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Exalt- The Foundation of the Empire.

The Planet Exalted
The Planet Exalted

The planet Exalt is an impossible Circumbinary planet, orbiting two suns in a figure of eight. It has 55% water coverage, and five main continents, split across two landmasses. Both the north and south poles are on land.

The two suns are named Lustre and Radiance, and before the founding of the Empire, most of the planets religions focussed on these two bodies. A complete year on Exalt consists of the planet orbiting one of these bodies, with the new year being the equinox between the two stars, when the sky shines a brilliant white for the whole day.

A single day is twenty-five hours, three hundred and fifty days to the year, with one day of equinox as their new year as the planet changes suns.

Lustre is a silver white dwarf star, and during its year the sky itself is silver, with other stars shining through both day and night.

Radiance, on the other hand, is a yellow star more like our own. The sky is blue during the daylight of its year, blinding the view of the stars until the night sky.

There is no moon, but there is a second planet that orbits the two stars, a large mineral planet named Rosarius. In ancient times, it was believed that this was the shield of the gods, as many asteroids pulled into the star’s gravity impacted this stone giant.

The Nations Seven

The continent where the Empire would originally be founded was a warring states faction divided into seven nations of races, and further divided based on the magicks they used. Three of seven nations grew stronger under the influence of Lustre, the silver sun, three drew strength from Radiance, the golden sun, and the central nation drew power from darkness. Each year, the three nations would strike against their weakened neighbours, and the next year the previously oppressed would retaliate and reclaim their lands, taking from their invaders again

Here is a map of the continent, showing the divisions between the seven states, represented by colour, with descriptions below. To the east is the nation of Underfolk, who remain hidden and created advanced machines to protect themselves. To the south was the violent Fire Nation, who were avoided due to their vicious nature and lack of structure, simply a continent of rampaging monsters.

The Nations Seven
The Nations Seven

BROWN – Bane Clan – Lustre

The northmost of the seven nations is populated by a race of canine people. They are capable of transforming between animal forms, monstrous forms, and humanlike forms.

GREY – Talos Nest - Radiance

A race not unlike birds, the Talos lived in the trees and on mountains, flying using wings made of leather and with air magic.

PINK – Aquinus- Lustre

A race of amphibious beings whose legs dissolved in water, transforming into tails or tentacles below the waist.

ORANGE – Terraplate – Radiance

Armoured, insect-like bipedial beings that are far stronger than the other races, but are limited in their breeding. There is one female to each tribe, the Princess, who each serve to the overarching Queen.

RED – Sanguinus – Lustre

A vampiric nation of individuals that seem human in appearance. They draw the greatest strength from the silver sun, but grow weak under Radiance’s golden rays, and require the blood of other races to survive in these years.

GREEN – Uruk – Radiance

A Greenskined patriarchal race, the uruk favour strength and industry over all else. In each town, only the chief may marry, and may take as many wives as agree to be his bride, in order to ensure a strong gene pool. Only the strongest and the wisest may be chief.

BEIGE – Lich- Darkness

Ruler of the central kingdom, who take the dead of the six other nations as tribute. Their armies never diminish, and are populated with walking corpses who never eat, feel, or fear, existing only to do the bidding of the immortal Lich King.

These seven nations fought each other through the cycle of alternating years for centuries, perhaps millennia. It continued even when a nation of refugees from a far away planet arrived on an island in the centre of the Lich King's territory, where Alvin Himmelskarte created a city and protected it with his sisters for eight years, for a people that called SamJaz their king.

Thus was the year Zero of the Empire Exalted.

Home For The Refugees - EX00000-00008

The Flag of the Empire Exalted
The Flag of the Empire Exalted

The Empire began in the Hellscraper, where SamJaz was able to free over thirty-six million clones from a slave casino. Alvin transported them to another world, with the intention to filter them back into normal society. Unfortunately, somehow, the city he built to temporarily house these people was in the lair of the Lich King.

The Lich King upon his Dread Throne
The Lich King upon his Dread Throne

He did not take these mortals lightly. Each night he sent his forces to attack them, and they were defended for a time by the combined forces of Alvin Himmelskarte and Coleen Kurugi. After several months, it became apparent that time on this planet flowed differently than from Earth, as when SamJaz did come to assist their forces, he was still within the Hellscraper, only hours after sending the first group of refugees.

They developed a plan to combat the Lich King. The only weapons that Alvin and Coleen had been able to discover that would work against the Lich King's soldiers were powerful kinetic strikes, able to pierce armour and break bones apart from within. From toys he played with as a child, SamJaz designed the most primitive and iconic of the Empire's weapons.

To Smite The Emperor's Enemies
To Smite The Emperor's Enemies

The Holy Boltgun, more commonly known as the Bolter, is a .75 caliber weapon which fires a self-propelled explosive 'bolt' which explodes with devastating effect once it has penetrated its target, effectively blowing it apart from the inside. Finely hand-crafted, Boltguns are heavy, sturdy weapons with a powerful recoil normal humans would find difficult to handle. The standard bolter uses a Sinister/Dexter locking mechanism with a sickle-shaped magazine carrying 30 rounds. In time, many variants of both the gun and the ammunition would be created as needs arose, but even at its most infantile stage, the Boltgun was a devastating success.

