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Topic started by OmegaMekix on April 21, 2010. Last post by OmegaMekix 4 years, 11 months ago.
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So far a lot of Vicers are jumping at the opportunity to level up with the new quest system. But eventually a large portion of the vice may complete all/most of the quest (face it, these are addicting) and more will have to be created. This forum is just the everyday vicer suggesting ideas hoping the people who update the quest get inspired from it. So get brainstorming and list as many quest as you would like to see added. 
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We could do with a hunt-the-creator quest chain, like what Comic Vine & Giant Bomb has with game designers and comic artists. Obviously, I'm not going to put specific creators here, but it shouldn't be too hard to put together a list, and I've got a ideas in my head. We could possibly do one with voice actors and music as well.
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More questions where you have to find characters or series, mainly with series which are more recent, a lot of the current questions are about older animes which i know little about / care about :p
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How about quest to update a character by adding picture. Like: add 15 picture to any character/s.
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