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Several days have passed since the attempted hijacking of the Soundbreaker, and word has spread of a plot to revive a supposed 'god' in Alaska. Following the coordinates given by Mukero to the survivors of the massacre, everyone is faced with a small clearing in a forest a couple of miles away from Anchorage. Surprisingly, the altitude was high enough that a light snow was currently falling upon the forest, even though it was nearly summertime. The sun was currently setting upon the landscape, and the faint image of the moon could be seen starting to appear in the sky. If anyone was going to join the party, it had to be now.

Already set up in the clearing was Haruko Miyata, who had arrived 5 hours beforehand to make sure that she didn't miss the opportunity to get back at Mukero and Kyoka. Her setup consisted of a large overhanging tent that covered her from the falling snow, a simple lawn chair to sit on with a footstool, and a small campfire burning in front of her. Since the ground had a small layer of snow on it, she made sure to clear out the area around her of the substance before setting up. Currently, she was leaning back in her chair playing Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate on a purple 3DS XL.

"Come on...die freaking Rathalos! Your fire is so cheap!" She rants quietly to herself. The sun was still going down, so she still had time to burn and possibly meet the team before they had to all charge in together. Just in case, Haruko decided to bring a few extra chairs and placed them inside the overhanging tent and around the fire, as a nice gesture to whomever might show up and help her out with this mission.

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Two pairs of feet trudged through the snow before taking seat next to Haruko Miyata, the first of the two people addressing her by name.

They both lowered their furry hoods to reveal a strong, bearded man and a cautious woman with long ginger hair.

"Hi, I-m" Alvin stared, before getting interrupted.

"My names Hagane Kumaga, and this is my brother, Alvin Himmelskarte." She said, introducing the waster before he could make an ass of himself-

He'd started roasting smokes across the fire.

Hagane caved, then sat down. "We're Coleen Kurugi's siblings." She explained to Haruko as Alvin prepared enough smokes for a dozen people. "Is this the vengeance party for the Soundbreaker massacre?"

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@Vapovile: @SamJaz:

Anchorage: Alaska

The Last Gunslinger, Crow Cementerio, arrived to the snowy landscape making his way through the shrubby towards the rendezvous location with a new ally of his the Battle Seamstress Haruko. Crow owed the girl a favor for her help with the incident with the Lightning King Tesla in Coyote Creek. There was also a matter of the bounty money, since the incident on the Sound Breaker those responsible had become quite infamous and everyone wanted their head. They had become what is a known as a Fools Rush Bounty, a bounty that is open for anyone to collect not just those in the BHA, because more often than not fools always rushed in to claim the prized.

Up ahead the Rail-gun caught the scent and sight of a camp fire, a very welcomed scent seeing as the Gunslinger was freezing he was more accustomed to the warmer weather. Even being bundled up in a thicker version of his normal jacket and a pair of leather gloves the chill still cut to his bone. Still though being in unfamiliar territory called for extra precaution. Holding cover against a tree Crow called out to the group in a hush whisper. “Seamstress is that you?” Using a knife Crow caught the reflection of the Needle Master and two others sitting around the camp fire. “Isn’t this cute a little camp fire some chairs let me guess you got some marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers laying around?” Crow then introduced himself to the other two, “Crow Cementerio Bounty Hunter with the BHA: Artemis Branch.”

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@Vapovile: @SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: Seth landed a ways off from the clearing in a military grade helecopter. He was dressed in a black hoodie and jeans with some cloth that covered his neck and mouth. He then made his way to the clearing. The air was still cold even though his clothes were made to protect against the cold. Once he made it to the meeting place he saw th pink haired knife user he had met on that crazy train and the cowboyy he had met during the prison break a year ago. "Hey Mr. Cowboy!" he called waving at th electric gunslinger while paying no attention to the two strangers.

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Snow crunched under Arthur's boots as he walked across the landscape of Alaska. He was wearing his casual clothes, the standard black coat and plain black shirt. He didn't need anything more,; he didn't need even that since his magic granted him resistance to hypothermia inducing colds.

The sun was still high in the sky when he started walking but he did not mind the long duration of the walk. He got to see scenery he never had a reason nor opportunity to see and he quite enjoyed it.

