A Fight to the Finish: No Holds Barred

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The channel four news room was moving at a hectic pace, preparing for the noon broadcast. With all the technicians hard at work preparing the lighting and cameras a young starlet sat at the news anchors desk. Her name was Suzanna Velencia, a recent graduate of Telos City University making her first appearance on the main Telos City News Channel. Apply her make-up she felt understandably nervous, “This is my big break, I’m nervous, but so excited!; My first step of living a lifelong dream as a newscaster.” The sounds of chatter from everyone in the room slowly started to quiet down, as the countdown to Showtime was approaching. The director signaled the countdown to Suzanna using his hands from behind the scenes, while Suzanna adjusted her and quickly gathered her paperwork. Once the director hit zero the lights and camera all focused on Suzanna. She took a deep breath and began her report. “Good afternoon Telos City I’m Suzanna Velencia reporting for channel 4 news. We begin with our top story; the vote for meta-human marshal law is still a hot button topic as some local citizens refuse to take part in it. However do to the recent increase of casualties across the globe and the disaster still going on in New York City, we have to wonder is Telos City Nex-“

The broadcast was quickly interrupted as the entire building suddenly went pitch black. The place was silent as a grave, Suzanna quickly got up from her chair “What the heck is going!“ she shouted in the darkness to anyone who could hear her. An electrician went to check on the main circuit breakers, once he arrived he made a startling discovery, as the breakers appeared to have been forced open and their wires cut. Soon the sounds of loud thuds could be heard echoing through the main news room, an unknown force was knocking out every one in the room. Suzanna feared for her life, and tried to escape, but in this darkness it was tough to tell your right hand from your left. She bumped into someone and fell down to the floor. Through the darkness a voice of a woman can be heard right in front of Suzanna, “Please forgive me for this.” With a simple flick to the forehead the mysterious force knocked Suzanna unconscious as well. The shadowy figure raised a fist in the air and made it glow in a vivid golden light. The light revealed the attackers as the Hinamura Ninja Clan, Juni wearing casual street attire looked at the work of her followers. The ninja’s kneeled before their queen awaiting their next order, “Excellent work proceed with phase 2” Juni commanded as she extinguished the light from her hand. The ninjas with the swiftness of the wind carried the entire unconscious news crew towards the planned destination faster than the human eye could see. One of the ninjas handed Juni a large metallic briefcase. “Here is what you requested Juni-sama.” The young male ninja said to his queen, as he vanished without a trace.

There was one last ninja of the Hinamura clan left, and he played his part of the plan. Heading back down towards the circuit breakers he placed his hands on it and used his electrical ki to power it back up. Juni standing behind the cameras with a microphone she spoke in a cold and stern tone to all who would listen. “If you value your lives, get out of downtown Telos City as fast as you can. This will be your only warning.” Juni dropped the mic on the floor sending the annoying feedback, as disappeared from the news room. There was panic in the streets, as ones residing downtown took heed to the warning. The loud honks of horns from passing cars and screaming pedestrians filled the sound waves of the streets. Minutes later Juni appeared at the large St. Ulysses fountain in central part of Telos City. Decked out in her full white and blue form fitting ninja armor she at the edge of the fountain waiting. Juni listening to instrumental hip hop music on her ipod while placing her long raven colored hair in a high ponytail she thought to herself “Lynn, its time we settled things once and for all.”

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The Enigmatic Snake-Crane sole lay on her bed with one foot propped up on her knee, hands resting behind her head peacefully sleeping. “Huh…?” She rose from her pillow slightly disturbed at what she was feeling; her heart being so connected to the darkness helped her identify the terror that was currently rampaging through Telos City. As much she wanted to head out and investigate, SIGMAS attack on Feral Nova (See Sin of the Sigmas) caused an alarm that they might try to come at her in full force.

“Lynn…I think you should see this…” Emerald said, calling Lynn into the conference room.

“If you value your lives, get out of downtown Telos City as fast as you can. This will be your only warning.” As Juni’s cold eyes cut from the TV screen the message was loud and clear. “She wants me…” Lynn said balling her fist up.

