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Look, I’m more likely to roll my eyes about the people who get such weird gratification from pointing out plot holes in a movie than I am likely to roll ‘em at the plot holes themselves…

That said, I do find it rather amusing how - - when the whole premise of this show is about a special police unit which has reduced criminal motivations down to reliably-predictable science - - that the Prime Suspect would manage to escape by simply hurrying out of class and getting hidden by a crowd of high schoolers. Again, there’s probably some notion meeting Murphy’s Law and Sturgeon’s Law halfway which states that human beings are always going to make stupid, reckless mistakes regardless of how advanced their equipment gets. Still, this high-tech investigation gets set back significantly because our by-the-gut-not-the-book hot shot struts ahead without the basic consideration of asking a partner to cover another entrance.

Yeah yeah… that exactly the same kind of recklessness which has gotten countless intuitive super-cops chewed out by their chiefs since DIRTY HARRY, at the least. It’d be a boring a cop show without that sort of human element. However, it also wouldn’t be a pretty familiar cop show without that stuff, either - - so this is further evidence to support my whole “CSI: ANIME” observation.

(Actually, it’s fun to read into this and interpret it as meaning that stupid thoughts will also get your crime coefficient up. Maybe Kogami didn’t get blackballed because he turned vengeful after that one case, but because he lost his touch).

Don’t misunderstand me - - I’m enjoying this and it’s still got me thinking. Things are getting especially interesting now that we’ve seen this world’s super-prison and its answer to Hannibal Lecter (as played by that weird body tattoo model from the Lady Gaga music video, seemingly). Still, since this is all about preemptive action, I can’t help but think PSYCHO-PASS is getting a head start on the whole “power creep” problem; because this homicidal art teacher doesn’t logically seem like he’d be giving the crew this much trouble.

Watch this episode, "And Then, Silence” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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I'm gonna assume you know whats gonna be special about that art teacher(who actually doesnt look that much older than the students) because at this point i could tell just a bit. actually since the first episode and intro i thought what could possibly make this crime system collaspe. Idk if your gonna be suprised or just say i saw that coming. But its still has my interest.

I woudnt compare it to CSI..i actually dont even like CSI lol..maybe thats why

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zzzzz..... zzzzzzzzzz........ ZzzZzzzzz.... CSI.... sucks.....zzzzz..

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