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Welcome to Amateur vs. Expert, a new column wherein noted anime layperson Nick Robinson (Babylonian) squares off against anime savant Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt). The goal? To take our two columns, Anime Amateur and Anime Examiner, and combine them for your reading pleasure. Let's get started!

Kristoffer Remmell:

One more to go and the journey of Persona 4 will be coming to a close. The mystery has finally been revealed, and the man behind the curtain was Tohru Adachi. After the reveal, I half expected him to also claim "I am Teddie's father." He's played the part of villain quite excellently. By taking the role of the Japanese version of the keystone cops. He was in the perfect place to manipulate Namatame into his quest to "save people" and stay clear of suspicion. Oh sweet irony, it was then shown that the Investigation Team rescuing people was only fueling Nanatame to kidnap even more victims. Feeding the delusion that he was the hero. That was a devious cycle that was created. All with the villain laughing from the sidelines. That in itself I think is one of the more clever reveals of the story.

I love the moment when they catch Adachi in the hospital. It's a classic technique in mystery novels to get the culprit so flustered and angry that he slips up and reveals too much. It was used in a case from DETECTIVE CONAN where they purposefully left out a part of the trick in a "sealed room murder" reenactment to the suspects. Naturally, the killer couldn't help but point out their flaw by naming the part they left out. A detail he could only have known if he was the killer, because he wasn't with them when they originally found the body. Some may even remember that awesome moment at the end of DEATH NOTE when Near reveals how Light's name was the only one not written down in the real Death Note. These sort of 'gotcha'' moments are my favorite.

Adachi seems to be under the impression that the Midnight Channel world likes him, and that's why the Shadows wont attack. I don't think that's quite true. What I notice is that he doesn't have a Shadow. No opposing self to challenge him. This is more indicative of Adachi being a sociopath, and witnessing his murders in flashback seems to support my theory. Psychologically, he's all Id. There is no internal conflict within him, because he honestly can't understand the emotions of others. On the other hand, Teddie started out as a Shadow but developed a personality. Only once he started to question himself did the Shadows attack him. It's all very, "Cogito ergo sum (I think therefore I am)". Here's one more interesting question. Are the shadows afraid of Adachi, are they obedient, or do that not even realize he's there?

Nick Robinson:

I loved that Naoto practically paraphrased what you said in last week's column: "If the possibility isn't zero, then we can't rule him out." Actually, the entire process of deducing Adachi's involvement was markedly different than it was in the game. From the way it's edited, it appears that Naoto figures it out even before Yu does, and that's not the only way they altered Persona 4's original storytelling this week. In the game, the Investigation Team is typically always together, at least for major story beats, but here, since the show isn't told exclusively from Yu's perspective, the 'camera' can be in multiple places at once, allowing events to play out a bit differently.

I'm with you: the Adachi confrontation scene was well-handled. Naoto was exactly the shrewd and articulate detective you'd hope she'd be, and it was a blast to watch. Just like with Namatame last week, we got a clearer picture of how exactly the murders transpired, all shown from the strange, pseudoholographic perspective inside the TV. It's actually pretty clever, the way they accomplish it: in the game, Magatsu Inaba barely resembles Inaba at all, but in P4A, the creators have the freedom to portray it as this distorted, dark version of the characters' hometown. By depicting Magatsu Inaba in this way, they're able to communicate a real sense of consequence: if the Investigation Team isn't able to stop the real world from converging with the reality inside the TV, this is what Inaba will end up looking like.

Especially clever is the way they incorporate iconic Inaba scenery into the dungeon. Instead of just showing us Adachi's initial murders through a vanilla flashback, the Investigation Team is able to see them take place in their corresponding Inaba locations as they wander around this alternative world. They're stumbling onto the scenes of the crimes - literally, in Yosuke's case. The bit where he trips over the raised floor in Amagi Inn was a really clever callback and a good segue into the team's discovery that the Inn is where all this began.

