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Seth groaned as he adjusted to his surroundings then ran after the others even though he was the last one there and barely caught up before Haruka was taken. He made several shots at the portal in a attempt to hit whoever was on the other side, but couldn't risk making any shots at the chains at the risk of hitting her. He then had no choice once she was gone but to kill the dragons that stood in the way. He then took aim at the one in the center and fired towards the head hoping to penetrate the skull and destroy the brain.

Abyss on the other hand cared nothing for what was going on and decided to casually walked down the tunnel and once he made it to the dragons Haruka was long gone. He took one look at the dragons and let out a whistle of admiration. "Wow somebody overfed their pet lizards," he mocked and created two dark energy whips on each of his hands and started to fight the two dragons Seth had left alone at the same time.

While this went on Villicus had put himself in a corner and masked his presence and had watched the proceedings after having sent in a drone to watch Haruka on the other side of the portal. So half his vision was taken up on each task, however he was not distracted as his senses would immediately alert him to any danger that came at him.

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Skeletal Dragon Arena

Before Crow attempted to shove her out out of the way, Aria gracefully sidesteps away from the fireball. Crow wasn't as lucky, and took the blast head-on. Once the dust cleared, Aria used her light magic to summon a small yellow orb that would follow Crow around the room, gradually healing his injuries.

Once everyone stormed into the room, Arthur and Crow both threaten the plant mage. She was fully aware that their anger was justified, as she would have reacted the same way if Haruko was one of her agents. Regardless, she nods to both of them while smirking. "Looking forward to it. Now with her gone..." Aria pulls off her cloak, happy to be able to fight without all this stealth limiting her.

Her appearance in this form matched her voice. She had long red/brown hair and wore a black and white dress. Aria didn't like having to go into this form, but the powers she gained made up for the young appearance. Extending out her spinners, the plant master joins Arthur in attacking the frost dragon.

North Dakota

Haruko found herself chained to a large boulder in the middle of nowhere, with a large cloaked figure stepping out of the closing portal. Right now she was both confused as where she was, and ticked at this man for taking her away from her group. "Ok seriously, who...the hell...are you?!" All form of pleasantries were gone at this point.

Alex only shakes his head, still not revealing his face. "Can't say. I'll release you once we complete our mission in that cavern. You'd only get in the way, Haruko." Suddenly, a small cloud of darkness gathers in front of Haruko...and Mukero appears directly in front of her. "Now now Alex, is that any way to talk to your sister?" Before Alex could attack Mukero, the spiteful villain punches the boulder Haruko was chained to and frees her. "Ciao for now. Hope you two do some catching up" And with that, he teleport back into the room in Alaska. The 3 marbles on the pedistal were now glowing red, purple and white.

Haruko just stood there, all the information now falling into place. And she was livid that they would completely abandon her for all 21 years of her current life. Red ki energy began to swirl around her as the seamstress looks at Alex, who still had the cloak on but a blank expression could be seen on his face. "You. Talk. Now!!!" Haruko yells at him. When he still refused to respond, she infuses her feet with the ki energy and blasts toward Alex with her daggers drawn. She wanted answers, and he was not going to get away again.

Skeletal Dragon Arena

All three dragons fly up into the air to avoid both Hagane's pillars and Arthur's ice spikes. The frost dragon took the ice ball dead on, but after the initial impact the ice was simply absorbed into it's body. The frost dragon was about to attack Abyss for his annoying whips, but Arthur was fast approaching with Aria not far behind. While the dragon responded by infusing ice into it's wings and sending a wave of razor sharp ice shards at Arthur, Aria summons a giant wooden fist from the wall and knocks the frost dragon in the side, throwing off it's aim. Smirking at Arthur, she gives a slight wave. "Thought you could use some help."

The fire dragon simply melts the ice ball coming at him with his breath, but Seth's gunshot slammed against his skill and disoriented him slightly. Pissed off, the dragon flies at Abyss and launches a massive fireball at him point blank.

The electric dragon appeared to be the one with the most challengers. Crow's electric attacks did very little damage against it's super conductive bones, though the ice ball briefly stunned the dragon. Alvin's attack was spotted by the dragon, and responds by opening it's mouth to try and launch a large electric ball at Alvin once he got close.

