A Day Out Shopping RP

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Only 30 minutes after Jewel's

Following their conversation at Jewel’s Crow was walking down the street a smile on his face not far behind him was the very mysterious yet intriguing Ziccara Liafador, a suppose hero from another universe entirely sent here to find a destructive spirit. The Last Gunslinger was currently taking the new comer to the local pawn shop so that she can get a little money, then par Crow’s promise he was going to take her out shopping to get some new clothes. While Crow was smiling he couldn’t help but think of several things, another universe I didn’t know there could be such a thing. To quote Marty this is some heavy stuff. I wonder if there is a version of me in this other universe and what is like. More importantly though Ziccara mention she was after a destructive spirit, does she mean someone else from this alternate universe? Finally his curiosity got the better of him and Crow turned to the mysterious hero from another universe, “So you say that you had powers what kind of powers are these? Could you fly, have super strength, x ray vision. And you say you were a hero from your universe what was your name? Super Z, Mega Z, Super Mega Z.” Crow laughed a little at his joke as the two arrived at the local pawn shop. The Last Gunslinger let Ziccara handle her business as he stood back and examine the antique weapons specially the guns.

Meanwhile watching the Gunslinger and Ziccara from afar hidden by the shadows of the trees was a crazed scientist recently who recently was broken out of his cozy jail cell by his equally insane family. The scientist was a bounty the Last Gunslinger had chased, beaten, and caught and now that the mad was free him and his family were gunning for revenge. The crazed scientist was none other than Dr. Otto Gerat, of the Gerat crime family, also known as the Mad Doctor. Dr. Gerat was peering at the two heroes through a pair of high tech binoculars that were measuring

various variables. “Damn you Cementerio I lost 8 months with my amazing family because of your god damn meddling. Now I’m back and this time its persona because now I have my family at my back. But who is that mysterious, buxom beauty with him, it’s not the Gunslingers normal partner no she is new. No wonder he upgraded from that little girl to this beauty just look at that body.” The doctor was currently starring at Ziccara’s body licking his leaps as a hulking shadow behind him made grunting noises, once the lewd nut job removed the binoculars a trickle of blood could be seen dripping from his nose. The Mad Doctor then removed a large walkie talkie from his lab coat and contacted his twisted family. “Let’s follow the Gunslinger and this girl a little longer wait for my signal. Chasity stay close behind and if you can move them into position for me and Cletus to take the killing shot.” From the other end of the line a feminine voice replied with a chipper, lingering on crazy, demeanor. “Yes Sir Daddy. I’ll be sure to follow that cutie pie Gunslinger for you.”

Back in the pawn shop Crow moved over to join Ziccara and see what she was doing as he made an offer on some odd revolvers and a Winchester rifle that appeared to be at least 50 years old. “So after we leave this pawn shop where do you want to go clothes shopping first Ziccara like I said this time it’s on me.”

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Z let out a rather boisterous laugh, she knew these questions would come eventually, it’s probably common to meet an alien these days, but one from another universe was probably the icing on the cake. “Well I think you should know, I am nothing like Supergirl” she said, folding her arms crossed her chest, walking looking down at her boots.

“My people are born strong, so we naturally have “super strength” she said, with air quotes, to her it wasn’t a power it was a part of her being. “But yes, I can fly, project sonic energy, manipulate light, and darkness, and metal” she said, placing her hand on her chin.

“As powerful as I sound, I am completely useless to you if dowsed with water” she said, scratching her head. “So yes, taking showers can be a near death experience.” She said, once again laughing eccentrically. “As for my name, it was S.H.A; I never really understood it, but it tis what the people of my city called me; it means Super Human Advanced”. She said, walking into the pawn shop a bit grossed out by the odd clerk.

“Hi, how much would you say this ring is worth?” she asked, placing the ring in the man’s hand. The huge clerk didn’t say anything initially, he was too busy gawking at Z’s breasting inside her tank top. Quickly half turning she closed her eyes and turned her nose up completely appalled at the guy’s lack of professionalism.

“What a pig…” she said, still with her hands over her chest. “I can give you 1500 for it” he said, leaning over the counter. Z was too busy looking at the hair grow from his forearm. “Uh…yeah sure that is fine” she replied, in a rush to leave.

