A Journey So Cold

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Dzogchen Monastery, Tibet

The world was still half wrecked after the invasion of the Kisekians, countries were destroyed, millions of lives lost and the world was about to enter a dark age, thanks to the massive ammount of damage done to the most important countries in the world. Usso Namae, a world famous japanese businessman, was already helping as much as he could, donating massive ammounts to the relief organizations and helping as much as he could with the rebuilding of the world, with his Company, Garyuu. Inc working day and night at minimum wages, trying to help as much people as they could. Usso worked even more than anyone, travelling back and forth to the most affected countries, helping them by any measn he could. Doing from big events to giving a family enough money to survive for a year, he seemed to be everywhere he was needed. The media was all over this, trying to guess why a man of his importance and wealth would spend so much time and money helping others. He already was known as the most charitative man in Japan, and now he seemed to want to extend that fame all over the world. Nobody knew that his money had an endless supply, and for each life he helped, his real Company, Mangetsu, was ending two. Usso was only the mask he used to hide his actions, a mask so perfectly crafted that nobody could see throught it. Kuro-san was smiling coldly under it, knowing that thanks to the actions of Akuma Shinma his own plans were in motion, and were getting closer and closer to his main objective. Kuro-san real plans in this world tour wasnt extending the peace and prosperity, that was only a facade for his real activity. His plans included a massive martial arts tournament in Japan, that would serve three purposes. Number 1, getting data from any possible threat to his plans, analyzing that information and creating countermeasures to it. Number 2 getting charity money from the tournament and while giving it to charity, it would be stained money, all from underworld deals. Number 3 this would allow him to get all the do-gooders in one place at the same time, giving him a lot of time, at least a week or so, of less opposition worldwide, so the next phase of his plans could start. Now he was in Tibet, searching for a martial artist only known as Fengbao, that lived in the Chetzan Dzong fortified monastery, deep in the Himalayan range, roughly 200 kms to the west of his current location. He was only guarded by one bodyguard, only a temporal replacement until the one he hired for this trip get to the rendevous point with him, on the footsteps of Dzogchen Monastery. With flawless chinese, he spoked to his bodyguard, a man named Chao Long Fan, and dismissed him after paying him his money and an extra. In matter of minutes his new bodyguard would arrive. In normal conditions Usso, would take his personal bodyguard, a woman expert with the naginata and martial arts, descendant of a Samurai familiy. She was on maternity leave, given almost like an order by Usso, since she didnt wanted to leave him alone, even more now that he was travelling all along the world.

The town around the Monastery was brimming with activty, while Usso waited sitting on the hood of the jeep he bought for this journey. It was an interesting vehichle, reinforced fro almost any climate and with some defense mechanism as bulletproof shields and some tricks to mislead pursuers. Usso hoped to find the man he was waiting soon, as he only had a week to search for Fengbao before moving to the next fighter. Up until now the 5 warriors he went to searc all accepted his invitation. Now it was only a matter of time until the bodyguard arrived. But unknown to him, Chao Long Fan was working undercover for SysCisTech, an American enterprise, that after losing the computer business to Garyuu in South America, they wanted to eliminate their problems by removing Usso. They werent aware of the famous businessman double life as the Emperor of the criminal Underworld, and they decided to sent assasains to do their dirty work. Usso knew about their intent, but Mangetsu Intelligence Network, even as efficient as it was, was unable to detect an signs of attack. Instead of worrying Kuro-san hired the best bodyguard he could afford, a newcomer with great recommendations, and was using millions of dollars in ShinkaTECH devices to protect him, he even carried a small range teleporter and a force field generator. He knew that dying wasnt an option, and if he had to abandon the bodyguard to survive he wouldnt even doubt it. His objective was in a monastery that was carved into a mountain side, and some witnesses said that he could moved faster than lighting, and hit with more power than a tank. Maybe it was exageration, but it was worth the travel to check the rumours out, and travelling was one of the only things the emotionless Kuro-san enjoyed.