“Well if it’s a fight she wants, I’ll bring a war” Lynn said, not completely sure what got into Juni; but knew she was going to have to protect Telos City. “Emerald, I need you to hover over Telos City…I’m going in” Lynn tied her boots, and placed her hair in two buns before appearing on the command deck of the Tempest.

The crew looked at her with a bit of concern; none of them really knew what Lynn was capable of; but the same sentiment could be felt for the rouge Nina Juni; they knew this quintessential dream match was inevitable, but they didn’t know it’d come under such terms. Lynn launched herself off the side of the Tempest and sped down to Telos City; she could hear the panicked screams of the citizens as running in fear.

“What’s this about Juni; she whispered still in free fall toward the city, a huge blue streak could be seen burning through star-lit sky. Lynn’s aura caused her to crash right through the earth in front of Juni; dust and debris filled the air around them, Lynn’s form could just faintly be seen in the debris.

“This is what you want….” Lynn asked, standing to full form squinting at Juni in disgust; she had no clue what could drive the queen of the respected ninja clan to this. She could tell how corrupted her mind had become, but she had to know what made her do this; and if she had to beat it out of her then she’d do it.


Lynn screamed, firing a kikosho at Juni wasting little time, before Juni could blink; Lynn moved and began striking from her left side attempting to beat her quickly with her 1,000 strike kick.

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The Storm Queen of the Hinamura clan looked up into the skies and noticed The Tempest hovering above, “So she is here at last.” Lynn could be seen accelerating down to Telos City after jumping out of the Tempest. She crashed landed right in front of Juni, her heavy impact to the surface shooting debris and dust into the air. Juni’s raven colored hair fluttered in the wind, she removed her small earphones of her IPOD and rose to her feet. A sheathed sword Arashi burned in a golden flame on her back. Juni simply looked at Lynn with a cold nearly unfathomable killing intent. Days ago Juni started to fast herself, it was the first step of a Hinamura style secret ritual, the second step was 24 hours of high level meditation focusing all of your energy on the object or person you want to destroy. In this instant it was Lynn; what she did to her family was unforgivable. It was time for her and the rest of the Earth to know what the storm Queen and the Hinamura clan were made off. The awakening technique of the Hinamura’s places the user in a trance of intense focus, and can bring out the persons hidden powers while also bring out their killing intent. It was a dangerous maneuver; Juni could suffer memory loss or even death.

The time for words passed long ago in Juni’s eyes, fighting was the only language she would react to now. Lynn fired a kikoken blast at an impressive rate of speed; Juni quickly lifted her index and middle finger towards the blast and constricted it with her own heavy energies. Only small flames of the blast passed by Juni’s face; Juni could sense Lynn coming to her at her left side launching a barrage of devastating high speed kicks. Juni waved her hands that were covered in a heavy violet colored ki in a circular motion leaving a trail of several after images behind them. With amazing speed and power of her own Juni was able to parry 999 kicks of Lynn. The force behind each parry created a powerful shock waves that rattle through the area and destroying the St Ulysses fountain. With Lynn’s final kick Juni reached across her chest with right arm and caught her by the ankle stopping Lynn’s Kick inches from her face.

Juni gritted her teeth as the rage started to grow more and more inside of her. Feeling Lynn’s energy up close confirmed what she didn't want to believe. “Lynn….YOU TRAITOR!!!” Juni roared while firing a vicious back elbow aimed right between Lynn’s eyes. Juni was far from finished slightly raising her ki she quickly doubled the speed and power she shown moments ago to defend herself to now use as a counter attack. Using a combination of seven different fighting styles in a smooth yet violent motion. Juni aimed at Lynn’s torso, arms, and face with deadly punches, kicks, elbows and knees with the force to bend the strongest of metals; while also using her footwork to crowd Lynn’s space. She was merciless, unrelenting in her attack, with each creating powerful shock waves crushing the sides of nearby cars on impact. With Juni wearing her ninja armor that was studded with a hard metallic material on her knuckles, elbows, knees, and feet the damage estimated to be even greater. A combo that reached up to 2000 blows and for the finish Juni held out her hand at point black range near Lynn creating a dense blue ball of energy. Launching the ball at her face in an attempt to send her flying backward; Juni was nowhere near warmed up yet. She would have her revenge on the woman who betrayed her.