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"OH CRAP!" Alvin shouted, before opening a portal above the dragon's mouth, redirecting the blast towards the ice dragon before landing on a stone pillar Hagane created. The pillar quickly broke in the violence, and Alvin jumped quickly to slam his pickaxe onto the electric dragon's back.

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Arthur smirked and cut the ice shards into smaller shards as they got into range. Not wanting to let perfectly good ice go to waste, he took control of the pieces and added ice of his own to create a single large boxing glove which he hurled at the dragon. Even if it had no effect, it should at least distract the dragon for a bit.

"Well, can't complain about competent help. You are competent, right?" Arthur asked Aria half-jokingly. Surely, someone who was fighting these things while the group was busy bickering can't be that incompetent, right? "Can you hold the dragon in place so I can cut it to pieces?"

He grabbed Accel End with both hands, ready to jump towards the dragon's head as soon as it was immobilized. Though he would jump at it even if it wasn't immobilized.

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Abyss saw the blast coming at him and knew he could easily dodge it or even put a shield up to defend against it, but he found his body immobilized. The blast engulfed him entirely without even giving him a chance to defend physically even if he could. All that could be heard was his pain filled screams from the flames till the flames stopped where he stood badly damaged and breathing heavily. "T-that the best you got," he panted out when suddenly his eyes rolled back and a hand shot out from his chest. "I grow bored of baby sitting you, so I decided to kill you," Villicus said as his form became visible with the smoke subsided. He pulled his arm out of Abyss and glanced at the dragons but his thinking was interrupted by Seth rushing at him with a sword. Villicus casually stopped the sword with his arm and caused the sword to break in half and embedded itself in the ground. "Of course I almost forgot about you," he muttered to Seth as he grabbed him by the face and the two of them became enveloped by a purple aura. "Don't worry I won't kill you," he said as he dropped Seth who fell to his knees defeated and heartbroken. "Though I am nice and won't have a powerless person like you die," he said and flicked Seth in the forehead and he went flying into a portal which vanished after he was gone. He then turned his attention to the dead Abyss and held his hand over him and a black aura started to fly from Abyss and into Villicus.When that was done Abyss vanished and Villicus went through a change as his body became more muscular and his hair shifted from black to silver.

Villicus grinned at the new change that occurred now believing having the cousins use the power and growing it was a smart idea. Now for creating his next toy. He held out his hand and summoned a ball of red energy and shot it at the ground and it began to grow and take form into the shape of a person. The light faded of the energy to reveal the shape of a man in red armor with two red sharp whips attached to it. He was in a crouched position and that combined with his spiked white hair and glowing yello eyes gave him a beastial appearance. The man released a inhuman growl and rushed at the fire dragon and attempted to scratch him with his claws. Then not even caring about the fire dragon any more he rushed at the lightning dragon with his whip then the ice dragon. He did this over and over again attacking all three dragons in a pattern not caring if his attacks hit or did any damage he just kept attacking. All the while Villicus stood there laughing watching his handy work.

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Lincent watched Aria take care of the frost dragon. Hm, that did not sound like the best enemy for Arthur. Better make us of the situation now and quickly take care of it. Lincent quickly dashed to the side, the one to which the dragon was knocked to by Aria's wooden fist. "Not going anywhere bro." Lincent said casually with a smirk as he swung down his massive spear with a electrified chainsaw edge right down onto the flying dragon's neck. The force of Lincent's own strike and his strength, combined with the speed the dragon gained because of the hit as well as the fact that Arthur was attacking at the same time should render any resistance pointless.

Charlotte decided to help with the electric dragon firing the molten round of Gungnir one after another.

She aimed for it's skull

If the dragon didn't do anything about it the skull would either be crushed by the force or burn away because of the heat.

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Tomb of the Bone Dragons (Part III)

The Last Gunslinger glanced around the tomb at everyone attacking the various dragons yet the dragons still remained standing especially the Electric Dragon which bones were conductive and therefore could absorb most of his attacks. Crow then recalled earlier how the dragon flapped it wings to generate the electricity to counter his attack. The Gunslinger shouted towards the Azul Bullet Charlotte, “Target the wings that is how he is generating electricity!” Taking his own advice suddenly the Lighting Revolver moved around the room with incredible speed while charging his revolver for his signature attack. Crow had to move in-between the various attacks from the dragons, his allies, and Abyss’s whip lashes; finally Crow stopped moving so that he was now just above the dragon his revolver pointing down at the spot where it wings meet. Quicksilver glowed white with electricity ready to fire a super charged bullet, Crow pulled the trigger as he uttered. “Rail-gun!”

