lost Knight barely managed to react at George’s attack, he grabbed the incoming clawed hands from the wrists and landed his leg into the rabid Werewolf stomach using his own momentum against him spinning backwards with both crashing through a flimsy wooden wall and ending up rolling outside the house, right into the guards feet. Callis unsheathed his both swords after breaking out of the roll and noticed that they were surrounded with guards, all with their sword ready.

Thankfully George attention shifted to the guards as he charged at them. Callis shrugged his shoulders and decided to help with the guards. He wasn’t scared of George, what the young Werewolf did was a light greeting when it came to Saevus, Callis had to deal with similar greetings when he lived among his paternal family, all full blooded Saevus.


Gen looked at Haruko and Blondie and shrugged his shoulders with a rude gesture. –Ya are one of those guys, don’t ya? - The Hot-Blooded Boxer rubbed his nose in frustration, he hated the do-gooder type even more than the plainly evil opponents, but before he could start introducing himself the Scarlet Guard arrived to the scene, many soldiers, some with swords, some with spears and some with bows, all of them didn’t seem very friendly. –FUCK THIS! Let’s bet these fuckers before introducin’ ourselves! – Gen rushed alongside Arsenal and started fighting against the guards.

He punched without Fighting Spirit, considering he thought he was fighting humans. To his shock his punch barely made any effect and thanks to his training his skin was able to resist the spikes in the armor. –WHAT THE HELL!?- The Boxer took some steps backward as he noticed the fangs in the guard mouth, his pale skin and scarlet eyes. –ARE WE FIGHTIN’ FUCKIN’ VAMPIRES!?- He shouted surprised as he took another step backwards with the enemies getting closer, as they thought Gen was going to cower in fear.

They thought wrong, as Gen stepped in as he shouted –AWESOME!- And attacked the closest to him with a barrage of Fighting Spirit Punches. -ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!- The Vampire Guard armor was shattered and so did his body. As Gen kept fighting the archers aimed at him, Arsenal and Haruko, even at Karen. There were at least 50 guards attacking them

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Haruko shakes her head when she sees Blondie immediately rush towards the guards. It's possible that they aren't after us necessarily. Well, I guess it's too late to turn back now. And with that thought, Haruko runs after Gen and Arsenal, drawing 3 knives out of her jacket in the process. She is momentarily taken aback when she sees what appears to be a flying woman pour honey over Arsenal, but decides that the guards are a more pressing matter. She throws the knives at 3 different classes of guards; a sword wielder, a hammer wielder, and a lance wielder, all aimed at their chests. Much to her surprise, her knives simply get stuck in their chest cavity, and all 3 of them continue their advance on her. She pulls on the wires attached to her knives, and grabs a hold of them once more, only to see that the inside of the guards appeared to be vampires! Her suspicions were only reinforced when she heard the loud boxer shout "ARE WE FIGHTIN' FUCKIN' VAMPIRES!?",causing a slight ringing in her ears momentarily.

It was too late for her to set up a trap, now that the bulk of the guard's forces were upon them. The three guards in particular that she had attacked were now next to her, and were about to strike. Haruko uses her extraordinary flexibility to duck under the lancer's stab and roll to the side, tagging the lance wielder with one of her wires. She then forcefully pulls the sword wielder by the arm into the path of the hammer wilder's strike, and watched him get completely pulverized. With the hammer wielder now recovering from the strike, she runs up to him and plants her hand right on his face, attaching a wire to him as well. Haruko then gracefully back-flips away from both of the guards, and holds up the wires that she attached to them, smiling. "Sorry to have to do this, but I don't like being attacked for camping out here. Even if I accidentally started a fire!" With that last statement, she attaches a rocket explosive knife to each of the wires, and lets them fly towards their targets, exploding on them. Just for good measure, Haruko attaches another pair of explosive knives to the wires to make sure that their bodies are destroyed along with the armor.

