A New Hero has Arrived! [R.P.G]

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A Strange new world!

Floating around in a vortex of blue swirling energy, Kaname, had no idea how long he was inside the vortex. It felt like hours or even days. But, something extraordinary happened, a rift opened up not only on the inside of the vortex but also on the outside as well, the outside rift opened up a few feet above a grassy park, without giving it any second thoughts the hero of Kuran, made his way closer and closer to the rift until that very same rift, sucked him in and pushed him, causing him to land face first in the grass. What Kaname did not know, is that the young Kuranian hero found himself in a New York playground, it was dark, but however, the big apples lights illuminated the night sky, lighting up the streets, unlike Kaname's home back on Kuran. 
Several hours went by, and Kaname was walking down the center of the street, cars, buses, and many other vehicles were honking and screaming for him to get of the road. The Knight of Kuran, had his uncles sword slung over his right shoulder, he also wore his usual clothing which consisted of an old pair of rugged jeans tied off at the waist with a white sash with black spots, bare feet, his chest was bare other than the bandages wrapped around his abs and forearms, over his shoulders, but underneath his sword, he wore a blank crimson red cape with a skull wearing a pair of pointed sunglasses, just like the pair of orange tinted sunglasses that Kaname wears.  
Kaname was amazed to see such a large city, but, he was even amazed about the vending machines that had food and beverages in them, these machines are something that Kaname didn't have in the Capital. But however, Kaname was on a mission to skilled warriors to take back to his universe and take back his home from the wolves that had taken over, under the order of traitor of the capital. 
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The strobe lights flashed with each quick and electronic beat of the base. Sure Roxanne was a bit young to be in the club, but nobody cared, nobody would kick her out. They new better than that. Besides, the rilewoman was busy. Roxy was engaged with another underage attendee in a mess of tongues and lips. Roxanne had the young woman pinned up against the wall. Both of the cyborg's hands were situated on the blonde woman's backside, while the blonde knotted her hands into a tangle of Roxanne's long red hair. This was a typical Friday night, for Roxanne at least. The red head cyborg suddenly stopped making-out with the other young woman, and took her by the hand, dragging her to the bathroom, smiling like it was an early Christmas. Roxanne chose one of the bathroom cubicles and put the toilet seat lid down. Roxy grabbed the blonde woman by the shoulders and threw her into the stall. Slowly, Roxanne followed, and locked the door behind them.
The cyborg sat down right on top of the young blonde's lap and snatched her by the hair. "Sit back and relax, honey." Roxy whispered and violently kissed her would-be lover. The two made out for what seemed like hours, and continued as Roxanne groped her way to underneath the young woman's skirt. As the redhead gently chewed the blonde's lower lip as she pulled the other woman's panties out of the way.
Roxy grinned as she pulled her coat tighter around her body. Her breath smelt of ginger-ale and whisky and her hands smelt thickly of soap. Her hotel room wasn't far away. With Percy slung over one shoulder and her other hand stuck in her pocket she marched through the dark streets of New York in tall boots, jean booty shorts, a bikini top, and her purple jacket. Surprisingly, she actually wasn't cold.
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It was a late Friday night, there was a cool breeze, with the smell of grilled hot dogs in the air. It was New York, there were hotdog venders located on every street corner. The half Magus born, new this since not even five minutes ago, the young man had bought a chili and cheese dog, with chili and cheese dripping from the other end of the pork product and bun, while every time kurai tries to take a bite from his late dinner. This is Kurai first vacation in years, and a few days ago he scored tickets to a hockey playoff game, The Calgary Flames versus The New York Rangers It was a game to truly see, but, alas, the Magus half breed, had other things on his mind, like what he was going to do about his Father, he knew his dad would have loved to come to the game with his only son, but, Kurai wanted to come to New York on his own to take in the sites, it was also his first time in the big apple. "I got plenty of time, since the game doesn't start til tomorrow around seven." Kuri thought to himself, as he finished the last of his chili dog, throwing the wrapper in the trash can. Kurai would quickly notice a woman, walking on the paved sidewalk, she wore a bikini top and jean booty shorts, with a rifle slung over her shoulder, at least those were the things that Kurai noticed, stared at her until she passed him. "It's a great night to go hunting, isn't it?" He joked, not knowing what else to say, but, keeping his eyes on her rifle.
