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Not an RPG, but an optional rule one may self-inflict upon themselves. I'll be trying something similar for an experiment.

The idea is simple: Before you make your post, consider your options. Then, roll your dice. The higher you roll, the more successful your character performs in your post. The lower, the more you will write him as sucking. The lowest roll means automatic fail, and the highest means automatic win.

For example, Let's say I wanted Joe to dodge a laser blast. Using two six sided dice, if I rolled a 2, then Joe would take the blast to the face and be launched into the stratosphere. Epic Fail. If I were to roll a twelve, however, then Joe would dodge the blast, use his amazing tai chi to redirect the blast, amp it up with his own fire magic, and launch it back at his opponent.

Most rolls will be somewhere in between, but the idea is to help gauge your character's awesome ratio- since they cannot do the perfect move all the time. I'll be testing this out for the next week, using my D20. Feel free to try it yourself, if you're up for a bit of random luck in your RP.


I'm not proposing a change in rules. This is an optional, self inflicted challenge, like a Nuzlocke Run. No need to be suicidal like me.

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Most likely won't be using this in an actual RP, BUT!

This gave me an idea or rather reminded me of the idea of someone else some time ago.

How about we have an RP with D&D style stats and rules imposed on the characters. I'm not talking about a 4th wall restricted rule or something like that, i'm talking about a reality warper villain guy who for shits and giggles does that to a group of RPs which sign up and we are supposed to take him down. We'd be adapted to dark fantasy setting classes though we'd keep our powers, only appearance/clothes would change for plots's sake.

We'd be able to use this mechanic to it's fullest there.

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I considered doing something like this with my characters a while back. After I watched these idiots (but lovable idiots) play their D&D campaign. Then I got bored of them and forgot about it.

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@Fehafare: sounds like a taylor job.

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