A Certain Girl Named Clare [RP]

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It was a wonderful day. Not just any wonderful day on top of that, it was the birthday of a certain whit-haired girl named Clare. On that special day Crown was probably more happy than Clare herself was. The party at the mansion only had their closest friends present. Crown knew that Clare didn't like overblown things too much which is why this year he tried to keep things down a little bit. Regardless, a giant Clare statue of ice, a garden spelling out her name in white roses and an enormous banquet, enough to feed some hundred people were all present at the party. Given what he had done in the past for her birthday this was still rather tame. There was food, music and people who knew each other. Everyone was having a great time and the party went along smoothly. Clare had already received all of her presents, except one.
As the party was coming to an end Crown took Clare to his room in the mansion. Out of a secret safe in the wall he took out a plain looking handbag. He placed it on the table with a smile. The bag revealed a set of six spherical objects. One half red and the other white, with a black line and a small dot in the middle. It did not seem like anything special, but Clare's eyes grew wide with excitement as she rushed over to Crown and hugged him. "Thank you, thank you, thank you sooooo much." the girl yelled into his ears while hugging him. Yes those were Pokeballs. Crown himself detested the little critters, but Clare seemed to adore them more than anything else. Naturally he figured that it would be the perfect present, and according to her reaction it truly was. "How did you get those?" she asked him as she took the bag and curiously looked at it. "Oh well you know, a week ago i payed a little visit to that island, at night of course." Crown answered while smiling, but Clare's expression quickly changed in response.
"You stole them?"
"Well, yeah." as he said that line the girl stepped away from him the bag still in hand. Two transparent orbs formed in the corner of her eyes.
"Jerk!" the yell was accompanied by the sound of her foot kicking Crown's shin as hard as possible.
After the deed was done Clare rushed down the stairs, with the bag in her hand, and the intention of returning it in her mind. Crown started jumping after her on one leg while holding his other one.
"C-clare wait-" the sentence finished with a series of painful falling sounds as the suited man fell down the stairs, his girlfriend slamming the door behind her shut.

He remembered them, all of them.

Those little fights they'd have from time to time.

They were truly fun.

But no more.

It was the 10th of January, 2014. Crown was lying in his bed, dim morning sunlight was shining into his room and his eyes, but it left him unaffected. Absent minded and pale he was starring at the wall, blinking slowly from time to time. He wasn't moving and his breaths were slow and hard to notice.

A week ago, all life had been sucked out of him.

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@Fehafare: There was a knock on Crown's bedroom door. "Kermit?" Hitomi called through the door. "Al, it's me, Hitomi. You in there?'

No immediate response. "I'm coming in." She announced, opening the door and walking in, before putting her hand to her nose. The room stunk. "Kermit, what're you doing?" She asked, genuinely concerned.

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

Gen was still waiting for the cheapest flight to get the hell out of London, after his fight with William Kasperson, but as he explored a bit of London he stumbled upon some important information. Seemingly Aleister Crown, who he knew back in the Hellscraper, was about to face a trial for some crimes. The Boxer fought his first instinct of leaving and decided to search for Aleister and at least talk to him. Lately, after getting chewed up by Reiji about his behavior to others the Hot-Blooded Boxer started rethinking his relations and his attitude, basically Reiji forced him to mature a bit mostly using his fists and a bit of simple logic.

With this in mind Gen started moving towards Aleister’s home.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz:

Crown didn't flinch or move as Hitomi entered the room.

The only reaction she got that even remotely acknowledge her presence was a glance from him.

Without giving her an answer he returned his eyes to the wall with no further interaction.

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@Fehafare: @Kuma_From_Argentina:

Hitomi glared at Crown as he lay in bed. "Come on." she said, leaning over and grabbing him by the armpits and dragging him out of bed and towards the bathroom.

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@SamJaz: @Kuma_From_Argentina:

Crown did not react as he was being dragged through the house.

A somewhat absurd and hilarious scene.

Just as she was getting closer to the bath Hitomi bumped into Wordsworth who appeared around the corner.

"Oh, pardon me Miss Hitomi.... what are you doing?"

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@Fehafare: "Taking Crown for a bath." Hitomi replied, flicking her hair out of her face. "Can you grab his legs?"

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Wordsworth did as Hitomi asked without replying.

While carrying Crown he started speaking.

"Miss Hitomit don't you think this job is ill suited for a lady like yourself." Words was genuinely concerned about the entire idea it seemed.

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"You say that as if I haven't seen him-" Hitomi bumped the bathroom door open with her rear as she talked. "Naked before. One two three up!" She added, hauling her client into the bathtub.

"I appreciate the concern Wordsworth, but here we have a clashing of roles." Hitomi told the butler. "As Kermit's butler, your task is to protect him and serve his every whim. As his seamstress, my role is to make sure he looks good, and right now he is in need of a deep clean."

Turning to Crown, she added "Are you going to take your kit off or shall I? Because I don't trust you to not drown yourself while you're not washing behind your ears."