Crow brought over some revolvers, she imagined that with his line of work he usually came into an influx of weapons, one he cared for business and those he collected. She was never big on guns, very few times in her life did she ever manage to fire one.

“You are asking the queen of shopping where she wants to shop?” Z giggled a bit with her hand over her lips. “Uh…is there a Lisa Kline here?” she said, sequencing her face hoping she didn’t go over a cap.

“I have a question.” Z pivoted on her heel to face him with her hands bowed on her hips. “How the hell are you going to explain to your lady, that you took another woman shopping and offered her to stay in your home?”

It was something that crossed her mind for a while, she knew if this situation were flipped, it wouldn’t go down as smooth as Crow was making it seem. Another thing she was sort of kind of hoping was that she didn’t get her super hearing back, she didn’t need to hear any late night shenanigans.

After finishing what she had to finish, and waiting for Crow to finish his business; she walked back to the vehicle with him. She had to pause for a moment,she felt it; her eyes lit up in a firey ember and turned towards the source of the force.

“Stephanie…” she whispered, feeling her best friends aura. "huh...." her eye's slid down to the bike. "You drive a motorcycle...." her eyebrow rose a bit. It was amazing how many things scared her when she didn't have any of her powers. "It is safe isnt it?" she asked, staring at the vehicle cautiously.

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Crow finished his business with the pawnshop owner, and by business he was giving that perv a lesson about respect towards women earning him a discount on the guns, the Last Gunslinger was thinking of how funny the coincidence that it was both him and Sha had a similar weakness in water. Once he got outside he smiled as Ziccarra asked him about his bike seemingly a little concerned. “Yep she is my love, Sha say hello to Silver. Don’t worry with me behind the wheel you will be absolutely safe.” Crow smiled as he reached into the saddle bag and handed the super heroine a helmet to reassure then straddled the bike and helping her on behind him. “There is a Lisa Kline not from here and as for my budget trust me right now you are under my girlfriend Toni’s usually requests.” With that the two rode off towards the high end store unbeknownst to them Chastity Great was watching and listening to them in the shadows sucking on a lollipop with short blond hair in pig tails and a bright , “So the cutie gunslinger and his new girl are going shopping well don’t worry daddy I’ll make sure they get don't get away so you can have your vengeance. I just hope I get to play with the Gunslinger a little before you blow him to itty bitty bits."

As Sha and Crow rode on the Gunslinger’s beloved motorcycle, with him occasionally popping a wheelie to spoke the super human, Crow smiled as he spoke over the roar over the engine while driving, “About your question earlier about how I’m going to explain this to my girl don’t worry Toni may come off jealous and crazy at times but she has a really good heart. Besides she is a sucker for sad stories like yours and if all else fails you can be a relative of mine.” Crow smiled as he pulled up outside the Lisa Kline boutique the engine of Silver purring to a halt. “See that wasn’t too bad was it Sha.” Crow escorted Ziccarra into the store where they were immediately greeted by an eccentric clerk who outfit seemed way too small for her and the nearly crazed look in her made Crow question what kind of staff this people hired. “Hey cutie pies may I help you two sweethearts?” The buxom blonde moved between the two pushing her tits into Crow with a fake innocent look on her face with her cherry red lip gloss. “Lo siento, um no we don’t know help. I’m sure my “girl” here can help herself.” The clerk seemed disappointed by this but the Last Gunslinger’s quickly pushed Sha to the back away from the potential psycho, “So um you just pick out whatever you want, try it on if it fits kudos if not then I’ll get whatever else you need because I don’t trust the people in this place if my life depended on it.” Meanwhile the clerk was in a backroom speaking on a walkie talkie, “Hey Daddy I got the cutie pie gunslinger and his little girlfriend together giving you the perfect shot.” The Mad Doctor Gerat smirked as he replied to his daughter Chasity Gerat, the sounds of the actual sales clerk struggles coming through the walkie talkie, “Good girl Chastity I’ll teach that god damn Gunslinger.”