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A carruage in New York city. It was, of course, a strange view. Lights and people apperaed reflected in the carruage black windows, that did not let anyone see what was inside. That was the carruage of The Count of Monte Cristo.  
 A few hours before... 
The room was in almost complete darkness, slighty illuminated by a purple light, the only source of light in the room, that came from the man's forehead. The Count sat in the edge of a large and decorated bed, concentrated in the power of Gankutsuou, the demon. Not a single noise came from the frenchman, not even the sound of breath. He did not need to. The Count was concentrated on controlling Raseri, his new minion. He couldn't afford to lose him and neither could Gankutsuou. The demigod's inhuman will was giving the gentlman a tough fight, but he couldn't win. The Count needed him. 
A thin line of light broke the room's perfect darkness as the door opened. Without moving, The Count spoke. "Que voulez-vous, Bertuccio?" (What do you want, Bertuccio?) The man knew who was opening before he appeared. However, his servant was not surprised.  
"Gankutsuou's predictions were correct, Monsieur" Bertuccio informed, staying at the door, as the light from the hallway illuminated his master's face. "Our radars detected a time-space distortion in another galaxy, from the planet "Kuran". It'll appear in a two hours" The lawful servant added, reading a paper in his hands. 
The Count did not answer at once. A little glass box, filled with purple and black pills flew towards him and gently rest in his hands. The french gentleman swallow one of the pills and could not hold a low growl of pain as the purple eye-like pattern dissapeared from his face. He stood up and walked towards the door, expresionless. 
"Where will it appear?" The Count inquiere as they walk down the hallway. Another of his servants, the beatiful Haydee, was waiting in the mansion's door, holding The Count's cloak and galley. With out a word, the woman helped his master wear the clothes. 
"New York" answered Bertuccio, smiling. 
Present time... 
The Count traveled through New York city, deep in his thoughts. Sitting in the carriage in front of him, was Raseri Rudd, also known as "The Ultimate Fighting God". Odin's grandson was motionless, with his eyes spread open and empty. He was only a mind controlled puppet now, under the domain of Ganktusuou, the ruler of the Cave. He was wearing formal clothes, different from the almost barbaric warderobe he had before.  
The carriage stopped by it's own, a few blocks away from where the distortion appeared. "Wait here" The Count ordered, looking at Raseri. The purple lines shone for a second in his forehead, so that the order couldn't be break unless The Count said so. The gentleman did not usually do that to those under his control, but Raseri was special. The Count had spend the time between when Raseri was captured and the present time using Gankutsuou's power to create a "seal" for "The Ultimate fighting God" will, in order to make him more docile. However, The Count could not finish the seal on time. That meant Raseri could disobey an order if he put all his willpower behind it. To prevent that, The Count used his power with each order he gave Raseri. He was a prudent man. 
Oblivious to the people that was looking the carriage with interest, the Count got off the carriage and walked through the streets of New York, following the trace of a mind that was not human. Someone had appeared from the time-space distortion. And the Count could not let that man escape. He could be a powerful ally.
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Being under The Count's mental control was such a horrible situation. Not only would it hurt the people that Raseri's loves but it would bring immense harm to the entire world. Misusing the Ultimate Fighting God's power was not a wise thing to do. Raseri himself always preferred technique and precision over his overwhelming physical power. True his monstrous strength was nearly unmatched, he did not think very highly of it. He thought very highly of his speed and combat mastery. And on the battlefield he never hesitated to tell an opponent that nobody ever stood chance against him in hand to hand combat because he knew just how good he was. It wasn't arrogance, it was more like a confident form of realism. But this was far from his train of thought. Raseri was in one of the most stressful situations of his life. He wasn't truly stressed, he hardly ever was but it he extremely disliked the fact of someone misusing his power which could bring upon his only fear: eradicate those he cares about and has sworn to protect. Fortunately however, the Fighting Guru had given powerful items to two people he cares deeply about, his teammates Callis and Harumi had the key to putting an end to all of this. But the key was not just the items he had trusted them with, there was something more that is not yet truly known. Something precious.  
