6 Fist of Fury

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“You’re former Sigma Six agent, Ma Xia; codename Lynn” a man in a shady suit and dark glasses spoke emptying a cigarette into the ash tray. “Yes I am, how you know that?” she asked, curiously. The cigarette smoke created a dense haze in the room; Lynn balled her fist seeing the situation going foul. “We’ve been following you Lynn, we know your trip to hell, we know about Dorai; we know about Shogun Chi” he said, smashing the cigarette butt against the metal frame.

“We need your help to locate a piece of dormant government property” the man said, tossing a file across the table. The swinging overhead light highlighted the red “Confidential” sticker laced across the top.

Slipping through the file, “I-I think I remember my father telling me something about this program; though I never really cared, I mean let’s be honest it’s Japanese” she said, with some personal prejudice. “You want me to find this weapon and bring it to you, so you can….use it?” she asked, with her hands on her hips.

“We represent a very powerful client, and both yours and Project Nova’s services would greatly benefit us; we believe project Nova is currently in Okinawa; doing what, we have no clue but will you take the mission.”

The man asked leaning on the desk in front of Lynn, she wasn’t going to lie she needed the money and their offer was double what she was making at the precinct.

“Fine, I’ll head to Okinawa to confront this machine, but I expect to be paid for the hazardous conditions” Lynn said, pushing away from the desk with her powerful leg muscles. “I’ll be back in a few days” she said, exiting in the darkness.

“That went well…” one of the men said, lighting another cigarette. “We’ve sent them all to the same location; we’ll see if they have what it takes to help us” he said, smoothing his hair over before letting his cigarette dangle between his lips.

“I got 70 bucks on the black guy” he said, with a smirk on his face.


Lynn had worked arduously to get to Japan, asking for time off was usually frowned upon, especially with the increasing triad presence in Hong Kong. The air around her was a bit humid, she figured it was because of the proximity with the ocean.

“Why would someone this important be in an open field…?” she thought to herself, preparing herself for what seemed like a trap.

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It had been about a year since the young cloned Goddess escaped from the governmental facilities, and a year that she had been living on a rice paddy farm with her now adoptive parents. Helping on the farm, running city errands, and working around the house for them, it was all so different from the life she used to live… so... 'barbaric'... and she loved it!

“Chichioya!” The energetic rose haired girl called out, carrying stacks of crates in her smaller arms with ease.

Shuffling through the rice fields was an older man in his early 60’s. “Yes Ammy?” He replied, not looking over at her but continuing to do his work as he waited for her question.

Where do you want these at?” She held the crates above her head a huge smile on her face as she waited for his answer.

Slowly looking over to her, he paused with his work. “Hhhhhmmmmmmmm.” He stroked his messy white beard as his beady brown eyes looked around the farm. “Just put it in the back with the cows for now.” Nodding in agreement with himself the farmer went shuffling back to work.

“Ok!” With a cheerful shout she almost jumped with her reply as she carried the crates in front of her, walking over to the cows in the back who were ‘mooing’ away. “Ssshhh calm down Moo Moo’s it’s ok.” Speaking to the cows she set the crates down only to see a man dressed in a black suit standing in front of her. Standing silently her body began to tense up, her muscles tightened and her eyes narrowed at him.

“Project Nova.” He spoke, taking a step forward while reaching into his jacket as Ammy’s rosy hair suddenly shift into deep crimson, her eyes glowing amber as she got into a fighting stance. “Whoa, stand down Nova, I’m not here for a fight.” He finished pulling out what seemed to be a file, setting it on the ground as he lift his hands up, slowly backing away. “I’m here to warn you.”

“About what?” The pyro girl arched her brow as she looked at the file on the ground then back at the man who was now a good distance away, her eyes turned back to their normal blue as her hair shift back to pink. Taking a few steps forward she picked up the file, her eyes never leaving the man. Opening it, she saw two pictures, one of a man and of a woman.

“These two have been hired by the Japanese Government to bring you back to them,” Nova began reading through, flipping through pages and pages of information on each of the subjects.

“Why are you giving this to me?” Her eyes looked up at him, it made no sense, who was he with, why was she given this? Did they want something from her? “And how do I know this isn’t some sort of trap?”

“You’ll just have to trust me.” He spoke as he turned his back to her and began walking away.

