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Seth groaned as he adjusted to his surroundings then ran after the others even though he was the last one there and barely caught up before Haruka was taken. He made several shots at the portal in a attempt to hit whoever was on the other side, but couldn't risk making any shots at the chains at the risk of hitting her. He then had no choice once she was gone but to kill the dragons that stood in the way. He then took aim at the one in the center and fired towards the head hoping to penetrate the skull and destroy the brain.

Abyss on the other hand cared nothing for what was going on and decided to casually walked down the tunnel and once he made it to the dragons Haruka was long gone. He took one look at the dragons and let out a whistle of admiration. "Wow somebody overfed their pet lizards," he mocked and created two dark energy whips on each of his hands and started to fight the two dragons Seth had left alone at the same time.

While this went on Villicus had put himself in a corner and masked his presence and had watched the proceedings after having sent in a drone to watch Haruka on the other side of the portal. So half his vision was taken up on each task, however he was not distracted as his senses would immediately alert him to any danger that came at him.

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Skeletal Dragon Arena

Before Crow attempted to shove her out out of the way, Aria gracefully sidesteps away from the fireball. Crow wasn't as lucky, and took the blast head-on. Once the dust cleared, Aria used her light magic to summon a small yellow orb that would follow Crow around the room, gradually healing his injuries.

Once everyone stormed into the room, Arthur and Crow both threaten the plant mage. She was fully aware that their anger was justified, as she would have reacted the same way if Haruko was one of her agents. Regardless, she nods to both of them while smirking. "Looking forward to it. Now with her gone..." Aria pulls off her cloak, happy to be able to fight without all this stealth limiting her.

Her appearance in this form matched her voice. She had long red/brown hair and wore a black and white dress. Aria didn't like having to go into this form, but the powers she gained made up for the young appearance. Extending out her spinners, the plant master joins Arthur in attacking the frost dragon.

North Dakota

Haruko found herself chained to a large boulder in the middle of nowhere, with a large cloaked figure stepping out of the closing portal. Right now she was both confused as where she was, and ticked at this man for taking her away from her group. "Ok seriously, who...the hell...are you?!" All form of pleasantries were gone at this point.

Alex only shakes his head, still not revealing his face. "Can't say. I'll release you once we complete our mission in that cavern. You'd only get in the way, Haruko." Suddenly, a small cloud of darkness gathers in front of Haruko...and Mukero appears directly in front of her. "Now now Alex, is that any way to talk to your sister?" Before Alex could attack Mukero, the spiteful villain punches the boulder Haruko was chained to and frees her. "Ciao for now. Hope you two do some catching up" And with that, he teleport back into the room in Alaska. The 3 marbles on the pedistal were now glowing red, purple and white.

Haruko just stood there, all the information now falling into place. And she was livid that they would completely abandon her for all 21 years of her current life. Red ki energy began to swirl around her as the seamstress looks at Alex, who still had the cloak on but a blank expression could be seen on his face. "You. Talk. Now!!!" Haruko yells at him. When he still refused to respond, she infuses her feet with the ki energy and blasts toward Alex with her daggers drawn. She wanted answers, and he was not going to get away again.

Skeletal Dragon Arena

All three dragons fly up into the air to avoid both Hagane's pillars and Arthur's ice spikes. The frost dragon took the ice ball dead on, but after the initial impact the ice was simply absorbed into it's body. The frost dragon was about to attack Abyss for his annoying whips, but Arthur was fast approaching with Aria not far behind. While the dragon responded by infusing ice into it's wings and sending a wave of razor sharp ice shards at Arthur, Aria summons a giant wooden fist from the wall and knocks the frost dragon in the side, throwing off it's aim. Smirking at Arthur, she gives a slight wave. "Thought you could use some help."

The fire dragon simply melts the ice ball coming at him with his breath, but Seth's gunshot slammed against his skill and disoriented him slightly. Pissed off, the dragon flies at Abyss and launches a massive fireball at him point blank.

The electric dragon appeared to be the one with the most challengers. Crow's electric attacks did very little damage against it's super conductive bones, though the ice ball briefly stunned the dragon. Alvin's attack was spotted by the dragon, and responds by opening it's mouth to try and launch a large electric ball at Alvin once he got close.

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"OH CRAP!" Alvin shouted, before opening a portal above the dragon's mouth, redirecting the blast towards the ice dragon before landing on a stone pillar Hagane created. The pillar quickly broke in the violence, and Alvin jumped quickly to slam his pickaxe onto the electric dragon's back.