The scenery got even prettier now that the sun was setting. Unfortunately,he didn't have much time to enjoy it now since he had reached a camp in the middle of a snowy plain. Well, it was actually a single large tent and a lit campfire. There were already people gathered there and most of them looked familiar, although he did not expect to see two of them. There was only a single face which Arthur was not sure about, though he could have seen it before. Well there was only one way to confirm it and that was to approach the group.

"Hi." He waved to everyone with a smile. "You weren't planing on telling scary stories without me, were you?" Most of the group knew him so there was no need for a public introduction, the only person he need to introduce himself to was the strange cowboy. He extended his hand for a shake. "Arthur Cromwell, frost mage and time manipulator. You look familiar. Ever heard of FCL and the Hellscraper? Because I could swear I met someone who looked just like you in there."

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A single black dot was sailing the sky. With the white light of the sun blinding one's eyes you could easily say that it was a fly buzzing around. But a fly out in the Arctic was unusual already and if you used your other sense the idea of a fly quickly became absurd. A noise was deafening, far louder than your average airplane starting or landing. A pitch black fighter jet with azure blue exhaust flames. FThe jet engines changed angles as the massive black sky predator was close to the campfire with everyone present there. It started hoovering before slowly coming down vertically like a helicopter. Landing something like that in the snow wasn't the easiest thing to do, but the pilot didn't have too many problems it seemed. Though it could be the jet itself that helped with that as it seemed to have no problem with the terrain whatsoever.

That was Fafnir, the newest addition to Charlotte's personal collection of vehicles and weapons. A jet made both for transport and combat purposes. Because of her ability to store things inside her Infinity Chip the cargo area is rather small and most of the space is used for aggressive and varied weaponry. Knowing all of this it wasn't really hard to guess who was going to step out of the aircraft. The cockpit with dark black tint slid back revealing two individuals. It might surprise some to see that the smaller one of the two, nearly child-like, was the pilot. The taller person picked up the pilot and jumped out.

As soon as they landed the black aircraft lit up, burning away in blue flames and disappearing without a trace.

Lincent and Charlotte arrived.

As they approached the group Lincent put Charlotte down and let her walk on her own. They were both dressed as usual. Charlotte's mechanical parts allowed her to ignore the cold, she only had to fear being trapped in the snow for very long periods of times. Lincent was more questionable but even if there was something wrong it seems like he was stoic enough to show none of it. Walking up the the camp fire he smirked and greeted everyone.

"Hello folks. Who's up and ready for some hardcore blaspheming? God killing."

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LYNX: Colonel. This is Lynx. I'm in position
COLONEL: Excellent! Then I start with the briefing. This mission is classified under the name 'Operation Intrude Z808'.
COLONEL: Alternatively called 'Operation Godslayer'.
LYNX: Are you fuckin' kidding me!?
COLONEL: Unfortunately not. We've only received this information a few hours ago but a certain enigmatic group plans to use this site to resurrect their 'god', most likely a sufficiently advanced alien lfieform. We have no database on this being but our information tells it has the power to destroy the entire world!
LYNX: ... Yeah. Sounds pretty serious.
COLONEL: Indeed it is. I updated your Soliton Radar map and sent you all the information we have. The deadline is until the full moon, which means today night!
LYNX: Roger that. Just one thing, Colonel.
LYNX: How many Stinger Missiles does it take to kill god? I stocked up quite a lot but I'm not sure it's going to be enough.
COLONEL: I sent you all the files. If there's something else you need ask Natalia, she's your operator during this mission. Your enemy are mass murderers and an army of zombies they control. I suggest the use of heavy firepower. Hurry! Stop those madmen before it's too late! 
LYNX: Right on it! 
Lynx stood up. He was wearing his Sneaking Suit with its coloration already changed to fit the pattern of the snowy mountains. His suit offered surprisingly good insulation and had its own temperature regulatory system. Even in the worst winters of Siberia he wouldn't need anything but this outfit. In his hands Lynx was holding a heavily customized PSG-1 sniper rifle while his four-dimensional weapon rack was filled to the brim with various heavy arms like many missile tubes, explosives,  grenade launchers, anti-material guns and even an experimental railgun. Even though the core of his mission was reconnaissance and infiltration, Lynx was ready to unleash the firepower of an entire armory if he needed to. He was also using the Lynx Eye, an eyepiece combining various sensory and data feed functions at once. One of its features even included the ability to sense magic or supernatural activities. Lynx felt confident he would complete this mission. He had to be! 
With that in mind Lynx carefully descended to the valley in complete stealth, ready to find the enemy and stop them at whatever they were trying to accomplish.
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Looking up and seeing two new people joining the party, Haruko powers off her 3DS and stuffs it into her jacket, which this time was much thicker to fit the cold climate. "We're Coleen Kurugi's siblings." She explained to Haruko as Alvin prepared enough smokes for a dozen people. "Is this the vengeance party for the Soundbreaker massacre?" Reminded of Coleen's death, Haruko sits up straighter to address Coleen's apparent siblings, nodding her head in the process. "Indeed it is! Nice to meet you both. You both seem to know who I am, so my introduction is kinda useless, eh?" She chuckles slightly after she finished her sentence. So these are Coleen's siblings, huh? They don't really look like her, except maybe the eyes. Heh, this lady looks like she means business, which is exactly what we need here. Not sure what to make of Hulk Hogan over here though...