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Lynn stood on her back leg in shock Juni was able to counter it; she had no clue how fast Juni was; Juni swiftly fired back, aiming directly at Lynn’s face, scouting the notion just before it happened, the Azure champion bent back in a bridge and dodged the attacked, following through she back flipped creating space between herself and Juni.

“What are you talking about…?” Lynn whispered, The Storm Queen pushed forward, attacking in the same manner in which she defended, Lynn pulled back on her hind leg and fired her kicks again, this time defensively and backed with the power of her Chun; the aggressive strategy of Juni interested Lynn; but her ability to swivel her hips on one leg aided her blocking most of the Storm Queen’s blitzkrieg. “Psh, if that’s all you got then this is already over” Lynn teased, allowing her anger to get the best of her.


Before she could muster a counter Lynn was sent really backwards in a free fall, her body bounced off the dirt before skidding to a stop unearthing the ground in the process. Her body singed in pain; but she’d be able to fight through the pain for now.

Blood began to trickle down the corner of her mouth; arguably the two most powerful women in the Trinity Avalon were going at it; it became apparent to Lynn that Juni’s kill switch had been engaged. Pulling herself from the dirt she leaned back into a fighting stance, she extended one hand while keeping the other close to heart.

“You’ve been spouting off about nonsense, you’re calling me a traitor; while I’ve been saving people in TWO dimensions, and what of you; attacking a city installing great fear in the people of Telos City; all to settle some misguided grudge”

Lynn explained, while relaxing her body for what she could see was going to be a tough fight. “I’m not going to half-ass this Juni…I respect you too much for that”

“CHI-Focus x4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Lynn accelerated her Chi to the maximum level, allowing for devastating increases in strength, and speed without any of her Chun skills. The earth around her slowly began to rise from the sheer force of her Chun power. Speeding across the distance, Lynn pushed her hand outward and the wind and force from her widespread attack sent a tsunami of energy, however Lynn’s chi masked rendered completely undetectable by the huge force of energy speeding towards Juni.

This was a huge ploy; to take the attention off her; Teleporting to the right of Juni, Lynn returned the gesture by sending a powerful kikoken towards the ribs of Juni. As she did so the darkness within her heart was growing, this was truly just the beginning.

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Juni’s vicious counter attack against Lynn met with moderate success. She was able to parry some of Juni’s blows due to her highly skilled agility, but in the end received one of Juni’s dense energy balls that sent Lynn flying backward at a high rate of speed. Juni clinched her fists tightly while getting into her fighting stance. ‘She knows exactly what I am talking about!! Insulting and betraying my family.” Juni thought to herself while looking at Lynn with an icy death stare. Juni watched as Lynn get back on her feet, and tell her that she was spouting nonsense. “How dare you say that to me!! Juni shouted at Lynn; I don’t care if you save a thousand worlds I’ll still make you pay for what you did to me and my family murderer!”

Juni could feel her monstrous power rising bit by bit, and that it would soon erupt like a raging volcano. Lynn’s power started to rise once more to impressive levels. Shaking the ground beneath the two warrior’s feet. While preparing herself by getting into one of her customize stances for offensive and defensive purposes Juni said to Lynn “That’s it Lynn if you want to live you better bring everything you got!” Lynn rushed toward Juni at incredible speeds creating a wall of wind and energy towards the Storm Queen. Juni was impressed but still was ready charging her fist with her own energy she punched the wall creating a violent explosion. Juni kept her eyes moving putting her enhanced senses and years of training to use. Juni couldn’t detect Lynn’s energy, but she knew Lynn was coming. Noticing the dust particles in the air from the previous explosion start to swirl, Lynn with her blinding speed appeared in front of Juni, and aimed a powerful Kikoken at her ribs. Juni tried to block, but in a rare instant Juni was a hair too slow and took a devastating hit from the blast.

