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A couple weeks back, I saw a few graphs on one of our boards which broke down how BLEACH, NARUTO and ONE PIECE each handled the challenge of plotting hundreds of continuous volumes. I forget how NARUTO’s flow worked out, but BLEACH’s was essentially a continually-repeating cycle. ONE PIECE, though, didn’t even resemble a chart. It looked like an exploding atom with plot threads shooting off into their own wild directions and then exploding again and again. The sub-title described it as an “Infinitely-Expanding Universe” and, even after watching only a handful of recent episodes, I can totally understand why.

I don't know if Big Mam’s catman and eggman cronies and these two naval captains were just introduced in these last two outings, or if they've been around for a while, but they’ve all got enough incidental personality quirks between them to sustain plenty of stories of their own.

I’m not really about to start gushing about Oda’s talent for character creation - - I don’t know how quickly the novelty of this would wear thin - - but it definitely deserves comment. Hell, the scuffle between the shape-shifting creep and Mam’s enforcers seemed to result simply from everybody realizing they had some unaligned bad guys in close proximity. I imagine Oda just sits down at regularly-assigned intervals, starts doodling on his sketchpad for a little while and then walks away with a new hero or villain (or three) to introduce in the comic.

Some of you lunatics clarified last week that the next arc wouldn’t actually be about the Straw Hats taking on Big Mam and her goons - - and that’s a little disappointing. I’m so tickled by the prospect of Luffy, out of righteous indignation, just kind of bungling into a feud with a major mob boss and then bashing his way out of the natural social order, yet again.

But I suppose that particular plot pot’s going to be put on slow simmer on the back burner and checked on periodically whilst Luffy’s dealing with the current villains on the front burner. If it turns out to be the Naval heavies, then that’s kind of interesting. If it’s this conspiracy that King Neptune having such heavy-hearted discussions about it, though, then I’m a little less excited, honestly.

Watch this episode, "Many Problems Lie Ahead! A Trap Awaiting in the New World!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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Smoker and Tashigi were introduced something like 510 episodes ago. They're antagonists with a little bit of ally thrown in. It's a little difficult to explain succinctly but the Marines all follow their own personal brand of justice. Basically Smoker is a badass who hates the corrupt higher-ups and does what he wants. Smoker and Tashigi have been chasing the Straw Hats since the start of the Grand Line, but worked with them in the Alabasta Arc (Over 400 episodes ago).
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I wouldnt say its dissapointing because if your a one piece regular then you know how stuff works in this manga/anime.One piece setsup their arcs but you may or may not see them until down the line.They introduce new characters but to be honest most of the new characters are eluded to one way or the other. Say big mam, she was mentioned a while ago and we are just now seeing her and she has a crew thats still yet to be seen besides the egg dude and tiger . there is also keido of the four emporers whose been mentioned earlier on but we still have yet to catch a true glimpse of him either.

Oda tends to set up stories or give mentions so that at any time he can go to one of those possiblitys and use it as an arc or reveal.

one piece characters are refreshing as well. Smoker and tashigi havent been seen for a while they are actually two of my fav characters because they follow their own justice and are good people unlike the majority of the marines. Aoikiji is one of my favs too he is pretty honorable.

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It was a bit disappointing that Luffy and the crew aren't going after Big Mam Pirates, but this Punk Hazard arc seems to be building to that. You can pretty much guaranty that Luffy will clash with Big Mam at some point, but it shouldn't surprise you that Oda doesn't draw straight lines in his plots. The Straw Hats set sail for Fish-Man Island back in Episode 325 but don't reach it until Episode 526. They had a lot of plot detours.

I am so excited to see Smoker and Tashigi's return. These two have been chasing the Straw Hats since they ran away from Loguetown in Episode 56. They met up again during the Alabasta arc.

Smoker was present as a young boy when Gold Roger was executed, and was actually impressed how he died with a smile. Smoker hates pirates, but he doesn't particularly like the Marine high command either. He's a loose cannon, but he's a powerful one with a strong sense of honor. A McHALE'S NAVY, comparison with this G-5 unit seems appropriate. After the Paramount War on Marineford, Smoker specifically asked for a transfer to the New World to wait for Luffy to show up.

Kid Tashigi by Oda
Kid Tashigi by Oda

Tashigi is a sword fighter who has a sort of tangential connection to the very origin of Zoro. She looks just like Zoro's deceased, childhood friend and rival, Kuina. (The sword with the white handle and sheath Zoro uses belonged to Kuina.) Tashigi loves swords and wants to be taken seriously as a sword fighter despite being a woman. She thinks Zoro is a violent criminal using his swords to commit crimes and wants to take away his famous meitou blades.

Pekoms and Baron Tamago were just introduced. I actually have a theory about Pekoms devil fruit power. There is a creature from Chinese mythology call the Xuanwu. It's a turtle with the head of a lion. Statues of these can be found around the Forbidden Palace.

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The two navy admirals were big players in the last big arc before the time-skip and the crew met one of them before and was prominent in Robin's back story. That's why simply the mention of their recent battle (no questions asked) was enough to spark excitement and intrigue in the more long-term OP fans. It actually has an impact that is shown in the next arc (while not an important impact on the actual arc plot, it has an effect nonetheless)

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I really wonder how Smoker's changed in the past years.

I applaud Oda's devil fruit power creations and characters. You would think he'd struggle coming up with more. I've read X-men since the 90s, and it seems difficult to come up with powers that are novel AND interesting. I guess it's easier to create them in One Piece because you don't have to take all the powers seriously.

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