"Alright, I got three of them!" Haruko exclaimed to herself, only to find that there were seemingly over 50 guards still among them. Her expression then turned serious when she saw the archers aiming at her comrades, and decides to protect the airspace. Haruko runs up a short nearby tree, overlooking the battlefield. Given her extensive training as a seamstress, she was able to pinpoint the archers out of the crowd, and even the ones who were about to shoot arrows. Drawing 10 of her standard wire knives, she begins to throw them at arrows in flight, bringing them down to Earth, where Haruko would retract the knife and either throw it at another arrow, or at the strap carrying their quivers, making them drop their arrows for a short period of time.

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Water flooded the mountainside once more as Arsenal sent half a dozen guards slipping down the hill with a burst of water. Before he could announce his victory, however, honey was dumped on his head. "W-What?!" He shouted, completely dumbfounded.

A woman landed next to him. "Hey now sugar, don't get all worked up, especially not when you look so sweet." she told him before she licked some of the honey of his cheek. "Name's Karen, nice to meet ya."

Arsenal stepped away from her in disgust. "Are you serious?" He shouted at her. "I am heroically defending this campsite from-"


"Copulating vampires." Arsenal continued. "And you want to bring bears into this?"

An arrow shot past, narrowly missing Arsenal's neck, but in his current state of mind he heard something different.

"Bees..." He said, before stepping back and looking at Karen up and down. "Oh No... not the bees..."

"Not the bees..." Arsenal whispered, honey dripping from his nose to his mouth as he gripped his sword and charged for her, vampires forgotten. "NOT THE BEES!!! AAAARRRRGRHHH!!!"


As the guards began to burn in green flames, Naoto drew his bluntened sword and removed their heads before continuing his charge. He sheathed his sword again, accelerating under the knowledge that the rumours were not unfounded.

The dead must die again.

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And it appeared like Luna's hopes had been granted for now. Whoever entered didn't seem like a vampire, but it hardly matter anyway, as long as she could see how George would act in a situation like this. Much to her surprise he acted much more like the savage beast he looked like, rather than the timid boy she knew. He quickly got into a fight with the intruder, but it didn't end up being being a brutal one sided one hit kill, despite the fact that George had both the moment of surprise and higher ground. Whoever the other person was, he was skilled. George's attack got countered and the two of them became of ball of fur as they rolled over the floor and through the wall.

"Weak." Luna muttered with a grin. She jumped down to the ground floor and slowly walked towards the hole in the wall, left behind by the previous fight. She exited the house, only to find the two beastly men now fighting a group of guards while cooperating. "This works too i guess." Luna commented, somewhat disappointed that she wouldn't see the two fight each other instead. A crimson red seal appeared in the air in front of her. Queen's Straight, hitting it would amplify the power of Luna's punch as well as turn all of it's strength into a projectile for long range fighting. She punched the seal, a loud explosion being heard from the impact between it and her fist. Evidence for the strength in it could be found behind her. The wooden house collapsed all the way to it's base from the pressure Luna's strike produced.

All of the force released was transformed into a crimson bullet which shot forward to one of the guards while rending the earth along it's flight path.


Karen was surprised by the reaction she received. She couldn't care less about them having to fight vampires though, given the locations and some of the stuff Luna said she expected it anyway. But Blondie charging at her certainly did make her care, but first there were those pesky archers. A wall of honey was erected, catching all the arrows fired towards the group. Most of the magical honey disappeared, except a small coating around the arrows. That part crystallized itself, encasing the arrows. Using her powers Karen launched the now sharper arrows back at the attacker, raining the golden projectiles onto them.

Of course she couldn't ignore Blondie. All of the honey that was covering his body moved like a snake over his skin, gathering all on his sword. The huge amount crystallized and solidify, dragging the sword down and making it impale the ground in front of Karen's feet, so that Blondie's head was somewhere around hip height in front of Karen. "Are you brain dead or what? Think you have some serious issues with eyesight." she told him while touching his nose with her finger and lowering her head down onto his level.