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After the cold war

Deep in the Tundras of Eastern Siberia lied a hidden area that was far away from the urban part of the small region of Russia. Deep within the valley of mountains was a large cave of icicles all over, acting as blades for those who would dare trespass.... A bitter wind whispered by through the hollow cave, a tunnel leading to more blistering ice as there were snow everywhere. Descending from the cave came an underground chamber, so low, so dark, and so cold as it was deep underground below the mountains. The caverns with ice all over, frozen pools surrounded the valley so if anyone tried to cross they would be swallowed by the icy depths... And as we reached further we found SoCold's Laboratory, a large frozen pit of computers, machinery, and gear that was beyond the technology used on Earth. There was a large open spot with an alien ship in the middle pointing towards the entrance that leaded out from underground. A large library of computers stood at the left while at the right appeared an experimental hallway with all types and sorts of equipment, suits, gadgets, and experiments. And last SC appeared in his cryogenic suit that served as an exoskeleton made to contain his body. Having several tubs connected around the waist of his suit to the back of a nitrogen tank filled with cryogenic substances. A large helmet covered his entire head and neck while a bullet proof screen covered his face, only red eyes were visible from the screen. SC being at the height of 6'5 as his suit made him taller than an average man's height. His arms covered in high-tech armory along with gloves for his hands, being oh most robot-like. The large robotic male slowly walked to the computers where he had just received an email letter to his email account (Yes he has an email account) for a hitman request from an anonymous source . He silently thought about accepting, shaking his head some he was about to give the request a cold shoulder until he read he would be granted a fortune if he completes the mission. Knowing he needed the money he turned from the windows of his screen and walked silently to a large coffin of ice. The emotionless male lightly placed his mechanical hand in front of the coffin and released a soft sigh followed with a slow grunt.  
The male reverting back to the computers he clicked accept, a large document was quickly downloaded appearing in front of his screen revealing the data of the target. His target was a world famous businessman named Usso Namae, who was said to own a black market. Whatever the case he was the target and was now heading to Dzogchen Monastery, Tibet. SC had no time to waste so he quickly made a message back to the email which would regard where to meet after he was done. SC was aware that the rich man was no easy target, to be honest SC was hesitant before accepting. The emotionless SC finally spoke and said with a cold metallic voice, "Computer! Authorize 7.12 sector 6!", a female computerize voice spoke in response, "Authorizing 7.12 sector 6!" as a large arsenal of weapons and gadgets opened up from the ground. A large supply of cryogenic weapons; from a freeze hose to a freeze ray. Even a freeze bazooka! All categorize by their power level, some even being labeled as absolute zero! SC carefully observed and took his usual freeze ray which wielded heat seeking launchers and ice grenades. A large polar bear in a nice holding cell was eating a bowl of fish, being kept as a pet watched him as he approached the mother ship.  Entering he started the ship and said, "I will be back...My brother...." He said while the alien aircraft prepared to launch, departing he faced the entrance and the UFO went blitzing beating the speed barrier and hypersonically shot into the firmaments of the cloudy and snowy skies, being cold resistant to cold climates. He said, "Locate Dzogchen Monastery in Tibet!" a hologram screen appeared in front showing him a map to Dzogchen in Tibet, pin pointing his location with a red dot the female computerize voice from earlier appeared"It will take you an hour and 30 minutes to reach this location!" He thought in his mind 'Good... I don't want to go to fast...' He said as he flew off into the dark clouds.
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It was cold. No, cold would be an understatement. It was absolutely frigid, and all of those under drafts weren’t helping. Just a small gust of wind was enough to make Safeguard hitch up the collar of his winter jacket and give off a small ‘burr’. Yep, this is what his life had come down to. Instead of paying a fortune to go to college just so he could work himself to death, Safeguard decided to roam the Earth, charging huge fees to anyone who wanted him to take them some place dangerous or illegal. The plan was to play as this exclusive tour guide until he had just enough money completely drop off the grid and live the rest of his life in complete luxury. Sure, the job had its dangers but for someone as crafty as him, it was just a matter of being intuitive about the situation at hand. And the fact that he could just generate a domed shield at a moment’s notice also helped.