The Storm Queen was sent violently backwards plowing through a public bus causing it to explode and crashing into one of the many Telos City skyscrapers. The structure that was packed with heavy steel, glass and concrete collapsed on top of Juni creating a heavy cloud of dust. Seconds later the ground began to shake, and then the area where the collapsed building exploded as the Storm Queen once again appeared. Juni’s ninja armor was heavily damaged in the chest and torso area. As for Juni herself she only showed minor cuts and scrapes. Flipping the dust from her hair she stood in the blazing inferno unaffected by the flames. The top part of her armor cracked off her like an egg revealing the white bustier, and her family necklace the Thunder Lotus she wore underneath. With a smile across her lips she said to Lynn “Not bad, I haven’t been hit that hard since my uncle used to. Then Juni frowned upon her saying “I can see how you were able to defeat him, kill my Grandmother Mizaki, and took everything else from us. I vowed to my people that I would avenge them, no matter what it takes!”

Lynn was truly a powerful opponent, but Juni was also impressed at how far she was along now. Using only half of her real power she only a slight fraction slower than Lynn. Juni held out her fist towards Lynn saying to her “Now I will show you the real power of the Hinamura Clan!” Juni focused all her energy to the surface. The skies that were once clear above Telos City and surrounding areas quickly began to darken, the very atmosphere reacting to Juni’s power climbing to unprecedented heights. Flashes of white lightning followed by high decimals of rumbling could be heard and felt within a hundred mile radius. Juni was far from done reaching her maximum output and continued to push further. A massive jolt of white lightning struck Juni at a blazing 60,000 degrees. The area surrounding Juni was vaporized, but the Storm Queen was ignited in a white hot flame aura, her muscles started to bulk in the surge of power.

Then without warning, and bypassing light speed like it was standing still. Juni ionized the air around Lynn briefly creating a small cage of compressed atoms then creating a powerful explosion starting underneath Lynn and going upwards several miles. Juni was far from finished once the explosion was finished she immediately charge towards Lynn at preposterous speeds, vaporizing the ground beneath her. Juni came at Lynn at all sides her fingers glowing in various vibrant colors. Then she attacked aiming at every inch of Lynn’s body in a vicious fury using her fists, fingers, and palms. However these were far from ordinary blows, With Juni attacking with 100% energy focus, each blow becomes several. Juni blows would not only cause massive physical damage, but also attacking Lynn on an atomic level crushing and weakening bone and muscle mass, heavy shocks to her internal organs, and even sealing and stealing some of Lynn’s own chi energies. Once Juni was finished she jumped backwards focused her index and middle fingers in both hands creating long electrical whips powered at 500,000 volts and packed with devastating concussive and slashing force and swung them at Lynn at a high rate of speed aiming at her upper torso several times.  Juni then ceased her merciless attack, and slowly drew Arashi from its sheath; standing ready to end things with the next blow.    

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Lynn staggered around, watching the destruction unfold as Juni’s body plowed through massive structures bringing them down on impact. Breathing heavily Lynn struggled to keep her body regulated, the Wind-Chun blew around her in a light blue aura, while her speed chun kept her aware. “She’s just getting stronger” Lynn grunted, wiping the blood from the corner of her eyes. “Emerald, this is Lynn, Juni’s enraged, something has happened to her clan; I need someone to check it out” Lynn requested, feeling a terrible spike in the Storm Queen’s energy.

“I’m already on it Lynn, Nova’s in battle and Bishop is nowhere to be found, I’ll have to go in myself; listen be careful; we can feel Juni’s energy spiking from here; she plans on killing you.” In the small break it took Emerald to break the transmission; Lynn’s attention shifted to the massive lightning strike that hit where Juni’s body landed.

“No shit…” Lynn replied back, feeling the immediate rumble from the lightening’s impact on Juni. “Juni…” the friend in Lynn worried more than, the darkest that wanted Juni dead for the deaths of innocent people. “She’s gotten even stronger…and I’m at my max.” Lynn said, bracing herself as she could feel the storm part the sea of debris.

The area around her became unstable; without warning the ground she stood on her exploded, vaulting her upward; her body felt, as if it were slowly being escorted through a furnace. As her skin slowly began to burn from her skin, Lynn’s onslaught continued.

