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Let’s just go ahead and declare this “ONE PIECE Day” on Anime Vice. By some coincidence, this is the third of three different ONE PIECE reviews, today - - and we've still got a ONE PIECE video game-themed coming down the pipe in a couple hours.

(Well, I suppose this is less coincidental given the insane global popularity of this franchise, but whatever - - it’s worth noting, all the same).

Anyway, here’s the newest episode of the show, demonstrating yet again how simple and selfless the Straw Hats are at their core. They’ve just fought so hard to save this underwater kingdom, but they’re nobly disinterested in getting any thanks or praise for it. Indeed, the fish people have to lure them back with the prospect of an endless banquet in order to essentially ambush them with gratitude. And, even then, nobody wants to hear King Neptune’s solemn expression of gratitude - - they just want to party!

(I suppose we could be get overly-serious and quibble about how it’s kind of selfish and rude to blow off a speech from your host, but hey - - these are pirates, after all!)

Of course, even though this episode’s almost entirely about giving some feel-good catharsis after an intense extended arc’s conclusion, there still has to be some conflict here aside from the question of who can hook up with the most mermaids. Indeed, a terse conversation at the end is already planting seeds for another cycle of drama and danger wrapped up in a Hawaiian shirt and short-shorts. As I’ve made clear, I never got properly introduced to the big mermaid princess who’s so often concerned for our pal Luffy’s well-being - - but I still find it properly surprising that she’s been revealed to be some sort of prophesied destroyer.

Well, maybe not surprising, but unexpected, at least. This is wacky,wacky ONE PIECE, after all. Do you figure Oda’s calling her “Poseidon” because they’re knowingly fitzing around with the mythology, or do you figure he’s lost something in translation here?

Watch this episode, "The Secret Revealed! the Truth About the Ancient Weapon!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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Yeah, it's ONE PIECE day!!

I don't think the issue of Shirahoshi's powers is translation. The king is named Neptune.

Something I'm not sure you ever learned about Robin is that she's the lone survivor of the island called Ohara. They were mostly an island of famous scholars who were researching the mystery of the 100 Year Void in the world's history. It was their research that caused the World Government to kill everyone there.

Scattered throughout the world are these objects called Poneglyphs. They have a writing on them that next to no one can read, but Robin is one of the few who can. She's looking for the Rio Poneglyph, that holds the secret of the 100 Year Void, but there was many others that talk about powerful weapons that could destroy the world. They are called Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus.

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Tom's anus is a deadly weapon indeed!!! Will watch at home, love how the episode is 1080p on hulu plus, looks way better than watching it on my pc.

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I don't think Oda has poor grasp of mythology. He seems to tackle words from other languages fine enough.

You know what this episode reminded me of (other than that One Piece is awesome)? It reminds me that the breasts of the female Straw Hats have gotten really ridiculous. Nico Robin's cleavage was out of control in this episode!

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