“WAIT YOU DIDN’T EVEN TELL ME WHERE I’M SUPPOSE TO GO!” How was she suppose to know where to go!?


“Okinawa?” She rubbed the back of her head looking around in every direction. “Where the heck is that?”


It was hard leaving her family behind, they relied much on her and the fact she couldn’t tell them exactly where she was going or for what is what hurt her the most. She didn’t want to lie to them, but the fact that someone was looking for her, meant that THEY could get hurt too… and she couldn’t have that happen.

Soaring through the skies her golden flames hugged closely to her body, leaving a small streak of fire behind her as she made her way to her destination. It was just a huge grassy plane, didn’t seem of anything of importance and most of all… why the hell would these people be looking for her HERE of all places? This was in the exact opposite direction she traveled, why send them to Okinawa?

Just then, she spot a woman standing in the field, but she was alone… as if she was waiting for her. It was a trap, she knew it, and she couldn’t turn back, not now. But one thing still bothered her..

“Where’s your friend?” She asked herself, she knew she was spotted; it was hard not to spot something like fire flying through the sky.

She then put out her flames as she began free falling to the ground feet first, her crimson hair still glowing and her golden eyes focused on her target. Holding her breath for a second she then landed forcefully on the ground as left a small indentation in the Earth, striking a three-point landing pose she slowly lift her head up, looking at the woman before her with malice, slowly standing in her white and red bodysuit clung to her body and her orange frames covering her eyes. She stayed silent for a few moments as she looked at Jlynnana, she carried herself well, stood strong and looked dangerous. “I’m not going back.” She spoke out, her hands balling into fists. “You can’t make me, you or your friend!”

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Safe house of Rogue Japanese agent Sato: Wife and current general of the Red King

The tube walls slide down, Bishops brown body dangles from cords attached to the machine, each needle intense and raw against his enhanced pain receptors, if not for the newly acquired pain threshold he'd be catatonic. He feels a quick release smacking half his body on the wooden shack floor, staring at black polished shoes. Looking up at himself in black aviators of a Japanese agent. "Bishop Jones. I was the handler of your mother... we gave her everything she needed to continue her research into the super human evolution, and she only took it upon herself to betray her country and her only son."

Wheezing with his neck bobbing wearily, the Western Samurai stands with a rigid back, "Where." His energy somehow already returning, eyes widening.

A small gulp grinds down the agents neck, nervous eyes hidden under large glasses "We don't know, but! But. We've started tracking her...and will help you take her down-"

"No. I will help you take her down... Address me correctly."

"For-forgive me. We do need your help. But well uh...Your our property.... The instruments that gave you this strength was funded and um...reverse engineered" he hung on those words, "By the Japanese Government. If you do not agree to cooperate, you will be stripped of these abilities, extracted back to America...and put into the very prison your father owns."

Cracking unused knuckles against the palms of his hands, Bishop looks him in the eyes, the stare alone sending him a step back, "If I do not meet my killers in three months...I will burn Japan's government to the ground around you." Stepping forward within the blink of an eye he grabs the manilla folder and opens it, looking at the pictures and reading the files on both targets. "What is the mission"

"Gah! Stric-strictly rendezvous. It may be necessary to defend yourself, but do not aim to kill or harm unless provoked to the point... these too are equally or maybe even more valuable than you... Agent. Their Okinawa, word is Jylnnanna is already close, Feral not far behind. "

Backing up, Bishop never breaks eye contact, slowly bowing to the agent, green fluid dripping from the pools in his lungs to tarnish the agents shined shoes, "Understood"

"Wait...! Just know this wasn't my idea...I knew your mother before she was, tainted. Long ago she asked my brother, a technician of the Agency to construct a blade fit for a Prince...I never understood the meaning until I saw the footage of you in the Pacific. This belongs to you"


Through the jungle line he enters gracefully, oddly out of place, his black skin glistens under the moon light, a Samurai Gi accented by white and red air force Jordans and thin white head phones. The haze of the smoke from his lips almost seemed correct, like this man inhaled fire and breathed smoke and it was right. Calmly entering a ring with the other two, he took them in. A small but radiated power house with red hair stands ready in a crater no doubt of her own making, Project Nova was a deviation of the same road he was forged on in the super human development. he kept one eye on the wild card while examining the one known as Jlynanna, the sheer size of her powerful legs left his imagination to what the raw force of her kicks must feel like, they'd need to be avoided.