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Wordsworth carefully placed Crown into the bathtub. "Is that so?" Wordsworth wondered at the comment of Hitomi seeing Crown naked before.

The old man laughed slightly as she explained the roles they had in Crown's life. "It appears to be so. Very well then. I wish you luck, Young Master hasn't been himself since that day." with those words Wordsworth left the bath and returned to his regular duties of taking care of the mansion.

Like before Crown did not react to Hitomi's words or request. All he did was stare at the white wall in front of him with a broken smile on his lips.

Just as that was happening Lily walked into the bathroom.

"H-Hitomi! W-what are you doing?"

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"Hey Lily." Hitomi said, frowning over Crown. "I'm forcing our favourite frog to take a bath, but he doesn't want it."

Smirking, Hitomi reached for the shower head and started pulled the back of Aleister's collar, spraying ice-cold water down his back.

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Crown gasped. Even his current state his body reacted on it's own. But still despite the cold stream running down his back he did not speak or scream. The gasp of shock and surprise was all that left his mouth. His pupils became wider and he started shivering, again not out of his own will but because of his body's own reaction.

At the same time Lily continued. "A-a bath? L-like you two together?" just thinking about the scenario made the girl's face turn redder than the ribbon that was holding her hair in place.

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@Fehafare: "What?" Hitomi asked Lily, turning the temperature up to a more acceptable warmth seeing as she didn't get the reaction she was hoping for.. "No. Like how you'd bath a dog."

Setting the shower head back not to stand, Hitomi rolled her sleeves up to her shoulder and did her hair into a ponytail. "Come on, let's get you out of those." Hitomi added, starting to undress him. "Hey, could you go grab a bathrobe and some underwear for him?" Hitomi asked Lily, starting to rub shampoo into Crown's head.

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"O-Oh! Alright." Lily hurried out of the bath, ashamed and embarrassed of her previous question. Thanks to the nervousness she had forgotten what she was even supposed to do for a moment, but quickly remembered when she replied the events in her head, causing her to turn even redder.

She was already halfway out of the room but stopped herself just on the doorstep. She asked Hitomi without turning around, feeling like she'd die of embarrassment if she was actually looking at the seamstress's face.

"Um Hitomi... will Sam come too?"

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"Most likely." Hitomi told her with a smile, before tossing a sponge between Aleister's legs. "I'll do your back, you can clean your own junk."


The keyblader in question had just parked his airship on the Crown rooftop, Kelly coming out after him with a cake in her hands. "He's not dead, I'll tell you that much." Kelly told SamJaz, following him to the ground floor.

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"Thank you." Lily replied as she left the bath, going off to get the items Hitomi asked her for.

Crown still wasn't reacting, but at the very least he wasn't resisting. As Lily was going through the mansion at the other end of the corridor she saw two familiar faces. With hurried step she walked over to greet the two. "Hi. How are you?" she waved her hand at the two siblings nervously while smiling.

If she were honest with herself right now she really wanted to hug Sam. But her shyness did not allow her to initiate it. All she could do is hope that her desire would be granted by Sam himself.

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@Fehafare: With a nudge from Kelly's vectors, SamJaz moved forward to hug Lily. "Okay. You?" He asked her.


"Really aren't helping, are you?" Hitomi asked Al, grabbing a foot and pulling it up, sliding Crown onto his back before grabbing his trousers by the waist and peeling them off. The first instinct was to gag- a week festering was not a pleasant odour at all.

But. Work was work. At least she wasn't dressing a Hutt this time around.

Compared to that, any experience was enjoyable, so she continued with Al's sponge bath.

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Lily slowly returned the hug, with her head hung her Sam's shoulder she was smiling at Kelly.

"Okay... i missed you." she spoke in a silent and soft voice.

In the meantime Crown had his head underwater as his pants were pulled down. Usually at this point chaos would break out, after all he couldn't allow himself to be part of something like that.

But now, nothing.

While Sam was busy with Lily, Kelly got hugged from behind by Mary.

"Hi guys." she spoke in a cheerful voice while leaning over Kelly's shoulder and noticing the desert she was carrying.

"Aw, you got cake? Mine. I swear i'll bake Crown a new one."

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Hugs all around for the two sets of siblings. "Cake for everybody!" SamJaz shouted with a laugh, before lowering his voice to an acceptable volume. "Where's Al?"


Al was still upstairs, getting his legs scrubbed by Hitomi. "You're actually going to make me do this aren't you?" Hitomi asked him moving up towards the torso.

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"He's upstairs... Hitomi's washing him." as soon as she spoke those words Mary's eyes became wide with expectation and wonder. She rushed down the hall as she let go of Kelly.

"Wait a sec guys! Gotta get my camera, that scene's gonna make for great blackmailing material once he's recovered." Mary yelled back to the lot as she giggled through the halls, already scheming what she's going to request from her employer once he starts caring about the world again.

Speaking of which. Crown was still stone cold not reacting to Hitomi's words or actions.

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