The new contract was to keep some business man safe on his way to a monastery that was just a little over a hundred miles away. Safeguard didn’t ask many questions. In fact, questions could get you in trouble in a job like this. Hell, he never even asked for the client’s name. It wasn’t like he would need it. All he needed to know was where to take the client, how to locate them, and if they were able to make the payment. That was all. And he already had all that information.

As Safeguard navigated through the miniscule village, he surveyed the scene. The whole town was just a cluster of houses that surrounded a monastery with bright red bricks. There wasn’t much to the dingy settlement. The monastery was clearly the pride of the town, which wasn’t saying much considering that all of the other buildings were either a dirty white or dull brown.

After taking his time to pass a few more houses and make one left turn, Safeguard finally made it to the base of a long flight of stairs. “You must be the one who called me,” Safeguard dryly stated to the man lying on the hood of a steel colored jeep, the only man in hearing distance. Without waiting for confirmation, Safeguard slung his backpack in front of him and reached into the largest pouch, “Alright, before we get going, I’m going to need my pay.” With swift professionalism, he pulled out a device that looked like a tablet with one hand and held out stylus with the other. “The amount is on the screen. Just type in your payment information, sign your name, and we’ll be all set.”

So far, everything was going just fine. Safeguard had already done these same exact steps several times before and nothing seemed out of the ordinary to him. Although, most of the time, these trips took place on foot, but Safeguard has traveled by vehicles before. He was so accustomed to this entire scene that he skimmed over the fact that the jeep was heavily armored, which was something suspicious considering that this was all supposed to be a quick trip through Tibet. Although, if he did notice then he would probably shrug his shoulders and just accept the idea that the client was overly cautious. After all, not everyone has a power that they can whip out to protect them at any moment.

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Usso signed the tablet after choosing to make a digital transaction from one of his accounts. One of Usso personal accounts, that had double the ammount of money that Safeguard asked for. Usso decided to put all the money as payment, maybe as a sign of good will. Mangetsu Intelligence Network did some background search on him and his methods, and as his sucess rate was one of the highest in the commercial, and theorically law-abidding bodyguards, market, he was choosen for this job as the perfect fit. Kuro-san knew that having the perfect tool for each situation was the best way to survive and in this case Safeguard was exactly what he needed. Usso had always a warm and charming smile that in end was only a well crafted mask, in contrast to Kuro-san emotionless face, as he lacked almost any emotion, and that coldness was the thing that allowed him to reach the position he is right now, as the top player in the Underworld, as his reputation was known by every important criminal or assasain, yet none had ever seen his face. And talking about criminals, the black suited and bald bodyguard, Chao Long Fan, was using his satellital phone, a product from SysCisTech, to contact them and inform them about the bodyguard and

The Mangetsu satellites would be working to track Usso movements, but the Himalayas could diminish their visiblity over the zone, specially since a small snowstorm was just in the same direction that the Mangetsu leader was going to take. I'm Usso Namae, he said while bowing and then standing up again, showing a warm and confident smile, thanks for reppling to my call in such short notice, Usso showed the Pad, I added a little bit more of money as bonus for you, as you arrived in time, and I like that in people I hire. The Emperor of the Underworld opened a map over the Jeep hood and followed the trail, his finger pointed a mountain road, that after 150km vanished into the mountains and then the rest of the trip would be more of a rally than anything else. We need to move west. the Chetzan Dzong Monastery is uphill that's the reason I bought this vehicle, Usso faked a small laugh so well that not even experts in body language could notice that he was only standing a facade, It's not that I dislike physical exercise but climbing Mountains isnt my thing, I prefer going to the gym or practicing Kendo. Usso even scratched the back of his head while laughing, giving the impression of being good natured and kind of dumb. Do you want to drive? Or should I handle that task myself? He kept the dumb smile, he didnt wanted Safeguard to notice that he was cunning and intelligent, he wanted to give the impression of being a good natured bumbler, that was elected CEO out of luck. His impression was good, Kuro-san was a master in bluffs and misdirection, and he could fake emotions better than any actor.