"I was sent by a man, to accompany you to the Japanese Government agency. I don't seek a fight...but if I've found one I will not hesitate to end it."

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Her eye’s watched as the burning ember known as Project Nova; approached the grassy plains, she squinted a bit to see the “deadly” weapon reduced her powers upon landing. It didn’t take long for the newly arrived Feral Nova to spew confusing words.

Lynn stood somewhat confused as the burning ember dropped to the surface already defensive. “Friend…what are you talking about?” Lynn said, raising an eyebrow. Almost on cue a man, samurai in origin appeared from Lynn’s side making a circular motion with the heavenly bodies of Lynn and Nova.

“Of course it’s a trap…” she whispered, to herself balling her fist; the man spoke, but Lynn had no idea what he was even talking about; or who he was even talking to.

“Bitch can try!” Lynn said, allowing her anger to get the best of her; rolling her biceps a bit at her side, a massive energy burst shot from her body.

The wind power from her chi-focus caused the ground underneath her to buckle, wasting little time; she pushed her hands forward and clapped loudly. The impact from her clap caused a spiraling wind typhoon to manifest right in the middle of them. This was primarily to take Nova out of the equation early; the razor like winds ravished the ground kicking up a shitstorm of dust that would cloak her movements.

Cutting through the dense storm Lynn started off with her chi enhanced Hyakuretsukyak (Hundred strike kick) towards Fuse attempting to take him out next.

She didn’t know what was going on, but if either of these two expected her to be an easy fight, they were heavily mistaken.

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Ammy watched as the final person came into battle, she knew it… it was a trap. But wait… the woman didn’t seem to know who the man was… could she have been tricked? "Wait what?" She was about to say, but the chi warrior went on the attack.

The attack came too quickly and was very unexpected. A powerful bust of wind came forward, colliding into the pryomatic girl, it was as if razors were slicing into her at the same time. The power of the attack sending her flying back a good hundred feet through the air and tumbling along the ground a few more feet before coming to a stop face first into the grass. “ECK!” she lift her head from the ground, spitting up the mixture of grass and dirt as she pushed herself up, her suit covered in grass stain and with lacerations along her body. She could feel a trickle of blood come down her cheek as she wiped it clean with her hand, that was no ordinary human. Letting out a frustrating sigh she watched as the woman began her assault on the samurai like warrior. If they were busy fighting each other... maybe she could take them both out.

She needed to get closer to attack, her legs pushing her forward as she began running towards the two, quickly closing the distance between the three of them. When she was about twenty feet away she leaped into the air, her super strength launching her higher than a normal human could ever reach on their own. Reaching back with her hands they began to glow a deep crimson color, fire accumulating in each. As soon as she reached the peak height a feral roar escaped her lips, her hands launching forward over and over again as she sent a volley of fireballs raining down upon the two warriors. The one's that missed would set the ground they land upon on fire, consuming the grassy plane around them.

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The Burning herb between his lips flies away with the circle of wind forming around the three. With his blade still sheathed Bishop pulls it from his waste and holds the wodden covered sword over his head in waiting, the sand so thick he couldn't open either eyes. Heightened hearing began to guide his other senses, feeling for the other two opponents knowing one would strike eventually. Hearing the thunderous clap of the Chi queen's feet against the ground as she finally flies forward, sending dozens of charged attacks per second at the Second generation Samurai with pin point accuracy only executed by a life long trained master. Using the Sword and high speed martial arts defensive manuevers he blocks around 56 attacks before the sheath finally breaks and reveals the shine of his sword, in the half second of his loss of focus she landed 44 blows across his energy points, dulling his strength from the chest up.

Flicking off the tattered wood like rain drops he lets it stand bare, though now he can actually feel the wait in his palms. Raising it beside his eye line the Samurai begins to serpentine at an incredible speed towards Martial art master, blow backwards by a fireball from the sky that tears his Gi open and opens shrapnel wounds across his midsection. Pressing the sreds of gi against the wounds Bishop follows the line of fire, spotting the unmistakable orange uniform of Project Feral.

Hopping in Air force Jordan's across the battle field as she riddled it with flames that trapped the two. Crossing paths with Yjlnanna he analyzes the situation and only sees one option.