Within months, SamJaz and Coleen had trained a team of 30 soldiers, and they attacked the core of the Lich King's castle, taking his skull and crushing his empire. Alvin buried the land under twelve feet of soil, and the undead wasteland was transformed into a verdant green land. The news of the Lich King's defeat to the hands of mortals spread throughout the six nations, with rumours about their Holy weaponry being the key to their strength. SamJaz returned to the Hellscraper, and later Coleen switched places with Hagane, who organised the people more fully in the city.

The Battle of Birth - EX00008

Our Beautiful Capital, circa EX00025
Our Beautiful Capital, circa EX00025

By the time SamJaz had escaped from the Hellscraper, eight years had passed since the refugees first arrived on the planet and tensions with the other six nations reached their climax, as the central city was laid siege by the armies of all six of the nation's armies. Seeing the situation, The Emperor gave the following speech.


The demands were met with ridicule, until The Emperor entered the battlefield and began to fight. The citizens were forced to take up arms to defend the west, east and southern sides of the city, but after several hours, the battle was won. Every citizen had become a warrior, and the other six nations complied with the conditions of their surrender.

An Empire was Born.

Twelve Years of Dominion - EX00008-00020

As dictated in the terms of surrender, every seventh household throughout the captured nations maintained their lands and their homes, whereas over 85% of the captured citizens were forced out of their homes and relocated throughout the empire. It was a cruel time, and The Emperor was reviled as a tyrant by those he ruled, but he maintained that without unifying the nations regardless of race or creed, then a future civil war was inevitable.

The land was divided into four, with the Central City founded on the island in the centre of the continent as its capital. Northwest was the province of Bravering, covering parts of the lands of the Bane clan, and the Talos Nest with parts of old Lich territory. South of Bravering was Shatterbeat, governing the entireties of the Terraplate and Aquinus lands, with some Lich territory. To the South east, from the grand Strait south of Central City to the eastern mountains was the Shadowlance province, claiming some Uruk territory but mostly being formed of Sanguinus land. Northeast, being formed of Uruk, Bane and Lich lands was the Gatecraft province. The Emperor divided the load of initial leadership between his newfound siblings in the Shinodaborn, Alvin taking Gatecraft, Hagane Shadowlance, Coleen Shatterbeat, and Alexis assisted in the leadership of Bravering for a short period, before returning to Earth to continue her life. Below are the markings of Gatecraft, Shadowlance, Shatterbeat and Bravering, in order.

While the thirty year ban on marrying within ones own race loomed ahead like a dark cloud of oppression, two clans in particular thrived at this time. The Uruk, previously a patriarchal society where only the chief was permitted take wives, and the Terraplate, previously a matriarchal society where only the queen may produce offspring, were the first to embrace intermarriage, producing a race of phenomenally powerful creatures with both the muscle and dexterity of the Uruk, and the exoskeletons and natural insectine weaponry of the terra plate. Throughout further generations, even once the gene pool had merged into one cocktail of humanlike species, those descended from those first hybrids, known as Terrakin, would become the foundation of the Empire's future elite fighting force, the Astartes.

The Thirty Year Law - EX00020-00050

Terraplate/Aquinus Hybrid
Terraplate/Aquinus Hybrid

With the rise new Generation born under Imperial rule, with the first Terrakin showing their great potential, the law forbidding to marry within ones own race came into force. The law was intended to last for thirty years, forcing two generations of hybrids to occur, blurring the distinctions between the seven races and creating a unified race.

Genetically, the results were astonishing. Not only was interspecies reproduction possible, but also beneficial. Disease fell to an all-time low as immune systems combined. Offspring, as shown with the Terrakin, were shown to have traits of both parent races. In the cases of children from Aquinus and Bane clans, children were able to maintain a human appearance and transform into their race's full strength at will. Profiteering eugenicists took advantage of this, and arranged marriages to produce the most powerful offspring began to occur. Purebred families were soon shunned as inbreds, and the histories of the various clans became the history of the entire empire.

The Emperors Eyes
The Emperors Eyes

The ban was lifted ten years ahead of schedule, with the Emperor enforcing laws against child exploitation and arranged marriages. Quickly, he enforced the doctrine of the sanctity of marriage, that the union should be of love and that failure to care for and nurture ones own family was inexcusable. The Emperor organised a team, known as the Inquisitors, to target those who continued practicing eugenics in the Empire, and parents who illegally continued the practice were imprisoned and their children placed into foster homes, but the cultural damage had already been done.

