Official English Ponyo Trailer Go!

Topic started by gia on June 23, 2009. Last post by lanaswift 5 years, 8 months ago.
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Dear narrator: It's HayAo, not Hayo. It doesn't rhyme with “Hi-Ho.”

That said, the official English dub trailer for Hayao Miyazaki 's Ponyo , due in theaters on August 14th, is online at . You can get it in a half-dozen formats, including streaming, downloadable for your iPhone, even in HD. (Excuse me-- I have to go plug the thing into my PS3 to show everyone else...okay, I'm back.)

The trailer itself is pretty interesting; you get to see Ponyo sort of evolve from a sort of tadpole thing into more of a human throughout the clips. What do you guys think of the dub voices you hear so far? Liam Neeson is very...Liam Neeson-y, that's for sure.

I wonder how this kind of thing looks to someone who isn't very used to anime style. What do you think? Does it hold up next to the slick CG films like UP and more traditionally animated films like Disney's The Princess and the Frog ?

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I kind of did a double take at Liam Neeson's pronunciation of Hayao. You'd think someone would have gone back and corrected them, but maybe the ADR director just saw Taken and didn't want to try and correct Neeson.
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@Niko: I'm not sure if Neeson was narrating-- he's the voice of Ponyo's dad.

But even the pronunciation of Ponyo sounds more like "Pawn-yo" rather than "poh-nyo."
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So...cute...must brush teeth.
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