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2011 is coming to an end and so most people will be looking back on this year with some fond memories, regrets, anticipation for the future but always ready to move forward while reflecting on the past. This is actual one of the ways Crow lives his life and tries to past on to others. For the Vice 2011 has been a big year; it was the year of the Reboot, the year we saw 2 Newdeaths each with their own plan for world dominaton, the year of Craius, the year that Mesa announce that Rollie Pollie Man would get a movie, the year that Crow Must Die and All Hell Broke Lose, the year we met Callis and the year he left us. So many big things happen this year and we all have our favorites; What are some of your favorite moments of this year in the Vice-verse, some of your favorite characters, fights, and stories. Also in a few words tell us what 2012 will mean for your character.

My favorite moments this year have been:

Craius Kiss: This is the moment that will live forever and its really the moment that made Crow and Caius relationship a fan girl's wet dream and ironically started the Craius fan club. This is one of the funniest moments this year and yet the most twisted despite being a kiss bewteen Crow who si 23 years old and Caius who is 12 no one seems to care and actually jokes about it often. Just showing some how twisted the minds of the Vice are XD

The final moments of Crow vs Western Fairy: Even though this fight in general was an testament of amazing sharp shooting skills between Ann Mary and Crow the very last attack from both of these two is amazing. It's a clash of their signature attacks Fairy's Combo using a explosive dust cloud and activation bullet and Crow's Rail-gun the scene I pictured in my head is like Thunder and Lightning battling in a storm creating this epic clash of their skills. Most people would not guess that originally Crow was going to block the attack instead using scarp metal he grabbed using his powers. After the fight was even more power as Crow must summon his inner strength to rise and prove that what he believes is not a Lost Cause and shows that he came out on top in this first battle against the Numbers.

Crow revealing his tragic past to Fairy and Caius: I love this moment for the emotional value I really planned this scene for days before I typed it up. It is one of my favorite moments because its shows Crow differently than normal he is weak and broken; he is revealing his story which shows why he is the way he is and who he has become. It the beginning of Crow opening up to his friends and finally letting them know something about him that he has kept secret for so long.

What 2012 will mean for Crow?

You bet that there will be more shoots outs, guns, bullets, and good ol' wild west antics for the gunslinger. I have a string of RPs waiting for the new year along with some good characters.

The Crow Must Die Trilogy will come to end, Crow will work with Ebisu, go to Russia and more. 2012 will be the year of the Gunslinger I will try to elaborate more on them and their purpose. Most Importantly 2012 will be the year I will attempt my try at an epic crossover RP.

Coming in 2012
Coming in 2012
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@Lobos_Del_Rayo:The same Russia that Atahlia destroyed?

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I actually had more regrets than memories in the past year. I didnt really have the drive to RP anymore earlier in the year. However I do think Zella and Manami will have nice years in 2012.
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@Asune: yes the very same Russia. I don't have a plot down yet but the name is For Mother Russia XD

@Sonata: Well it doesn't have to be moments with your characters if you were reading an RP this year and like something that is what I meant. I liked moments with Crow because they were really good.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Funny, I wonder what does Crow have with Russia, btw I'm supposed to post my RPs plans for 2012?

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@Asune: No just say what the new year will mean for your character I was just giving you guys a little tease as for what is to come. I like the idea of teaser campaigns like you see from Marvel and DC all the time I thought it would be nice to try that myself and build up big stories instead of just randomly having them.

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2011 was a good year. It's the year that hosted the deaths of both Newdeaths :P


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2011 was a great year, after taking Comic-book script lessons my writting skill took a level in Badass.

My achievements of 2011

  • Entered the Hall of Fame
  • Had several good character with good development
  • I had a lot of fun
  • Gained confidence enough to try to publish a manga (More on that when I manage to publish it or do a Webcomic out of it)

My objectives of 2012

  • The expansion of Taiyou Storyline into an event
  • Increasing Kuro-san prescence on the Viceverse
  • Giving Callis the return he deserves.
  • Having a lot of fun
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@Kuro_San: I personally can not wait for Callis to return in 2012 he owes Crow a rematch :)

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What happened in 2011 with Jay

  • Became involved with the Vice
  • Went to Paris
  • Made his first ally

Jays plans for 2012

  • Make more allies
  • Getting closer to his goal of finding all who were involved with The God Toys Project
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2011 to my characters

-Lebreus, Gerad and Atahlia appeared in the Vice

-Lebreus joined Ebisu

-Lebreus is currently working in something, that's why he hasn't yet appeared in the war

-Gerad started his hunt over the Vice, however the war broke and he changed temporally his plans

-Atahlia was released and brought chaos to a whole country, and is planning to do it again

-Atahlia teamed with NewDeath

-I gained twice in a row the Fresh meat of the vice in the vice awards.... that's weird


-The relationship between the three characters will be uncover

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