During this time, the Inquisitors grew to be a feared force. Almost an openly secret police, the hooded Inquisitors were seen by many as a symbol of a tyrannical ruler who took what he wanted and forced all to yield under his demands. To others, however, the Inquisitors were heroes, rooting out those evil ones that sought to profit from the suffering of others.

It was a time of both the greatest acceptance and the cruellest intolerance.

Unity After Fifty Years - EX00050-00053

A citizen and his Bolter
A citizen and his Bolter

By the Empire's bicentennial year, the empire had once again stabilised. Those who once fought the Empire were grandparents and great grandparents, and the police force, combined with the Inquisition, were rooting out evil wherever it showed its ugly head. At this time, the Inquisitors were accepted as a form of elite police, striking at the enemy within to protect the good citizens.

A new Inquisitor reflecting on his order
A new Inquisitor reflecting on his order

And for the most part, the Empire was populated almost entirely by good citizens. Schools were filled with children of mixed races, whose grandparents remembered times where they would slaughter one another. Most of the older generation were astonished at the changes, as in the space of a mere fifty years, a mostly medieval continent had been completely modernised, with roads, electricity and running water. Winters were no longer a season to be fears, as food production and storage was revolutionised with modern technology. With internal heating, none froze in the blizzards, and medicines were available to treat illnesses magic was unable to heal.

Magic had advanced, by combining the knowledge of the six tribes with their emperors, the thaumaturgical sciences had advanced leaps and bounds for the entire Empire. While not quite a golden age, it was the first period of time where the Empire as a whole were able to look at their Empire and be thankful for the outcome that had been wrought.

But everything changed with the Fire Nation attacked.

Everything Changed - EX00054-00057

An invasion from the skies
An invasion from the skies

The Fire Nation, a violent continent to the south was previously believed to contain only vicious beasts of monstrous size, and were best left alone. This belief was discovered to be false, however, when the southern cities of the Empire were attacked by an aerial army of dragon-riding soldiers.

Fire Nation Warrior
Fire Nation Warrior

These invaders, known to be the Dov, were an advanced nation that had thrived in secret in the harsh, volcanic conditions of the south, and these had come to see the Empire as a potential threat, and they made the first strike.

The Empire was unprepared. Their standing military was minimal at best, and the losses of the first attack number in the thousands. After the initial slaughter, the Empire reorganised their military force, temporarily enforcing conscription to those able to fight as the war machine began turning.

The factories ran day and night and the training grounds operated for months while the Emperor and Mechanicus boarded the Fire Nation continent, preventing air passage over the waters to buy the Empire time.

Within a few months, they were ready.

Pain is temporary. Honour is forever.
Pain is temporary. Honour is forever.

The Imperial Guard. Wearing flak and ceramite armour and equipped with Bolters, Plasma guns, tanks, blades and grenades, the Empire struck back at the Fire Nation. The war lasted three years, with the Empire growing in arms and tactics by the day, as did the death toll on both sides. By the end of the war, the Dov population had been decimated, and they surrendered unconditionally.

The Dov were integrated into the Empire, the lands of the fire nation being divided between the Shatterbeat and Shadowlance houses, and fell under their jurisdiction as extensions of the provinces. Dov households were relocated throughout the empire, and the Emperor set plans in motion to deal with the next threat. The Underfolk Machines to the East.

Aftermath and Striking Iron - EX00057 - 00059

Adapting to society
Adapting to society

Initially, the Dov were treat horrifically as second class citizens and prisoners of war. The Inquisitors expended a significant amount of effort protecting the Dov from the other citizens of the empire, especially from the younger generations born into the Empire who did not remember the times of constant war. These younger citizens, those below the age of fifty, had only known peace in their time, with differences between factions never rising beyond small civil unrests. This unprovoked attack, however, incited hatred and many called for the Emperor to enact a law against the Dov from marrying within their own race, for a chance to cull the enemy completely.

Loyal and forgotten
Loyal and forgotten

What the Emperor did instead, however, was declare a state of war against the Underfolk, who had not been seen in centuries. However, their automated defences continued to attack Imperial citizens who strayed too near the mountains, and The Emperor took this opportunity to unite the captured Dov into the Empire against a common enemy. The machine.

This was a cause of contention between Mechanicus and The Emperor, but the machine god recognised the need to pacify the weak wills of the flesh, and assisted in the creation of weapons against the Underfolk and their machines, but himself abstaining from the battle.

This war lasted roughly a year, and had very little casualties on the side of the Empire, despite the strength of their enemies. However, it was quickly found that the machines had little capacity for strategic thinking, a revelation that concerned Mechanicus greatly, and soon the Empire had penetrated the under folk mines, finding the entire civilisation in ruins, the people slaughtered centuries prior. Their last acts were to seal the passageways, as if sealing a great threat away from the nation of seven.

Open reaching the other side of the mountains, the Empire found another group on nations, thrice the size of their own.

This is the current point in SamJaz's memory. Everything beyond this point is in his future.