Crow was standing outside the dressing room as Sha tried on clothes his cowboy hat pulled over his eyes as he basically stood guard for the newcomer to this world, the Electrical Cowboy smiled as he talk to Ziccarra through the door, “So um this universe you came from what is like? It sounds similar to this universe I guess but different more like something out of a comic book. I...um…hope you didn’t…leave anyone…special behind” Crow sighed as he felt like he may had brought up something that was painful and regretted it instantly it was just that he couldn’t be curious he had notice one of the things Z had pawn was a wedding ring. Outside however the nefarious Dr. Gerat smirked as he had smirk on his face lined up a shot on Crow; the Mad Doctor was currently sitting on top of his son Cletus Great, Cletus was one of the doctor’s red neck, inbred children and one he experimented on. Born naturally slow Cletus made up for his intelligence in size about the size of small elephant when born Cletus was currently now the size of a double decker bus. Otto had turned his son into a tank and used him for his many crimes over the years he had put enough weapons on his son to fight off a police force, unfortunately for Otto this was not enough to fight off a Gunslinger, one of the most deadly weapons was a large shoulder mounted cannon including a firing seat for the doctor. The cannon was equivalent to a Panzer tank and was now currently aimed at Crow; inside Lisa Kline the Last Gunslinger was chatting with Sha went he couldn’t help but feel something was wrong. It was his Gunslinger’s Instinct something that had saved his life numerous times suddenly the Lightning Revolver yanked open the door to the dressing room not caring what state of undress Sha was currently in, “SHA GET DOWN!” The Gunslinger jumped as suddenly the windows of the boutique shattered and he jumped on to Ziccarra pushing her down. The panzer cannon of the Man-Tank fired a 7.5 cm KwK 40 shell into the high end store and destroyed it, shreds of expensive clothes flew everywhere as wood, dust, and debris rained on Crow and Ziccara meanwhile the Mad Doctor emerged from the tree laughing as he revealed himself sitting on his son, “Yeah take that you god damn Gunslinger!”

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Z grabbed a multitude of clothes and instantly disappeared into the changing room to try her new clothes on. She pressed her back against the back of the room, to take a deep breath. It was obvious that she wasn’t in her universe anymore; but the lag of being somewhere completely different was beginning to wear on her.

Her ears perked up at his voice, she could tell; her tale of her travel had not yet left his mind, smirking whilst removing her bra, she thought of the best way to explain her universe.

“Well, If you are asking if there are more people who wear capes, then yes there are” she said, chuckling a bit whilst putting on a pair of pants. Letting out another sigh, she tried her hardest to think about the name of her husband, but the dimensional rift must’ve stolen some of her memories.

“I am not sure what the consequences of me telling you this would be, but; I was married in my own time; as a matter of fact…I was pregnant…” she said, halting for a moment. “I guess since I don’t really remember; I’m not as distraught as I’m supposed to be” she said, turning to get her shirt.

She heard the door click and thrust open, before she could even scream at him seeing her exposed breast; he tackled her to the ground. A thunderous explosion ripped through the boutique causing the very foundation of the building to quiver.

Crow landed directly on top of Z’s breast; the impact from both of them hitting the ground caused a crater itself, alerting Z to her strength. “GA!!!! You are on my nipple! Get off!” she flailed in pain. “Adio mio” she said, crouching trying to put her pink tank top on.

“Damn, I have not even been here for an hour and people have already seen me naked” Z said, still trying to get used to her Spanish accent.

She could hear the maniacal laughter coming from a clearly insane man; ducking down to evade the debris, she turned to make sure Crow was alright. “Friend of yours?” she asked sardonically. The maniacal scientist let loose another jarring blast from the shoulder cannon; the blast ripped right through the dressing room; exposing the both of them.

“I cannot allow this to happen” Z stood up with her fist balled, “This is the end!” she screamed, straining as hard as she could. “OPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTICCCCC BLAST!!!” she screamed, trying to channel her light energy to her eyes, to no avail.

“Oh…I forgot…no powers” she chuckled sheepishly whilst rubbing the back of her head. The maniac doctor let out a cackle, before commanding his son to fire his left cannon shoulder again. “YIKES!” Z screamed, dodging to the right to avoid being obliterated by the massive weapon.

