What are you looking forward to, post hiatus?

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Hello there friends. What are we looking forward to when OP finally comes back, after what ALREADY feels like 10 years? 
My predictions so far have been: 
-Usopp comes back, and he's dropped all the weight, and become more buff. 
-There will probably be some kind of physical apperance change, but I can't see it being too much, maybe a few flourishes here and there on certain characters. I'm KIND OF expecting Rayleigh to give Luffy some sort of captains jacket similar to Gol. D Rogers, maybe even his exact one, but that's wild fantasy at the moment 
-A big shakeup with the Marines. How can there not be? With Sengoku stepping down, we're going to need a new Fleet Admiral. My bets are on Aokiji, because he's the most well rounded admiral...and Sengoku recommended him. However, then we'd need a new admiral too. Maybe one of the lower ranks will make their way up? Smoker perhaps? Also, with Garp leaving in lieu of Marineford, what do you think they will do with the rest of their lives? Sail the seven seas as bounty hunters, kicking ass? 
-A shift with the Shichibukai has to be in order. If they don't just disband the entire "Plan", I can see Buggy becoming one of them. After all his exposure from Impel down to Marineford, he's going to be very focused upon in the Governments eye. Or maybe he'll become a supernova-he has exhibited the will to stay as a pirate. 
I'm hoping Luffy doesn't come back with some bullshit new "Ultimate Haki". It would ruin what they've done so far, despite the fact that finding out how they've all become stronger when they hit "New World". I hope it remains consistent with the build up of power that's been in the first 600~ chapters. I'd also bet that at 600, it's going to become "One Piece: New World", in the same vein that "Naruto" became "Naruto: Shippuden". 
Thoughts? Fantasys? Anything you'd WANT to see, or things you think you MIGHT see?
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