Of Fur and Freedom - EX00060-00066

Ruling Class - Furs
Ruling Class - Furs
Slave Class - Mogs
Slave Class - Mogs

The neighbouring empire, separated by the Underfolk mountains, was populated by a bipedal feline race that bore several resemblances to ancient China during the warring states periods. There were three nations, not separated by race, creed or doctrine, but by land and by greed. Their caste system was based on the purity of their bloodlines- The more furred and feline one was, the higher their place in society. The less furred and more human in appearance, the lower your place and fewer your rights as a citizen. Mogs such as these were often taken as slaves- sometimes off the streets in broad daylight.

While the Fur nations were initially willing to have peace talks with the Empire Exalted, things went dour within the first seconds of the very first meeting of the four nations when it came to light that The Emperor had neglected to bring a slave to give to each of the other ambassadors as a greeting gift. While this was initially laughed off as a misunderstanding caused by culture differences (And honestly, could we have expected better from a Mog king?", the Emperor was not so amused, and took the lives of all three ambassadors, taking the nine slaves back to the Empire as refugees.

A rescue leading to war
A rescue leading to war

The three nations rose in anger, demanding the Emperor's head as apology or the Empire would burn. However, the Empire was united in the cause of freeing the mog slaves, especially those with Slave ancestry themselves. As the war began, however, the differences in soldiers soon became clear.

Furline warrior
Furline warrior

Pureblood furs had muscle densities far beyond that of their feline counterparts, even scaled up. Against the Imperial Guard, the Furs tore them limb from limb in direct combat, and their magic was much more effective than the Empire's own, each one a mage on par with the Emperor himself. The only advantage the Empire held was in the range of their Bolters, but even that was quickly closed in each battle.

Outnumbered and outmatched, the Empire soon found themselves outmanoeuvred, as the three nations combined had centuries of tactics for their mountainous homes. Pressed and against the wall, The Emperor submitted to Mechanicus, and granted him permission to take 100 twelve-year old volunteers to prototype the Astartes project.

Knowing that they would not be ready for another decade, however, The Emperor set in motion another plan, one involving allies from his home planet.

Iron Ghost - EX00067-00079

Primarch Hagane
Primarch Hagane

A risky operation based on Nazi Blitzkrieg tactics, The Emperor organised Iron Ghost- a tank division lead by Shadowlance leader Hagane Kumaga. Formed of Sixteen tanks, the team, consisting of Imperial Guards and offworld volunteers, struck at high speeds against Furline strongholds, leading to concentrated attacks on their capital cities. The campaign lasted a month, or a few hours in Viceverse time, but vastly turned the tides of the war into the Empire's favour.

Vice volunteer soldier
Vice volunteer soldier

Within two more years, superior firepower won out against stronger soldiers. It would take another decade to quell the insurgent groups that infested the mountains and jungles of the east, but with the rise of the Astartes, the war was over and the remaining Fur warriors surrendered. The transition into the Empire was much smoother, despite the bloodier and longer conflict than was against the Dov, due to the gradual integration of freed Mogs and captured Furs.

With the war over, however, the Emperor had an elite fighting force and no enemy to crush.

The Astartes

The Emperor has no like. Even among his own kin, he stands alone in his greatness. There are no gods in this hollow universe to keep him company. So he made us, demi-gods, to stand beside him. I have never quite come to terms with my status. Does that surprise you? I see what I am capable of, and what is expected of me, and I shudder. The mere fact of me frightens me sometimes.

- Joseph Skarr, of the first Astartes

They shall be my finest warriors, these men who give of themselves to me. Like clay I shall mould them, and in the furnace of war forge them. They will be of iron will and steely muscle. In great armour shall I clad them and with the mightiest guns will they be armed. They will be untouched by plague or disease, no sickness will blight them. They will have tactics, strategies and machines so that no foe can best them in battle. They are my bulwark against the Terror. They are the Defenders of Exalt. They are my Space Marines and they shall know no fear.

- The Emperor Exalted

Early Astartes Armour
Early Astartes Armour

The first Generation of Astartes were beyond expectations, but not without limitations. The Augmentation procedure, developed by Mechanicus as a proposed improvement to the human form, had to begin between the ages of ten and twelve, and would continue until the subject approached their twenties. During this time, the subject received constant neural stimulation spending every night living through virtual battles and every day training and studying as Scouts while the Augmentation took place.

Biologically, the implants had to be made in six stages in order to create a successful Astartes.

Stage 1) Ages 12-14 ) Implantation of a secondary heart, as well as unnamed organs to stimulate bone and muscle growth. The second heart improves the body's capacity for transporting oxygen, and makes it possible to enter the states needed to learn Flowmotion. By adulthood, the entire skeleton structure would be reinforced with ceramite and the rib cage solidified into a solid shell.