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Arthur smirked and cut the ice shards into smaller shards as they got into range. Not wanting to let perfectly good ice go to waste, he took control of the pieces and added ice of his own to create a single large boxing glove which he hurled at the dragon. Even if it had no effect, it should at least distract the dragon for a bit.

"Well, can't complain about competent help. You are competent, right?" Arthur asked Aria half-jokingly. Surely, someone who was fighting these things while the group was busy bickering can't be that incompetent, right? "Can you hold the dragon in place so I can cut it to pieces?"

He grabbed Accel End with both hands, ready to jump towards the dragon's head as soon as it was immobilized. Though he would jump at it even if it wasn't immobilized.

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Abyss saw the blast coming at him and knew he could easily dodge it or even put a shield up to defend against it, but he found his body immobilized. The blast engulfed him entirely without even giving him a chance to defend physically even if he could. All that could be heard was his pain filled screams from the flames till the flames stopped where he stood badly damaged and breathing heavily. "T-that the best you got," he panted out when suddenly his eyes rolled back and a hand shot out from his chest. "I grow bored of baby sitting you, so I decided to kill you," Villicus said as his form became visible with the smoke subsided. He pulled his arm out of Abyss and glanced at the dragons but his thinking was interrupted by Seth rushing at him with a sword. Villicus casually stopped the sword with his arm and caused the sword to break in half and embedded itself in the ground. "Of course I almost forgot about you," he muttered to Seth as he grabbed him by the face and the two of them became enveloped by a purple aura. "Don't worry I won't kill you," he said as he dropped Seth who fell to his knees defeated and heartbroken. "Though I am nice and won't have a powerless person like you die," he said and flicked Seth in the forehead and he went flying into a portal which vanished after he was gone. He then turned his attention to the dead Abyss and held his hand over him and a black aura started to fly from Abyss and into Villicus.When that was done Abyss vanished and Villicus went through a change as his body became more muscular and his hair shifted from black to silver.

Villicus grinned at the new change that occurred now believing having the cousins use the power and growing it was a smart idea. Now for creating his next toy. He held out his hand and summoned a ball of red energy and shot it at the ground and it began to grow and take form into the shape of a person. The light faded of the energy to reveal the shape of a man in red armor with two red sharp whips attached to it. He was in a crouched position and that combined with his spiked white hair and glowing yello eyes gave him a beastial appearance. The man released a inhuman growl and rushed at the fire dragon and attempted to scratch him with his claws. Then not even caring about the fire dragon any more he rushed at the lightning dragon with his whip then the ice dragon. He did this over and over again attacking all three dragons in a pattern not caring if his attacks hit or did any damage he just kept attacking. All the while Villicus stood there laughing watching his handy work.

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Lincent watched Aria take care of the frost dragon. Hm, that did not sound like the best enemy for Arthur. Better make us of the situation now and quickly take care of it. Lincent quickly dashed to the side, the one to which the dragon was knocked to by Aria's wooden fist. "Not going anywhere bro." Lincent said casually with a smirk as he swung down his massive spear with a electrified chainsaw edge right down onto the flying dragon's neck. The force of Lincent's own strike and his strength, combined with the speed the dragon gained because of the hit as well as the fact that Arthur was attacking at the same time should render any resistance pointless.

Charlotte decided to help with the electric dragon firing the molten round of Gungnir one after another.

She aimed for it's skull

If the dragon didn't do anything about it the skull would either be crushed by the force or burn away because of the heat.

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Tomb of the Bone Dragons (Part III)

The Last Gunslinger glanced around the tomb at everyone attacking the various dragons yet the dragons still remained standing especially the Electric Dragon which bones were conductive and therefore could absorb most of his attacks. Crow then recalled earlier how the dragon flapped it wings to generate the electricity to counter his attack. The Gunslinger shouted towards the Azul Bullet Charlotte, “Target the wings that is how he is generating electricity!” Taking his own advice suddenly the Lighting Revolver moved around the room with incredible speed while charging his revolver for his signature attack. Crow had to move in-between the various attacks from the dragons, his allies, and Abyss’s whip lashes; finally Crow stopped moving so that he was now just above the dragon his revolver pointing down at the spot where it wings meet. Quicksilver glowed white with electricity ready to fire a super charged bullet, Crow pulled the trigger as he uttered. “Rail-gun!”

Quicksilver fired the super charged lightning bolt like bullet down at the spot where the bone dragon’s wings met. Crow hoped the bullet would piecre through the dragon’s back and out it front possibly severing it half while Charlotte Gungir’s bullet destroyed it skull completely. The indestructible revolver became super-heated making Crow wince as it burned his hand.

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