“Seamstress is that you?” Haruko hears a familiar voice coming from the bushes, and only smirks in response. Looking away from the two in front of her, she puts up one finger and says "One moment please" before scooping up a small snowball. After Crow finished introducing himself to Hagane and Alvin, Haruko lobs the snowball at Crow's head. "Welcome to the group Zappy. Sorry, didn't bring any smores supplies, but it seems like Alvin here has the food situation covered." Truth be told, she was still at a loss for where Alvin pulled all that food from. Shrugging it off, she waves at Seth and Arthur as they approached Crow.

And then the deafening sound of a jet drowned out any thought Haruko was having. Putting on a pair of earmuffs to deafen the noise, she watches Lincent and Charlotte step out of the aircraft and walk toward the group, the aircraft burning away behind them. "Hello folks. Who's up and ready for some hardcore blaspheming? God killing." Smirking again and taking off the earmuffs, she waves to both of them as they joined the group. Looks like we have most of the people from the Soundbreaker. I've already seen their skills, so there should be no problem now that we have Crow and these two new people.

Seeing that they finally had a reasonably sized group, Haruko stands up and addresses the group as a whole. "Welp there is no time to waste chit-chatting, is there? So let's get this show on the road." Pointing to the edge of the clearing, Haruko draws everyone attention to the huge hole in the ground.

"I did a bit of scouting, and that right there leads to a network of catacombs directly beneath our feet. There are entrances like that all over this forest, but this seems to be the main one. I have to warn you though, those caverns are riddled with traps. If there is anything to be found, it's going to be down there." Leaving her tent and chairs behind, Haruko motions for the group to follow her and open the door to the underground. "I hope none of you are scared of the dark." She says with a slight grin, seeing which one of them would open the door first.


It was true, there were a few select holes in the ground scattered around the landscape that each had doors leading to the catacombs. A person in the nearby area could also see that these were the only points of significance in the area, so naturally that would want to investigate as well.

Two cloaked figures were watching everyone from a set of nearby trees, and took note of each person in the party. The dark-haired male that was previously called Alex pays particular interest to Alvin and Hagane. "Wow, we actually got Empire here." He says quietly to the red-head next to him. She only sighs, and shrugs her shoulders. "What did you expect, their sister was murdered on that bloody train. Of course they are going to pursue any leads on that assassin...though I doubt there is a connection between him and the bastard we're going after. Remember, we only have the Empire on our watch list, not the enemy list." Nodding in response, both Alex and the red-head sneak away from the group and enter a different hole in the ground's door, hopefully able to reach Mukero before the group does. The female had also sensed a certain sneaky figure in the general area, though he didn't seem hostile, so they wouldn't bother him...unless he decided to follow them.

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"Hey cowboy." Alvin waved, Hagane also greeting Arthur.

"Kinda, you're that seamstress Hitomi was going on about." Alvin replied to Haruko's question. "Haruko Miyata, right?"

He passed her a freshly cooked smore. "Good to meet you." He added, before Haruko stood up to give her speech.

After saying hello to the people she knew and listening to Haruko's speech, Hagane vaulted over the edge of the pit and approached the door. Taking a piece off and sniffing it, Hagane than placed her hand on the door and started to dissolve it into silk.

