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See, here are two of the major reasons I like this show so much in comparison to similar anime...

For one, the villains’ dialog about science fiction authors makes it clear that Urobuchi actually knows the genre he’s working in and where his vision of the future fits in the pantheon of ideas offered up over the years. (I got such a real kick out of how he even acknowledges that this utopia isn’t that oppressive in comparison to other hypothetical ones).

Then, there’s the masked thugs’ bitter rant in the lecture hall about how they’re getting payback on a society that’s basically assigned them to failure since birth. They could be referring to Sibil System, of course; but they could just as easily be referring to Japan’s infamous entrance exams. As in, the ideas of this show are actually, you know, applicable to experiences real people have in real life. They’re not vaporous conjecture piled upon vaporous conjecture like the long-winded, big-headed treatises on, say… “the nature of man and machine” that you’d find in something like GHOST IN THE SHELL.

There’s actually some teeth to this satire, and also a healthier bit of understated humor. I love how we find out that the entire police force in this mega-city is comprised of about only 20 individuals. Earlier on, I said the show could benefit from having more DEMOLITION MAN-style snark and, in addition to metropolitan population being utterly befuddled by the mere notions of riots, there’s also some profoundly amusing about the cops having about the same headcount as an after-school club.

I’m officially caught up with the series, now, and I’m not sure what to do. I’m digging the show tremendously, of course, but I’ll tell you - - it’s tough to keep up with the pace of day-and-date write-ups from week to week.

Well, stay tuned to see what happens. And keep your hues clear!

Watch this episode, "The Town Where Sulfur Falls” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Did anyone notice they are getting to the part from the first episode where kogami and shogo meet on the steps? i hope shogo doesnt kill the hot I.T blonde lady lol that would be a waste of eye candy

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Told a friend of mine i got to look at anime about this series. He wants dubs an dubs now! Funimation would be foolish not to put a a team on this asap an do a fall release.

Im not sure if the phrase" to smart by half " aplies to the show it feels like its half again as smart as the average anime.So far the rides been a bumpy enjoyable dive into chaos thats coming .Fraid to praise it to much because its end arch could be disapointing that way.

Also with the masks/helms .Basic definition of character is doing the right thing when no one is looking.An as soon as some use the helms an think no one will know... look how bad things get.If anything the Sybil system killls not just the soul with mind numbing stress care but it has halted the evolution of character .For your own good ofcourse.

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Yeah this one to me felt like a set up for the chaos to come. As I have seen the potential in this show from early on and it has only gotten better. I can't wait to see what they are going to come up with next and I really hope that in the end they don't drop the ball but if they do I enjoyed the ride thus far from about episode 8 or 9. I think all the set up before those episodes where so detailed so it would be more shocking when they tear it apart but this is just one hypothesis I have about this show of which I have many. This show is good for those and is a great debate topic. One of the many reasons I love the show.

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Sigh more anti intellectual anti ghost in the shell snark...really getting down on the page views are we?

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Damn. Foot still firmly on GiTS's neck? Let's move on. I see the comparison being made to this and GiTS, but if you're comparing this to the TV show GiTS, I still find Psycho-Pass to be lacking.

I feel that the characters have lacked development, and it's a concept-driven show. GiTS TV made me care about its team, but it feels like we're headed to the end without getting into the heads off our heroes.

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@Marshal Victory: Did you tell him that there's English sprinkled about the show as it is?

I get that people just want dubs and don't want to read, and I think this has to be getting a dub, without a doubt.

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@YotaruVegeta: Some people wount watch any thing subed. This guy is one of them. Hell i have reading problems an i prefer subs to dubs 9 out of 10 times. I really do prefer subs. But he wount budge so he misses out till they get a dub.

Also the director of this show did some of ghost in the shell.So comparisons are warented.I think Tom would dig Ghost in the shell tv series more so than say the second movie. Gota think to theirs upteen versions of the movies an tv series .I own 3 variations of the orignal movie alone. the tv series had some regonal weirdness to plus theirs the blue ray movie-ish cuts of the tv series.

I am willing to cut some slack or rather be indifrent to crticism of GitS.Alot of people who are into animation have seen a version of GitS an some inflation of what itch it can cure may be a touch overacted.But for my self i like both Pysco pass an GitS an thats good enuff for me.An when i say like really mean dam impressed with both actualy.

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@Marshal Victory: There are anime here and there that are not going to get dubs, so I wouldn't be one to commit to a no subs policy. I'm also just used to subs, and I learned a tiny bit of Japanese through subs.

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@YotaruVegeta: Im the same way . Even tho i have reading problems from time to time its better than haveing no anime. Story wise ill find something new or unexpected in anime .But my friend has limited time for entertainment so he wants it as easy as posible.He also made the argument that if hes going to read he has book time set aside for that.Might be from where i was a comic book fan for years but animaiton an subs do not bother me.

An in way im glad many anime wount get dubs. Many times we get re-imagined scripts /shudder.

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@Marshal Victory: It's because of your friend that dubs are still very necessary! Can't cut that audience out at all. There are many who just don't want to read during a movie.

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