Looking at the blue clad woman as she acrobatically attempts to avoid the devastating attacks he moves in, holding the blade low and meeting her eye mid air," The only way she can be stopped...is if we work together. " Pushing off of each other they do a tandum backflip, landing and watching feral like cobra's waiting to strike an eagle as she pitches more fireballs

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Nova’s fireballs rained down upon the earth with no regard for the nature around them; Lynn couldn’t duck them; bracing herself inside a wind pocket, she knelt down as the powerful fireballs pelted against her skin.

The wind veil protected her to the best of her ability, but it was simply no match for the power of Nova. The top of her outfit burned, the straps of her bra now exposed, Surkit was right; though she didn’t trust him at all. Though she was skeptical; he was an impressive sight to see, maneuvering through their attacks in a calculated pattern; she could easily see why someone would send him in.

Nova was clearly, the most powerful being in the fight; seeing as the both had the same goal in mind. “Ok…” she grunted, holding her forearm which had been severely burned from trying to block Nova’s fireballs.

“Alright Bitch!” Lynn screamed, dashing through the fire. “CHI FOCUS X2!” As her shadow split the flames; a thin blue layer of energy warped around her body as she streamlined directly for Nova; this would allow Surkit to gain an advantage from either his left or right.

Thanks to having her speed enhance, she attempted to slam her knee directly into the gut, of Project Nova; hoping the knee would catch her, she’d quickly teleport to the blindside to catch her with a spinning heel kick.

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Watching in awe as adrenaline rush causes the scene to slow to a crawl in his enhanced mind, the bronco Jlynanna breaking the flames like orange ocean waves with her blue energy preserving what was left of her outfit his head following, "Is that b!tch half kangaroo...?" While he knew they were enemy's for the time being, a man can't watch such raw skill and honed ability and be unimpressed. Nova was something like an angered goddess in the sky, burning everything below her to match the proverbial burnt bridge between her and her distrustful government.

Running in a long but furiously swift curve Surkit builds up momentum, catapulting into the sky with legs bicycling his blade turned so the edge was against his forearm. Finally peaking and hovering to Nova's back left side he attempts to ram the hilt of his blade into her spinal column and incapacitate her before things escalated, But something told him it wouldn't be that simple

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She was never taught to think about what her attacks did to the environment around her, she was simply taught to attack, to unleash her holy fire without mercy and that's what she did. She didn't care that the earth around them was quickly transforming into a fire-pit the flames eating away at the once lush greenery around them. She just wanted to get rid of the people who threatened her existence Finally stopping her feet landed on the ground, her eyes glowing crimson as watched the two exchange words, no doubt they had formed a temporary alliance. "No matter... I'll take you both out." The young goddess huffed.

The cobalt warrior moved like a cheetah rushing to catch it's prey, swift, graceful and deadly with every movement. But moving head on gave Ammy time to prepare for the assault. Throwing her hands downward as she took a step back caused the woman's knee to slam against the palms of her hands. Her hands slightly trembling under the power of the woman as the two locked eyes for that split second, until she suddenly vanished. Blinking in amazement she suddenly felt a pain throb at the back of her head, forcing the power house to fall flat on her face again. Grasping a handful of dirt she began pushing herself up from the ground until she felt a sharp pain surge throughout her back. A cry of pain escaping from between her lips as her body dropped back to the ground, her back spasm with pain from the base of her neck down to the tailbone. Turning her head slightly she saw the samurai warrior standing not too far away from her, blade in hand, this was his doing.

"You think a couple of cheap shots are going to stop me!?" The young power house screamed in anger. She would not be defeated like this! She REFUSED!

Carefully pushing herself up from the ground she stood a bit hunched over, unable to fully stand up straight as her vision was still slightly blurred from the attack to her head she let out a frustrating grunt. Now the question was... who to attack first?

Jumping up she balled her hands together, pulling up behind her head as she landed back on the ground in a crouching position, slamming her fists into the ground as forcefully as she could, causing the ground to tremble, hoping to cause the two to be distracted for a bit. As soon as she was done her legs pushed forward again, rushing towards the Samurai first. With her hands still clasped together she held her hands to the right side of her body. When close enough she made a wide swing towards his left shoulder, hoping to maybe to dislocate his shoulder under her the force of her power to prevent him from using his blade against her. Pulling her hands apart she extended them forward towards Surkit, the palm of her hands glowing yellow for a second before a stream of golden flames escaped from her fingers and rushed towards the samurai for just a few seconds before she turned her attention.