Quicksilver fired the super charged lightning bolt like bullet down at the spot where the bone dragon’s wings met. Crow hoped the bullet would piecre through the dragon’s back and out it front possibly severing it half while Charlotte Gungir’s bullet destroyed it skull completely. The indestructible revolver became super-heated making Crow wince as it burned his hand.

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Skeletal Dragon Arena

The ice dragon was about to launch another beam of frost...but Alvin's redirection of the electric dragon's attack not only managed to stop the attack, but also temporarily paralyze the frost dragon. With the dragon immobile, Aria didn't need to hold it in place like Arthur suggested, so she let Arthur's ice boxing glove slam into the side of the dragon, sending bone fragments everywhere. The killing blow, however, was Lincent and Arthur's combo at the end, with Lincent's chainsword slicing the dragon's neck clean off, killing it once more.

Over on the other side of the room, the electric dragon wasn't faring much better. Crow's Railgun didn't manage to cleave all the way through as intended, but it did crack the bones in it's spine enough to shatter the base of the wings, preventing it from flying further. The dragon was about to roar in anger...until Charlotte's molten bullets began slamming against it's skull and creating holes in the thick bones. Still being distracted by Charlotte and Crow, the dragon failed to notice Alvin flying through the air and, with one swing of the axe, smashed right through the electric dragon's weakened skull; killing it like the frost dragon.

While both the frost and electric dragon's were being mobbed, the fire dragon flew around the arena virtually unopposed, aside from Kazuki's rather annoying scratch attacks. Seeing an opening, the dragon flies at Charlotte and fires an even larger fireball at her than what it fired at Abyss. Noticing that an ally was in danger, Aria shifts her attention to the fire dragon, a determined look on her face. "Release: Solar."

Suddenly, a violent gold aura erupts around Aria, her long hair billowing upward with the current. Almost instantly, she had appeared next to Charlotte, holding back the dragon's fireball with a barrier made out of light magic. Once the fireball dissapated, Aria removes the barrier and begins speeding around the perimeter of the arena, her bright golden aura making a trail behind as she gained speed at an alarming rate. Once she has gained enough speed, the red-head rebounded off the wall and shot herself directly at the fire dragon. Grabbing onto the fire dragon's back, Aria uses her momentum to throw the dragon upward toward the ceiling.

Landing on the ground once more, Aria points her spinners into the air, directly at the ceiling. "Eruption!" She casts, causing a large spell circle to appear on the ceiling and unleash a massive beam of concentrated light magic at the undead dragon, engulfing it. Light magic is especially effective against the undead, so the dragon quickly disintegrated in the beam of light. Once the attack ended, Aria returned to normal non-solar form, breathing slightly harder. "Nice...work. Let's move on." Aria confidently walks toward the door on the far side of the room.

North Dakota

The enraged Haruko continued to throw knives frantically at Alex, who just casually dodged them. Her body was now covered in red ki energy, enhancing all her abilities past their limits. "I...said...talk!" She shouts at him. Alex simply knocked away her knives with his chains. "...fine. The mission has been failed already. Might as well." Putting his hand up, he summons multiple chains out of the ground to restrain Haruko once more. "Will you listen?" He asks.

Removing her angry red ki aura, Haruko glares at Alex. "Yes. But first, take me back to Alaska. I won't let my friends face this thing without me, since I was the one who called them there in the first place." Nodding his head, Alex removes the chains and portals both of them back to the arena to find that the battle had just ended. Without saying a word, Haruko and Alex rejoin the group as they walk toward the door, Aria not wanting to ask what happened yet.

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"Whooo!" Alvin shouted as he landed on the ground, holding his arm up for a high-five. "Dragon slaying, alright! Whoo!"

Hagane simply rolled her eyes and walked with the group towards the door.