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Because of everything Usso was doing, Safeguard kept an eye on him with an air of distrust. The overly generous tip, that smile, his forced laugh, they all pointed to one thing; Usso was one of those super rich people who traveled the globe just because they could. Safeguard really hated those kinds of people. Their naive perspective of the world was simply annoying and they had all of the money in the world, something Safeguard was extremely jealous about.

But that didn’t keep him from treating the task any less seriously. He paid attention to everything Usso said. After all, annoying client of not, he was obligated to get the customer to their destination safely. But that didn't mean that he had to be extra friendly with the guy. This was all business, nothing personal.

After Usso finished, Safeguard pried his eyes away from the map, memorizing the basic details of the trip. “I’ll drive,” he stated with a somber voice. “I am more experienced traveling through areas like this.” Truth of the matter, that wasn't only reason Safeguard volunteered to drive. He never felt right letting a client make a judgment call. It undermined his skills and he never trusted them to make the right choice. People who have never explored the heart of the wild -the real wild- tended to make really, really stupid decisions. So while it seemed like he was volunteering, Safeguard was actually telling Usso that he was driving, no arguing. That way, he could be sure that there would be no reckless driving, no 'trust me, this is a detour', or any wrong turn because they thought that the next left meant the one after it. There would be none of that, not with him driving.

So, with nothing more to say, Safeguard strolled over and leaned against the driver’s side of the jeep, patiently waiting for Usso to hand him the keys. It was time to get this show on the road.

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"We are now heading into TIbet!" The computer spoke as SC placed his hand on a hand panel that activated the ship's invisibility cloak, slowing the speed of the ship so it would go Mach 1 with a gear shifter he entered the region as he was heading towards his destination. "This should be easy..." He said from the fact that Dzogchen Monastery, in Tibet, was a plateau region and had a lot of mountains. In SC view the mountains were the most vulnerable place to trap his enemies since he was in airborne and that his cryogenic weapons can easily lower the temperatures in the mountains. Entering Tibet he speeded through the small region in the North East of Himalayas and China. Following his navigator he went into the range of the Dzogchen Valley with only 30 more minutes left until he made it within range of the mountains, setting his hand on the holographic system of his airship he tapped on Ice mode where his ship would release very cold moistures and air into the atmosphere, bending the clouds with the impetus movement of his invisible UFO hence snowstorm. The sky beginning to rain snow as he smiled at the sight, the longer he had on ice mode the more the weather became worse. The temperatures dropping to -15 degrees as he turned off cold mode so that he kept things normal but imperceptible since the normal temperatures at midnight would be 9- C.  Now that things were below zero and that the weather was all feisty up, a snowstorm followed by him was heading towards the Dzogchen Monastery. Planning to attack tactically since attacking up head would be suicide! Reaching to his destination a fake evil grin curled on the side of his pale blue face as his helmet's face-screen slid over his face, his computer goggles turned red as he said, "Today is an ice day..." The ice pun followed with a metallic echo as his ship headed in span of his targets location, the clouds freezing over while passing by. 
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Usso nodded to his new bodyguard choosing to drive. Is better like that, I only drive when I rent a racetrack and use some of my cars, or I organize races with other guys for charity. Usso once again scratched the back of his head, almost like a tick when he laughed. The Underworld Overlord sat in the co-pilot seat and closed the door. Safe guard seemed profesional, maybe he would hire him for Garyuu Inc. security after this. The should left town in minutes and then reach the start of the mountain path only half an hour. This gave Kuro-san enough time to check his pad, as if he was checking business data, while in reality he was aproving ten executions, a major art theft and weapon selling to a dictator in Africa. In matter of minutes he wouldnt be able to do so, as the mountains would blokc the signal of his phone, since a snowstorm was coming their way, and the new technology that he was developing in ShinkaLABS, a communicator that couldnt loose signal out of atmospheric conditions, only had a month or two more to finish the development, and unluckly Dr. Shishido wasnt going to give out the prototype, not even to his boss. This was Shishido contract conditions bitting Usso in the ass, as the strange, yet genius old man had some really strange conditions to be hired.