Quickly performing an aerial recover in the air, Lynn returned to the ground, protected by her wind chun, and heightened by her speed chun; she never faltered. Juni struck out viscously with energy backed strikes, but Lynn repelled them with Chi-backed knife edge strikes; utilizing focused foot placement rather than rely heavily on her speed chun.

Juni was stronger, Lynn had to admit it; there was no way she’d be able to bring this fight back to a pace she could contend at, but Juni’s power from unclose was actually so focused, it benefited Lynn. The Stronger Juni was from up-close made it easier to, read her attacks; hence Chi-focus. At times four Lynn’s mind processed information faster than a par-sec, allowing her to essentially counter Juni’s strikes before they could be made.

The barrage finished with both woman creating distance, bad move; Lynn was struck numerous times by the whip; her body jarred left and right from the sheer force of the whip; huge gashes and blood poured from the sides of her body reducing the Azure Queen to the ground.

“Juni…” Lynn whispered, bleeding out; with her hand extended towards her former friend. “I…did…not…kill…your family” she gasped, trying to keep herself from dying of blood hemorrhaging. Her hair quickly transitioned between, Black and Teal;”No…urk!” Her head pushed backward, as wings shot from the sides of her body and the top of her head.

The Demon Incarnate rose with her hands on her hips, shaking her index finger back and forth. “Such Anger…” Chaos said, waving her hands in the sky opening darkness portals on every side (4 on each side) of Juni. “SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Without warning a loud sonic screech pierced through every portal; this was complimented by a huge wind storm from the front.

Hunching over, the Demon Incarnate, prepped the area for the Nega—Verse. “BOOM BOOM BOM!!!!!” Chaos teased, sending a tidal wave of pure energy towards Juni; the energy ripped across the pavement at a monstrous height, injuring Juni was a goal, but not the purpose; the intent was to level the entire city.

Chaos had come, and her strategy was now in place.

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The downtown section of Telos City was being torn asunder by two of the strongest women on the planet. Heavy black storm clouds covered the once shining city in a veil of darkness. The Storm Queen of the Hinamura Ninja village caused this when she tapped into the true depths of her power. Juni launched a vicious assault against Lynn the woman Juni believe betrayed her and the entire Hinamura village. Focusing her blows to attack every aspect of Lynn’s physical and spiritual nature, Juni believed she had Lynn. However Lynn saw one flaw in what seem to be a perfect form for the Storm Queen; able to anticipate Juni’s attacks even at a speed that transcends light. The Storm Queen was truly impressed by Lynn’s skill, but once the fight became a distance battle Juni had the advantage.  Using her high powered electrical energy whips created by Juni’s focused power she gravely damaged Lynn ripping through her flesh. Juni dispersed her energies as Lynn collapsed on the heavily scarred battlefield; she unsheathed Arashi and moved in closer to her former fallen friend. “Lynn, its time I put an end to this.”

Juni stood only a few feet from Lynn as she was lying in a pool of her own blood. The Storm Queen looked upon her with a steely death stare with flashes of lighting sparking behind her, but on the inside Juni could feel her heart breaking. Juni wanted to know why Lynn would do such a thing to her and her people, after they treated her as one of their own. “Why Lynn??.....why did you do this us to us? To me your friend? Juni asked her. Lynn reached out to Juni nearing closer to death, saying she didn’t attack Hinamura Village. Then suddenly Lynn underwent a radical transformation right before Juni’s eyes; “What…the hell is going on?” Juni mumbled to herself as she continued to watch. A newly transformed Lynn now stood in front of the Storm Queen; Juni remained firm and ready even as Lynn taunted her. Lynn suddenly attacked Juni on all sides opening dimensional holes and a high pitched sound wave through then along with a heavy gale in the front. Juni had to act fast and she did just that, using her incredible reflexes and agility she jumped high into the air used the front wind gust to her advantage and used it to propel herself to a safe distance. Landing on her feet like a cat and using Arashi to stab the ground to keep her from sliding too far. Juni looked up towards Lynn, her eyes were returning to their natural cobalt color. Juni’s trance was started to subside she was starting to think of other things besides destroying Lynn.