Kristoffer Remmell:

I was curious how they were going to handle the flashbacks of the murder, but it was handled extremely well. Further proving that Adachi is one sick bastard, he makes them watch as he murdered both Yamano and Konishi. Forcing the heroes to watch these senseless acts is a much more jarring experience than watching something on a screen. All while they were helpless to do anything. Yosuke especially seemed effected. Making him watch the girl he loved be not only molested but murdered. The impact was only increased by watching it animated and voiced. Adachi has really built himself quickly into a top rate villain in an incredibly short span of time -- sans the hand wringing and mustache twirling. Keyser Söze has nothing on him.

The way Magatsu Inaba was portrayed is leaps above what the game was able to render on the PS2. It's not just darker with a tint of red. My only critique would be that Chie seemed to recognize it all a bit too fast. Everything they've known has been torn asunder before them. You're right that this really shows them the stakes. It's the perfect set up for a climax. All of this makes me a bit curious how the Vita version will handle these scenes. Not that I'm going to get one to find out.

All that's left is the final battle of the protagonist and antagonist. Not many of these episodes have had cliffhangers, but this is the most exciting one. One symbolizes friendship and unity, and the other is the definition of isolation and selfishness. It shows that both of them were given similar powers, but walked different paths. It's making Yu face what he could have become. It reminds me a tad of the Naruto and Gaara dynamic, but I don't see this having as happy an end. I have high hopes for this coming battle. This is the first villain of the series that I really want to see get smacked around, and the consequence of failure are larger than one life.

Nick Robinson:

Chie quickly deducing that they were in a distorted version of Inaba didn't really strike me as weird. What did was the totally bizarre 'punch me' scene in the first half of the episode. I guess I get what they were going for, but it felt extremely awkward and out of place to me. Then again, it struck me as a super weird inclusion in the game, too, so I guess I can't blame them too much for that.

Other than that, though, I thought this was a spectacular penultimate episode of what's been kind of an uneven series. It feels like the creators had some really solid ideas of how to take the last act of Persona 4 and turn it into a good anime drama, and I think they executed on those concepts spectacular both this week and last. Onward to the finale!

Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ animevice / @ FoxxFireArt

Nick Robinson (Babylonian) is a Whiskey Media intern and a journalism student. Won't you follow him on Twitter at @Babylonian? He'd be ever so appreciative!

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There was some discussion in the endurance run I believe that teddie might be a sort of reverse shadow of adachi all the good of adachi since he is bad in the real world. Would have been interesting but turned out not to be true.

Not sure if the shadows are not even noticing him but I think you are right on that there is no conflict..he has embraced the evil side the shadow side of himself (yes I know not all the shadows were "evil") so they have nothing to hold over on him.

I have to admit when this show started I was very very scared about how it would go. They have exceeded all my expectations. They have really turned this into a top rate show. A little annoyed about the way they are doing the true ending but I am probably going to have to buy it to see how they do it...I hope they don't do the crazy "removing" of fog that they sometimes do in DVD's and I hope the true ending episode is as good as the others. Oh and just a shout out to the character designers I think the outfits in these last two episodes are not direct copies from the game but they work and fit. Great work!

Edit 2: did anyone else who knew it was coming want them to end an episode with the Yu and Yoske know they move in to punch each other the screen freezes and a few strains of eye of the tiger play...or am I the only one that crazy?

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I'm still beyond disappointed there won't be a "secret" 26th episode next week with the "true ending." As least with it going to video, maybe we'll get multiple versions of the Xmas event so no one will be disappointed about who he ends up in a relationship with.

Also, I'm disappointed at the lack of the infamous Adachi meme:

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Just having seen the ending to 25th episode, not only are they doing the True Ending, they seemed to tease the NG+ fight with Margaret as well (just like I hoped!).

Can't wait!

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Based on some Crunchyroll forums, episode 26 is going to be an OVA and will air August 22, 2012.

@AlKusanagi: I'd also enjoy scenes involving the Christmas date and I share your disappointment at the lack of Adachi's most famous line. Although, going from just the episodes, I think that Yu (and subsequently, the writers and producers) had the most feelings for Chie, which I'm fine with because she's my favorite character. I say this because out of all the girls, she's the one he got the closest to, romantically. In episode 15 (school trip), they would have kissed if they hadn't been interrupted in traditional harem anime style. He didn't get that close with any of the other girls.