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The snowball was a cute joke from Haruko but it was just that a joke, the Gunslinger suddenly drew his revolver Quicksilver and with a feat of precision sliced the snowball in half. The Last Gunslinger was prepared for this hunt with his signature revolver, plenty of ammo (including special ammo provided to him by the Cat Eye Witch Toni Socierce), and the double revolver War Iron (which he acquired in Kobe). Crow sighed a little at Haruko’s nickname for him, “I told you stop calling me that Seamstress.” Crow proceeded to introduce himself to the new comers, who seemed to enjoy arriving in style and no so subtly, the Rail-gun was quite impressed with the crew that the Battle Seamstress manage to call upon.

After hearing the Needle Master speech, the gunslinger smirked as he tugged on his gloves and push his cowboy hat up revealing his cobalt blue eyes. “Damn Straight. Let’s get in there and kick some ass!” As the team began to move out towards catacombs where the one called Hagane began to turn the stone door to silk, meanwhile the Gunslinger used this chance to speak to Haruko. Placing a hand on her shoulder he spoke in a whispered voice, “Haruko I don’t know much about what happen on the Sound Breaker other than what some sources have revealed but there is something you should know.” Crow removed something from his jacket revealing a ticket for the Sound Breaker train the date being that of the attack that caused this gathering in the first place. “I was supposed to be on that train at the time of the attack Haruko, however I was busy dealing with a Bounty and couldn’t get on it. Who are these people Haruko I been having a bad feeling about this.” Crow spoke to Haruko he had a strange feeling they were being watched by brushed it off as just a side effect of the current situation’s uneasiness.

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@Vapovile: @SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @ChronoWolf: @Fehafare: @paladin: Seth nodded to the newcomers. His red eyes scanned over each of them while the pink haired seamtress gave a speech. The speech done he followed behind in the back keeping a keen eye out for dangers.

Abyss glanced around as he stood over a corpse his head covered in blood. "Villicus give me a towel," he yelled as a toold materialized in front of him that he used to clean his blood stained hands. He then walked into a portal that would take him to his next target in the artic.

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@SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Masterofdeath: @ChronoWolf: @Fehafare: @paladin:

“I told you stop calling me that Seamstress.” Crow says to her, making Haruko smirk slightly. She had no intention of stopping the nickname, especially since she has been saying it for two adventures now. Accepting the smore from Alvin, Haruko thanks him and begins eating it on the way to the hole, where Hagane appeared to be turning the door to silk. Still chewing on the smore, the seamstress feels Crow place his hand on her shoulder and begin speaking. “I was supposed to be on that train at the time of the attack Haruko, however I was busy dealing with a Bounty and couldn’t get on it. Who are these people Haruko I been having a bad feeling about this.” Almost choking on the smore, Haruko quickly swallows it and looks at Crow with a slightly surprised face.

"Well *cough*...isn't that a coincidence? Though I suppose you are lucky, since that train turned out to be a trap, but you already knew that. At least you got bounty money and didn't have to deal with assassins and stupidly durable undead." Pondering the second half of Crow's question, Haruko began speaking in a slightly quieter tone. "If by 'these people' you mean the people we are going after, they seem to be a necromancer and alien duo that want to revive some 'god' of the alien's. This 'god' can apparently revive the alien's entire race, who according to him drove an entire sentient race to extinction on another planet. So yeah, we have to stop them." Seeing that Hagane was nearly finished converting the door to silk, the group hears a loud "CRASH" coming from beyond the wall.

Walking over to the door and punching through the silk, Haruko kicks over a large metal guillotine that had crashed into the floor. "Great work Hagane, this door had a guillotine trap attached to it. Don't worry, even if she wasn't here, I was planning on pulling one of you guys back to avoid losing limbs. Welcome to the catacombs." Looking through the door, the group is greeted with the sight of a dark stone hallway that seemed to lead right into the abyss. Various unlit torches lined the walls, one of which Haruko grabs and puts a lighter to, igniting it. The addition of fire allowed for more visibility of the hallway, where all along the walls were drawings of humanoid figures were locked in combat with other humanoid creatures that had long scaly wings attached to their backs. Some drawings even depicted different colored dragons fighting against the first set of humanoid figures. Truly, it was a strange sight.

