Supernova's heights and ages as well as other things.

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From Redon of AP. These pages are from SBS 68. Marcelle also posted it in another thread last night. This is just in case anyone missed it.

SN Heights and ages. Kid is surprising..

Usopp grows his Pop Greens on the ship.

Hina, Smoker, and Tashigi as children.

Sanji's design was inspired by actor Steve Buscemi.

Oda says "I'll leave what happened here to your imagination.".

Luffy "confirmed"(as if we didn't already know but I know how you OL'ers need to have your confirmation" to not shrink after Geard 3rd.

from the OBD

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Reader: Odacchi! When I went to the One Piece exhibition, in the Jump One Piece insert art gallery, I see the insert art for chapter 668, “Pirate Alliance Formed!”. In front of Ace’s grave, I saw three sake cups!!! Can I take this as “that person” went to visit Ace’s grave!? The only ones that know about this are Luffy and that person after all…

Oda: Yes, about that insert art for the weekly Jump chapter 668. For the weekly chapters, it’s covered with the text so the readers can’t see it clearly huh… But at that time, at the One Piece exhibition in Tokyo, they put up the clean version without the text and it becomes somewhat like a message of confirmation of “that person”. Later in this manga too this will be confirmed clearly. As to what to think of this, I’ll leave it to your imagination for now. 

 From here.Pretty interesting development!
Haaaa, this guy is back. I love him.
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