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Orasul Sâng: West Forest

The sounds of gun fire and steel clashing rang through the forest along with the occasional grunt of pain as the Last Gunslinger defended himself from the Crimson Guard near endless assault. Crow was already wounded from an earlier arrow ambush was slowly bleeding out as he maneuvered as best as he could through the Romanian Forest. The pain in my side is killing me I need to stop and dress this wound but they just keep attacking. Just as the Rail-gun finished that thought an arrow from an Archer Guard just barely passed by him as his inhuman lightning like reflex allowed him to dodge. However before Crow could return fire a Spear Guard slammed the large shield he carry into the Gunslinger shoving him back then proceeded to thrust his halberd like weapon at him. The weapon grazed his side making him wince but Crow wasn’t giving up a smirk playing on his face as he used pin point accuracy to fire a bullet through the small opening of the face guard through the vampire guard’s skull instantly killing him. However victory was short lived as several more Spear Guards came crashing down from above spears pointed downwards. Electrical Energy surged off Crow’s body as he released another Descarga this time its voltage increased to 2 million volts. The guards body smoked as they were internally cooked and temporary paralyze just long enough for Crow to reload his revolver with the silver bullets he had bought and fire at least one round each into guards around him. They let out a hellish scream as they silver burned them preventing them from healing the new wound; the Last Gunslinger smirked a little “So it seems that silver does work on you bastards. That’s good because I would hate to have wasted on that money on a false product. Normally I would keep one of you alive to question who sent you but I reckon you are not the talking type. That’s fine with me because I’m not in the mood for talking.” The guards began to stir and thrust at Crow their spears as the Gunslinger uttered a single word the static electricity in the air around him began building. “Overcharged.” A release of electrical energy surged out from the Lightning Revolver as it lit up the forest around him so that anyone in the vicinity could see him.

Orasul Sâng: East Trail

The God Hand Jericho Strife stood solemnly in the center of what appeared to be a gory carnage scene of bloody vampire corpses. The steel gauntlets on his hands dripped with their blood. Some of the corpses were head less while others were a bloody splatter along the ground, some had broken spears turned into stakes impaled through their body and one unfortunately undead Guard was left was left shield in one hand and spear in the other. Jericho was muttering a silent pray to himself seeking forgiveness not only for the sake of the guards around him but himself for what he had done to them. “Servant of Darkness…Warrior of the Devil I banish you and your master from this earth. I banish you to the depths of hell that has spat you out and send you back to the darkness from which rejected you.” As the priest recited his holy scripture it did nothing to the Spear Guard only making it angrier however Jericho’s gauntlets started to glow with a blinding one light-like energy-the God Hand moved forward as he continued his prayer. “The Lord shall guide my fist tonight and help me strike down those who corrupt the souls of the innocent in order to strengthen the wicked. In the name of the Holy Father I banish evil in all its forms!” The Bounty Hunter reeled his glowing white fist back as he prepared to unleash the wrath of one of the Balmung’s branches Silver Star ranked bounty hunters. “I HAVE THE LORD IN MY FIST AND THE DEVIL IN MY SOUL! AND THEY BOTH SEEK RECKONING!” The Spear Guard lifted his shield in order to defend himself however this was futile. The moment the God Hand’s fist collided with it the shield shattered instantly and half of the Vampire’s body was blow away in a gory blinding flash. However Jericho was not done he suddenly grabbed the head of the Vampire with the throat of the Vampire and slammed him into the ground so hard it created a small crater. Jericho then proceeded with a fury beat down as he repeatedly brought his gauntlet fist down into the Guard’s face. Punch after punch collided into the skull of the immobile Crimson Guard within seconds shattering its helmet as the smashed repeatedly into flesh. Blood began to splatter in all directions as fangs were shattered and flew from its mouth an eye ball was not only caved in but popped. Over and over this beat down continued till finally Jericho stopped panting a little he rose. The Guard’s entire skull was destroyed from the repeated punches the force of buried its head into the ground. Jericho rose and looked around before making a small cross shape with his fingers before he began to run forward. The night was young and evil thrived in the midnight hours.