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@Emeryl: Personally, I've felt he's shared the most meaningful moments with Yukiko. That's why I hope they do multiple ones, since everyone probably has their own opinions on the matter. Otherwise I imagine the show will probably go with its Naoto bias, or some kind of troll version with Yusuke.

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I messed up on one point in the article. I meant when Near showed that Light's name wasn't in the fake Death Note. I think it's pretty funny when Nick spoiler tags events from anime and manga that happened almost ten years ago.


Well, for one thing. OVAs aren't really ever aired. OVAs are direct to market sales. Also, even if it was made into an OVA. That's kind of a possible bad news thing. OVAs are not known for being released in the US very often. FUNimation did release a lot of the FMA OVAs as a collection, but that was years after they aired. The P4 DVDs have been coming out pretty quickly in Japan. One a month and they are already up to seven volumes. We'll be able to tell pretty soon if the last one has any extra content. Nick and I can also try and contact either The Anime Network or Sentai Filmworks if they know anything,

Chie was one of my favorite girls from the series. I loved watching her use God Hand in the finale. As Yu was the leader of the team and the guys, Chie was the de facto leader of the girls.


I never even knew that was a meme. I never saw that Japanese version of the game to know, but I kind of doubt that line was even in that version. It could have just been an English dub creation.


The punching scene was more about Yosuke feeling bad about being jealous of Yu. Hitting each other was Yu's way of expressing that they're equals. One isn't better than the other, because you'd never take a swing at someone you felt was your better.


I don't know if that's Margaret. That image could just be Izanami.

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@FoxxFireArt said:


I don't know if that's Margaret. That image could just be Izanami.

I'm pretty sure it's Margaret. Izanami has a pretty different look after all and wears all white, after changing outfits. And what's more, if you go back in the anime, we get to see "it" during a previous episode - it has a line of dialogue and the voice is that of a male. Where as here, it sounds like Margaret - though I didn't recognize the dialogue from the game. It had a different spin to it ("It's unfortunate it had to come to this. Farewell."). In the game, she's much more eager and positive about the fight.

Post by FoxxFireArt (2,654 posts) See mini bio Level 25


Oh, I thought you were talking about a different image. I hadn't seen that one.

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@FoxxFireArt: I was just quoting what I read in a Crunchroll forum, so I can't guarantee the authenticity of the "true" ending episode and should not be taken as a subject expert. If it turns out to be true, then I hope that it will be brought over with the rest of the series (which I'm also hoping will happen).

As for Chie, I was fist-pumping when she did that move. I usually like the action-girls and tomboys more than the dainty princesses and ditzs in any medium and feel bad when they are pushed to the background, romantically or in terms of the plot (like Tatsuki, she still doesn't have any sort of powers but her getting any is a pipe dream now. Wasted potiential Kubo, wasted potential).

Edit: I'm glad that we all got to see everyone's "true" personas. I wasn't necessarily worried that we wouldn't, but I wondered how they would work them in.

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…I’m sorry. Just apologizing for the length of this in advance. I’d make this concise, but unfortunately I don’t have the time to polish it the way I’d wish to do. Mea maxima culpa…

When in the TV World, the first rule is to never judge a person’s character solely on the word of their Shadow. 1. Now if you failed to realize that Adachi has a Shadow, your conclusions are more understandable. 2. However similar they are, Adachi’s Shadow is only that darkest and most hidden part of his personality, and it is as absurd to conclude from it that Adachi is a sociopath as it is to conclude that Chie thinks of Yukiko as nothing but her footstool.

1. I’m not actually sure how you managed to miss the distinction between the two, especially because I know that you’re familiar with the game. The cues are easier to pick up on—Shadow Adachi had stronger facial contrast and deformed features as do all the human Shadows, whereas Adachi’s portraits look the same as they always have, even in the TV world. The two major differences between other Shadows that Adachi’s does not initially exhibit are yellow eyes and a layered voice—both which we see once Adachi has become Shadow-possessed, along with the customary Shadow auras (the blue glow, the explosion of darkness before a battle…). And these are only the visual clues. Rise remarks that the ‘Adachi’ they meet in the noose room isn’t the real one, he’s a Shadow Projection—Teddie confirms this, and so does the Shadow itself, who differentiates between ‘this me’ and ‘the real me’. Of course most of that is only in the game, but the anime gives enough of the same clues that you still ought to have figured it out.

