New Quest Set: Ill Communication

Topic started by coonce on Sept. 28, 2010. Last post by djsquelch 3 years, 9 months ago.
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Coonce,THANK YOU!Those 2 quests have been getting on my nerves for months!Finally I can focus on other quests!Thank you!
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You crazy mods never reply to anything on GB or here or CV.  :P
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Need a mod to write on my wall and this one is done for me
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I am not sure if I would agree with creating a quest where you must depend on others to get the quest accomplished. It would seem to me that a quest is something that is accomplished by the user rather than by the community or site officials.
Quests that depend on outside forces aren't necessarily accomplished as much as they are arrived at by the grace of others, such as following, messaging, wall writing, quoting, and so on and so forth. I cannot force those things to happen; they will happen as they may, which means I'm not really doing anything to get those things done. From that I wonder if I should really be getting the credit, or is it assumed I managed to get people to do those things to accrue the prerequisite needed through strategic action?
In support of that idea, I am reminded that I followed many times more people than those who followed me in return and that I have encouraged those to write on my wall by wring on theirs first or in return. Yet, that isn't particularly crafty strategy so much as it is a luck of the draw from my point of view.
I have been having fun with accomplishing the quests even though some have been considerably challenging to do (not to mention restarting the super sup check quest during the amazon snafu, gah!), but maybe some of these things shouldn't be quests so much as surprise badges, much like being the 100th caller/customer or duration of membership. Under the idea of badges (or what have you), there are many sorts of things that could be awarded that a user doesn't actually do or rather, set out to accomplish. I think that would be pretty spiffy in comparison...
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