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"I&squot;m okay, I don&squot;t need any help! I&squot;m a big boy!"
"I'm okay, I don't need any help! I'm a big boy!"
"Hi! I&squot;m Reisuke Houjou!"
"Hi! I'm Reisuke Houjou!"

Name: Reisuke Houjou

Age: 5 Forever (Chronologically several three years old)

Alias: The Fifth, Big boy, and the Chosen one

Height: 4'10

Weight: My mama told me that's rude to ask!

Attributes: Centuries of experience, diabolical manipulator, highly intelligent: capable of making various gases/posions, can perceive the future through various means, and last is a master strategist

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Favorite Quotes:

- "Like an Elite!"

- "Happy End!"

- "Oh! How scary..."

- "Perhaps its time I read you a bed time story!"

- "Ah! It was an accident!"

Personality & Traits!!!

"Hi! I&squot;m Reisuke Houjou!
"Hi! I'm Reisuke Houjou!

To the unsuspecting eye, Reisuke appears to be just an ordinary toddler - innocent, bright, curious and polite. However, Reisuke is really a complex individual despite being a four-year old. His parents were implied to be either abusive or neglectful, often fighting and more interested in their own personal hobbies (gambling). Because of this Reisuke seemingly grew to dislike his parents and learnt to take care of himself. However, his parents were at least on one occasion nice enough to buy him a pair of handpuppets, both stylised to resemble a man and a woman, seemingly becoming faux replacements for Reisuke's parents. Reisuke often talks through the puppets and use them for other means, and he portrays them as the ideal parents he would have preferred to have had.Reisuke uses his young appearance and age to fool people, acting like the normal toddler he should be. However, beneath that he is really a sadistic, creepy and cruel person, and very intelligent for his age. Despite this, he still has the mindset of a child, referring to strangers as "big brother" or "big sister". He is particularly enthralled in games, particularly survival games, seeing it as just that, a game, and has great fun in "playing" the survival games he usually sets for opponents. Reisuke's goal in life is to win is to become a "super elite", presumably his view of a God or a better person than his parents were. Despite his goal and behaviour, Reisuke does show some signs of kindness.


Isn't he just adorable!
Isn't he just adorable!

There are no other way to describe him but that he's a cute 5 year old boy! His ginger colored hair, blush tinted cheeks, along with wide green hues are all the qualities of one adorable 5 year old! Making him seem oh most harmless to whoever isn't aware of this dark side! Usually using in a green overcoat with a white shoulder length shirt underneath and leggings! His eyes so bright and wide that they appear to be gazing into your very own soul 8D He's also accompanied by two socket puppets of a man and woman along with a green snowhat! His child-like characteristic give him the upperhand whenever it comes to being adorable and just cute! Though don't let his appearance fool you! He's one boy not to be underestimated with unless you want to die a horrible death!

History & Background - Under Construction

Powers & Abilities

Hyper Vision Diary - The 5th wields a particulary item within his posession which takes the form of a colouring book in what he calls a "Forecaster" or "Future Diary, capable of making three predictions a day during the main times of the day (morning, afternoon, evening). However, this gives the 5th plenty of time to plan out his strategies for whoever he's up against and carry out three attacks once for each event. Because his coloring book is unable to predict immediate events, that means he can at most carry 3 attacks per day without any sort of potential risk. Despite this his Future Diary entries reflected as pictures with a small summary do change when the future changes. While his Future Diary itself may seem limited, the 5th can more than make up for it with his great intellect for a 5 years old boy. He has proven himself an expert of chemistry and physics, being more than capable of manipulating a wide array of substances to create poisonous material, which he can either inject or booby trap in the form a gas trap. Along with his use of poisons he's cautious enough to carry and use a Gas Mask and also the antidote. The 5th is also smart enough to use a wide variety of weapons like revolvers, pistols, and even blades without worrying about the danger of being caught because of his appearance of a 5 year old. He's also proved himself as a skilled infiltrator who uses his looks to deceive others as well as study their homes so that he may carefully booby-trap their place. Being the kid he is, it is really dificult to truly measure his chances of winning on a head-to-head fight compared to others who'd crush him if it weren't for his intelligence. He's however comparatively speaking given his age, the smartest of his kind.

Immortality - The 5th from his death has gained immortality through spiritual and satanic measures due to experimental causes during WW2 which led to the being he is today. His toddler body is simply a persona for his twisted self. He has the ability to live a long time, people gifted with this type of immortality cannot die from natural causes, old age, illnesses etc, but can be killed by unnatural causes. Meaning he can die from things like a knife wound or however you put it but cannot be effected by old age. This ability allows him to live long enough to gain enough knowledge about the world and years of experience within the world and its inhabitates in which would explain why he has such great knowledge over strategy and how to conduct traps.

Intellect - It might not be so much of an ability however, he has a gifted brain. He has a wide variety of different posions within his lab from: Arensic, Oleander, Phosgene, Belledonna; Sarin, Ricin, Cyanide, Botulin, Anthrax, hell you name it all! With his intelligence he is capable of making plans and strategies just for you! It may take him some time though getting all these ingredients for each gas but he'll find a way! He always does because he's an elite.

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@5th: interesting start :)

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@5th: Hes got those crazy eyes love it. Nice start to the bio.
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Great start and cant wait for the rest! XD

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Scary hand puppets O_O

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@5th: im really disturbed XD

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This could be awesome....

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Sonata: @UsachanMaN: @Guyver: @Kuro_San:

8D Thank you all for the feedback! I will be sure to add on the rest.

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Is this your ALT?

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@Guyver: Alt? No, I'm sort of new here. I've visited this site sometimes to see the battles and all but never thought about joining till now.

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Oh, I see. Then welcome to the RPG community :)

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Thank you :D I am humbled to be apart of the vice. xD

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No problem!

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I updated his abilities
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@5th: Oooh neat hand puppets!:D reminds me back in the pre-reboot days of Mesa having hadn puppets of everyone.:)
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@Mesamia: Ah! I will be sure to make Reisuke your successor and then carry on with making puppets of everyone :D

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@5th: Nice update!! :D

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Amazing job!
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I like how thought out and long this is.

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@5th: Cool character. I love it.

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