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The three guards Haruko struck with explosions started decomposing, a black liquid started coming out from their eyes and their wounds and then they dissolved into black puddles. The same happened to the Vampire Gen punched until his chest collapsed on itself destroying the heart. Gen hands go stained by this strange liquid, that has a foul stench, but he kept on fighting. A couple of arrows managed to pierce through his coat of Fighting Spirit around him and reached his skin stabbing deep into it. –FUCKIN’ VAMPIRES!- The Hot-Blooded Boxer didn’t realize he was pretty much alone in the front line against the guards as Haruko was playing it safe from range and Arsenal…well Arsenal was having a Cagedown. Gen kept punching enemies; most of the guards didn’t last long and dissolved into puddles of black liquid upon losing their head or getting their heart destroyed. –Shouldn’t this fuckers turn into ashes?- He asked to nobody in particular as he kept punching them

Outskirts of town

The combined efforts of Callis and George were more than enough to take on the 20+ guards around, the cold precision of the Knight and the feral power of the Werewolf were taking care of the Vampiric Guardsmen, that even as skilled as they were they couldn’t match Callis impressive technique with two swords and no matter how strong they were over a regular human they couldn’t match George’s berserkering might. This would have taken much more time if it wasn’t for Luna’s assistance shooting the crimson bullet, taking several enemies in one shot. The battle ended and George was still punching a fallen enemy with no signs of stopping.

Callis looked at Luna and immediately looked away, a bit flustered about her clothing and decided to focus on George. He moved stealthy towards him as the rest of the Vampires started to dissolve. The one the Werewolf was attacking was barely defending and even for a man, who hates the undead as much as Callis does, this was excessive, the enemy was already defeated. –STOP! You have vanquished him already! - The Beast Knight voice was like a whip and caught the attention of the Feral George that stopped punching and clawing. The Werewolf stood up in front of the Knight and roared at him, but Callis stood his ground without flinching.

–STOP RIGHT NOW! - George roared again at him and tried to slash him, but he stopped the moment he reached the Knight’s cheek as Callis didn’t even move. The Young Werewolf posture got less feral and more human like and so did his eyes that went from blank back to blue. –Uh…Uh…. Where am I? - He asked looking around confused.

Inside the Keep

The Scarlet Knights discussed their course of action as the news about the intruders were troubling; the Crimson Guard was being totaled by the foreigners. Cavaler took the word –We need to spread out and destroy them before they reach the castle, Armura, Vrajitor and myself will stay here protecting the Lord and his fiancée, Lup you take the East Road, Domina you take the town, Clovn and Safer you take the intruders in the Western Forest.- Lup bowed and jumped through the window. Domina smiled. –I hope some of the intruders are hunks. At least that would make this evening enjoyable. - She winked at the people in the room and flew away with leathery wings sprouting out her back. Safer vanished into a shadow and popped up besides Clovn. –Let’s go jester, or we won’t have anything left to kill.- Both were swallowed by a shadow and left towards the forest. Armura proclaimed in loud voice. –I’LL TAKE THE GATE, THEY WILL HAVE TO VANQUISH ME BEFORE ENTERING THE KEEP!- The boisterous Knight roared gleefully as he left the room with each of his steps making the castle quake.