Stage 2) Ages 13-15) The Larraman's organ, shaped and sized as a golf ball, is placed into the chest cavity. This stimulates blood growth, and makes blood clot much faster when exposed to open air. Without the second heart, the Larraman's organ would cause strokes in any human being. In addition, The Catalepsean Node is implanted in the back of the brain, influencing the body's need for sleep and rest. This pea-sized organ regulates energy usage and improves efficiency by 400%, in addition to allowing an Astartes to rest alternating parts of the brain at a time. This process does not replace sleep entirely, but it can allow an Astartes to operate for up to two weeks with no rest. Normally, an Astartes cannot sleep more than four hours a day, and remains aware of their surroundings even when unconscious.

Stage 3) Ages 14-16) The Multilung, Preomnor and Omophagea are implanted. The Multilung is a third lung, allowing the Astartes the abilities to breathe in almost all conditions, even underwater, poisonous gases, and in low-oxygen conditions. The Omophagea is placed in the gullet, and is a series of sensors that ingest genetic memories from devoured material. By eating the flesh of another being, an Astartes can get access to its memories and knowledge. The preomnor is a pre-stomach that decontaminates any poisonous or unsafe materials ingested by the Astartes before it reached the stomach.

Stage 4) Ages 15-17) The Halswel lobe, the Lymans Ear, Jacung and the Sandman membrane are implanted into the Astartes's skull. In addition to granting perfect vision, the Halswel lobe allows the Astartes to shift their visible spectrum to see infrared and ultraviolet light with no danger to themselves at will. The Lymans ear is a completely different design that makes it impossible for an Astartes to become dizzy or lose their sense of balance or direction, even in zero gravity. In addition, it greatly increases the spectrum of audible sound, and protects their hearing from dangerous levels of volume. The Jacung increases the Astartes's sense of taste to such an extent that they can track a target by tasting their scent, and can identify chemicals by their taste. These three, combined with the Sandman membrane to cool and protect the brain, allows the Astartes to easily enter the state of Flowmotion. In addition, the Sandman membrane can be used as an emergency measure to place a wounded Astartes in suspended animation while transporting them home through Flowmotion. The longest known period of time between an Astartes going missing in action and rematerialising on their home planet is five hundred and forty-seven years.

Stage 5) Ages 16-18) The entire nervous system is reinforced with layers of superconductor, resulting in a 1000% increase in reaction times, even when not utilising Flowmotion. In addition, the spinal fluid is replaced with similar fluids found in Shinodaborn spines which, due to the increased capacity for flow motion, allows the Astartes to take some attributes of the Shinodaborn, namely their resilience to Time Manipulation, increased longevity, increased endurance and capacity for magic. Combined with the superconducting dendrites, this also results in a marked increase in memory, creativity, processing speed and wit amongst the Astartes.

Black Carapace in action
Black Carapace in action

Stage 6) Ages 17-19) The Black Carapace is the final implant to be added to the potential Astartes. A layer of plastic-like tissue added underneath the skin, this is essential for interface with the Astartes armour. The Black Carapace is able to be pushed to the forefront of the skin, and forms what appears to be a skintight film over the body upon which Astartes armour is attached. Contrary to popular belief, the Black Carapace isn't always black, and sometimes forms in white, green, red, blue, or even pink carapaces from time to time.

Initially, there were both male and female Astartes, but it soon came to light that the Augmentation destroyed the uterus, and as such women were forbidden from enlisting in the Astartes for millennia, until just recently in the 41st millennium.

Word From The West - EX00082-EX00086

Sen and Fal Perk warriors
Sen and Fal Perk warriors

With the Furs dominated, the Empire reorganised its boundaries and economy. It now spanned three continents and was still divided into four provinces, with Shadowlance controlling over a third of the landmass.

With sailing to the west, however, the Empire encountered another two continents populated by advanced mage users resembling humans with pointed ears.

Perk envoy from the Syg
Perk envoy from the Syg

Initially, these nations were excited to meet the Empire, and trade routes were established. There was no need for conflict, though the seventeen nations, collectively deemed 'Perks', did have wars and conflicts amongst themselves. However, the Empire was asked to remain out of it, and the Empire agreed, though assisted in combating pirate forces that assailed trade ships.

The various Perk nations sent ambassadors and envoys to the Empire, and migration existed between the two groups, until war broke out.

From a third party.

The Enemy Above - EX00087-00096

Look to the skies for your salvation, and know that it is found only upon your demise
Isolate - The Neglector of the Proxemical
Isolate - The Neglector of the Proxemical
Knights from the Sky
Knights from the Sky

In the year 87, The first enemies came from the sky. Clad in red and orange metallic armour, 30 bipedal knights descended from orbit and crash landed indiscriminately upon the surface of the planet Exalt, and began to attack.

Their targets were not military or civilian, but indiscriminate and utter destruction from all sides. Immediately, the Astartes sprung to action, donning their armours and loading their Bolters, the battle was fought viciously and desperately, until the enemy was fallen. Each knight self-destructed upon their death, and neither the Empire nor the Perks were able to obtain information concerning them. Even Mechanicus was in the dark- their technology shielded them from his eyes and understanding.