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Ugh, renting a race track just for a few cheap thrills. If Safeguard ever made it into the luxury lifestyle, he would never discard his money doing stupid things. He would buy some beachfront property in the tropics and spend all of his time relaxing and drinking margaritas, possibly invite some super model over every now and then. But for him to have that chance, he would need to endure on with other rich people who wasted their money on traveling the world, looking for some supposed wonders of the world. There was nothing special about the world. Underneath all that gloss everyone so carefully applied on, there were problems that would make one place just as insufferable as the next. But rich do not see that, they get to see the best every place has to offer. After all, they have money and everyone will endure them for that one reason. Not even Safeguard was immune to the influence of money. He was turning on the ignition and getting ready to head into the cold depths of Tibet for a small fortune. Yeah, he was not immune at all.

“You better wrap up on your business,” Safeguard nonchalantly noted to Usso's device. It was beginning to snow and it would soon block out any signal, making the wireless pad useless… unless he was planning on playing tetras for the rest of the trip.

The soft pitter-patter of snow soon began to grow heavier and heavier. In a short matter of time, that soft pitter-patter was beginning to turn into hollow thuds against the jeep. The wind was also picking up, making the weather unbearable. “F&*king storm.” Safeguard muttered under his breath. Now he had both hands tightly gripping the steering and had set the windshield wipers on the maximum speed. He could handle the weather, but it would be a little challenging. Although, he was beginning to fear that they would get lost. The snow had already covered the road, making it unidentifiable. It would completely possible that they weren’t even on it anymore. He was just following the map, but his estimates may be off.

Without even taking his eyes off the –hopefully- road, Safeguard asked Usso, “Should we stop and wait the storm out?”

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“Preparing to land!” noted the computer as he was now in range of the large and now frozen mountains. Pulling the gear shifter he paused the ship and slowly levitated landing on top of a terrace that was at the peak of a mountain. Removing the invisibility cloak he opened the ships door leading outside, wielding his freeze ray along with all his other gadgets. “Good weather we’re having…” He said to himself, “Even if my target does escape, the storm will eventually kill him…” He said coldly as he stepped onto the snowy surface with stomping steps, his high advance radar goggles were activated and high illumination activated at the top of the dome of his suit, the lasers being scanners to show footprints to track his targets. Appearing as a walking refrigerator he began marching down the hill while in the process activating his cold field that would render thrown objects or projectiles useless when within a yard radius. Walking slowly since his suit was heavy he made his way to where he could see everything in a distance, his radar goggles detecting near motions from a vehicle as it was at least several miles away from his distance. Planning from the beginning, the reason why he chose to chose to plan here was because this was the only route passengers could take. Grinning while he aimed his freeze ray to the road firing a beam of nitrogen oxide fused with other chemicals as it had literally froze the road making it slippery as possible for his target so that they would slip and fall to their deaths making it look like an accident. Even if they do survive the fall, they’ll all slowly die from the battering snow of the incredible blizzard. But just to be sure he would have to check if they were dead or not.
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Usso smiled when informed of the storm, Thanks for the heads up, I'm just finishing some numbers. The roof of the Jeep protected them from the falling rain, that would surely be freezing cold. The landscape was breathtaking, the snowy mountains and the green valleys, with mountain streams descending like blue snakes from the top of the mountains. The sky was cloaked by the dark menacing clouds, that from showering water over Usso and his newly appointed bodyguard, started to release snow. The road was beginning to become unsteady and slippery, so Safeguard lowered the speed and asked Should we stop and wait the storm out? Usso faked a pensative face, since he already knew what he would do anyway. I think we should go on, but not before doing this. As he spoke the Yakuza Emperor reached a set of buttons. The first activated a traction system for the wheels, that suddenly popped spikes out, granting an enhanced traction even in the most slippery terrain. The second button activated a set of powerful front lights to light the way with ease. The third button opened to small doors in the hood, and started spraying with great force a pressure a liquid that would protect the jeep from the cold temperature, and allowing to mantain the temperature inside. The fourth button opened a small compartment, and the sound of liquid being poured and the scent of english milk tea filled the car. Usso-san took the plastic cup and took a sip. Mmmmmh, sweet milk tea, how could I live without you. Then he looked at his new bodyguard and said, let's move on, let's move on, I have to get there tomorrow night or I'll be out of schedule

