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Ok, so the clue states:
"Those in power tend to not like pirates. Find this group that run things in One Piece, and who they use to catch Luffy's crew."

I was able to figure out the group, but I an still stuck on who they used. I thought it was a certain little birdie, but going to her page didn't win the quest.
Did I not figure that out correctly or have I come across a bug?

If I am wrong, could someone please drop a hint because I am stumped...
Thank you!
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Goodness, it's soo simple!!!
Government and the sea-police...It wouldn't do good if I tell you the answers straight away but I think I've actually given the answer with those hints...
Post by djsquelch (44 posts) See mini bio Level 19
it is simple for someone who has seen the whole thing. not so much for someone who watched it occasionally more than five years ago.
based on what i found online on other sites about this particular arc, i figured the capture of nico robin drawing in luffy and his crew would be the answer. apparently not...
checking all the people connected to the government page didn't help either.
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