The Perks took the worst of the damage, their magic being completely useless against the knights from the sky. Empire Bolters were able to tear through their armours, eventually, as was severe physical blows from power weapons, such as Thunder Hammers, or the Keyblade.

The naked Proxemical
The naked Proxemical

The next attack focused on the Empire's capital city- now named Exalt. This time, the city was already in a state of military alertness, and they were able to fight against the 100 falling knights. However, the city took huge damage, and the casualties numbered among the thousands. However, the battle ended in the Imperial victory, with the great achievement of having captured one of the enemy.

Tearing open the armour, the inquisitors found a small, squid-like creature with one, yellowing eye. It was weak, with a large brain protruding from its feeble body. Interrogation showed it to be named a Proxemical- a race of beings that thrive in isolation. From the moment a Proxemical is removed from the birthing vats, it is encased in a suit of armour that becomes its entire world. In this isolating world of cold, the Proxemicals live to cull the social creature, working as pawns of aggression and apathy against those dependant on sensual input.

A Neglector
A Neglector

Love, joy, sorrow, all of these mean nothing to the Proxemical who resides in the cold darkness of their armour for their entire lifespan, receiving nourishment, shelter and indoctrination as they seek and destroy those that dare leave their assigned spheres under the command of their ruling classes- the Neglectors. While most Proxemicals never receive a name for themselves, the Neglectors have identities and personalities of hatred and malice. They make decisions, plot schemes, indoctrinate the soldier classes and decide who dies next.

The Proxemicals had stationed themselves on the planet Rosarius, which orbited the same suns that Exalt did, and the Neglector of Rosarius- Isolate- had deemed the lives of Exalt to be as a virus- a potential cancer to the planet.

Immediately, the Empire ordered a space program to begin, and forced the Perk nations into a peace treaty that they could unite against the common threat. Over many battles across the next decade, the Empire grew battle hardened and encompassed the entire planet, launching spacecraft to attempt an invasion on the planet Rosarius, but time and time again were pushed back. Eventually, the Perks were absorbed by the Empire, as Astartes outposts encompassed the planet to combat the ever present threat from the skies.

It was a humiliating, grim time, where a nation the size of a planet was reminded of what it meant to live in fear- to await the next wave of invaders while cowering in their cage.

The Emperor Protects - EX00097-00100

Countless flowers crushed forever, left for dead their names forgotten. Falling Knights bring death in their hand from the stone meant to defend us.
Praying while the suns ignore you, leads to fear that makes you cower. But to change the fate before you means to fight with all your power.
Pigs who languish in their cowardice cannot stand over corpses that clutter their path. Will you be complacent, always obeisant, or wake the starving wolf inside you?
Shame of the cage we gilded with sorrow, Gives us the will to fight for tomorrow, Even the lamb content in his pasture, Can be transformed into a hunter.
Longing for blood and flying to battle. Now we are wolves where once we were cattle. Bolters in hand we charge into twilight. We continue to fight.

- Excerpt from Boots and Bolters of Hell, written by Link D Erison.

The Emperor Exalt Leading The Assault
The Emperor Exalt Leading The Assault

Despite being the strongest of the Shinodaborn, The Emperor was unable to generate a Black Carapace the same way Hagane, Alvin or Coleen could. A such, he was never able to wear Astartes armour beyond a single arm. However, ten years of conflict and study against the Proxemicals allowed Mechanicus to create a new armour from cannibalised technology, combining it with his own knowledge, to create the golden, red armour shown above.

Designed the interplanetary warfare, this armour allowed the Emperor to launch himself to the planet Rosarius carrying a warp station. Securing it on the surface of the stone planet, the Emperor was able to defend the station as a unit of 100 Astartes were able to enter the planet and secure a Proxemical base. From this one stronghold, the battle changed entirely. No longer was the Empire bound to one planet, but they were now able to to fight the Proxemicals on their territory, and thus a campaign for the possession of Rosarius began.

Within three years, the planet had been conquered, and the few remaining proxemicals fled in six directions through the galaxy. Scanning the stars, it was realised that the Proxemicals had spread not just through this galaxy, but were monitoring and subjugating many planets throughout the universe

Anticipating a second invasion, the Emperor ordered the planet Rosarius to be used for training and housing the Astartes, and began to reorganise their forces.

The First Chapters

The uniforms of the Imperial Guard are camouflaged in order to protect their wearers by hiding them from sight.
The principle is that what the enemy cannot see he cannot kill. This is not the way of the Adeptus Astartes. A Space Marine’s armour is bright with heraldry that proclaims his devotion to his Chapter and the beloved Emperor of Mankind. Our principle is that what the enemy can see, he will soon learn to fear…
The Dark Angels
The Dark Angels

The Emperor deemed it appropriate to divide the Astartes into Nine divisions of a thousand Astartes each, known to be as chapters. Each had their code, their leadership, and were identified by the colours of their amours. The most trusted of these nine was known at the Dark Angels, and it was these that took the honour of defending Rosarius, Exalts last line of defence, as well as relaying messages to the other chapters of the Astartes, who soon took the nickname of 'Space Marines', as a simpler way of introducing themselves on other planets.