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For a moment, the steering wheel slipped out of Safeguard’s hands. But it was only for one moment. Without hesitating, Safeguard clasped his hands back onto the steering wheel and proceeded to drive on with professional precision. He even got rid of the surprised look on his face.

He wasn’t sure what exactly all those buttons did but they weren’t normal functions. He has driven many cars in his lifetime and that never, ever happened to him. One of those buttons did something with the steering wheel or the tires or something else. Right after Usso pressed the first button; Safeguard felt the car’s wheels violent shake under him for just a slight second. It was as if he ran over a rough patch of snow, or if the tires changed right in mid drive. In fact, now the jeep was a bit easier to maneuver, it had much better traction. Maybe that one button did something in order to avoid any mishap slips.

Ignoring theever increasing whiff of English milk tea and the fact that he lost control of the steering wheel back there, Safeguard kept his eyes glued to the road. He didn’t want to show any signs that he could spare any concentration from navigating the car. Talking with Usso would be uncomfortable. The two seemed to be on two different planets, and Safeguard wasn’t interested in awkward small talk, only guaranteed to be worse because of Usso's strange jeep and its buttons. No, he did not want to talk about how wonderful Tibet was, he didn’t want to be offered any tea, and he certainly did not want to talk about the blasted weather. The only thing he wanted to tell Usso was ‘goodbye’. The clients were only luggage that paid to be carried around. They were not pleasant company.

And as if the universe wanted Safeguard to avoid small talk with Usso, the jeep hit an unusual and unnatural patch of ice. The car’s rear made a speedy turn to the left, forcing the jeep into a dangerous slant. Safeguard tried to straighten out the jeep but the ice was too slick. The back of the jeep continued to move faster than its front. They began spinning in circles. It was a nightmare.

Now that the car was completely out of his control, Safeguard tore his eyes from his ever spinning environment and reached out for the emergency break sticking out between him and Usso. He grasped the rod firmly in his hand, pushed his thumb down on the button on the top, and began jerking it up and down. Soon the car began to slow down in its spin and it was quickly reaching a halt. After a minute of pumping the break, the car reached a stop. Safeguard let go of the emergency break as one would a heavy object and leaned far back in his seat, basking in its comfort. A tired ‘whew’ left his lips just before he craned his neck over to Usso and asked with genuine concern, “Everything okay?”