"Watch where you step, this place is crawling with undea-" Haruko stops herself as she hears the sound of undead running at them from the darkness in front of them. The sight became even more horrifying when they saw a horde of the vile creatures all running at them, blocking the entire path in front of them. "Annnnd it's started. Slash your way through or follow me!" She yells back, leaping forward and jumping on top of one of the zombie's heads. The seamstress then makes a slight "boop" noise, and begins using the undead's heads as stepping stones to avoid having to fight them. Though they were weak enough that a person with decent combat experience could take them out in droves.


The two cloaked figures make their way down a separate path, and find themselves in a grand auditorium made entirely out of stone and old marble. Though they were both in the darkness, and no torches could be seen on the walls. Putting her hand up to her right ear, the red-head begins speaking into her earpiece. "Seto, do you have a visual on the target's location?" She asks. The voice over the speaker sighed, then began speaking. "I do, but getting you there is going to be a problem without a light source. Afraid you might have to drop the facade a bit earlier than expected to use light magic, sis." The red-head frowns at this development, but nods her head. "Fine. Just guide us with your map, we are on a time limit here." "Aye aye, captain!" He replies sarcastically.

Suddenly, the female cloaked figure begins to shrink, until she was around the height of Alex's chest. Her voice also became slightly more high pitched as she conjured up a small ball of light into her hands, illuminating most of the room. "Let's just get this over with." She says, walking forward authoritatively. Alex only follows behind, making sure that he didn't step on any pressure plates in the process.

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As the undead horde began their assault, Hagane and Alvin charged, Hagane with her lance and Alvin with his pickaxe, cleaving through body after body while following Haruko and their guide.

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@Vapovile: @SamJaz: @Masterofdeath: @ChronoWolf: @Fehafare: @paladin:

Entering the Catacombs

The revelation of the true motives of the terrorists would have been enough to terrify most men into just giving up and walking home, however Crow was not most men. Well unlucky for them I am here to do my job and that something I never fail out. The crash and Haruko reveal of the trap made him say to himself, “Oh this is the great start to the night.” As the heroes wandered into the catacombs the Rail-gun carefully ran his fingers along the walls and the various drawings they were an ominous site to behold. Whoever painted these drawings either had a vivid imagination or they wanted to tell this story to whoever find in the place. The question is what story did they want to tell? Crow had only half heard what Haruko was saying but he did hear the rumbling of the horde of the undead closing in on the heroes. The Gunslinger turn to see the vile zombies stalking towards them in droves.

The Battle Seamstress seemed to have a good idea but Crow had a better idea take out these zombies so they wouldn’t be a problem later. “Haruko why is it every time we cross paths you get me knee deep in crap.” Crow smirked as his hand up to his elbow was coated in electrical energy, “Ala.” The Rail-gun began to maneuver in-between the heroes and allies till he encountered the undead horde, “Time to send you ugly ass back to the grave partner.” The Electrical Cowboy spread his electrical blade through the shoulder of one of the idea completely tearing its arm from its body as he ran through that one and attack another zombie. This time using the Ala blade to bisect the zombie in half, as the undead try to bite and maul Crow he easily dodge and maneuver through the crowd carving an electrical path of destruction through the horde. Unfortunately it seemed that they were becoming overwhelming however Crow just smirked as suddenly his other hand became electrical charged, “Ala Doble.” With both hands up the elbow working as electrical blades Crow began to hack and slash with the precision of a man on a mission. At one point he brought both arms down in an X form hacking a hole in the horde. The Gunslinger called out to Haruko for direction, “Hey seamstress what way do we need to go?”

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"Great... took them long enough." Lincent commented. He wasn't exactly keen on fighting the undead if he were to be honest, but given the circumstances he didn't really have a say in that matter. His left hand fell off forming his by now signature weapon, ChainswordBolter. Starting up the blade he started swinging the mighty weapon at the foes ahead. Charlotte was tossed in the air however.

With Excalibur ready she started raining down blasts of azure energy down at the undead horde.

It was alright.

If they could keep the pace up they'd get through easily.

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@Vapovile: @SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Fehafare: @Masterofdeath:

Arthur joined Haruko in walking on top of the undead horde. He jumped from undead to undead, filling the undead he was on with ice shards after every jump. The biggest problem with this strategy was jumping on the undead that weren't about to die.

And by biggest problem, I of course mean the most fun part. Arthur actually turned the dodging of friendly fire and the avoidance of the undead that were about to fall into a game.