Adachi’s power in the TV World derives from his Shadow-possession: because he has been overcome by that side of himself rather than integrating it in a healthy way, the Shadows don’t recognize him as an enemy (Shadow Adachi says that they have the same goals), and in fact treat him as an extremely powerful Shadow. Shadows can summon and control other Shadows, as in the anime version of Rise’s dungeon, or the two manly men who accompanied Shadow Kanji. This is why Adachi can command the Reapers. I also wonder if it’s that same power which allowed him to bring up the images of Kubo, Namatame, Konishi, and Yamano, if some remnant of their Shadows remained in that world?

As an aside, if you’re in the TV World, you should never tell a villain character that they only amount to their worst aspects, because they will become Shadow-possessed, and that doesn’t help anyone—and to say so is ultimately a disservice to humanity. In Adachi’s case, you could have only gotten through to him with a figure he respects. Since none of the Investigation Team are close friends with him, the only real option here is to shame him out of the TV by having Dojima talk with him. And I sincerely think that if Dojima had gone into the TV, Adachi would not have set the Shadows on him, and he might have been coaxed out because—

2. Adachi is not a sociopath, he’s just regular depressed and full of self-hatred. Only it manifests as hatred towards everything else, which again, is a classic example of Shadow Projection. The man is sabotaging himself, take a look at how he acts at work, and is trying his best to die—when the Investigation Team took away the one thing he had left, the confidence of Dojima, that’s when he jumped into the TV knowing that he’d never get out, and he’s been courting suicide ever since. I assume you know that he doesn’t qualify as a sociopath just for being an unrepentant murderer, or even not having any particular reason for killing people besides his own satisfaction. Insane, yes, but sociopathy is an accusation that excludes guilt and most emotions. As you noted, sociopaths don’t understand emotions the way other people do. But Adachi not only consistently displays emotion, he also shows care and remorse (if only to the Dojima family—I suspect that’s a side effect of giri in response to Dojima’s repeated kindnesses), as well as a genuine grasp of the emotions of others.

Quickly put, he is genuinely worried about Dojima after the car crash, and if you noticed, pulled him out of the car. He lets Yu out of the interrogation room when there is no benefit for him (he didn’t need to tell them about Namatame specifically, either). He leaves the door open for the team to murder Namatame in revenge for Nanako’s death, when Namatame’s ‘suicide’ would be blamed on Adachi’s negligence and would have left him jobless in a difficult economy. He’s emotionally shattered when confronted with the reality of his crimes, and he feels genuine fear all the time. Not in the anime, but in the game, he apologizes for Dojima’s injuries—it’s just that no one recognizes it as such at the time. He confesses to the murders even when it would be extremely easy to deny everything, not for his own sake.

There’s more, I won’t bring it all up, though. How, then, do we explain the fun he has watching others suffer, or the lack of guilt towards the murders? First remember that much of that is just his Shadow talking, and second that the Shadow is indeed a part of himself, and third that Adachi murdered those women because he became Shadow-possessed in the real world—this time using the standard psychological definition. There is a part of him that is murderous, there is a part of him that believes they deserved it. There’s a part of Yukiko that hated her Inn and there’s a part of Yosuke that used Saki as an excuse to be a hero. Adachi isn’t actually comfortable with being a murderer, he just can’t escape the fact that he is, so he forced himself to get over it. There are some destinies that can’t be changed—un-murdering people, or undoing a life-changing mistake—neither of those can be reversed by introspection. Adachi’s answer is to distract himself from how much his own life sucks by humiliating other people—and if they die, he’s still a murderer, so…

TL;DR Adachi has a Shadow and isn’t a sociopath.

Also, Chie knew it was Inaba because Moel Gas.

Also also, Team could have saved Saki in Episode 2, didn’t.

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@FoxxFireArt: Oh I get that. I still just think it would have been a fun way to do it. As well I think animenewsnetwork has confirmed there will be a secret 26 episode on the last disk. All of the girls were different and showed a bit of different takes on femminity in Japan currently. Working on an "article" exploring it.