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“Time to improvise…” he said jokingly to himself as the jeep had came to a halt, becoming open prey. The robot-like monster pointing his freeze ray to the air as the freeze ray was equipped with heat seeking missiles, small missiles that were comparable to grenade launchers. Easily capturing his targets in sight of his radar goggles he pulled the trigger letting loose his radar missiles that stood suspended in the air for just a minute, the missiles appearing as floating discs until they targeted their target, sensing body heat they immediately followed and shot at the jeep which would blast the vehicle off the path and send his targets tumbling to their deaths. The reason why So Cold couldn’t be harmed by the radar missiles was because he had no body heat, he was virtually a walking corpse leaving him invulnerable to his own weapons. And if he was lucky the impact of the missiles would cause a small avalanche to bury their bodies and make sure no one ever finds their remains. The brilliant and evil scientist had already came up with a tatic if they were to ricochet this attack. The bounty hunter was not going to give up so easily, he really needed the money, even if it meant the deaths of  thousands or billions, he was still not going to give up.
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I'm okay, but my tea isnt, Usso said with a small smile, trying to sound as bumbly as possible. He noticed inmediately that the ice in the road wasnt natural, the storm only started today, and there was no way that a road froze as this was frozen. Something was off. His surveilance tech, mounted in the truck, alerted him with a loud beep in his pad of the incoming danger. I think I can help us out if I make this talking to Safeguard with impecable composture, even with the incoming danger, the Yakuza Emperor pulled off his Pad, and touched the screen three times, from the roof, a secret door was opened and a missile detection and interception device, just like the U.S military used on their jeep. this one was a tad more advanced, and even in the blinding snowstorm it detected the incoming missiles sent by the Cryogenic Wraith, and sent the counter attack to diverse them. Eight hyperheated balls came out from the device, falling towards the abyss, that were more than enough to make the heat seeking missiles to pummel down the cliff following them. A massive explosion shook the mountain side, and Kuro-san, faking panic, said Wrong button! Wrong Button push the damn pedal and get moving!!!! A landslide was coming towards them from above, but at least they werent hitted by Missiles, either way the jeep was equiped to get out from an avalanche without any problems...

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Wrong button!? Wrong button!? What in the hell did Usso mean to press then? Something to massage his shoulders? Something to clean the spilled tea?

Safeguard didn’t like how things were going. The explosion was enough to freak anyone out, but Usso’s bumbling behavior in light of all that was even more alarming. And now they had an avalanche racing down towards them. As much as he would like to interrogate the client about what this damn jeep was capable of, he would need to outrun the giant wave of snow ready to pile down right on top of them.

Turning the jeep in the direction opposite of their pursuing avalanche, Safeguard slammed his foot on the accelerator and tried to outrun the snow. They were hitting 60, 80, and soon a hundred miles an hour but the avalanche was still getting closer. Fear trickled down Safeguard as he began to doubt that the jeep would be fast enough. With his options depleting, Safeguard let up on the accelerator and began to press down on the break, slowing the vehicle down to a halt.

The avalanche was still coming as fast as ever but the jeep was at a dead stop. Safeguard took a deep break to collect his nerves and stared out of the windshield, heavily concentrating on something other than the fact that they could soon be crush under a mountain of snow. Then, mystically, a bubble-like dome that had a thin magenta tint enveloped over the jeep. Snow began piling up about halfway over the dome before it just stopped, making Safeguard rest his head on the steering wheel and groan. He could have outrun the avalanche completely if he only continued to run instead of deploying his shields.

Oh well, at the very least, they were kind of safe. Sort of.

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"Hm... " He watched as his attack was countered by an e ight hyperheated balls that were enough to parry his heat seeking missiles, however the missiles impacted somewhere else and had caused a large landslide of snow to bury the jeep. Watching as the hopeless Jeep tried to escape from the avalanche, being engulfed instantly by the snow... SC watched their deaths come forth until a bubble-like dome enveloped the jeep, shielding them from the avalanche. SC thought in his mind, 'Hm... It seems I have underestimated the jeep. Impressive but it'll take more than that to escape me!' He said as he stayed in his same position knowing his targets were going to have to try get through the road of snow. Firing his freeze ray to the road he began to make a large wall of ice, knowing by the time they get through the residue from the avalanche they'll find themselves blocked by a large mountain of ice and trapped! But he wasn't finish, the ice wall was just a distraction to give him some time to prepare his next move. Heading to his ship he entered and came out with even a larger freeze ray which was connected to the ship by a water hose. He had to slowly walk which would take a few minutes to reach his position as he prepared to blast the vehicle with the cryogenic ice launcher which was enough to rip cars and trucks apart with just its icy force. But, the weapon was limited due to it having a certain limit to how much he can shoot. Waiting for their return he was ready to blow the sucker apart. 
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Usso was getting bored, whoever was causing this blockade in the road, a massive Ice wall, that was stopping them from moving foward. He had a schedule to fullfill, and timing in this situation was of the essence to the completion of his current goals. Having some half ass superhuman with cryogenic powers wouldnt stop and mand so driven like him, and specially when the crazy genius of Mangetsu, Dr. Shishido outfited the jeep for any kind of issue that could happen in the Himalayas. Kuro-san remembered when the sadomasochist genius scientist explained about the jeep in Mangetsu ShinkaLABS, hidden on an undisclosed location. "This is my master piece on undercover vehicles, elegant and stylish, yet deadly design, allows almost perfect maneurability in any terrain, protection from cold, rain, snow, bullets, bazookas. And it's outfited with grappling hooks, de-freezing sprays, ramming mode, three different modes of enhanced traction, snowplower, missile defense system re-outfitted by the wastes of the jeep, and a miniature atomic bomb to self destruct this baby, without mentioning multiple secret weapons hidden inside" Usso was silent for the whole explanation, and only when the deranged and possibly dangerous scientific stopped talking he asked in a bit of a confusion Atomic Bomb to self destruct? Your contract specifies that only your own personal objects can have, none of the other Mangetsu issued things can have it. Please remove it. Shishido was about to make a tantrum, but a strict and sinister glare from Kuro-san stopped him, and then he laughed "HAHAHA you surely are genre savvy boss. That's why I work for you." The Self Destruct mechanism got removed, but as the car needed something to rebalance, Shishido added the tea/cofee machine.

