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Welcome to Winter Watch, a look at the latest anime season. I don't know what a doll festival is but Atsushi really has to get better at convincing people he's only eleven years old.

Episode 8: Atsushi and the Doll Festival
Summary: Hina has invited Atsushi to her doll festival, but deciding what to wear and meeting Hina’s mom are his biggest problems.
Air Date: Feb. 23, 2012 / Available on CrunchyRoll for Free Users: Mar. 1, 2012
Run Time: 3:00

Warning: This article contains spoilers. We suggest you watch the episode HERE first.

Take's Old Clothes Confuse Me
Take's Old Clothes Confuse Me

Would you believe a full-grown man that he is actually an eleven year old? It seems that this is a constant struggle for Atsushi. When he is invited by Hina-chan to a doll festival, Atsushi has trouble figuring out what to wear. Especially because it is not out of character for an eleven-year-old to have trouble dressing himself, right? Atsumi helps him by going through the hand-me-downs their neighbor, Take, gave up. After trying out all of those provocative outfits, Atsushi finally wears a simple ensemble chosen by his big sister. What kind of job does Take have that requires him to dress up like that?!

The biggest mistake for such a "special" duo is to not communicate. If I looked like Atsushi when I was eleven I would wear a t-shirt that clearly says "I look older than my actual age". Atsushi is not allowed to go to the Doll Festival because Hina's parents don't allow this "older man" see their little daughter. I don't blame the parents of Hina, but like Atsumi mentioned, Atsushi needs to tell people about his actual age. After the cake that Atsumi gives to her brother, she mentions something that I didn't think of before: What of the Miyagawa parents?


For the past few episodes I thought the series was getting better. Then I watch this one and I feel disappointed. It was not funny. Plus, Atsushi wearing Take's old clothes just seem creepy. It was getting better...

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Can't comment on the episode as I haven't seen it, but the cake looks delicious.

Hope the next episode is better.

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So what you are saying is...they repeat the same jokes time and time again even though the episodes are only about three minutes long?

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@ZombiePie: Pretty much, yeah, as I predicted in my winter preview. But that goes for a lot of 4-koma comics.

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@ZombiePie: Yes. I think there is so much potential for this to be a great show... but they are missing out on their opportunity to make a great show!

@DocHaus said:

@ZombiePie: Pretty much, yeah, as I predicted in my winter preview. But that goes for a lot of 4-koma comics.

Wasn't K-On! a 4-koma comic? That turned out great!

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