I never got through margrets link in the game way to much trouble...why do you end up fighting her?

Ah now this is the kind of talk I like. Where do you get your definition of a sociopath I have always considered an unrepentant murder with no crime of passion defense to be a sociopath. Also I disagree that adachi has a shadow. He is not possessed as soon as he enters but only after the team confronts him but his projection comes from the beginning. Now maybe the projection was done by his shadow and not him but you notice in all the other cases the shadows and the people were separate we never see that with Adachi. But we do see him get possessed aka when the team first talks to him in the game he is not only afterwards does he get possessed. Not having seen episode 25 I can't comment on the anime yet. He has control over the shadows from his beginning entrance because he DOESN'T have a shadow except a "good" shadow aka teddy. Teddy having obtained and ego can't join with him or confront him. I do not think you could have talked adachi out of the TV and honestly even if they could have I don't think they should have tried. He needed to die. As for the team saving someone in the second episode I don't think they new enough then to do so. When I watch the last episode of the anime I will be able to comment more but I disagree with your evidence and your conclusions.

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Off the top of my head, she wanted to test your strength to understnad why Elizabeth had run off to save P3MC, and Protag said go for it.

He needed to die? You're okay with telling a suicidal person that they're horrible and need to go die?

I'm not really onboard with the 'Teddie is Adachi's Golden Shadow' theory. In what way do you see Teddie in Adachi?

As for having a Shadow, if he doesn't have one, then how can you say that he becomes possessed? Adachi's Shadow is tame from the beginning because he's already convinced of the worst of himself but has yet to fully succumb to it, just as everyone on the team rejected their Shadows from the start but had yet to shout "You're not me!"

Oh, Mayumi's was definitely a crime of passion. Saki's less so, he hadn't actually been planning to kill her, but by that point he'd defined himself as a murderer and didn't feel anything when it was done. However, you only know that a part of him doesn't regret those murders. It's not to say he does, he may not and we'll never really know, it's just to say that your're judging him on a Shadow's word. What we do know is that he doesn't like being called a criminal, and that he also doesn't allow himself to deny it. But the easiest way to disprove sociopathy in the anime is the look on his face after Dojima crashes--after he's pulled a bleeding Dojima from his car--or the look on his face when Dojima is trying to kill Namatame and he intervenes, and then is willing to sacrifice his career if it means that Namatame will pay. That sort of thing doesn't speak to a person who's only concerned with their own interest. I think we have to agree, that a sociopath can't care for others.

Not saving Saki is just one of those ironic things--they were in the TV at the same time as her, and it's genuinely sad that they didn't meet up, or that Igor doesn't turn back time for her TV dungeon because she's not plot essencial.

Edit: Here's an actual sociopath's TV dungeon.

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@NIveous: hmm I think that caring honestly was an act because he didn't want to seem suspicious. Killing someone you have never seen because they will not sleep with you the first time you see them is a mark of sciopathy in my book. You can become shadow possessed by other shadows simply by pulling shadows to yourself. He has control over the world (he made it look like the real world) and knew about it merging. (I don't buy that was his shadow talking and not him remember we see him as himself before the shadows posses him but not his shadow. Again I don't buy that he has a shadow, the marks I see in Teddie of him are that he appears when adachi has all ready started killing people, that he is completely good and innocent which before we haven't seen any shadow be. That he talks about disruption of the world and wants it to stop. He wants what adachi is doing to stop aka he is the anti adachi. Honestly I don't care that he is suicidal he killed many many people without any remorse (again I don't believe that the talking we hear is his shadow and not him...before he is possessed that is him not his shadow) deserves to die. But I believe in the death penalty so...

Foxx fire others thoughts on this? This is the kind on in depth analysis on shows I love.

Niveous any other shows you can watch easily that you think would be useful to talk about this way either in a episode by episode way or perhaps overall? Lain comes to mind for me. Who knows maybe we can get them to let us do articles on it ;)

Oh and do not forget the bitches and whores comments from the game...mark of sociopathy for me. But you are correct you can not trust a shadow to talk correctly. The whole idea that Kanji is not really gay rests on that.