Back to the current predicament, Kuro-san keen analitic and strategic mind, not a gift from his birth, but a skill gained throught stubborn determination decades of study and experience, allowed him to notice that this wasnt the opponent real attack, since using missiles at first and the just blocking the road didnt matched up, surely the wall was only a way to keep them trapped while he prepared a bigger attack. Usso needed to react quick and searched in his pad, with extreme calmness, and said, while pointing a red button in the back of the steering wheel. Sorry, for the last one, I didnt readed the manual right, touch that button and the Jeep will go into a.. Kuro-san tightened his eyes for a second, as if he was making a effort to read Battering Ram Mode? I think that what is says here, either way the manual says that can push anything out of our way, and this piece of ice that got moved by the landslide fits the description. It's your call, you can touch it, is safe, at least that was what the manual is saying. If Safeguard pressed the button, a folded armor would cover the Jeep, and a jet engine would pop out from the back, granting the vehicle the ability to smash throught foritfied positions, or in this case that block of ice with a sudden impulse. Kuro-san didnt hoped him to do it, in any case he would do it himself if the situation asked for it. Even so the Jeep was coated with an de-freeze/Anti-freeze compound, making it pretty difficult to get frozen by whoever was attacking. Not a perfect protection, but if the opponent was too powerful it could at least grant minutes of protection

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Safeguard did not press the button, nor did he even lift the dome shield nor moved his foot from the brakes. He wasn’t sure what was going on but in all honesty, he didn’t want to find out.

“You know what, this is your problem.” Safeguard firmly stated as he opened his door and began to get out. “I’ve been doing these tour guides for a while and I’ve never encountered anything like this, which means that you have someone is targeting you.”

He was outside the jeep, just ready to close the door any moment now. But he still wanted to give a piece of his mind. “And I’m not getting involved with any of that. Because you breached your contract by not warning me about this -hell, just because you were being targeted and came to me- I’m leaving now. I’ll do you the favor of canceling your payment. Now do me the favor and never contact me again. While you’re at it, never tell your friends about me. We’ll both pretend this never happened and get on with our lives.”

For a moment, Safeguard was quiet as he tried to remember if he forgot something. “Oh, and good luck,” he added just for a little courtesy. He slammed the door shut and began walking away. Once he reached the rim of his dome, he lifted the shield and caused the small mound of snow from above to plop down on the jeep. It certainly wasn’t enough to get the jeep stuck but it sure worked as a harmless act of retribution.

Without looking back, Safeguard marched into the blizzard and was soon out of sight. It was the first time he ever walked out on a client before but considering the circumstances, he had no regrets. Besides, Usso still had the jeep, he was far from defenseless.

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