As the Empire's military grew, more chapters of Astartes were added to the initial list of nine, and for solid reasoning. The Astartes were a powerful military force, the strongest the galaxy had ever encountered. Should civil war break out, the destruction would be catastrophic. By dividing the Astartes into units of 1000, and granting them relative autonomy, with their own doctrines, strategies and philosophies, defection would be easier to recognise and eliminate. By instigating competition, ingenuity thrived in their tactics and weaponry, and by the empire pulling in so many different directions, its influence and power grew exponentially.

Blood Angels - Iron Knights - Ultramarines -Mortifactors - Imperial Fists - Novamarines - World Breakers - Space Wolves
Blood Angels - Iron Knights - Ultramarines -Mortifactors - Imperial Fists - Novamarines - World Breakers - Space Wolves

Below is a list of the nine founding chapters, as well as a summary of their attributes

Blood Angels - Honour The Dead, For One Day Their Fate Shall Be Ours.

Red and White - A noble and honourable chapter, the Blood Angel gene seed underwent an odd mutation from Sanguinus DNA. All Astartes of this chapter are partially vampiric, having an aversion to bright lights outside of their armour, as well as a thirst for blood. Much of their lore and ceremonies centre on the drinking of blood, and they adhere to tradition very closely. However, their might in battle and their vampiric abilities make them one of the more admired chapters.

Iron Knights - War Is Not About Glory. War Is About Victory!

Silver and Bronze - A pragmatic and defensive chapter, the Iron Knights boast the lowest death rate of all the Astartes. Known for reinforcing their armours and emphasising heavy artillery, the Iron Knights will strike from a distance and crush any who get close. The best armour is to stay out of range, and the next best thing is an extra six inches of ceramite.

Ultramarines - As It Is Written In The Codex, So It Shall Be

Blue and Gold - The most devout of all the Marines, they hold the handbook as scripture, and openly worship the Emperor as their god. They hold to the code and allow no immoral behaviour, holding purity of thought as a defence against evil and good works as evidence of the Emperor's greatness. The ultramarines boast the lowest rate of civilian deaths under their care, but this care for others never stretched into mercy for their enemies.

Mortifactors - We Are Weapons. There Is The Emperor. There Is War. Nothing More

Grey and Yellow - A more laid back chapter, the Mortifactors operate more like a legion of bounty hunters than a military force, preferring to send small teams of three to assassinate key figures than to hold full-scale battles. The saying "Work hard, play hard" is applicable to these Marines, though their lax nature does not interfere with their discipline, which is above reproach when on duty.

Imperial Fists - Show Me A Fortress And I Will Show You A Ruin

Yellow and Red - Fierce rivals with the Iron Knights, the Imperial Fists specialise in siege warfare. They are patient and observant, keeping pressure on the enemy and striking devastating blows to weak points. They are notoriously loyal to the Empire, and will take insults and go without provisions with little complaint. In their mind, they exist to take what belongs to the Empire and not waste resources while doing it.

Novamarines - Chaos Is Devious, Subtle, The Way Of The Shadows

Purple and Yellow - A crafty, magic-focussed legion, the Novamarines specialise in flow motion combat and using the dark arts to fight their enemies. While their combat record shows incredible covert operation success, their fraternity with the chaos led to ill feelings of mistrust from the other legions. In time, these doubts would bear fruit, and the Novamarines would be the first to defect from the Empire and join the forces of Gekido.

World Breakers - "Attack" is the only order worth remembering

Bronze and Blue - A legion of berserkers, the World Breakers care little for civilian casualties, attacking their enemies relentlessly regardless of who is in the crossfire. The World Breakers are brutality incarnate, and have been known to destroy entire planets as an opening attack. In their rampage, however, they bring down enemies that other Astartes could not, acting as the ultimate attack dogs.

Space Wolves - Wolves Aren't Animals. No Beast Is Bound By Honour, Nor Does It Sacrifice Itself For Others Outside Of Its Pack

Grey and Navy - A noble chapter that is better described as a pack. Like the Blood Angels, the Space Wolves' geneseed was corrupted by Bane Clan DNA, creating a legion of werewolves Astartes. Space Wolves hold themselves to the honour of the wild, and are in tune to nature and animals, and have finely attuned instincts that can be called precognitive. They are also unusually skilled in time manipulation, for some unknown reason.

Dark Angels - Whenever And Wherever We Appear, We Leave Death And Destruction In Our Wake.

Olive and Black - A mysterious, monastic order. They are the Exalts last line of defence and are responsible for overseeing the care taking of the other Chapters. It is very secretive, even to those within its chapter, except for the select few that are invited into the Inner Circle. In time, they would lose this position of leadership and defending due to betrayals during The Drop.