“I kind of missed this…” she smirked, in a crouched position. “You take left, I’ll go right!” she screamed, doing a cartwheel over a counter tossing random items at the Man-Tank and the scientist to distract him from Crow.

Her super strength, added to the speed of the objects thrown. A Massive punch from the man tank sent her spiraling backward. Her body free flew into all types of debris before landing in a crouched position. “That…hurt…” she winced, watching as blood easily rolled down her cheeks.

“Damn…” getting a running start, the Ninjan Queen jumped into the air, before bringing her whole body down forcefully to shake the foundation the man tank stood on. She didn’t know how to even combat the beast, but whatever she could do to aid Crow; she’d do it.

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It took a few moments to register his surroundings after nearly getting blown to hell and gone it wasn’t until he heard Sha shouting at him did he sit up and realized he was laying on top of a topless worst yet a pair of panties was over his head. The Last Gunslinger turned a shade of red artist can only dream of as got up handing the super human female the pair of undies, “Lo siento senorita I was um just um…” Before Crow could awkwardly apologize to Sha he heard the mad laughter of the doctor behind him, “Hahahahahah! Are you okay in there Gunslinger you seemed to be getting cozy canoddling with that cute little blonde? Now you will pay for what you done to me the Great Doctor Otto Gerat!” The Gunslinger smirked a little at Sha’s comment about this being a friend of his, “Yeah can’t you tell me and him go out drinking every night.” The Mad Doctor continued is rambling as he took aim, “How about you come out of there Gunslinger? Or better yet I’ll force you out!” With that the mad doctor fired another massive shell that turned the dressing room into shrapnel but unfortunately for him Crow wasn’t prepared for the first shot this one he was, the Rail-gun had moved from the spot and was standing dusting himself off despite the smirk on his face his cobalt blue eyes portrayed how serious he was. Z decided to step up the bat and take her shot with an optic blast but unfortunately that particular power was no longer available making the insane doctor laugh hysterically. “Hahahahahahaha! I don’t know who this new partner is Gunslinger but it’s a good thing she is pretty because she isn’t very smart. Though I must say a step up in terms of your former partner. Too bad someone so voluptuous will be blown to bits with you.” Dr. Gerat fired another shot as he laughed as his crude remark but both Crow and Sha were ready with Sha going right and the Last Gunslinger going left using his own electrical abilities to accelerate himself giving the doctor and his son a harder target. “Damn Gunslinger stay still so I can shot you!” As the mad doctor lined up another shot, he and his son Cletus began getting pelted with debris thrown by the Ninjan Queen with speeds to make a major league pitcher blush. “Damn you girl. You are just like any other woman you don’t know your place! Cletus smash her to pieces!” The Man-Tank roared like a slow witted beast as he knocked Z into a wall who encountered by jumping up and landing with all her weight on the ground her strength creating a shockwave that made the tank of the Gerat family stumbled a bit much to the amusement of the doctor. “Hmm it seems you aren’t just a piece of eye candy. You got a bit of muscle to you well brawn means nothing to my brain girlie! Say goodbye to the Gunslinger and hello to a tank shell!” The Mad Doctor had Sha right in his sights and in this distance there was a slim chance she could escape from the devastating damage.

As the Mad Doctor Gerat went to pull the trigger to the cannon on Cletus shoulder suddenly a bullet flew into the barrel and hit the powerful shell causing it to explode within the cannon. The force of the explosion caused Dr. Gerat to fall him his perch as Cletus wailed in pain the barrel mounted on his shoulder completely destroyed. Crow smirked as he stood just behind the Ninjan Warrior holding his signature revolver Quicksilver. “Maybe you should stop perving on girls Gerat and pay attention to the person aiming at you.” The Last Gunslinger approached the crazed criminal slowly a serious look burning in his eyes, “You messed up Gerat when you pulled the trigger you should have made sure that I was down for the count because you didn’t just shoot at me you targeted my friend you basura. When I hit you I’ll make sure you stay down…” The Gunslinger started to reel his fist back but suddenly he heard someone rushing up behind him and the Ninjan Queen. “Don’t you touch my daddy you bastard!” The Doctor’s Mad Daughter Chasity charged at Sha her mallet in hand and a deranged look in her eyes. Chasity began to swing at Sha aiming to knock the Ninjan’s head clean off her shoulders as she spun and twist using the weight of the mallet to propel her; the Rail-gun turned to aid Z but suddenly Cletus grabbed the bounty hunter in his massive hand. The Man-Tank gave the pistolero a squeezed making Crow scream in agony then proceeded to spike Crow into the ground like a football, “Aaaahhhhh.” The Mad Doctor began to laugh as he moved over to Crow, “Where that tough guy attitude now Gunslinger? Hahahahahahaha! Come on I don’t hear you now speak up! Hahahahaha!”