The trance simply called the Eye of the Hurricane by Juni’s Grandmother Mizaki was a powerful focus technique by the Hinamura family that honed the user’s energies and emotions to one specific target. They would appear calm on the outside, but their anger and powers would be felt far and wide. The only ways the user would exit the trance would be if they defeated or killed the target or become too distracted by other things. Juni was becoming the latter after seeing Lynn transform, her mind and heart were filling up with so many questions. “Lynn, were you telling the truth? Was this thing you become manipulating you the entire time?” The Storm Queen thought to herself. Juni then watched in horror as Lynn launched a massive tidal wave of energy at her and the rest of Telos City; “NOO!! LYNN!” Juni shouted, but it was on deaf ears. Juni knew she could still get out of the way with her speed and strength, but Telos City would still get wiped out. If the Hinamura clan did their part before the fight started a heavy chunk of the Telos City population would be at the football stadium. “Damn it! I don’t have a choice now I have to take it on to protect the civilians and my family.” Juni quickly sheathed Arashi on her back and looked up at the incoming wave of energy holding out her hands coated with her own energies and braced for impact.

The tsunami wave of energy collided with Juni and it’s massive weight caused Juni to sink into the ground. However Juni was able to stop the wave, but she it would soon over take her if she didn’t do something. “I..I can’t give in, I won’t let my family down again! I refuse to let this be my limit!! I'll fight for you Lynn and everyone else!!” Juni let out a warrior’s roar and pushed her self past her limits in a violent surge of energy. She slowly started to take control of the wave with her own power, and slowly began to morph the wave. Juni was in a heavy amount of pain as tears of blood ran down her eyes. While she was morphing the energy wave she was also added massive amounts of her own power into it. Once she was finished Juni with all her strength launched the wave back towards Lynn tripling in speed, size and power. The Storm Queen collapsed face first in the dirt cough up huge amounts of blood. Her internal organs were starting to tear apart inside her due to the strain Juni put on her body to save her family and civilians. Juni slowly got up on her feet trying to collect her breath, but it was tough to do. Her vision was getting blurry, and she was having some trouble breathing. “….Lynn…I’m sorry…for…everything…my…sister” The Storm Queen whispered as Juni’s right eye began to go blind; and then she collapsed back on the ground lying still.  

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Chaos let out a howling scream, one that pierced the very fabric of Telos city, a rippling burst of sound energy tore into the streets and even created massive craters in whole buildings. While it was appear Juni had come to her sense, Lynn could not; her body had become completely eclipsed by the allure of the Neo Genensis; Chaos Black.

Juni proved she was just as powerful; if not more by not only surviving Chaos’s attack but repelling it back faster and stronger than previously. The huge amount of energy almost immediately encompassed the demon symbiotic; however in the middle of the erratic array of energy chaos’s body broke apart, dispersing into tiny darkness particles.

The point of impact for Juni’s rebuttal blast created a horrifying mushroom cloud over the Telos city skyline, anything aerial in the vanity were almost immediately vaporized. The blinding bang of boisterous energy silenced the city.

When the debris and flash dispersed Chaos reappeared on top a mound of debris. Her eyes were blazing red, her fangs slipped from her lips ready to unleash a devilish assault on Juni. Juni’s powerful rebuttal surprised the demon incarnate; it also made Chaos anxious to retaliate.

A hole opened in Chaos’s stomach a darkness portal of sorts, from it; Lynn could be seeing trying to pry herself back to reality. “No…JUNI!” she screamed, extending her hand only to be further swallowed by the beast.

Chaos nor Lynn knew who was responsible for the destruction of the Storm Queen’s island, but Chaos was not going to allow Juni’s pre-emptive strike to go without consequence. Pushing from her mound, the chaotic beast flew low, navigating the busted vehicles and debris straight for the injured Juni.

Dropping to the ground, Chaos sent her magnetic energy into the city; giving it a magnetic charge. As the charge surged through the City, her celestial level Magnetism allowed her to completely remove the city from its foundations.

While the city continued rising, Chaos teleported a total of four times, shooting dark energy burst at Juni intending to rid herself of Storm Queen on and for all. Chaos had to keep her distance the closer she got to juni the more powerful Lynn became.

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