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At one time just a rumor, and now an official site has launched. PERSONA 3 THE MOVIE was originally teased after the credits at the limited screenings in Japan of PERSONA 4 - THE FACTOR OF HOPE in June. Atuls swiftly confirmed they had green lighted the SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI: PERSONA 3 game's story to be adapted into a movie. Since then, we've had no information on director, cast, release dates, or even a production studio. However, I wouldn't be surprised if this was being produced byAniplex, the same company that made PERSONA 4 THE ANIMATION.

Only a few days ago, Atlus began it's marketing campaign by launching both a teaser website that hosts little more than an image of the P3 protagonist, and a dynamic clock - which is always an hour faster than my actual time. The only main link on the page is to a Twitter account to follow their latest releases. The downside it that all their tweets are in Japanese, and Twitter's translator is spotty at best.

Persona 3 Movie Website:

P3 Movie Twitter Account: P3movie

When PERSONA 4 was adapted into the anime series late last year, I felt they pulled off a remarkable feat in adapting an extended game story to fit into a twenty-five episode series. While I'm not familiar with the P3 game's plot, it should be interesting how they try to condense it into an even tighter schedule.

If you've never played PERSONA 3 and would like to get some insight as to the plot of this feature. The full SMT: PERSONA 3 FES RPG is currently available for download on the PSN Store for $9.99 USD.

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I still wondering what arc they will have in the film adoption. I still think the answer would work well in a film environment.

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I look forward to seeing them pull this off successfully. Still curious to see which part of the Persona 3 story/canon they go with for the film.

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It will be interesting to see how they can fit a 70+ hour jrpg in just a 2 hour film. Persona 3 FES is my favorite game of all time & I just hope it gets the justice it deserves. True half that time is spent dungeon crawling, walking around, etc.. but that still leaves a lot of stuff they'll have to cut. Including side plots, which were arguably the best stories in the game. Maybe the movie's success could warrant a full series??

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Just started playing persona 3 now and yeah the sides plots are really the best part so far. I can certainly see some of the full moon events being great scenes...the one on the train in particular. But if you have to cut out the incredibly cute nerdy girl from the student council, or the girl whose parents are going through a divorce (which has been handled really well story wise so far) you are going to really do a disservice I think. Much like with p4 a series would have worked better I think..

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