Vrajitor the magician had disappeared as the others did and Cavaler took the throne room, the only room that had access to the Royal Chambers was the Lord and his fiancé were resting. Vrajitor had teleported into his library and lab where the Minister was expecting him. –Good riddance, couldn’t you come here faster? - the Vampire Alchemist looked at the sweaty minister with little to no interest. –You cannot rush art, I have the poison you ordered, I hope it works on our king, truly his behavior has been altered by his new fiancée, he used to be fearless and blood thirsty, but lately he wants us to stay here cooped up like beasts.- Vrajitor closed he book he had on his hand and make a bottle fly over from one of the shelves. -Add this to his supply of blood and he will be weaker than a human. We kill him, we kill his fiancé and we blame it on the intruders, that’s how you will ascend to power and we will terrorize Europe.- The Minister smiled and took the bottle with him. Vrajitor didn’t really care about any of that, he only wanted to keep his experiments undisturbed.

Sakurajima Island

Reiji was doing some light exercise while he thought about Gen’s Mission. The Old Master stopped right on his tracks at mid punch as he realized something. His friend, the one that asked him the favor to search for the girl, never had a daughter…. And maybe he wasn’t even involved in politics…. Wasn’t he a businessman or something like that?

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Haruko continued to suppress the archers that were attacking Gen, Karen, Blondie and herself, and found that they were struggling to keep up with her knocking their quivers over. That armor impedes their movements greatly, so it was very difficult for them to reach down and pick an arrow off the ground to fire at her, in which case she would just bring the arrow down with one of her knives. She was just about to jump back down to help Gen on the front line, until she sees a bright flash of light coming from directly behind them. Since Haruko had the trained eyes of a seamstress and was on top of a tree, she could see that another squad of guards were approaching a mysterious man who was holding what appeared to be a revolver. Who the heck is this guy? It looks like another squadron of guards are attacking him alone. I've gotta help this guy, or he won't last until we all defeat this squad...

Looking down at Blondie and Karen, Haruko sighs at the fact that he isn't helping Gen and herself, and calls out to him. "Hey, Arsenal! Help this boxing guy out, I have to go save some other person over there!" After saying "Hey, Arsenal", Haruko threw a knife down right next to Arsenal's head to get his attention, before saying her second sentence. Once she was done calling to him, she retracts her knife that she threw, and sprints from tree-to-tree toward the light's location. Arriving at the scene, she realizes that the mysterious fighter is indeed outnumbered by a great margin, and perches herself on top of a tree next to his location. This guy is already pretty cut up...I'd better help out and possibly stitch some of those wounds closed before he bleeds out on me. That would be no fun at all. Leaping off of the tree, Haruko reaches into her jacket with both hands, and throws 10 explosive knives in a 360 degree radius around herself, striking the guards that were closing in on Crow. The pink-haired seamstress gracefully lands next to him, her back facing his. She turns her head towards him, and grins a little bit. "Sorry, couldn't help but notice that you were being attacked by these guys. In case you weren't aware, these guards are all vampires. There are others nearby who are fighting these creatures along with us, so let's work together and take these guys down. Deal?" With that last word, she notices that the guards have now regrouped, and were now preparing to attack them again.

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"You have an adorable nose." Blondie told Karen as Haruko threw a dagger at him. Abandoning the aquatic sword, he drew another blade to block, only for the dagger to be recalled as he was ordered to assist the boxer. "With pleasure!" He shouted, charging into the fray with a backwards glance at Karen. "I'll deal with you later."

The blade was golden, with a black hilt. "FLY RAGNELL!!" He shouted, hurling the sword into the fray to skewer three guards before flying back in Blondie's grip as he leapt into the air, slamming the blade down upon another undead warrior.

He advanced, hacking and slashing his way towards the boxer and forming a spearhead alongside him, the two becoming a whirling dervish of redeath, sending the walking corpses back into the ground where they belonged.


Guards out of his way, Naoto cleared the thickets and saw the town ahead of him. Behind him, he heard the sounds of someone shouting battle cries resembling the western churches. Another intending to cleanse the undead.

Most likely someone to slow Naoto down.

Naoto charged, eyes burning with healing light as he sped towards the town.

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