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"Well that was easy. Barely worth a high-five." But that didn't stop Arthur from high-fiving Alvin. "Now, before we move on, where's-"

Before Arthur got to finish his sentence, Haruko reappeared alongside the guy who took her. "Never mind. Hey! Seamstress! You alright? They didn't do anything deserving of punishment, did they?" He asked, walking alongside the others.

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Lincent was about to rush to Charlotte as the fireball came but Aria had already taken care of both Charlotte's safety as well as the dragon itself. With a grin he walked over to the others.

Charlotte on the other hand thanked Aria for the help and the walked over to stand next to Lincent.

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Answers or Else?! Crow confronts Aria!

As the three Dragon were defeated Crow tipped his hat up the electrical Natural Energy dissipates from his body, he was quite impress with Aria display of power for that one girl to take on that Dragon by herself she must be in a class of her own. However no matter how strong she was or who she was Crow wanted answers….NOW. The Last Gunslinger went to cut Aria off to question her but the arrival of Aria’s partner and Haruko stopped him. The Rail-gun breathe a sigh of relief for a moment but he wasn’t done and decided to take the time while everyone was celebrating on beating the Dragons to move behind the one who took Haruko. Crow pulled the hammer back on Quicksilver as he had the gun drawn on Alex from behind, “I wouldn’t make any sudden move partner.”

Crow glance over towards Aria a dead serious look in his cobalt blue eyes, “Now I think it’s time you gave us some answers Ms. Aria. I don’t suspect you are an enemy…yet. After all you did just help us defeat those Bone Dragons. However you aren’t an ally in my book either especially after your friend here took Haruko, also I know why Haruko summon us else but that doesn’t explain why you are here in these tombs. So I suggest you and your friend start talking.”

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Kazuki crouched down on all fours as the dragons were defeated he sniffed the air trying to decide on his next target. He jerked his head rapidly towards Villicus deciding he was the biggest threat. Instantly he rushed at him growling with his energy flaring. He got within arms reach when Villicus looked at him and suddenly the energy disappeared and his armor broke and dissipated putting him in his Tsubasa form causing him to fall on his face. "Silly me I forgot to give you any brains," Villicus said then teleported away.

Kazuki picked himself up then looked up at the gathering people. He walked over to the group with a big smile on his face waving at them giving off the vibe of being the most friendliest person in the world. "Hi I'm Kazuki Takeda, nice to meet you," he said as he got close to them.

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Alex walked through the room, observing the destruction that had taken place. However, he stops walking when he heard Crow's threat. “I wouldn’t make any sudden move partner.” Not answering back, Alex lets Crow finish his threat. Suddenly, a long metal chain bursts out of the ground and aims to knock Crow's gun away, while Alex turns around to address the electric gunslinger. "I'd be careful who you threaten, Crow Cementerio. But I suppose that is to be expected, coming from a bounty hunter." As he talked, he readied his tonfas at his sides if Crow decided to attack.

Meanwhile, Haruko notices Arthur addressing her and glares at Alex. There was a certain level of hatred in her eyes that wasn't normally present in the kindhearted seamstress. "You have no idea, Frosty. I was just chained to a rock for a few minutes...until the guy from the train came in and told me that this guy is my...brother. The thing is...I don't have any siblings." Haruko glared at Alex, watching him about to fight Crow. Fighting already? Beat him up Crow!

Suddenly, a bright flash of light appears in between Crow and Alex, followed by a set of arms and legs that knock away the two fighter's weapons. Once the light subsided, Aria stood there...pointing her spinners at both fighters, glaring at them. "SHUT UP, BOTH OF YOU! We've already wasted too much time. Alex, stand down!" She says to her partner. Alex only sighs, and waves dismissively at Crow. "Looks like our fight will have to wait. Such a pity." And with that, both Alex and Aria begin making their way toward the door, Haruko following slowly behind, sticking with her old teammates. She honestly didn't know what to believe right now. Was this man really her brother? Where was he her entire life? Who was this teenager with him? Why is she so powerful? What is beyond that door? Deciding to push through, she arrives at the other side of the room along with everyone else.

"Here's the plan. We open this door, take out anyone that's in the room, and close any open urn you may find. Understood? Good!" Without warning, Aria kicks open the door, blinding the group in a bright white light. On the left side of the room, a familiar face looked over at the entering group.