Chasity continued to swing for the fences against the Ninjan Queen aiming to bash in her skull with her mallet Heart Breaker occasionally the Doctor’s Daughter would squeeze the trigger on the mallet causing it to release a powerful shotgun like shockwave increasing the damage the weapon could inflict. “Tell me blondie is the gunslinger’s other pistol just as impressive…if you know what I mean? I know what you two were doing in there, him buying you all that fancy lingerie. I only ask because after I smash that pretty face of yours all over the place I’m going to fuck his corpse after daddy is done with him.” The Mad Daughter laughed eerily like her father as he removed two grenades from her bra and toss them at the Spanish Power House. The grenades landed to the left and right of Sha exploded in two powerful blasts throwing shrapnel in all directions but the insane daughter of the doctor was not done yet running forward she began to spin like a top smashing everything in her path with her mallet as she moved towards Sha. Then Chasity stopped only to leap in the air and spin forward aiming to crush in the Ninjan’s skull as she laughed the same eerily laugh as father and the rest of her nut job family.

Just a Few Blocks Away

Having completed her own bounty hunt and intending to surprise her beloved, the Cat Eye Witch, Crow’s girlfriend and partner, Toni Sociere smiled as she headed to the famous Jewel’s assuming her beloved Crow would be there. The illusionist had on her typical witch like attire featuring a large purple stripped witch hat, a black dress and thigh high boots along with a jacket that had fur at the hood and sleeves, brown leather gloves with metal tips on the fingers creating claws and a brown leather belt that held a couple pouches and her whip attach to it. The Cat Eye Witch smiled as she thought of seeing Crow at Jewel’s, Oh I can’t wait till my beloved Crow sees me…I can picture it now. His face will light up and then he will come and sweep me off. He will say to me in that sexy accent of his, “Toni mi amor, the absence between has me realize that my life is not complete without you. Seeing your smiling beautiful face makes me seen clearly now that I never want to miss that face. Let’s us marry on a beach during a sunset and grow old together.” “Oh Crow of course I will marry you my darling Gunslinger.” The illusionist was so caught up in her little fantasy she didn’t realize that a few people where staring at her at least until her illusion was shattered by an explosion. Toni looked around judging from the sound and direction the blast was probably only a few feet off; there was a feeling in the witch that something was wrong with Crow like at the center of that explosion he would be standing there…looking handsome with his cobalt blue eyes and bad ass attitude. No it can’t be Crow is at Jewel’s…right? A few feet away the Gunslinger’s girl could overhear a few people talking, “Hey what was that explosion over there is there construction going on or something?” “No I heard there was some fight going on.” “Yeah I heard it was that insane criminal who broke out of jail recently…you know that one was in the news.” “Yeah Dr. Gerat I heard he is fighting some weird looking cowboy guy and a weird chick.” “Weird it must be that related to that Inner World thing that been in the…” Toni didn’t care for the rest she was running towards the commotion in order to help Crow, don’t worry my beloved I’m coming.


