Stuck in 1984?

Topic started by Bigheart711 on June 16, 2010. Last post by Darth Paul 4 years, 6 months ago.
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The set's been at the other sites from the Quest system's start, but the Vice was a bit late. It's here now, so this is a help/bug thread for


Before attempting to finish this set: You should know that it's now officially uncalled for to PM a Mod or Staff Member just to have them look at your profile page or for other unnessesary things. You might break a rule or get banned for that.
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@Bigheart711: Indeed and if anyone decides to be THAT annoying don't expect us to still be nice. :P
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A PM would be annoying but I wouldn't mind a rick roll.  I'd chuckle if someone posted a thread called Mods, I found some very inappropriate content on a page! and text inside of it was, "I found some hentai images on the page for Ichigo Kurosaki." 
Too many threads like that would be annoying and problematic, but the first one or two would make me smile. 
Adding quests, leveling and achievements makes the site like a video game.  People will cheat their ass off in video games.  I'm surprised we haven't seen straight up GameFAQs where people just made a thread with links to the wiki stuff you need to complete most of the quests and labeled it something like, "Get 15 levels in 2 minutes"
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@sickVisionz: Now you're just telling them how to cheat...
I don't really know how you can get help with this quest set though... it's a set you get if you're lucky really. Just be awesome on the site and you're more likely to get our attention and get the quests :)
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^ Yeah, being awesome is probably the best way.
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That or sexual favours :P
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@Chengy said:
"That or sexual favours :P "

*Bigheart711 blushes a bit from the comment and pretends he didn't read that.*
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@Nerxual_Oh said:
"Why the title? O.o I keep wondering that. Not the thread but the quest. "

I was referring to the quest set.
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@Newten: Also, while getting the viewing-the-profile bit is hard, getting the PM part is actually pretty easy if you haven't gotten 1,000 (or 5,000) wiki points yet, since having your submission approved counts as getting a PM from the mods, making it even more encouragement to keep improving the wiki!
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Oh, one more little thing with a legitmate bug - I started a thread to ask a question in the Editing forum, and my question was answered by a mod, but I didn't get either of the 1984 Quests related to that (thread viewed by mod, thread responded to by mod). 
Now, I didn't start that thread specifically for the 1984 quest set (I added it to find out about adding translation staff for manga), but I was a little disappointed to see that I didn't get that set. 
Do some boards not qualify for that set?
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@Nerxual_Oh: 1984 - Big Brother is Watching.
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@Nerxual_Oh: Oh, I did start the thread - I just thought that some boards might be exempt for the quest, to make you work for it - for example, if you report a Bug, or have an Editing question, it's very likely that those threads will get a post in the thread from the mod, to acknowledge the bug submission, or to answer the editing question. 
However, according to some information in a similar thread on Screened, this quest is apparently known to be bugged, and they're working on it.
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I'm glad I;m not the only one who has had this dilemma come up for him. Several moderators have viewed different threads of mine and I have yet to receive the quest.
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Well, I haven't been cheating and I have haven't gotten the "Friend of the State" part of the Set. I mean, I've had a number of Mods comment on my posts. There are brand new members getting this entire Set while I've worked for months. I'm just curious as to why I don't have this complete yet.

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Well, I've been here two days after coming over from CV, and I've gotten all but the "Investigation" part of the quest and if I get that anytime soon, it will be the fastest I've ever completed this quest on any WM site.
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