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What’s funny is that I did enjoy this episode more than the previous ones, even though it’s got the same… general amount of detail. That is to say that this is still one of the most broadly-defined space operas I’ve ever run into - - but, this time, I was at least enjoying the BANG and ZOOM of the thrill ride.

I won’t hesitate to pat myself on the back for keying on how this show’s basically what SPACE ACE would look like if it were even less interactive and also playing around with Eastern space opera archetypes (or, perhaps, Western archetypes as filtered through Eastern pop culture.)

Hell, the marginally-helpful informational intros even feel like they’re the animating the cue cards you’d seen on a game's load screen.

Once again, as I type this, I’m having the damnedst trying to recall the plot of what I just watched. I remember this crew finding a sentient spaceship with a really flippant AI pilot. I remember one of the girls stripping naked for some reason that improved the ship’s propulsion system (or was it the navigation system?) I remember there being a lot of high speed, outer-space chasing… and I remember Gene naming this ship the Outlaw Star. Everything else just slips off my mind’s eye like so much flotsam and jetsam.

So you’re basically getting the W&L equivalent of me watching whatever’s on TV at 3AM because I can’t sleep. I'm not thinking about it, I'm not analyzing it, I'm not even necessarily enjoying it... I'm just watching it.

We just cover all sorts of viewing experiences in this column, don’t you know.

Look up this episode, "When The Hot Ice Melts” and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Well i can say the series was aimed at adults.From the naked lady in the case to the deaths.Still don't see Cowboy Bebop in this.Yes their was some music .But a harmonica does not make it Cowboy Bebop-ish.An worse, soon as the title was said an later on who the Hot Ice was.... well you knew they was a goner.

So in the 1st four shows we get tons of back story. We get a subplot finished an a new set up for the next arch.Not bad at all .Some of it does just feel action for actions sake tho.. like Space Ace.We have hanging plot holes .Which probably filled in following episodes.This had alot of fingerprints on it at sunrise .That might explain some of the action for actions sake.

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