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Topic started by Daniel_Newton on June 22, 2010. Last post by takashichea 11 months, 4 weeks ago.
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@Nymphonomicon: is he from either of those?or is it a flea?a flea who is a companion of a certain silver haired half demon?
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Can't figure out Talking #1 & 2. (Never mind. I finished this @ #63. A bit difficult for me since I haven't heard of half of these.)
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Can someone give me some more hints for 
I Don't Like You, But I Like You.  #2?

I looked through the whole thread and still can't figure it out.
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@xhavoc86:  One of them is a straight-A student with a mysterious new notebook. The series he stars in started life as a manga serialised in Shonen Jump.

The other can force others to do his bidding simply by looking into their eyes; he also occasionally likes to pilot mechs, and he wears a mask that covers his whole face. The anime he appears in is an original series created by Sunrise.

Feel free to @ reply to me if those were a bit too cryptic. Admittedly if you've not heard of them they might sound obscure.
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@Godot:  Thanks for the hints, I knew I had it, and I actually did, but for some reason the quest didn't update, but the site is laggy so i think thats why.  But your hints definitely confirmed what i thought and i kept refreshing and got it lol
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@xhavoc86:  Heh, good to hear it :D
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I would really appreciate some help with Exorcise #1 and #2. Can anybody give some hints? :)
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You have to check the Shonen characters and their demon. All of them but one is from Viz Media books. The other guy is from Yen Press.

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