Her head then whipped over towards Jlynnana as she took off in a sprint towards her. Pushing her body off the ground and lateral as she preformed a butterfly kick towards the Cobalt warrior. Upon landing slightly crouched she threw both palms forward, aimed towards the sternum of her chest, her hands still searing hot from her previous attack just seconds ago. Taking a quick step back she created a distance between them, going back in a triangle formation stance. Her back beginning to twinge in pain from the stunt she just pulled as her eyes darted back and forth at the two fighters.

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Holding her forearm in pain Lynn watched as the searing heat ravished the area; it seemed as if the more erratic the flames around them raged, the more powerful her attacks got. Taking a moment of reprieve while Project Nova engaged, Surkit, Lynn wanted to be absolutely sure no one’s livelihood was going to be in danger by this bout.

“The file on her really underestimate just how…shit!” Lynn screamed as Nova began running towards her; putting her hands up; she went to block the butterfly kick, but the moment she moved her forearm a searing pain shot through her leaving her defenseless.

Nova’s kick hit her dead in the jaw, causing an immediate spurt of blood to gush from her jaw; as her body jarred backward, her chest opened up.

“Na…” before she could get the words out, a powerful burning punch hit her chest sending her spiraling backwards; enhanced by her chi; her body dug deep into the earth before stopping far away from the actual battle site.

Her body convulsed from the burns, and she lay in an open field untouched by the fire for now, breathing very slowly.

Her uniform was literally being held together by a string, whomever sent them on this mission obviously knew they’d need more than just one person to bring her down. She tried to sit up in her own ditch but, the quivering of her bruised bones made it difficult.

“I..Got..t-t-t..slow her down…” Lynn said, sitting in her ditch watching as the plains roared in flames, thunderous billows of smoke stacks blocked out the stars. “I got it…” she said, rising to her feet. “Chi focus….TIMES THREE!” screaming at the top of her lungs, the area around Lynn pushed outward and exploded with a gigantic blue light.

“Cutting it…close…” she said, referring to her chi use, focusing on the battle and the two combatants left, she blinked and almost immediately she was in front of Project Nova. “PAYBACK!!!” she screamed, pushing her open palm towards Project Nova’s chest and releasing a dangerous proto-chun towards the sternum of Nova.

After releasing her energy she almost immeditatly dropped to the ground, needing time for her body to fully culminate to Chi focusx3

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Thrown off as he landed by the ground shaking punch to the ground he stumbles back for half a second, enough time for the fire enhanced Nova to send a calculated shot to his shoulder, small knuckles spreading the arm from the socket, "GAH!" His senses become even sharper as his adrenaline rushes, throwing the blade with his limp arm to the right, slapping the miniature fireballs with the broad side of his sword and dodging backwards to recuperate as she went for Lynn.

Dropping to one knee he breathes heavily grabbing at a second wind while Nana's cheek caves under Project Nova's kick, blood flowing from her lips as she spins into the ground. Knowing without her and a coordinated attack this would be useless, the Stubborn Samurai digs his blade deep into the dirt and holds it steady. Reeling back he throws himself into the hilt, a loud pop signaling the arm setting.

Rolling his shoulder and wincing for a moment he wastes no time dashing forward, the sword left behind. Jumping upward he does a reverse swan dive, turning into a forward kick aimed at her back as Lynn's Chi blast explodes in Nova's chest, hopefully releasing enough air from her lungs to pass out

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Breathing heavily the feral warrior grit her teeth with every movement she made, the muscles in her back cramping in pain as she watched Jlynnana power up yet again, a massive blue light exploding from her body, the wind around the battle grounds rushing pass the other two fighters as she stood her ground. Her ruby eyes shift back to Surkit, she watched as the deadly samurai looked to see as if he was ready to attack himself again. She was impressed, not only were the two still standing... they were still ready to unleash another attack on her. "I can't go back... I wont go back..." she whispered to herself, she couldn't afford to lose this fight.

Then, it all happened in slow motion, Ammy's eyes shift back to the cobalt warrior but the second she focused on her, she was gone!