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I did like how they had the team visit the murder scenes and I loved how they used the Reaper (optional boss in second playthrough of the game) as the enemies that Adachi attacked the group with. I'm sadly still trying to get over the 'true ending is a DVD exclusive episode' thing though. It'll be redundant when it does come out, because the last episode will have shown Yu leaving Inaba already.

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@zaldar: @NIveous:

I'm still leaning toward sociopath. Remember that Adachi only didn't originally enter the TV world because he didn't know there was a way out alive. That was before he knew that Yu and his friends were able to come and go. He just didn't know how. they did it. I don't think he was attempting suicide.

As a sociopath can mimic emotions. The same was with how Adachi had a copy of Yu's Izanagi. Sociopaths can still have fits of rage. It's because they are psychologically all Id. They are about their desires and wants.


Agreed. I love Tatsuki in BLEACH. I really wish she had been more involved. It really seemed as if Kubo was gong to do something with her, but never did.

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@FoxxFireArt said:

@zaldar: @NIveous:

The same was with how Adachi had a copy of Yu's Izanagi.

Magatsu Izanagi isn't a copy of Izanagi. Yes it's similar, but Adachi didn't get to pick what his persona looked like.

Adachi represents reversed Fool, so Magatsu Izanagi is literally Adachi's Persona. He didn't pick Izanagi to fuck with Yu.

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Hey Nick and Kristoffer. I don't spend a lot of time here on Anime Vice, but I wanted to talk about Adachi a bit, since that was the part of the game I really loved. There's SPOILERS for the hypothetical episode 26 given what should be explained there if it continues to follow the game, but I've tried not to spoil the events of episode 25.

Adachi being a sociopath is a little easy. I get where you're coming from, but I felt there was a little more to it than that. Adachi's main tenet, as it were, is nihilism. He legitimately does not care about whether he lives or dies, the people around him or what others consider about him. That he only follows his Id and pursues his own desires is an aspect of that, as is the rampant misogynism, his suicidal tendencies when things look bleak and the ressentiment (e.g. his talk about being the best but getting stuck in the boonies instead) he uses to justify his actions. The reason this makes him an effective villain is because it's an utterly undetectable trait, and the day-to-day Adachi seems perfectly able to live a lie of general contentment and occasional goofiness. This point is emphasized in the game when Izanami describes her three "champions" as one of despair (Namatame, who is rarely not panicked or distraught), one of friendship/compassion (Yu) and one of "nothingness" (Adachi). The Kubo character, though, seems like the casebook sociopath, right down to the tantrums and an apparent lack of empathy with anyone's feelings.

I'm with Nlveous somewhat about his shadows: Adachi's shadows are completely under his control, hence why he's able to get them to distract the others, but the reasons for that should be elaborated on in the next episode when a certain psychedelic eyeball makes his appearance. Suffice it to say, he doesn't actually have a Shadow: Like Yu, he didn't need one.

Adachi has a darker version of Yu's persona because they're both Fool Arcana and were both "blessed" by Izanami (yet again, this is probably something that'll come up in this BS bonus episode of theirs when she sums up practically every loose thread), Izanagi's opposite and partner. If you hadn't played the game, though, there's no way you'd know that. I'm only spoiling it here because it doesn't appear to be included in the series proper.

I did like how the show handled Adachi's long "I did it" monologue into the show, layering it in with the dungeon crawl. I guess they used Reapers because they've been escalating the difficulty of the regular enemies each time they've used some and we're only left with those bad boys, who are the game's version of superbosses. Well, besides Margaret. I also got the impression that Yu figured the killer out first (right at the end of the previous episode in fact) and took a roundabout route to meet Adachi in the hospital, while Naoto probably made sure she was absolutely correct with her deduction before heading there herself with the gang in tow. It's neat, because it allows both Yu (canonical with the game) and Naoto (who should've really deduced it first, given her background) to independently solve the case.

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@Crowwing: We are not saying the he chose it to fuck with Yu but that is shows how the emotions he uses are just that copies of other peoples emotions and thus not real.

Post by YotaruVegeta (639 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@zaldar: He is a reverse shadow. The game and anime say so.

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