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@Vapovile: @SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @ChronoWolf: @Fehafare: Seth laughed as the undead came at him. He instantly formed a barrier around him and created two twin pistols that had infinite ammo before he dispersed his barrier. That done he took aim and started walking through the horde firing left and right at every thing that got near him.

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@SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Masterofdeath: @ChronoWolf: @Fehafare: @paladin: (Sorry for the delays everyone, finals and all. But that is now over, so let's continue the story :D)

Haruko jumped from zombie to zombie, dodging her teammate's attacks and throwing knives out to spear the various undead through the head. Looking back, she hears Crow address her. “Haruko why is it every time we cross paths you get me knee deep in crap.” Tossing another knife to the side at a zombie, Haruko grins back at Crow. "I don't know, maybe I'm just too popular. Are you not entertained, cowboy?" Laughing slightly, Haruko continues to slay the undead along with everyone else. It wasn't long before each of them were slain, leaving a pile of dead bodies piled up along the cavern walls. Wiping some leftover blood off her shoes and levitating her knives back into her jacket, Haruko turns to Crow again as he asked them were to go.

"Uh...I am not that good with directions, but there only appears to be one way forward. So...let's follow it!" Strolling along, the pink-haired seamstress and group walk forward a few meters into the catacombs. It was still dark, but Haruko's torch lit the cavern well enough to see what was in front of them. Suddenly, Haruko puts her arm out to stop the group. "Wait. I saw this on my initial scouting trip." Pointing to the ground in front of them, the group can see a slightly upraised portion of the floor that covered the cavern. "That's a pressure plate. I don't know what it does, but we have to avoi-BATS!!!" Out of the ceiling, a large swarm of bats came flying out behind them to get away from the torchlight. Caught by surprise, Haruko accidentally trips over a portion of the floor...and lands directly on the pressure plate. "...crap."

The floor beneath them buckled, and suddenly collapsed beneath them all. They fall for what seemed like 30 feet until crashing against the stone floor below. The rubble from the floor above served as a good break for Haruko's fall, but everyone else might have landed differently. The cavern that they were now in was of similar design, but was surprisingly lit up by what seemed like floating orbs of light. Someone had been here before.

Sitting up slightly embarrassed, Haruko looks around the room. "Um...is everyone alright?" She asks, ready to hear all about how she effed things up again.


The female cloaked figure hears a loud crash behind them, and immediately puts her hand up to her ear. "What the hell was that?!" She asks the person on the other line whom she previously called Seto. Looking at the schematics on his computer, the person on the other end only laughs. "That would be the group falling through the floor. I'd pick things up if I were you, Aria."

Letting out a frustrated huff, she puts her hand down and turns to her dark-haired ally. "You heard him, let's get out of here." The two of them take off down the cavern, the red-head releasing orbs of light behind them to light the way for the group. Who knows, maybe they would prove useful if one of them were removed from the scenario. But they would cross that bridge when they had to.

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@Vapovile: @SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Fehafare: @Masterofdeath:

"Hmph, that was easy." Arthur commented once they were finally done with the undead. While they were walking through the catacombs, he spent most of the time examining the walls and the strange drawings on them. He wondered if the god was a dragon of some sort. Or if that was the devil. Or if the drawings had absolutely nothing to do with the god or it's followers. Before he could go on with his thoughts, Haruko noticed a trap and stopped the group.

And then proceeded to trigger it anyway because bats scared her. How exactly was she here trying to stop the summoning of a god again? Well, Arthur didn't have much time to think about that question because he was falling. Once he landed, he had the wind knocked out of him. And just as he managed to squeeze some air back into his lungs, it was knocked out again, this time by something falling on him.

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@ChronoWolf: @Vapovile: @Masterofdeath: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @SamJaz:

Lincent hit his head during the fall, real bad. "And this is why i hate dungeons." he said as he slowly got up clothing his head. "I look good, right guys?" he asked with a wide idiot's grin on his face as blood covered the upper part of his head completely and slowly made it's way down his face. Charlotte had gotten off way better.

In fact she wasn't even hurt. It could be her mechanical body, but truth is what was below her didn't feel like stone at all, it was soft and warm. Kinda like a human.... it was a human. Charlotte was laying down flat on Arthur, with her backside pointing towards his face. A rather embarrassing situation but Charlotte herself wasn't really aware of that. Recovering from the shock she stayed there motionlessly for a few moments.

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