"PAYBACK!" She appeared right in front of her! Her hands were glowing with power as she thrust them forward towards Nova's chest. It was too late to avoid the attack, or to even counter it with her own. The attack slammed right into her chest, sending the feral warrior back. But just a half second after that attack pressed against her, she felt a powerful kick to her back. A roar of pain escaping from her as both attacks hit her not even a full second apart. Her knees landed on the ground as her eyes shift back to their normal blue while they began to roll to the back of her head.

Feral Nova fell flat on the ground, as impact to the earth was made, her once crimson hair turned back to it's rose color, showing her powers were now inactive. The flames that once consumed the area quickly began dying. A heavy black cloud of smoke looming over the battle area as Ammy laid motionless upon the battlefield, leaving the unkillable samurai and the cobalt champion to decided the fate of their own battle with each other.

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Lynn rose with thick ash rising from the burning field; her body still aching from the battle with Feral Nova; there was a stiff throbbing pain in her forearms and lower back, despite her current status, there was still one more problem to deal with.

“Damn it…” she whispered, watching as her target passed out from the assault; her eye’s shifted across the field to the majestic black samurai. His afro swayed effortlessly in the night’s air, balling her fist her blue Chi energy swirled over her hands.

The moon reflected its glare from his stainless blade, the battle between the cerulean warrior and the enigmatic swordsman would decide who claimed project Nova. She sort of felt sorry, for whatever reason; Nova was screaming that she wouldn’t be taken back, taken back where?

She fought herself unconscious, against the combined effort of Lynn and Bishop, and now had no say in what happened to her. “She’s…mine...” she said, slumped in posture. “GO AWAY!” she screamed, pushing her hands forward releasing a massive blue swirl of energy left her hands sizzling the road, a diversion one she would use to trail behind, the moment the energy dissipated in front of his eye’s lynn would appear behind him with her hands crossed, by way of her teleportation.

Quickly spinning around to back elbow him in the face, she hopped he’d be sent flying, this would allow her to fire a massive amount of chi energy into his chest, much like she did Nova. If this didn’t work she’d be left open.

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Through out the entire battle Bishop emotionally indifferent, withdrawn yet embedded in the conflict. Another tactic that his naturally heartless father taught him. But when he watched the small frame of what seconds before was a blazing titan, revert to a young girl, his morality began to embed, his indifference became unbalanced. The scale of the battle was tipped outside of his favor by his own internal struggle.

His abdomen bleeds apple red onto the dust covered floor, lip dropping drips behind it. Taking a moment he wraps his Gi shreds firmly around the cuts and smears off the trail on his chain. Looking the Chi infused fury in the eyes, her stamina was impressive, but her will power was incredible. If nothing else came out of this, he could still say the two had gained his respect. Turning an ankle he begins to dash at an immediate 35 miles per hour towards the blade he'd left dug into the ground.

Grabbing the blade the Swift Samurai turns on a dime like a cheetah on the ass of a gazelle to just miss the side of the blue chi beam, cratering the ground all the way into the forest before blinking out. Dashing forward with the blade out he skids to a stop as she blinks out like an old tv. By the time common sense kicked in it was too late

An elbow crosses his jaw with so much force the grass wilts, flying backwards into the tree line and landing in the still smoking ditch of her chi blast. Laying on the ground he fights the black fog surrounding his sight, but couldn't beat it in time. She was a blur in front of him that began to glow, through swelled bruised eyes he watches her like a prisoner watches the executioner grind the axe. "Make it count."

The blast shoots into his chest, pressing against him trying throw him deeper into the hole.

But something felt different.

Brown trim fingers press into the hard rock soil

veins begins to shove out of his skin, muscles ripple. The samurais dark eyes turn a blood moon red

as the chi blast is completely absorbed into his chest, emanating and recoloring to his biorhythm, now a flowing red encasing his body. "Thats new...."

The still Samurai takes a deep breath, smoke leaving his mouth before doing a handless kip up with such force that he hopped over Jlynnana 's head, landing he attempts to punch her inner left thigh at the artery and dead the blood flow, if it landed he'd jump to send a knee to her ear, following with his blade sharp and cold against the deadly chi champion's throat

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Thick plumes of dust littered the air; she couldn’t see anything; her powerful attack surprised even her. Between Nova’s flames her chi, and Surkit’s blade the three elemental titans had ravaged the land, she was sure this had turned into more of an “I’m better than you thing” now that Feral Nova was subdued.

