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Name: Paintress

Alias: The Painter; The Artist, The Paintbrush Wielder, Temporary Main Character

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Origin: A Mysterious Children's Storybook

How It All Began

John Willingham, a man in his early forties, is a well-known Englishman with a strong passion for collecting books. His passion was so strong that everyone who knew him called him "John the Bibliomaniac". Their teasing didn't affect the man, for his love for his collection had no limits. John's library was composed of a wide array of literature; including encyclopaedias, dictionaries, novels and novellas, plays, poems, and much much more. The book collector knew everything about each and every piece of writing in his collection, and could give an accurate description of each if he was asked; including the authors and the year of publication. However, there was one book which he wasn't able to obtain a background check on. The book was a children's storybook, with the cliché plot line of a prince saving a princess from an evil witch, and a happily ever after ending. Although bothered by it, John still kept the book in hopes he'd learn more about it's origin in the future.

The Enchanted Story

Hundreds of years ago, there lived an old and unsuccessful author. Although he has created a vast number of stories, none of them appealed to the public’s interests. Just before abandoning his passionate job as a writer, he decided to create a final piece of work – a simple children’s storybook. In hopes that the book would sell, he visited a rumored enchantress that lived in the outskirts of London, hoping she would help him with his misfortune. The enchantress presented the man with a pen, paintbrush, and a stack of papers; telling him to use those items to create the storybook. The author followed her instructions, and created the book; not knowing that those items possessed a mysterious power. When the author wrote the last words of the story, something strange happened. His body slowly began to transform into leather, and the pages of his manuscript began to float around him. The author screamed in fear, but no voice had escaped him, since he was now transformed into the book cover which bound the pages of the story. Years passed, and the book was found, authorless and without a title. This intrigued the general public, labelling the piece of literature as an ancient antique.

The book, alongside the pen and paintbrush, had been sold several times throughout the years, and in present time, it became the possession of an old Englishman. The man wasn’t aware of the book’s enchanted history, and so, he treated it as any other book. On a stormy night, a sound emerged from the man’s book collection. Afraid that he was being robbed, the bibliomaniac rushed to his prized collection only to find that the mysterious storybook was floating in mid-air. The pages of the book began to tear on their own, each page fluttering away like a flock of birds and leaving behind the cover of the empty storybook. Only one of the pages remained, and it was of a minor character of the story - a painter who painted the prince and princess's wedding portrait. Suddenly, the book cover in the man’s hand s began to wriggle, which forced him to let go of it. The book returned to its floating position, and the front and back of the book began to flap like lips; then the voice of the author began to speak, "Painter, it is time for you to rise." The Englishman's bewildered expression returned, as he watched the ink that formed the painter's image leak into the air, slowly taking her form in real-life. The character looked as surprised as the collector, and she stared at her hands and legs in astonishment. The masculine voice then boomed once more, "Current owner, please give her the pen and paintbrush that came with the storybook." The man agreed and handed the two utensils to the painter, whose expression was now filled with delight. "Painter, you're time has come. It is now up to you to save the story and collect the pages, since you're the only one left. “explained the author's voice through the book.

"You mean......I'm the main character now?!!!" exclaimed the young painter ecstatically, while leaping for joy.

".......I suppose...." said the voice, reluctantly. "You can use both my pen and paintbrush to help you on your quest." explained the author, "But be warned! You must collect the pages as soon as possible; for they contain mystical powers which can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Also, if you don't finish collecting the pages when the sand on this hourglass completely falls, you're ink will fade, and the story will be forever lost."

The painter nodded her head, while forcing a serious expression since she was still in her happy mood now that she was promoted to main character position after just being a page-filler. "So, what'll be my name, Mr. Author?" she asked, clearly going off-topic. She needed to know though, since she was always just referred to as "The Painter".

The book sighed heavily, and fell silent for several moments. The artist was getting excited, waiting for the brilliant-minded author to come up with an amazingly-heroic name for her. Suddenly the silence was broken, “You’re called, Paintress. Now good luck with your journey." With those final words, the book fell silent, and toppled onto the ground.

"What the....? That old guy couldn't come up with a more original name than that???" Paintress then picked up the empty book, and began to embark on her journey; leaving the dumbfounded bibliomaniac behind.


The Painter is a fair-skinned girl, with long curly blonde locks which she often wears up or keeps under a hat. Paintress has round observant light-blue eyes, and long lashes. The blonde-haired teen is often seen with art utensils, primarily "The Author's Pen" and "The Illustrator's Paintbrush". Despite her elegant-looking features, Paintress is quite clumsy, and is very messy; so much so that it wouldn't be surprising that her clothing and even her face may be covered in paint stains. The artist dresses casually, and she may sometimes have random accessories attached to her clothing to make her seem more "heroic". An example of that would be her white wings, which don't do anything other than give the impression that she has the ability to fly. Paintress wears a necklace with the hourglass that tells her how much time she has remaining to retrieve the pages. The longer she takes to retrieve them, the more she fades away, eventually disappearing.


Paintress suffers from a severe inferiority complex, since she wasn't even given any lines in the story, and had only appeared at the end of the storybook; and not only that, but was mainly used as a page-filler. Now that she is given the important role of finding all of the pages of the story, she is eager to fulfil it without giving up. Besides, the author promised her that he'd dedicate more pages to her once she retrieves all the pages.

Paintress is rarely seen in a foul mood, and is always wearing a big smile on her face. She is very optimistic, and always sees situations in a brighter way, whatever they may be. The artist has a habit of voicing her thoughts, and may sometimes be seen talking to herself when she's thinking too hard; since she isn't the brightest one out there.

Paintress also likes to crack jokes, despite her lousy sense of humour, and she has a very childish personality.

Powers and Abilities

The Author's Pen

coming soon

The Illustrator's Paintbrush

Paintress' Paintbrush
Paintress' Paintbrush

The Illustrator's Paintbrush is a magical paintbrush that allows whatever Paintress paints to take form and in some cases, life. However, the forms and creatures she paints can only last a finite time interval. Also, she may only use the magical powers if it were to find the pages of the lost storybook, otherwise, it wouldn't work.

(I'll elaborate more about her powers later....I still need to think about them since I just got the idea for creating this character an hour ago XD)

I just edited the spelling and grammar..lol

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Thanks! I'm not finished with it just yet though :P Need to work on the abilities XD

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@UsachanMaN said:


Thanks! I'm not finished with it just yet though :P Need to work on the abilities XD

cant wait ^^

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