"Why, welcome to the show everyone! I trust you found our guest entertainment...enjoyable? How about you, miss Miyata...did you two have a nice chat after I left?" Mukero mocks, staring back at the bright light in the center of the room. After their eyes adjusted, the group could see three glowing marbles resting on a pedestal, colored purple, white and red in order. Over to the side, a large brass urn was releasing a large blue stream of energy into the marbles. Right before Aria could teleport up and start destroying this ritual...a small cracking sound could be heard echoing across the stone room. Aria's blood ran cold as both Mukero and his necromancer partner Kyoka began laughing at them. "You're too late! That's right HWIC...from this day forth...my people will no longer be chained to this room like prisoners! Now...it's humanity's turn to feel isolated...powerless before us! Master, it is time to reawaken!"

Suddenly, the light in the center of the room grows even brighter, prompting Haruko to shield her eyes. Once the light faded...three silhouettes began to show themselves.


"IT'S ABOUT FRACTALING TIME! I've been trapped in there forever! It will only take one zeptosecond for me to correct those puny humans for their mistake! WHERE ARE THEY?!" Roars a male voice on the left side of the room. He wore a large black button down shirt and ripped gray pants, his arms adjusting the black hat on his head. He seemed to be observing the room, wincing slightly at every little imperfection he found in the structure. Just then, the figure on the right began to come into focus as well.


A what appeared to be teenage girl emerges, wearing a long black dress and clutching a large umbrella behind her. A pair of black and red wings expanded out of her back as she stretched her arms and legs. "Oh shut up Hawk, what are you going to do? All those backstabbing wizards are all probably long dead by now. Now all we have are these idiots here to welcome us back to the physical world." Smirking slightly, she turns toward the group. "Name's Alice, by the way. I look forward to being entertained by all of you very soon." She says with glee. One last figure has yet to appear though...a figure that sprouts long, feathery wings on it's back and flies up above the group. His white clothes making it especially difficult to see him, but soon the details were revealed on the last and most powerful member of the trio.


The angelic-looking male floated above the group, chuckling to himself slightly. With only a nod toward Mukero, he floated in front of the group, a small smile spread across his face as he uttered one simple word.


"KILL THEM NOW! ALL OF THEM!" Aria shouts at the group, engulfing herself in yellow light once more and rocketing toward Dante, who floated to the side at an unbelievable speed and parried Aria away, sending her into a nearby wall. "Is this all you have to challenge the the great Dante? Come on..." Without warning, Dante vanishes from sight, only to reappear directly in front of Haruko, much to her shock. "Boo." Before she could dodge, Dante's glowing white fist punches her directly in the stomach, making the seamstress cough up blood as she was sent crashing into the stone wall on the other side of the room...completely knocked out in one blow. "That was quick. Alright...just for a warm-up...we will take you all on at once! Alice? Hawk? Mukero? They are all yours!" Dante calls out to his allies. He then turns his attention to Aria, dodging the various light beams she was now furiously shooting at him.

Taking the order from Dante with glee, Hawk leaps off his platform and lands in front of Arthur, drawing a switchblade and pointing it at Arthur. "Blade length...times twenty!" Instantly, the blade began to expand out to try and impale Arthur by surprise. If he missed, Hawk would bring the blade sideways to try and slice Arthur once more.

Alice decides to take a more relaxed approach to this fight, floating next to Lincent and Charlotte on her bat-like wings but not attacking them yet. She wanted to see who would choose what opponent first before jumping into the fray.

Finally, Mukero steps down from his platform and lands in front of Alvin. "I've heard you use portals. Let's see which method of transportation is better." Disappearing into the shadows, Mukeros teleports behind Alvin and tries to jab his fingers into Alvin's spine. Alex takes notes of all these fights, and begins sending out chains to try and restrain Dante.

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The two Shinodaborn watched the new threat, analysing them. As Dante attacked Haruko, Alvin's attention immediately jumped to the injured, immediately running towards her to heal her. Before he could make it, however, Mukero blocked his path. "I've heard you use portals." The teleported taunted. "Let's see which method of transportation is better."

