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When the quest for Rerunner in AV Club quest set is complete, there is a typo.
Um...I forgot if the clue says what you are supposed to do for this quest so I won't say it here.
I'll just say that after you complete the quest (and get that new text saying the new thing), the number needs changing.
There's another one where a comma is needed after the word apparently when you finish Wikid Addiction in the South Boston quest set.
Also, in the South Boston quest set for the Shotgun Approach (completed), there should be a semicolon or a new sentence inbetween the words editing and most.
There's probably more but here's what I saw so far. Cheers!
Edit: A bit more.
  •  A period should be after the second completed sentence in Spruced Up of the Vanity Smurf quest set.
  • The completed sentence in Ghost Writer of Vanity Smurf should have quotes...with the two words after your (your "___ ___").
  • In Dear Diary of Vanity Smurf, there should be a comma after not.
  • In Wikid Edition of South Boston, there should be a period after the task thing (____ site.) The other tasks have a period after each one so I'd assume this one should have one too.
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