How I got Major Fan and how you can too

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1,000 points in a single submission is a daunting task for sure, but I finally did it and here is how it went down. 
The last week I have gone without internet, phone, or cable, so I had time to write, I wrote a massive submission on MS word for the Transformers Prime series page, of course Murphy's Law, my trial period on MS word ran out and I could not simply cut and paste my work today, so I just referenced it and rewrote the whole damn thing, 
Now that said I had 67 points on the series page prior, I now have 2,147... So I pulled 2,080 in one sub, and here is how.... 
LINK DAMN IT! If you bring up a character, object, location, company or whatever, that has a page on AV LINK TO IT! Dont go overboard though, if every other word is linked it looks terrible. 
IMAGES WHERE APPROPRIATE! Throw some images in! They dont just look cool worked into a wall of text they nab points too! 
Anyways believe it or not those are my only tips, this took me a long time but it got the job done, anything below overview was what I wrote and earned this pesky quest for me 
Transformers Prime 
Best of luck in your efforts AV community!
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I don't think I've legitimately earned that quest and I probably never will. Getting 1k over time isn't that bad but the sheer number of words, links and images required to get 1k at once is beyond my dedication to wiki editing for any character. Plus, I tend to do wiki stuff for shows as they are airing so there usually isn't enough information available to get 1k unless I rambled on and on to the point where the article wasn't useful.

The two 1k+ entries that I have are all based off of glitches from the old editor. Madara Uchiha's page had really bizarre header formatting that I could fix while editing but would reappear as soon as I hit save. I ended up having to copy all the text to Notepad, delete the text in the wiki, save, re-edit, paste it back in and then fix the formatting, which gave me more credit than deserved. The other was a Paniponi Dash problem where I copy/pasted in a table but the old editor didn't display anything that I pasted so I pasted it about 5 more times to make sure that I was indeed doing it right. Eventually I just remade the table (doing it from scratch was visible). When I saved it and the page reloaded, I saw that it had actually pasted it all of those times and it gave me some stupidly huge amount of points.

I wish I could erase those two from my point/wiki history.

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Interesting, I am more of a here and there editor, I usually gain nore more than 400 points in one submission, to gain a total of 1,000 as sickVisionz said would be very time consuming, I would get too frustrated. I have to edit over time for it to look good, not just in one "setting."
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Hmm...I got the "Major Fan" achievement when I made a 1,600 point submission to the Chaos page (Sora no Otoshimono/Heaven's Lost Property: Forte) several months ago. I added a ton of images, spent 2 hours typing out the content related to the character that I submitted, and was shocked when I got that many points from it. I now have over 5,000 total points on her page.

Chaos in the Heaven's Lost Property Manga
Chaos in the Heaven's Lost Property Manga

The most Wiki points that I have ever gotten on a single submission was 3,347 of the now 4,124 points that I have gotten on the Maid Bride Vol. One manga page. I spent 4 hours writing, image hunting, and editing that page before submitting it, and was blown away that I got 3,347 points with one submission.

Setting up borders (Maid Bride)
Setting up borders (Maid Bride)

With most edits to AV that I make/perform, most of them are for 400+ points. On occasions, I have done smaller edits to certain pages, but in the end, most of my edits are hyper-detailed and thus result in a lot of points.

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Online Now

Awesome job!

I remember I did a major fan and a tactical nuke on one the Shaman King volumes. I think it is vol. 10 or 11. Also, there was a thread on that quest, I think. I recall Obscurefan and others posting on it. Make a copy of your post and put it there to show it to more people. It will be an awesome inspiration for us all.

I always thought I cannot do it because of my habit to save things in chunks. Since Anime Vice tends to not save my work sometimes, I either save it or paste it on word document.

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@sickVisionz:  Yeah I had already written this offline while my internet was off for a week, but again since I could not simply cut and paste I think I worked on that sub for about for hours, periodically copying my work as I went just in case a glitch occurred. It was an insane amount of work, and I was clearly tired of writing towards the end when the human characters were who I was writing about, surprised I earned over 2k, so I could have saved much sooner, but no complaints. 
Yeah it was a pain, it would be fairly less of a hassle if my word program did not decide to disable my ability to cut and paste, I actually wrote two other big subs on word during my downtime for Prince Lotor and Soundwave.... I will not be re-writing those any time soon, LOL.
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Awesome job ETV. I actually got this from 2 separate submissions when I was doing the Bleach Beginner's and Advanced Guides.
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