Stepping into the night - EX00100 - 01000

The first millennium was one of pursuit, liberation, and conquest. The proxemicals were a powerful force, and controlled much of the galaxy. The empire was the first to rise up and strike back. By EX00120, fifty four habitable planets had been liberated/conquered by the empire, a number that would grow to 500 by the year 200, thirty of them already having intelligent life on them.

By the year 1000, the Empire would have gained domination of the entire galaxy, with millions of planets praising the Emperor.

Notable Events during the First Millennium.

-Introduction of Adeptus Soriatas

-Formation of the Administratum

-100th chapter of Astartes founded- Deathwatch

-FTL spacecraft made available for merchants.

-Orbital Drop Shock Technology first developed

-Elias Crown completes his scout training and joins Deathwatch.

-A Cold Welcome (RP)

-An Emperor Compromised (RP)

The Great Crusade - EX01000 - 10000

Notable Events during the Great Crusade

-Astartes Armour upgraded to current form.

- Conquest of the Shadowlance Galaxy

- Conquest of the Shatterbeat Galaxy

- Conquest of the Bravering Galaxy

- Conquest of the Gatecraft Galaxy

- Conquest of the Starscream Galaxy

-Proxemicals wiped out

-First contact with Space Orkz

-First contact with the Union

-First contact with the Penitent

-First contact with the Despoilers

-First contact with the Jotan

-First contact with the

-Da WAAAGH! (EX09549-09621- Spanning 71 years)

The Empire Glorified - EX10000-30000

Notable Events during the Golden Age

- First contact with the Tyranids

- The Battle of Macragge (RP)

- First contact with the Necron

- First contact with the Kamoan

The Great Betrayal - EX30000-40000

Notable Events during The Drop

- Civil War breaks out

- Chaos infects traitor Marines

- Exalt destroyed

-The Knights of the Miles take the Planet Earth(2013AD) (The Unwelcome Embassy RP)

The Empire Falls No More - EX40000-100000

Notable Events during The Retaliation

Peace At Last - EX100000/NA00000

(OOC More to come, taking another break. Will work on this as it comes, hoping to distance myself from Warhammer 40k and give a brief explanation of how this came to be. Credit to Fehafare for drawing up the new map.)

Post by Sonata (35,791 posts) See mini bio Level 20

Nice I look forward to more:)

Post by SamJaz (13,074 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Sonata: Cheers, will write more tomorrow and Friday.

Post by HE_IS (146 posts) See mini bio Level 9

Taking a break from updates, let me know what you think. More to come later today.

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,039 posts) See mini bio Level 14

I like it!

Post by HE_IS (146 posts) See mini bio Level 9

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Thanks. It's funny, I always imagined SamJaz as a good emperor, but as I actually sat down and thought about it, I realised what a lot of people would think, feel and do in that situation, so I had to write about these unexpected problems, and SamJaz's reactions to it, which in turn tyrannise the situation further.

Currently uploading a shedload of images, then I'll get back to work.

Post by Sonata (35,791 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@HE_IS: I could have told you that a while ago that SamJaz could be a tyrant LOL. Nice work on this though.

Post by HE_IS (146 posts) See mini bio Level 9

@Sonata: Thanks. Still gathering stuff for the next few hundred years.

Post by HE_IS (146 posts) See mini bio Level 9

Updated, will do more in the next few days.

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@HE_IS: where did you get that picture of Ultron

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@HE_IS: i see

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Updated. More to come, but we should leave the planet by tomorrow. Lemme know what you think!

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And now we're in SPACE!

I Need lunch. I'll do more this weekend.

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@HE_IS: Cool and a bump for the future.

Post by HE_IS (146 posts) See mini bio Level 9

Added info on the first 1000 years. I'm getting a bit blown away by the scale of things myself. This empire is HUGE, but I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

If anyone else wants a military force as big and powerful as the Empire on the vice, then they'd better put the effort into it like I have, because this is exhausting.

Post by SekiryuuteiDxD (1,661 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@HE_IS: did the empire fall and the space marines go to Earth

I don't understand the whole Knights of the Miles part

Post by SamJaz (13,074 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@SekiryuuteiDxD: Knights of the Miles are the Chapter run by HE IS, and the chapter currently occupying Earth.

And nope. The empire's got at least another 60,000 years in vice time at LEAST before it collapses.

Post by SekiryuuteiDxD (1,661 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@SamJaz: The Empire will soon know an enemy greater than the Proxemicals when my concept goes into play.

That's a big if depending if Sora meets Samjaz or someone connected to him. Maybe even a member of the empire itself or data on the space marines.If i remember they are still on Dai.

Post by SamJaz (13,074 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@SekiryuuteiDxD: The empire, as they currently stand on the vice, wiped out the proxemicals 39000 years ago. Unless you are willing to put the time and effort to build the dragorunes into something powerful and believable as the Empire as I'm doing, Then they will be treat as everyone else. Someone they haven't collected taxes from yet.

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