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If most fight shonens revolve around indomitable action heroes who’re goofily amiable until the moment the bad guys threaten their friends... then I suppose comedies-of-manners like this are almost always about some working-class social climber finding his or her way into the world of the privileged. Few kinds of conflict push your buttons more reliably than class conflict, am I right? To that end, I may very well have have just found the anime to recommend to the Whit Stillman fans in your life.

Anyway, this is another series whose controversy really seems to precede it. As in, I’m only just getting around to watching it for myself, but I feel like I’ve heard about it for a very long time (and whatever I’ve heard has usually been accompanied by some hot blood). At present, I can’t really can’t see what the rumpus would be about. Surely, anybody who didn’t see the gender switch surprise coming from a mile away (c’mon - - that voice actress never sounds like a guy) would at least know that such a twist comes with the territory. Maybe some people just can’t, at all, stand the notion of a show seemingly worshiping preps? (And hey - - I can't really blame them).

I actually wouldn’t blame such viewers - - even though I did find this pilot quite entertaining, myself. Yeah, I don’t know how funny this show is, but it does hooks you in rather easily by setting up some of the most direct basics of character drama. You really want to see our androgynous lead show up these brats. You really feel for him/her when the spoiled shrews play their mean pranks. And you really do feel rather moved when the most seemingly-snooty members of the titular club prove themselves to actually be above their classmates’ shallow dismissiveness.

It also happens to be - - dare I say - - an exquisitely-animated show with a sense of style that’s quite compelling on its own merits. Yeah, all these elements are working so well for the show… so where exactly does the controversy lie?

Watch this episode, "Starting Today, You Are a Host!" here and decide for yourself.

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Oh god this anime, I love how much of my sibling and I watch this anime. Seriously, my oldest sister love Ouran High School Host Club and when she bought the first volume I think, suddenly all of my sibling and I started watching it together. While my parents watch us in the background.

But in truce, I like it.

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potentially controversial spelling error much?

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I really enjoyed this show quite a bit as well.

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Not having seen the show but having heard a lot about it I think the hot blood comes simply because it is so um...girly....now a more interesting question what do you have against preps?

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Watched this a while ago and loved it. I really wish there was more!

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One of the best Romance comedies in anime.

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there is nothing wrong with liking this show.

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And here I got my hopes up that some middle-eastern animation studio made a parody of OHSHC, only with some heavy Islamic influences. Sigh.

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I never knew this series was controversial. I watched and rewatched it a long time ago. One of my favorites that I wish had gotten a sequel.

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I haven't watch the series yet, but I heard is one of the best reverse harem shows out there from the community here.

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Coincidentally you put this up around the same time a friend of mine tried out Ouran for his first time too. Funny aint it?

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@takashichea said:

I haven't watch the series yet, but I heard is one of the best reverse harem shows out there from the community here.

I've heard it described as a "reverse harem," but having watched it, I wouldn't describe it like that. Sure it has a girl protagonist surrounded by a bunch of guys in the host club, but there is only one potential romantic relationship. I haven't read the manga, so that might be more of a reverse harem than the anime.

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Oh, I see. I have been looking for a good reverse harem series when I was working on the Reverse Harem based Otome Games: Their Anime/Manga Adaptations project. I concluded that otome based games had horrible anime adaptations, and I never watched a reverse harem series that was not otome based. I want to see the difference in quality. I think recommended me to try Ouran High School club.

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