And though it was an unwanted situation, it gave Raseri the opportunity to deal with some of the problems that he hasn't truly moved on from. He may have successfully ignored them, but he hasn't defeated them. His remaining free consciousness was dwelling in the locked portions of his mind, areas that not even The Count could access due to the divine energies protecting that part of Raseri's mind. Trapped in his own mind, the fierce Nordic Tiger watched as the mysterious gentleman commanded his body around like he had any authority over him. It was truly sickening. But he couldn't focus on it too much, Raseri knew that because The Count was a villain, he was tremendously arrogant and would eventually miscalculate which would lead to his freedom. Something like enraging Raseri too much would free him from The Count's control due to the overwhelming power he would gain, but he would need something truly special to anger him so much. But he knew it would happen. It was just a matter of time. Deep in the confinements of his consciousness, Raseri was face to face with his evil portion known as Dark Raseri. "So you're name is Dark Raseri?", the Fighting Messiah chuckled. "That's kind of lame", he said, "I would've thought that my evil self would have a cooler name. Anyway, don't get in the way. I need to find a way to break from that guy's control", the Nordic Tiger said, seriously. His response only amused Dark Raseri, "You will never escape. It's too late to escape. The only way is to merge with me and unleash Dark Raseri to the world", his evil counterpart said, voicing his desire to become one with Raseri in order to unleash himself into the world.  
Dark Raseri was however, wrong. "It's not too late! It's never too late. You should know me better than that. You are me after all, you should know that I'll never fall for temptation. The douche controlling me couldn't even do it. I will never give up", Raseri said, fully determined to free himself from The Count's control. "Hehehe... I'm impressed. That was all I need to hear. Your determination is everything. But you have your personal weaknesses. I should know", Dark Raseri grinned. "You can't do it all on your own. Nobody can do everything on their own. You need my help to break the barriers of The Count's control. You'll need overcome your worst weaknesses. Your problem with Morka, your fear of losing control, your guilt over Krig's death and even more", Dark Raseri said, sounding a little angered at Raseri's defiance. "No. I don't need your help. My friends are the ones who'll help. You're not a friend. You're just a part of me that was too weak for the real world", Raseri said, slightly mocking his evil counterpart. "Then you leave me no choice..", suddenly, in the blink of an eye, Dark Raseri went for a wild The Nor Way kick that would have paralyzed Raseri if it struck. Barely dodging the kick, Raseri received a cut on his chest from the kick. "You can't defeat me. I know everything you know. I can do everything you can", Dark Raseri said. "Well if that's true I'll fight forever then. If that's true I'll keep rippin' you, cause that's what Raseri does", the Unparalleled Fighting Machine said, going for a Kinetiske Stil punch.  
Barely blocking the punch, Dark Raseri held a dead-serious and stern facial expression as he engaged his good counterpart in hand to hand combat. It was an intense battle with the two evenly matched in every category. They fought each other, blow for blow. After a long intense battle, Raseri had found his evil counterpart's weakness. It was his arrogance. Every villain had arrogance, even if it was hardly noticeable. It takes a certain amount of arrogance for a villain to believe that he can break the law and fight justice. The same arrogance that Dark Raseri had, but his arrogance was in the fact that he believed he knew what was best for Raseri. This naturally made him different from Raseri in the sense that he did not take as many risks as Raseri did as most of the risks put his life on the line, something that a villain never does, knowing that there is always a possibility of dying or losing. Something that Raseri isn't scared of. What Raseri did was simple. He used his Vinger av Lys technique much longer than Dark Raseri did and though it nearly killed him, he knocked his evil counterpart unconscious by fighting longer at a higher speed. But just barely. Recovering from the battle, Raseri lied down on the forest ground in his mind. "First barrier has been broken. But time to kill this jerk", he murmured using nearly all of his remaining energy to use his "Gud Kuler" technique to kill his dark counterpart. Now almost completely exhausted, Raseri rested, knowing that he was one step closer to freedom. But it would only get harder from there. 
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