Areas of the site that needs more quests.

Topic started by Sorantheman on May 12, 2010. Last post by Digifiend 4 years, 3 months ago.
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I do belive that some form of quests can be added in the following areas:
1. Trivia. A few examples can be "make a few questions" or "or get 10 right/wrong answers in a row"
2. Quizzes. As we all know, the quizzes are a bit broken since no one can actually make one, but when we finnaly fix them we can either make quests that involves making your own quiz, edit an existing one or simply take all of the official quizzes.
3. Battles. I sense that great potential can be found here. Either we can have quests that involves making sure that a character wins a certain ammount of fights or make sure that he loses a few, just to name some simple examples.
4. More franchise-quests. Due to Gia's love for Haruhi, the site had a collection of quests specificly made for The Melancoly of Haruhi Suzumia. The quests were good and I see that likley or different quests should be added to some more franchises, sutch as Pokémon, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Dragonball or some other famous or unpopular shows.
please tell me what you think.
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Those are some great ideas.  You should PM them to  danielm
Post by ZombiePie (862 posts) See mini bio Level 15
Bump to unstick this. My only expertise is history and pies so anything would be difficult for me.
Post by Digifiend (29 posts) See mini bio Level 12
They should've done the 12 Days of Whiskey set here as well as at Screened, Comic Vine and Giant Bomb. :(
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