Bellamy/Charloss's Slave

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While watching the Sabaody arc, I noticed Saint Charloss, who was riding on top of a blond-haired slave. I immediately thought of Bellamy from Jaya. I'm thinking, holy shit, that's actually pretty cool! Doflamingo at the time had a huge part in the slave trade, and after Bellamy lost to Luffy, that would h ave been a great punishment, well at least from Doflamingo's standpoint. A 55 million beli rookie pirate would certainly sell well, and since Bellamy was no longer useful to him, it makes sense that Bellamy became Charloss' slave.

Just so you know, this is the slave that Charloss was riding on top of. A blond haired, fairly angry slave. And it looks like Bellamy. I swear.

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