The smoke slowly began clearing, she could see the wages of her expansive power use, craters and smoke spots everywhere. “Damn it…” she said, with the buns in her hair unraveling, allowing her hair to fall down to her side.

The Snake Crane people were taught to never openly display the full secrets of the chi; Lynn was the sole survivor of her people and her skills weren’t nearly as developed as they could be; the fact that she packed so much concentrated energy into one attack proved that.

Holding her injured forearm, she looked on as a thick light cut the dusty shroud, “You’ve got to be kidding me…” she whispered, her eyes bulged as the sight of Surkit leaping over her head. He struck towards her inner thigh; the strongest offense she could mount was in her legs she wasn’t going to give that up.

Kicking her leg back, she slid her chi enhanced hand in to counter; only to be met with a knee in her kidney; she felt the throbbing pain; the way he struck she could tell his; strike was intended for another area; but her maneuvering bested him.

It all happened so fast, his blade came across her through creating a light slit in her jugular; reeling backwards as blood poured down her throat, Lynn fell to the ground before him gasping for air.

Flailing like a woman on fire she, used what little bit of strength she had let in her dying body to trigger her Chi-Alchemy; slowly pushing through her body; the soothing Chi healed the slit in her throat and sealed anymore blood from falling from her face.

Breathing heavily on all fours in a cesspool of her own life-force; she saw what appeared to be the fatal extent of Surkit’s mercy.

Pushing up off the going, she staggered for a moment, she was still a bit light-headed. “You fucked up in failing to kill me…”

Shifting her feet in, before bringing her arms closed together she surveyed the area for Nova. “You’re dead!” “POWER-FUSION!” Lynn’s body quickly began to scream an ornate purple; her eye slits filled with Blue.

Nova’s body rose just a bit as they’re minds transfer the memory recognition for their skills. Landing back on the ground, Lynn stood confident and sort of arrogant in her demeanor.

“BURNING Zephr!” she screamed, forcefully clapping her hands together conjuring multiple burning typhoons around them; this was to lock him inside the area. “Leggo!”

Tossing multiple fireballs towards him as she dashed, a blue streak followed behind her, when she was only a few feet from Surkit she transformed herself into her own proto energy attempting to ram herself right through his chest.

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Like an an artist with a limitless canvas the Chi titan had shown an even higher evolution of her power. Locked in a cage of fire he matches her dash, eyes locked as intimately as two lovers while his blade deflects the fire balls. She was cunning, he'd assumed she was at maximum speed, because he was.

With no time to think she ended up directly in front of him like a purple and blue comet, all he could do was defend. But Bishop was the 'best defense is a good offense' type.

Jumping forward with such force that he makes the ground break and fly back from his heel, he tries to send one last double fisted attach at her chest, attempting to protect his own from a full frontal. The raw new found ability was still uncontrollable, his power instinctively acting like a defensive coccoon of energy, but his control of it was little to none.

Now, only the long drawn out second between contact was what kept this battle alive

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“What!?” Lynn screamed in awe, watching as he pushed his energy towards her to repel her backwards; the ignitable energies caused another massive explosion this one sending both Surkit and Lynn opposite ways.

The moment she energy fission went off; her body skyrocketed before hitting the ground hard, rolling to a stop she couldn’t fight anymore. Tilting her head slightly up, she was able to make out the barley alive project Nova. “He shouldn’t…have been able to match my power…” she said, weakened tremendously. In the dusty skies she could make out the sound of a helicopter not too far off.

“Looks like the cavalry…” she grunted trying to move her body. “My body is almost entirely dead” she screamed, straining herself to the point tears formed in her eyes. The helicopter landed in close proximity to all of them; foot soldiers armed with fully automatic weapons exited the copter and quickly secured the area.

She could just barely make out a small framed red-head woman exiting the helicopter; she took a moment to glance at both Surkit and Nova, before turning her attention to Lynn.

“Get this all cleaned up, Get them aboard; and brief them on what’s going on” she said, turning back towards the helicopter.

They were purposely sent to fight one another to see if they had what it would take to aid her in Avalon, she knew they wouldn’t take to kindly to her tactic but the worlds were in danger.

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