The man vanished, reappearing from the shadows behind Alvin to stab him in the back. Also from the Shadows, however, came a hooded woman with a spear, silently driving it towards Mukero's back as Alvin clumsily swung his fist towards the man behind him, unaware of the danger to his life.

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Arthur had to hand it to Mukero... He knew how to pick his gods. Both in terms of looks (because lets be honest, even the guys were hot) and, if Dante's demonstration is anything to go by, in terms of power. Though they did lack in terms of personality, what with calling everyone idiots and puny humans.

When Hawk chose Arthur as his enemy, the frost mage could seldom restrain his disappointment. He was kinda hoping for the girl to take him on. Oh well...

It didn't take much intelligence to figure out that when his opponent pointed a switchblade at him and yelled something about blade length, he was going to elongate the blade somehow. Obviously, Arthur dodged to the side, but Hawk's blade followed after him and managed to cut the skin before Arthur grabbed it with hands covered by icy gauntlets.

He then tried lifting Hawk by using the blade as a lever and slam him on the ground like a sledgehammer. Of course he didn't expect Hawk to keep holding on to the knife and in case his (lack of) expectations came true, he would fire a barrage of ice shards at the cocky bastard.

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Kazuki watched the people around him fight trying to figure out what was going on. First these people called them stupid humans then attacked everybody but him. It probably had something to do with him being a demon. Still this bullying made him mad expecially since he liked these people. He dashed infront of the seamstress and held his sword up in a protective position. "pinkie-chan I will protect you," he said looking back at her then glared up at Dante. "Angel-san come get me," he yelled then his armour dissapeared aalong with his sword and was replaced by a grey body suit and two guns. He then took aim and started firing at Dante's wings releasing concentrated blasts of red demonic energy. He then jumped up in the air at him and kept firing intent on taking him out in close combat.

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The Ultimate Threat: Angel of Death Dante!

Following the shocking revelation that the mysterious allies (?) Aria and Alex were actually Haruko siblings the group moved to the final room where these so called gods were supposed to be resurrected. Unfortunately for the group the mastermind behind the original attack on the Soundbreaker Train and now this had succeeded releasing 3 very ominous beings.

As the three began to reveal themselves a small piece of their unique personalities the Last Gunslinger has his eyes set on the one in all white with a pair of angelic wings. He seemed to be the leader of the group. His calm and collected demeanor was an eerie contrast the angelic like appearance his aspired. Despite being out numbered and out gun by the various heroes surrounding him he didn’t seem to worry. It was as if he was in complete control of the situation and that was the most terrifying thing about this Angel of Destruction. Aria declared their attention charging at Dante like a glowing yellow rocket, Crow tried to call out to her. “WAIT WE DON’T KNOW HOW STRONG THEY ARE!”

However he was too late as the Angelic Deity easily parried Aria then teleported instantly to Haruko, the Rail-gun’s eyes widen as he realized that the God like being had moved so fast that not even the trained eyes of a Gunslinger could track his movements. With a simple punch he sent Haruko flying in the stone wall of the cavern igniting Crow’s anger. “HARUKO! You bastard! I don’t care how powerful you are I won’t let you lay a finger on my friends!” Drawing Quicksilver with the speed of a viper’s strike Crow took a few shots aiming at different points in the room so that they ricochet around to hit the deity from various angles. Meanwhile Crow used his own speed and agility to try and move in close to Dante his arm and revolver surging with electrical natural energy, “Garra!” Swinging the lightning/electricity coated revolver at Dante vertically aiming for his head to try and end the Angel of Death before this fight went too far.

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Lincent and Charlotte looked around. Charlotte more with curiosity and a sense of fear while Lincent was a lot more casual and nonchalant about it, as if he was looking at shelves in a supermarket. "Alright. Creepy dude, little girl, smug pretty boy angle." Lincent said to himself. "And oh, thug life big mouth kid. Think i'll go with that one." he said. "Least annoying of the lot and i might even end up becoming friends with one while i'm trying to skin him with a chainsaw. Things like that happen." he said before charging at Hawk and swinging his massive chainsword at him from the side in a wide arc.

"Charlie you go and take care of the guy with wings." he told Charlotte just before he dashed after his target. Charlotte nodded in responses and quickly fired three shots one after another, all aimed at the angle that went for Haruko.

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