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No one could ever accuse Luffy of not having ambition.
No one could ever accuse Luffy of not having ambition.

The fun and games have begun as things are settling down, but the course of the Straw Hats has been set in a dramatic alliance.

The Good

Even with Doflamingo on his way. It's party time.
Even with Doflamingo on his way. It's party time.

Similar to last week, so much was good in this chapter. I could never go into it in enough detail, but this chapter sort of embodies what I love about ONE PIECE. It's best symbolized as you really look into the panels of the celebrations. Among the crowds, you'll see people in shackles taking part in the festivities. Hours ago, these people would have been at each other's throats, but now everyone is having a good time. Isn't that what you'd want in your own adventures? Get on a boat with your friends, have a wild adventure filled with action, but in the end of it there's singing, dancing, good food, and fun. EvenSmoker's begrudgingly joining along in his own way.

You've heard of doctors with bad bedside manner. Law has a dark side.
You've heard of doctors with bad bedside manner. Law has a dark side.

Law is an incredibly addition to this cast. I'm not under any delusion that he's signing up with the Straw Hats, but he's certainly tagging along for a while. I could only be happier if Tashigi was coming aboard. Seeing how he wanted to target Kaido, his recent activities makes perfect sense. If Kaido was dependent on the SAD, what better place to attack than his biggest supplier?

The Bad

Only downside I had was with the reunion of Kin'emon and his son, Momonosuke. It was touching, but it's one of the less interesting aspects when it comes to Kin'emon. Especially given the unsettled anger between Kin'emon and Trafalgar. They really haven't noticed each other yet?

Speaking of Momonosuke, I thought he had eaten one of the artificial devil fruits that those other dragons -- who were possibly human at one point -- had eaten. How is it that Momo could change back? Though, as I think on the matter. What if Vegapunk was basing his artificial Dragon-Dragon fruits off the real one, and that's what the mini-samurai ate?

Verdict 5/5

I can't say the finale of this week is as shocking as many may believe. It's not as if Luffy's on the best of terms with the present Four Emperors. He hates one, already threatened another, knows nothing about the third, and Shanks is in his own special category. It doesn't surprise me in the slightest that Luffy would want to one day challenge Shanks. That's a duel he's always wanted to have.

This closing still feels a little bitter-sweet. There was part of me that was hoping that Smoker and Tashigi would be joining the crew for the next adventure. More so when I love seeing Tashigi and Zoro interact, and Nami forming this bond with her, as well. Something I am worried about. Smoker said they'll be waiting to get picked up, and Doflamingo and a mystery man are still on their way. Will there be another grand battle before the Straw Hats and Law set sail, or are the G-5 on their own? Feel free to talk about your favorite moments this week in the comments.

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I do like these type of chapters

I find it odd that Zoro didn't say anything about Sanji yelling about the Okama recipe

Hmm, I wonder if Doflamingo will only get his men and leave

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I thought it was kind of shocking that Luffy decided to go after the emperors because he decided to GO AFTER THEM. I mean... yeah, i though he eventually would run into the emperors territory and end up fighting them, because he does not give a fuck about who they are and all that shit that's been happening since this series started, but didn't belive he would actually look for those fights. Or at least not as easy as that, he has never decided to go after anyone unless they had done something really bad.

But on the other hand... he's Luffy, you only have to say "adventure" and "danger" to convince him to do anything, so we can't really be surprised about it.

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