The Mad Doctor Gerat began to laugh as he started kicking the down gunslinger; Crow coughed up some blood as Dr. Gerat began to kick the gunslinger in the face. “What’s wrong Gunslinger you don’t seem so tough now! This is the result when you messed with the Gerat family! You are nothing but a bug and you know what happens to bugs Cementerio? Cletus step on this bug!” The Man-Tank began to lower his foot on the Rail-gun adding pressure as Crow screamed in pain his ribs being cracked and the air squeezed from his guns as blood trickled down in this eye from being spiked into the ground. “That’s right Cletus my boy show the Gunslinger the power of our family.” Cletus Gerat began to repeatedly bring his foot down on Crow causing him to gasp in agony. The pistolero looked around and saw Chasity and Sha fighting it out. That’s right I gave Sha my word as a Gunslinger I would help her no matter what…I won’t break my word as Gunslinger and I won’t…be beaten by a third rate rogue like Gerat! Get up Crow…get up and fight! Gerat laughing had ceased as he looked at the down and bloody Crow intending to end this. “Okay Cletus enough is enough step on this unworthy bug and smash him into the ground!” With that the Man-Tank lifted up his foot as high as he could intending to smash down on Crow and then brought it down with all his force. Unfortunately for the doctor and Cletus Crow wasn’t going down that easily an electrical energy began to form around the Lighting Pistolero creating an aura. “Hahahahahahah! Take that Gun…slinger? What no how could this be?!” To the Mad Doctor’s shock Crow was slowly starting to stand while holding the tree trunk like foot of Cletus up the electrical aura arcing in all direction. The Last Gunslinger was using the eletrical energy to increase his strength allowing him to lift the massive Gerat family member his eyes seemed to be glowing white as two small arcs of electricity form on his shoulders blades appeared to be like small wings. A smirk was on the Rail-gun face, “Overcharged. Sorry Gerat but I made a promise to Sha and a Gunslinger’s promise is his word.”

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A powerful shot nearly knocked her out of the way, her head quickly snapped around to see the smoking barrel of the Rail-Gun, she didn’t need to see if he had hit his target; she could hear the howling screams from Cletus. “Nice shot…” she said, turning her head only to swiftly evade having her brains splattered across the dilapidated floor. As the Ninjan Queen, Z knew a great deal of battle wherewithal; even without her powers.

As the young Chasity swung wildly, and erratically; Z shifted to the balls of her feet continuing her evasive maneuvers. Raising her forearm to cushion the impact of the mallet proved to be ill-fated as the massive mallet collided with her forearm fracturing it almost immediately.

The power behind the mallet knocked some knowledge into her, as she flew through a few racks of clothes skidding to a stop. Her body left a skid trail; blood and red scrapes littered her fast, and the mad-daughter was on the offensive again.

Once again, swinging her mallet, with disregard for her surroundings; the mallet wasn’t the worst part; Z had dealt with far worse; it was the cackling satisfaction Chasity was receiving from currently having the upper hand. She hated when the villains, spoke during battle; especially the ones she didn’t know. The mallet missed, as Z rolled out of the way sacrificing pain for Safety; she rolled into an adjacent spot.

She hadn’t cleared the impact zone yet, it seemed the mad daughter was far cleverer than she appeared to be. A powerful shockwave sent the Ninjan Matriarch speeding across the floor; her body buried underneath layer upon layer of debris.

Her eyes were painted with her own blood, a mixture of dead skin and hair clouded her vision; trying to push back to her feet, her keen eyesight caught the grenades as they were being thrown. Without thinking; she lunged forward in-between them.

Covering her head to protect herself from the blast and shrapnel, the onslaught continued. “This…ends…now” Chasity spun around using the momentum of the mallet to propel her. “GOTCHA” Z said, rising as quickly as she could, before bringing her hands down as hard, and as forceful as she could manage.

The moment her hands hit the floor a massive rippling effect spread from the point where she hit; outward. Ziccarra’s eyes were turning red, had her power returned? Something happened in the Vice-Verse; she felt it earlier but, didn’t think anything of it.

Her powers had been stolen by Chaos Black once she defeated her in her own time and Space. Stephanie Ardor, her universes Feral Nova, became a host of Chaos. Stephanie’s appearance in this universe was timely, as Z could now tap into her powers; because of Chaos’s presence.

“Oh….you have just fucked up!” Ziccarra, screamed with her eyes burning red. Pulling her hands behind her, she jerked her head forward and fired a massive optic blast. The foundation shook from the force in which she released. “ROUND TWO!” Ziccarra screamed, appearing from her own blast; having used her ability to manipulate light to mask her movements inside.

She launched a powerful punch towards the jaw of Chasity, whilst simultaneously attempting to

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